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Welcome to our club!

The purpose of the club is to gather all athletes together for warm communication, discussion of various sports news, and exchange of experience.
Club Rules:

1) Do not be rude.
2) All forum rules also apply in our club.

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Punishments for violations

For minor violations, this is just a warning. For a rather gross violation of the club’s rules, the participant receivesyellow card (just like in football :-).If the offender continues to violate, then I will have to givered, in connection with it, you will have time to think about your behavior (Read only) (Red - punishment at the discretion of the moderator, according to forum rules)
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How to join the club?

It is very easy to join us, write what kind of sport you are doing (or are), or what kind of sport you want to do.

By joining the club you agree that you will abide by the rules.
Club composition

1) power_active, I go to the gym.
2) krank_01 a few years of sambo and a couple of months of handwriting
3) Demy I am engaged in karting (motor racing). Three years I go to the rocking chair, I just keep in shape.
4) R0iZ Previously 4 years of Kyokushin karate (yellow belt). Then a year of kickboxing and a year of boxing.
5) Svetloyar I used to practice karate-do Shoto-Kan about 6 years ago. Now - by rock climbing.
6) Pro_Alexander Cycling (amateur)
7) sam1984 I used to play basketball for many years. Now I ride a bike.
8) koordinator table tennis (kmS)
9) Lindes Shotokan karate do, hiking, a little water and caving, catch windsurfing (when I am at the sea ...)
10) Dreadd referee
11) dama Daily wellness walking from an hour and more.
12) FiP Alpine skiing from 7 years. Volleyball, jogging, swimming, barbell at home
13) grobovshik, I am engaged in bodybuilding, engaged in hand-to-hand fighting and boxing, shooting a little
14) salex, CCM fencing (rapier)
15) AnuB1s, 2 years of karate, 3 years of powerlifting and bodybuilding.
16) Mechanism Bicycle, badminton, self-defense, football.
17) orkorolev, dumbbell barbell
18) Agafonoff, I am running, preparing for bodybuilding (I am bringing the physical base)
19) okzt, Volleyball
20) scr1pt, cycling
21) vitas-1806, CCM POWERLIFTING, 1st adult Arm Wrestling, amateur shooting with sports weapons.
22) _rewq_, Sambo 5 years old, ski (2 years) football
23) SERY, Karate 2 years, now FreeRun (Parkour)
24) OFFTOPIK, I used to love kicking a ball, now I love pieces of iron.
25) Pocket Paul, besides badminton, I have been doing sports for 7 years, now I am a coach
26) HP_514 karate
27) ana123 From 10 to 14 years old handball, from 14 to 22 karate-do, shotokan, hand-to-hand fight. With 22 that present with its own weight, with iron.
28) Huts I’m certainly not an athlete, but I haven’t smoked, I haven’t drunk for a year So I can be involved in the caste of sportsmen: o
29) $ O $ - I have been doing acrostritis for more than a year and now I have started tricking, acrostritis is street acrobatics) triking is a flip, screws with blows, or just blows.
30) Godless2 -In his youth - the KMS for Greco-Roman wrestling, now at the KLP and the smokers club
31) LdrLo judo at school
32) koordinator
33) atmalive I am engaged in speed skating (not professional yet, simply do not have enough time) now I am riding a seba high custom with a frame from RB 4 \ 100 in plans to switch to a running bot and a frame 4 \ 110
34) Gas 6 years of swimming (CMS), 12 years of water polo (MS), 16 years of hiking, mountaineering, climbing. He worked as a coach in these sports. 18 years on a snowboard, 20 years on windsurfing, for a couple of years - water and hiking (including as an instructor), horse riding, scuba diving (now called diving), for a year - paragliding, bocking (jumps on jumpers)
35) fr0sch I went 2 years to football to the school section, then I went to the Greco-Roman wrestling for 2 years too, then I went to Sambo for 4 months, then to the rocking chair for 2 months (I’ll soon go again), now I go to aikido, I think of another Namut, where the fight is necessary, judo or sambo for example
36) MSawka Engaged in 4 years of hockey, for 5 years - basketball
37) downloader0 I own skis professionally, I was engaged in big tennis.
38) "SteeLL" practiced tae-kwon-up for several years, spent a couple of years practicing tennis and jogging. At the age of 16 he started going to the gym and has been practicing for more than two years.
39) Ghost face played professionally football.
40) Nemo.tec Half a year I go to the gym
41) AFANDI Tennis, skiing (I think at the professional level, but did not participate in the competition, hockey.
42) IiIUma2rmanIiI Swimmer 2 is an adult with all styles and the year YoYo there are no ranks as far as I remember
43) J777 Athletics
44) RonoN Sambo, I have 2 first and 1 second places
45) S.N.I.K.E.R.S. was engaged in boxing, also was engaged in basketball, now I am engaged in airsoft
46) armarm Gymnastics, football, boxing, aikido, swimming, table tennis. Yard rugby. rocking chair
47) 5t. speedskatein, gym, jogging, swimming
48) sergeikaspd, Ruopashka, Kayaking, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Cycling
49) SithMaul, bodybuilding, snowboarding
50) iPod35, swimming, in encounter plays. Began to walk to the simulator with a personal trainer.
51) dlis92, Karate and swimming 7 years, cycling
52) Seek & Destroy, football, table tennis, basketball, volleyball with a beer in one hand =)
53) Stervochka.ya, Master of Sports in Rowing, now passionate about dancing
54) wandererbk, parkour, physical development, football, man-made play, chess, checkers
55) Punker1 in childhood and adolescence he was engaged in swimming, hockey, basketball, athletics, downhill skiing, bicycles, roller skates, gym
56) baldushejka snowboarding, yoga, great, sometimes I type a race
57) dmand M / S in gymnastics. Currently a coach.
58) edward_k I am engaged in fitness as much as I can - dumbbells, barbells, exercise equipment.
59) GarryBig Add me - 10 years doing amateur run. I take up fitness, primarily for health.
60) hzrus doing volleyball, well, where without football
61) DelFast football / mini football 3 months in the composition of the Locomotive.
62) Vic_478 Master of Sports in weightlifting.
63) alex_awful hockey, champion of Moscow for the prize "Golden Puck", fitness + yoga
64) Don Maestro Karate-do, football, gym
65) Empas play basketball and table tennis, triking
66) awacs-us freestyle wrestling (KMS). now swimming, skiing / rollerblading / skating / bike, hanging out on simulators
67) Ivanchin kickboxing training machine before this karate
68) mac4345 I used to go swimming for three years, four karats, now I play football
69) HuNTeR_MaX Sambo scored after 1 month, scored karate for 4 years, scored 1 year of football, I don’t remember running. I lost my breathing regret I went for 1 year! I want to go to the acrobatics!
70) Victor 19 football, kickboxing, man-made, basketball, valeybol but right now more often a cyclist)
71) zef1r basketball 4 years boxing.
72) AI_11 Basketball - a few years.
73) Slavvy Gym and swimming!
74) Tr @ der 5 years doing karate
75) grek197474 engaged in cycling, drove to the master
76) RaydMan did: kickbox (1 year), judo (1 year) now: 3run (parkour + acro) (3 or 4 years already), WorkOut (1 week)
77) DanilVI I go to the gym) do what I want.
78) Shivlink I am engaged in luge sports. In the basic structure 3 year. In Russia I won all that is possible. There were international competitions)
79) Kamachi Bicycle (to work and back), exercise bike (every day), dumbbells.
80) Tolyyynich 6 years of swimming to this day.
81) mischa23 Volleyball discharger !!! (in childhood), boxing discharger! at the moment I am swinging and doing x-ball (sports paintball). I belong to the Saratov national team !!!
82) VadKlimenko 5-6 years doing table tennis.
83) fizz90 I was engaged in swimming for 3 years, now in the summer-run, great, horizontal bar. I think it's great to replace skiing in winter
84) Zeller amateur runner
85) bodybuilding I am engaged in bodybuilding for more than 5 years
86) tryfic I was engaged in karate - 5 years, reached the junior instructor (green), now the gym.
87) tr-stalker He was engaged in 5 years Sambo (became the champion of the region), but right now I am engaged in kikushinkai karate
88) roleq1 Gym
89) KISLbIU Swimming, 10, KMS
90) Nordline-Ost Swimming, skiing.
91) vetal55rus I was engaged in gymnastics-3 years, then there was a swimming-2 years, a big tennis-2 years, now again swimming, a rocking chair and a bicycle, in the winter, instead of great skis
92) Smashik Swimming, 8 years
93) Cradl I have been doing two years bb powerlifting
94) "Soup" Doing 2 and a half years KUDO
95) jiggo Boxing-year 4. Now ski racing, already 5 years old. cycling (amateur), running.
96) Real ..... I've been playing football, have been doing Break Dance's for 5 years !!
97) MuffiN88 3 years freestyle wrestling, 5 years on skis (freeride), snowskut, rock climbing.
98) OttomanDoctor Do 7 years Kyokushinkai Karate.
99) mikiQD from the age of 14, rocking chair plus 2 years of wrestling, 2 years of weightlifting, skiing) there was a break, 2 years without any sport, right now I signed up again)
100) Edikarmyancyic after the break (3 years) I started working on sports, or rather rolling, before doing a little bit of boxing, a little wrestling, karate, a little autosport ...
101) i-glazov practiced chess (this is also sport), I practice aikido (aikikai) 4th year, currently I have a red belt (5ku) I want to do parkour
102) petrosyan4ik first practiced sambo 3 years, 1 grade in it, judo, km 4 years doing
103) amnesia333 I was engaged in aikido (2 years), doing roller surfing (2 years), football (from childhood), karate (I don’t remember), parkour (3 years)
104) 44alexander777 Engaged in three years of athletics, one year of boxing. Now I go to the rocking chair.
105) vayruz played football for 3 years, the central midfielder. Parkour a little, then threw it. Now I swing in a rocking chair and take a great interest in horizontal bars.
106) slavkostrov I was involved in football, now I became interested in volleyball.
107) Kim5 + I have been doing kickboxing for 4 years, 25 wins 2 losses
108) log1c Table tennis, gym.
109) d092 Doing hockey for 8 years
110) zonder43 6 years Sambo (kmS) and motor sports so far.

Doctors warn! Staying in a static position for a long time (for example, working at a computer) is harmful to health, including for your spine, it is recommended to take breaks every 15 minutes and warm up! : rolleyes:
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Club News:

02/06/11 10:50 AM News! =)
Hooray! There are 67 of us already ..
Due to the fact that I have not been there for a very long time, if suddenly I didn’t write someone down, please write in this thread.
Good luck in your sport! :)
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09/23/09 7:05 PM Our group has a LOGO!

For an excellent idea and implementation,AVK.86, recognized as the winner of the competition, and it was him who left the prize advantages URA URA URA URA: congratulate:: party:

09/23/09 7:00 PM The number of athletes is growing

It seems that only recently we had only 10, and now24 man, and because it pleases! : friends:

[b] 08/19/09 11:30 Logo Contest

A competition for the logo for our sports club!
The winner will receive 3 pluses, and his creation will hang in the club's cap.
The competition will be held until September 20.
From one participant to the competition exhibited no more than 6 works.
You can use animation.
The maximum image size is 60kb.
The resolution of 240 * 320 can be 320 * 240.
And the most important requirement is that the theme of the club be traced in the logo.
Anyone can participate. [/ b]

08/19/09 10:56 The number of athletes

We are already 10, and this is not the limit, hurray hurray hurray :): friends:: foto:

There is absolutely no time to engage in a club, so if someone has a desire to lead a branch, to direct a competent movement here, then no problem, write to the forum moderators.

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Nothing strange. I think you have a rocking chair he is.

Rep: (203)
power_active @ 9.9.09, 16:01*
vitas-1806, then up to the 1st of October turnichok, pool, bars, from 1 October Rocking
What do you think is correct?

Yes of course, but do not forget that everything with the mind, then fanaticism, but first need to slowly get used to the body loads.
And the future is very well combined rocking and outdoor sports ... that's like myself, if I Monday and Tuesday near the iron then the medium football or swimming with table tennis, but it is done solely on the state of health ... if you feel that you need relax it is best to rest, take a walk in the fresh air in the movie eventually go down: D. After such a life and how it is changing parole. I advise you after you start watching and less to eat well, to include a multivitamin diet (you can even have our production "Complivit" I'll drink them) plenty of protein, vegetables, and sleep well, of course that would be restored. Repeatedly I talk to one person Veteran bodybuilder, so he constantly combines rocker with mobile sports even recommends. I think even just for the fans it can not hurt.

Rep: (252)
vitas-1806 @ 10/09/09 8:18*
Here's an example yourself: if I Monday and Tuesday near the iron

I advise you to be more careful with the hard training two days in a row during the first weight from such training only dial difficult terrain grows, and secondly a high risk of injury.

Rep: (203)
AnuB1s @ 10.9.09, 16:02*
I advise you to be more careful with the hard training two days in a row during the first weight from such training only dial difficult terrain grows, and secondly a high risk of injury.

Yes I agree with you, personally, I did so because in one day only trenerovat bench and secondly sit down ... if rocking is natural that will not do, I just said as an example.

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Sambo 5 years, then shaking and moving in the ski section (2 years). Now at the university on the Greco-Roman, but can the team Sambo'll get. + All school soccer competition at the level of the district and the city.


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Karate 2 years, now FreeRun (Parkour)


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vitas, two days rocking, and then another on the trail. day of aerobic exercise - I would have died of fatigue (if no pharma ...)))). from a rather the # rochish peretreniruesh and body weight than rack. I suppose to add to nazgruzkam in a rocking chair, well run two days maximum, or there is a small rope or football game. if you need to gain weight - a lot of running undesirable if) the case)?
"Iron World" still ....) Journal

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curator, advise, especially the first time, do not break with the weights and work on technique in the exercises. always first, it follows that there was no sudden movements and try to do without cheating, and then to close the injury. and if they get at least some little stretching, then immediately throw strumming and give muscle to fully recover. do not hurry to go to the gym. Rest is also useful. just a small tear svyazochek left unattended, would lead to such an injury that generally can not be engaged. to know yourself. and the children with whom you do .. at me advice))

Posted 18-09-2009, 8:39:

I barely take in the club? I used to love to kick the ball, and now love to drag a piece of iron.

Posted 18-09-2009, 8:41:

Incidentally, can anyone knows what sn fitness trainer in St. Petersburg?

Added! ;): Friends:

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I forgot: +1 komplivit, I eat them, too))))))))

Rep: (225)
OFFTOPIK @ 18.9.09, 9:41*
to do without cheating

What is it like? : Blush:

Rep: (124)
cheating - when the muscles help themselves, who do not work in this exercise. for example, when the wiring dumbbells lying Object picture click to position the dumbbells to bend your elbows, thus the load goes into the triceps and the exercise is done properly and more like a dumbbell bench press. I do not mind cheating, I believe that the last repetitions per set, and you can help yourself anything but the best start to do without it.
especially watch out for heavy machinery in the basic exercises. such as deadlifts and squats. there's try without cheating, and then to serious injury ruchoy file.
success in the fight against iron))))))))

Rep: (52)
badminton. In November there will be 3 years. coach - world-class athlete, Isakov Eugene M. :) Record chtoli me)

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Chet weather really bad, all dusty bike and muscle otrafiruyutsya, I want the sun !!!!!!

Rep: (52)
Heh, blame the weather, ah-ah-ah. Only now, with the raid on Kuzminka returned, the salt on the bike.

Rep: (1357)
Pocket paul my bike has a main disadvantage, the complete absence of wings. It was bought, otventil and threw ...

Rep: (124)
OFFTOPIK @ 18.9.2009, 21:58*
cheating - when the muscles help themselves, who do not work in this exercise.

Yeah. Still have to learn not to disperse the weight and not to throw them.

Rep: (157)
sam1984 @ 20.9.09, 18:18*
complete absence of wings

What are they needed for....

Rep: (928)
sam1984 @ 20.9.2009, 14:46*
Chet weather really bad, all dusty bike and muscle otrafiruyutsya, I want the sun !!!!!!

Come to Crimea! (-:
there are sunny and the air temperature 20 ... 23 in the daytime (;

Rep: (1357)
Natus, I'd love to ...: blush:

Rep: (1357)
Everything finally dried up, I'm going to ride ...: clap:

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