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Album art grabber

Rep: (34)
Album Art Grabber
Version: 1.1.5

Last update of the program in the header:27.11.09

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The program finds album covers for music files.

Homepage: My Little Big Apps
Androlib.com: http://www.androlib.com/android.applicatio...abber-jECi.aspx

Version 1.1.5 : http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/347558/album_art_grabber_v1.1.5.apk
Version 1.1.5 RUS : Album art grabber (Post # 8947500)

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Reason for editing: added Russian version

Rep: (1312)

Rep: (25)
Thank. Cool program. So everything quickly updated. I just have this version in Chinese. The truth is that there are no settings there, but I still do not want to see the hieroglyphs in the menu. Maybe because I have a phone from China? :) Is there a new version? On the Market already 1.1.5 lies.

Rep: (34)
Selifan @ 10.10.09, 20:51*
I just have this version in Chinese

I took the program from the Chinese site. at that moment I could not find where else.

Rep: (1385)
Version 1.1.3 (not Chinese):Attached fileartgrabber.apk(40.16 KB)

Rep: (191)
The program, by the way, is not friendly with Russian albums.
On the DDT album, she hung me the cover of the Beatles, gee-gee. :)
Yes, and with foreign albums, too, trouble:
In metallic, instead of the cover of the Reload, some Tama Sumo with sad eyes. Instead of Garage Inc. CD1 - Markuz Shulz TORONTO'09. o_O
Instead of Brazzaville, there is a collection of great writers. Although his album's cover is 100% different, I was given exactly the foreign version of the album.

But if there is a No tite No artist, then the program can randomly select a cover. Fun, in general. )))

Rep: (34)
_ZX_ @ 12.10.09, 11:32*
In metallic, instead of the cover of the Reload, some Tama Sumo with sad eyes.

I noticed here that the Chinese version finds almost all the covers (except for the Russian-speaking, although I did find amatory), while version 1.1.3 does not even find half. But here's another thing, if you demolish version 1.1.3 and put 1.1.1 (Chinese) it will be the same nonsense, but when you put it on a clean device (after reflashing, let's say) then everything is ok.
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Attached Image

Rep: (8)
super. Thanks, not only Unknown: D

Rep: (0)
Is the program itself changing the covers on the files?
Or you can somehow disable this feature.
I'm just afraid to put something like that, I used to google music covers for so long, I studied discography, and so on. But what about the program right now?
Plz explain the algorithm of the program. It seems useful.

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Rep: (1094)
Upgrade to version 1.1.5
Download:Attached filealbum_art_grabber_v1.1.5.apk(30.98 KB)

Rep: (8)
In short, to change all the covers you need to go to the program and press the menu, there will be a type of "change all covers" or you can go to a separate album and choose the cover that they like if you don’t want to, then just click on VASK and everything: yes2 :: yes2:

Rep: (4)
Is she friends with j-rock?

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Rep: (37)
How does version 1.5 work? Does it find everything?

Rep: (102)
dev1L_sm1Le @ 14.1.10, 2:32*
How does version 1.5 work? Does it find everything?

If about 1.1.5, then I seem to have found everything.

Rep: (19)
It works well. I am very satisfied

Rep: (37)
Yes, yes, about 1.5, and then the above wrote that past versions are buggy.
Well, we will swing ...)))

Rep: (37)
I liked the program and did not like it.

It works great with foreign artists. We are looking for a lot, good, etc.

- (2 glitches)
1. Not looking for Russian performers, until now, even version 1.5
2. Sometimes just crashes. Usually after 5-7 albums.

Rep: (15)
On the Nautilus albums several covers are found ...

Rep: (37)
what version do you have?

I have 1.5 and have not found a single Russian album !!!

Rep: (102)
dev1L_sm1Le @ 16.1.10, 20:42*
- (2 glitches) 1. Not looking for Russian performers, until now, even version 1.52. Sometimes it just crashes. Usually after 5-7 albums.

It crashes - yes.
I do not keep Russian music in smart, so I did not notice such a problem. May be added in future releases.

Rep: (37)
Maybe, but hereWar2geN writes what he finds, strange, somehow ...

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