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If you were a child in the 60s, 70s or 80s, looking back, it is hard to believe that we managed to live to this day.

In childhood, we drove cars without seat belts and airbags. Riding in a cart drawn by a horse on a warm summer day was an ineffable pleasure. Our cots were painted in bright colors with high lead content. There were no secret lids on the medicine bottles, the doors were often not locked, and the cabinets were never locked. We drank water from a column on the corner, not from plastic bottles. No one could have imagined riding a bike in a helmet. Horror.

For hours we were making carts and scooters from boards and bearings from the landfill, and when we first flew from the mountain, we remembered that we had forgotten to attach the brakes. After we drove into the thorny bushes several times, we dealt with this problem. We left the house in the morning and played all day, returning when the street lights were lit, where they were. All day no one could find out where we are. There were no mobile phones! It is hard to imagine. We cut arms and legs, broke bones and beat out teeth, and no one sued anyone. Happened all. Only we and no one else were to blame. Remember? We fought to the blood and went bruised, getting used to not paying attention to it.

We ate cakes, ice cream, drank lemonade, but no one got fat, because we rushed and played all the time. Several people drank from one bottle, and no one died of it. We did not have gaming consoles, computers, 165 channels of satellite television, CDs, cell phones, the Internet, we rushed to watch a cartoon with the whole crowd to the nearest house, because there were no video players either!

But we had friends. We left the house and found them. We rode greats, made matches on spring streams, sat on a bench, on a fence or in a schoolyard and chatted about what we wanted. When we needed someone, we knocked on the door, rang the bell, or just stopped by and saw them. Remember? Without demand! Yourself! Alone in this cruel and dangerous world! Without security, how did we survive?

We invented games with sticks and cans, we stole apples in the gardens and ate cherries with stones, and the bones did not germinate in our stomach. Everyone has ever signed up for football, hockey or volleyball, but not all were in the team. Those who missed, learned to cope with frustration.
Some students were not as clever as others, so they remained for the second year. Control and examinations were not divided into 10 levels, and the scores included 5 points theoretically, and 3 points in fact.
At recess, we poured water on each other from old reusable syringes!

Our actions were our own. We were ready for the consequences.
Hiding was not for anyone. The concepts that you can pay off cops or retreat from the army
existed. Parents of those years usually took the side of the law, can you imagine !?

This generation has generated a huge number of people who can risk, solve problems and create something that was not there before, simply did not exist. We had freedom of choice, the right to risk and failure, responsibility, and somehow we just learned how to use it all. If you are one of this generation, I congratulate you. We are fortunate that our childhood and youth ended before the government bought freedom from youth in exchange for videos, mobile phones, a factory of stars and cool crackers ... With their general consent ... For their own good ...

“In fact, there are not seven wonders of the world in the world, but much more. Simply, we are accustomed to them and sometimes do not even notice. Isn't it a miracle - the first Soviet aftershave tool? Remember? Pieces of the newspaper?

And such a miracle, how to tuning the car Moskvich-412? Remember? 5-penny coins on the perimeter of the windshield, fur wheel, epoxy handle of the gearbox with a rosette and, of course, a police cap on the rear window.

And the gum from the pants - it's also a miracle! After all, she perfectly holds both panties and mittens!

And in the cinema? The point from the laser pointer on the forehead of the protagonist - oh my God, how many people did this make you happy-you!

Pie with jam - well, isn't it a miracle? You can never guess which side of the jam will come out!

Another inexplicable miracle - please raise your hands to those who had a normal labor teacher ... and not an alien ...?

And such a miracle, a string bag with meat behind a window leaf? Remember: getting to get - dumplings fell!

But this wonderful mother's divorce: “I'm buying you now, but this is for your birthday” ?!

Or this magic grandmother phrase goodbye: “Just return the banks!”

And do you remember the ZIL refrigerator, with such a pen? It's a one-armed bandit!
Pull the handle - sypyatsya banks.

And by the way, what is still lying in the refrigerators on the side door? No, not eggs. And not ketchup. On the side door are ...

Free medicine is also a miracle. The doctor is one, and the queue two - one for coupons, and the second by appointment. And the third was also - “I will only ask!”

Yes, how many more of them, these wonders of the world ...

A small window from the kitchen to the bathroom - what is there to watch, explain?

Shoe spoon-horse ...

Tooth powder - brushes both teeth and silver ...

Manneken Pis on the toilet door ...

TV “Ruby” - you take passatizhi and tyn-tyn-tyn!

Anchorage ... remember?

Milk in triangular packs!

And you say: “Seven wonders of the world!”

We used to do a lot of things such that now it would not even come to mind. Moreover, if you are today at least once
if you do what you did all the time, they will not understand you, but they can accept you as a madman.

Well, for example, remember, machines with soda water. There was still a glass faceted - one for all. Today, no one would even think of drinking from a common glass! (Today, it will be stolen five seconds after installing the machine, exactly three seconds before the machine itself is dragged off ...) But before that, everyone drank out of these glasses ... It's common! And after all, no one was afraid to catch some infection ...

By the way, these glasses used for their affairs local drunks. And imagine, you just imagine it - they
RETURNED glass into place! Does not believe? And then - the usual thing!

And here comes the man and the bubbles blows out! Then - bang - and these pink lumps all over your face! Is a normal person doing this today? And then - the usual thing! Because we had unusual chewing gum! And from these gum blown gorgeous bubbles.
Yes, then chewing gum was not needed for caries. Well, we did not even think that this happens ... Yes, and there was no caries until we were told that we had to fight it ...!

And before that it was possible to go out into the street in the morning, breathe deeply and go ... just figs knows where! Not for business, but so simple! Yes, we used to do a lot “just like that.” Today, it is subject only to alcoholics and homeless people .... And then - a common thing!

And people hanging a sheet on the wall, turning off the lights and mumbling something under their breath in the dark? Sect? No, the usual thing!
Earlier in each house there was a ceremony, which was called - hold your breath - filmstrip!
Remember this miracle ?! Who is running the projector of filmstrips now?
Or a man with such a flat thing in his hands. This thing constantly squeaks, and the man mumbles - Oh, how many eggs ... no, with so many eggs do not live ... Crazy? No, advanced dude. The usual thing! Remember our highest technology - electronic game “Well, wait!”. What are there computers with three-dimensional graphics? !!!!! Ugh! Wolf catching eggs! Here is the height!

Smoke brings down, acrid smell throughout the apartment. This tablet with the letters. What do you think? Indian great priest Aramonetrigal? In fact, it is you-gi. The usual thing! Millions of Soviet children burned postcards for mothers on March 8 - Mom, congratulations on International Women's Day. I wish you a peaceful sky above your head, and a bicycle for your son ...

And everyone was sitting in the bathroom, and on the lowered toilet seat, and in the dark - and there was only a red lantern there ... They guessed it? The usual thing - printed photos. All our life in these black-and-white photographs, printed by our own hands, and not by the soulless uncle of Kodak ... Well, do you remember what fixer is?

And girls, do you remember rezinochki? Surprisingly, no boy in the world knows the rules of this game!

A collection of waste paper in school? Still tormented by the question - why? And then I took the whole of Playboy's father’s archive there. And I had nothing for it! Only my mother wondered why this father began to check my homework so meticulously ?!

And do you remember the portraits of Gorbachev without a birthmark? Unusually ... But we still remember how Jackson was a Negro, and even a minor! Then it was - a common thing!

In general, a lot of this was unusual: a trip to the potatoes and diluted beer (no, well, the truth was delicious!),
“Soar up the fires of gasoline barrels, we are pioneers - the children of Georgians” and “Who smokes Java and Pegasus, any woman will give to that” and “Opal stretched and fell” Yes, we were very unusual people.

Well, who does not remember the swing at the playground? We swayed and whipped on them. Sigali on a dispute: who will land closer at the concrete sandbox.
A slate wallowing everywhere? After all, all the boys knew that slate "shoots", if you throw it on the fire, you just have to hide behind a tree.
And empty cartridge cases? I do not even remember where we found them. We collected these sleeves and filled them with sulfur from the matches, carefully scrubbing sulfur from the matches with a regular penknife. Then the shells were torn under the wheels of trains and trams. By the way, penknives were born in the same place, from an ordinary nail laid on rails ....
And empty cartridge cases?
Construction sites very often, there are building sleeves, with gunpowder ...
Carbide in water bottle
Telephone cables for colored wire products
Pugachi tube and nail with a rubber ...
And we played bitobank. And in each area has its own rules. And the lead was smelted on hot slag by the stoker, for which we were driven by stokers. And we threw stones at each other through some iron stuff 3 meters high. Sometimes it flew well.
Telephone cables on colored wire wound on the spokes on bicycle wheels. Heh, this is the whole art of weaving from colored wire: pens, baubles, rings ... No, we used droppers from the nearest hospital for this purpose. Used tubes droppers, lay there in large numbers in the yard. Who we just did not weave. And ball pens did. Braided rod. Sometimes - with patterns.
Carbide in water bottle. He was lying everywhere wherever you go. Even the kids picked it up, that would throw in a puddle and look at the "bubbles"
And a piece of plastic or cardboard, also clung to the great, so much so that one end of the spokes would fall. It was a motorcycle sound
And triangular milk bags!
They were inflated, and with all the dope about the head of a friend - such a firework
And how did the girls scare the flapper caps?
Several capsules were tied up with tape and threw sovsey foolish (we had a lot of it) on the floor, under the victim's legs ...
In deep childhood, did "sekretiki".
A hole was dug in the ground, a beautiful candy wrapper was put in there and was covered with green bottle glass on top. All this was sprinkled with earth, and only as a peephole did this beautiful "secret" look.
I remember how they hunted for glass balls, white, green and (wild rarity) purple ... I still do not know where they came from.
As the tiles were collected multicolored, even though it could be on a local scale, because the himbaz was close by and it came across ... Trkbki green plastic, with napalechnikami tied with electrical tape, and a ban on the sale of naphechnikov children, in pharmacies ... A terrible, but fleeting fascination with bows, after the show on TV English series about Robin Hood ... By the way, we stuffed Magnesium into the cartridge cases and set it on fire, it came out much steeper than sulfur. Well, candy wrappers / inserts, but this is already at the sunset of the 80s ... And before that in the "clippings", the same thing in general, but with clippings from magazines.
The girls were questionnaires.
I vaguely remember, but approximately there were such questions:
- your favorite boy
- your favourite song
- your favorite movie
and many more, I do not remember. And in the end it was necessary to write the wishes of the owner of the questionnaire.
All this was beautifully decorated with clippings from the Soviet screen and the Workers, such hearts were stuck that opened, and there some garbage was written ...
It was some kind of madness.

If you take a bottle of rubber glue (in shoe stores there are 8 kopecks a bottle), pour a part on the desk and rub it in an even thin layer, and after a couple of minutes start rolling the ball ... then after a dozen bottles a full-fledged scarce rubber ball was obtained. At least with the same characteristics.
And what games at the break were!
About the "gum" for girls - it is said. For jokes, will anyone remember how exactly it was necessary to jump and twist this gum? And there were three "heights" at which it was necessary to work out the entire sequence of exercises. And after all jumped!
And even candy wrappers from chocolates were collected, folded in a certain way and played, slamming on them, on all window sills, winning or losing whole “fortunes”. (The most "expensive" and cool were candy wrappers from "Gulliver")
By the way, the milk was not only in triangular paper bags, but also in heavy glass bottles, which were then washed and handed over. Milk was with a white lid, kefir - with a green, and on sour cream - white with a yellow stripe. By the way, milk happened tomorrow ...

Something else was remembered by the dry Medoc and Mint pops, which, although they were terrible chemistry, were chewed dry ...
And from the "extreme" entertainment of childhood, I remembered various flip-flops on a carpet dryer. And all this happened over the asphalt. Tumbled and back and forth, and one leg stretched. Then it was not scary at all. And now I think that if any of us had a chance to break off and hit our heads on the asphalt (and we hung upside down, and also on the upper tier, which is a couple of meters from the ground), there would be little fun. Now children do not have fun.
Darts from a safety pin, paper and plasticine ..
Bolt with nut, a piece of plastic bag and a "sulfur" with matches
Political information on Tuesdays zero lesson
And generally burning out. The people had special equipment. They drew something on the plank and burned it. Probably still have some left.
And the "bombs" of magnesium and potassium permanganate? Poured into a paper bag and wrapped with blue tape (wild layer). On the side, a small hole was cut, into which a piece of a rod from a handle was stuffed with sulfur from matches. Worked as fuck cord. And if you add a little rubbed "smoke" comb, then after the explosion remained thick smoke.
Oh, fumes! Burned these combs in the hallways mercilessly!

Rockets from the foil, filled with finely smoothed smoke smoke. Foil was wound on a pencil so that a part of the foil protruded over the edge of the pencil, twisted the end and flattened it with the end of a pencil, removed the cartridge case, filled the smoke hood and squeezed it, inserting a needle in advance so that the nozzle turned out. We flew well.
Arsonists (well, this is already a clean crime), who have punched a wooden box through ten meters from ten meters. If someone managed to get a piece of "titanium" (some kind of metal that sparks well, if you throw it on the asphalt with a "frog"), then he became king of the courtyard and everyone ran after him, asking him to give him a "disappointment"
Plant "caps", the real name of which I do not know so far, giving small white fruits that clapped loudly enough if stepped on.
Bonfires of pine trees after the New Year, which smelled delightfully with pitch and into which a lot of interesting things could be thrown. Construction sites and railroads, on which it was great to play dogan and atopes, burning a lens from a father's photographic enlarger, secret campaigns on a small river, hunt for bats, eating “pigs” and immature apples, airing, matchmakers, slingshots, darts and games knives ", jumping from a roof into a snowdrift (cool, if with a coup), broken noses, bruises and cuts ...

1. Smoke line for 14 kopecks cut into small pieces
2. In the bottom of the metal empty bottle from under the soap bubbles, exactly in the middle, a small hole punched through the nail.
3. The cut ruler was poured into the bottle, the bottle was firmly flattened on top.
And then they made "Baikonur": between two bricks a tablet of dry fuel or a jar of gasoline, and on the bricks the rocket itself.
How they flew !!!
Inserts from the "foreign chews" - a separate song. There were glossy, cartoony, on one brilliant leaflet, where brightly traced gnomes surrounded brightly traced Snow White, and there were Japanese little books on thin rough paper, gummy-sized paper, with comics. These simply amazed the imagination, although nobody knew their heroes.
"Spectrum" in the late 80s have already appeared with some comrades, and Vidic were great Soviet.
the capsule from the crackers was neatly torn, a drop of water was dropped onto the carbite salt, and then the heads of matches were “dipped” into it. When dried, it was enough to hit a match on any object - and it caught fire
True, there were cases when, through carelessness while wearing, the whole box exploded.
If you put a condom tighter around the tap and slowly open the water before starting the lesson, then by the middle of the lesson you can hear a wonderful “plume” from the class. Experiments have shown that up to two buckets of water were poured into product number two of Soviet times.
And instead of flashlights, there is a light bulb, tied with tape to a long contact of a square battery, so that when pressed it touches the second contact and lights up.
And instead of flashlights, there is a light bulb, tied with tape to a long contact of a square battery, so that when pressed it touches the second contact and lights up.
And jumping on a construction site in a heap of sand! For some reason, with a cry, "Glory to the Yugoslav Partisans!"
And in the pharmacy all the glucose and askorbinka were bought up.

The resin from the apple cherry trees was shamelessly eaten.
And what a delicious formic acid! You take a twig and stuff it in an anthill, then you suck it
On the crossbows were best sticks from the clubs. These same sticks were indispensable thing to play in the "king". The game is completely freaky, now for some reason no one plays it. An empty canning box was placed on the brick. All the people took turns throwing their bits into it, after which they also bludgeoned their opponents. Hour game enough for a couple of bruises, at least. They played it mostly in the spring, after the snow melted. We had absolutely wonderful asphalt ground near the house, which mothers tried to win back, who for some reason hung clothes on it (foolish ones, they don’t know the true purpose of this asphalt patch)
They also made kapitoshki. The burst balloon was tied onto the tap and water turned on. Then you twist and tie it up. With one ball out 6-7 pieces.
They made small slingshots from thick wire with insulation. Gum with a square section for some reason was called "aviation." And then they shot wire pins

Cut flat rubber on rectangles, one tip you cling to the tip of the handle, stretch it, and pinch the other tip with your finger, and shoot at the lessons. And yet the paper, after chewing, roll up into a ball, shove it into a straw and blow it - a cool shooter.

One touch square. Drew a square ~ 3x3, divided into 4 sectors in the center, drew a circle, a ball was thrown into the center of the circle with force. The task was to knock the ball into the neighboring sector, allowing only one touch of the ball to the ground in its sector.

And also "Gudej" during the lesson of the unloved teacher. Everybody is buzzing with closed mouths, the teacher approaches - you shut up, moves away - again you buzz. And the boys also unpacked a condom (it seems like eighth grade), and they put in a school magazine instead of a bookmark, the teacher opened it, and her eyes widened, and then slammed the magazine, as if in fright, there was no sex in the country!

The ropes were in short supply, but detonation cords with explosive mercury from the mine were at least heaps: they were drying clothes in the yard.
When it was possible to detonate the cord from the capsule, it was so cool — neatly and accurately all sorts of sheets — bras — underwear — stockings — nightgowns flew in half.
True and flogged for pretty.
It was also great to cut magnesium lining from the airfield with potassium permanganate and sulfur. And then from the roof of the school to the ventilation pipe to drop during lessons.
And during the change, half a bucket of water could be poured into the condom and thrown from the same roof into the courtyard.
Another popular game from my hand is to open all the ground-in traffic jams from 20-liter bottles with concentrated acids and lye in the chemistry room — but this had to be done during the big break — then there was such a fog in the classroom and on the floors expelled to the street, and it was important for the military director to put on a gas mask to insert these corks back into the bottles.

At the same chemistry - sockets were brought to all the tables - during the break, it was possible to wind the copper wire thicker on the stopper in the meter, and during the lesson the plug was shorted to the socket - then the welders were welded and the caretaker had to break them with a hammer to change. But it was risky fun - because the shorted plug could also be welded to the outlet - and then the teachers' council and distressed parents.
On physics, too, it was possible to get a lot of pleasure: to catch flies and to plant a vacuum pump under the hood. They were so much fun flying there. And how enough air you pump out - you calm down and only rubbed with paws sadly.
It was still great to track down the soldier who was heading to the landing with the girl, and then he would be planted on a bare bottom with a slingshot. But it's also risky - you can hardly get away from a soldier's bike - he still has dope - from a slingshot.
In the same landings in the glades it was great to catch the May beetles — to knock them down on the fly — there were large crowds of us here — and guys and girls of different ages. It was like a safari. And since everyone was in great excitement, it was possible to touch the adult girl inadvertently.

Next to the construction site, bonfires were burned in the evenings and fried potatoes, bread, elicited from their parents.

In the walnut grove "settled" on the trees, as high as possible, and then went to visit each other.

Played a teal. In the middle of a square of 9 cells formed a handful of 9 pebbles. Divided into 2 teams. One team smashed the teal with the ball, the other, catching the ball, had to povibit all opponents and prevent them from placing the stones in all the cells.

Hide and seek. The sea is worried once (when it was necessary to stand still and not move). Trickle. Jumping When the two are twisted, someone jumps until they start talking.

Dogs were built booths, huts, and then perepryatyvali them from dog lovers.

They caught drones and tied the thread to the foot.

Edible-inedible. Volleyball crossbar for knocking out carpets.

Pitch, broken by the sun, take out the stick, and then set it on fire (smoke-horror)

Tanchiki! Each draws 20 tanks on their half of the sheet, and then the battle begins - draw a fat point in the place where the enemy tank should "reflect", fold the sheet, draw a point on the reverse side. If imprinted on the enemy's tank - hit!

And also - to bury your hand in the sand, fold your fingers in a sly way and have the other gently remove the sand and press on the nails - clear it up.

In the kitchen, a speaker connected by two wires to the radio outlet "Hello guys! Pioneer dawn on the air!" ...
B / W TV on long thin legs, and on it pasatizhi to switch channels ...
Bus 5cop, trolleybus 4cop, tram 3cop. Tickets are respectively blue, black, red. Where did they get out all remember ...
The containers in the garbage cans are large and separately small for food waste, it smelled terribly ...
In the village there was a kerosene, on which the grandmother fried crucians, caught with a fishing rod from hazel, with a float from a wine cork with a match ...
A piece of some kind of plastic attached with a clothespin to the fork of the bike. Knocked on the needles no worse than a motorcycle. The most superb sound produced a piece of photographic film ...
"Clicks" from the same film (specially folded) ...
Soda is not from the machine, but from the hands of my aunt, for two glass flasks with syrup ...
Bread on the softness of a special fork checked ...
Sundae for 48kop. cut in half ...
Fried meat patties at 10kop ....
Spring Coin ...
Kaleidoscope (a tube with glassy lines forming symmetrical patterns ...
Children's bicycle "Butterfly" on small, but wide wheels ...
There was also such a child's play, the playing field of a piece of plywood rounded from the top. Set under the slope. On the field, everything is beautifully decorated, different dimples, grooves, twists, traps, each place was determined by the number of points. And at the bottom of the right type of latch with a spring. A metal ball is put in there, a spring and a snap is pulled away ... where it goes, so many points ...

In kindergarten lunch, four people at the table, four apples for dessert. Who is the first to eat the soup and the second, choose the best apple, etc. ...
In the same kindergarten, semolina with lumps (since then I do not eat semolina even in a restaurant) ...
At school, movie tickets for a month ...
Ordinary (white) chews were tinted by chewing on a piece of colored slate ...
Or, the left palm in the tube, from the top we put a leaf from the nearest bush, and the right palm is sharply on top, BA-BACH! ...
15kop slot machines in every cinema and not only ...
Sometimes we made our way to the cinema through the exit, when the session ended, hiding between the rows until the beginning of the next session ...
Exchange offices in the subway, 10,15,20kop. Some stations still hang !!! (of course they do not work) ...
Set of brown indians, 5pcs. ...
LOTTO! the whole family, in the evenings ...
On paper in a cage game "points". The dots are placed on the line at the intersection of the cells, points on adjacent crossings are connected by a closed line, if possible you need to surround as many points of the enemy as possible ...
In the game "Behind the wheel", electrical tape was wound on the lead video to increase the speed of the playing field ...
A ball was squeezed out of the handle shaft and a pin was inserted, and an elastic band was put on the thread spool. Dangerous gunman was obtained. I just once planted out of this exactly in the ass ...
Flamethrower from the antistatic spray offered to the lighter ...
Board game "Journey to Schwambrania" ...

Electronic game "Well, wait a minute", 25rub ....
Yard game in the "order" Usually on the patch before the entrance. We draw two parallel lines at a distance of 4-5 meters, then, because of our line, we throw the cue ball (a jar of shoe polish with sand) onto the line of the enemy. From the line to the cue ball you need to reach with your fingers, otherwise the transition course. If the cue ball in front of the line is a medal (we draw a circle), behind the line is an order (diamond), exactly on the line is a star. 3 medals = order, 3 orders = star, 3 stars = Kremlin (we draw a turret), 3 Kremlin = MOSCOW! Victory!...
Playing with the ball "four corners" The field is divided into four parts (cross to cross) if played in four, or just in half, if in two. The task is to knock the ball on the opponent's field, but no more than two touches ...
Do you remember such crap (it was wildly popular, but in a very short time)? A plastic orange "egg" (like a rugby ball) through which two ropes (a few meters) are passed with handles on the ends. If you sharply spread the pens to the sides, the egg flies to the side of the opponent, then back and so until you get bored ...
The coolest game on the Spectrum, for me personally, was Exolon (an astronaut with a machine gun and a rocket launcher was shot frame by frame)
Varenka! How many pants and T-shirts, bleach and aniline dyes were spoiled ....
Now, children on skateboards all sorts of tricks are written out, and we played football in them, with a tennis ball. And what skates were, "speed" (the most expensive, on large wheels), "fish" (one edge is curved) and oak (usually yellow, heavy and clumsy) ...
About the game of "baker", we called it "banks", and the titles were not military, but card-chess, pawns, jacks, aces, etc., I don’t remember the order ...

Awesome theme. I'll go see a piece of the movie "Amelie", cry in the place with Bretodo in the phone booth ...

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If you ate, you still have two choices.
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Roofer from SPB

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YOU ARE KIND OF 70s-80s, IF:

You still walk past kilometer-long lines with alcohol in a supermarket with inner thrill.

You know the deep meaning of the word "chewing gum".

You remember that PC / HT is cool and very expensive.

You did not forget the article in Komsomolskaya Pravda, which was called "Bluebird Stew".

Until now, you flinch if someone next to you says in a squeaky voice: "Pioneer dawn is on the air!"

Mom sent you to the bakery for "high-calorie buns" for 9 kopecks.

You already then "got" duet Vinokur-Leschenko

From the word BAM you are sometimes nauseous

The girls in your class constantly hummed "Marie-and-and-and-I-Mirab-ee'l-l-aaaaaa ..."

The starving doctor Haider didn’t really bother you - Paul Simon and Billy Joel came to the USSR

You have seen portraits of Gorbachev without a birthmark.

You remember almost bald Kobzon.

You have heard the brilliant songs of Rosenbaum.

At the word "sport" - you remember the tears of Irina Rodnina.

And at the word "football" - Oleg Blokhin.

“RLAWBOW” is very, very cool porn.

Celentano is the best Italian singer.

It is strange that the second in the "Mórn Talking" is also a man with such hair and
by voice.

You remember Michael Jackson is still a Negro.

"McDonald's" for you - the name of a chic restaurant.

You have not forgotten who B.G.

The first association to the word "Again ..." - "twenty five!"

You are sure that the best group in Europe is ABBA, and America is Bourne.

When the words "GULAG Archipelago" - you automatically answer: "GULAG archipelago!"

From the first bars of the song "Soar to bonfires", your hand is trying to fix the knot of the pioneer tie.

You have long counted how old you will be in 2000, and you did not hope to live to this old age.

You still can not believe in 38 channels and round-the-clock television.

Parents were called to school for playing candy wrappers right in front of the teachers room

It turns out that in addition to "SONY" and "PanaSoNic" there are still a lot of good tape recorders.

It will not be difficult for you to finish the anecdote "The next stop - the end [...]"

In the year when they buried Brezhnev, you stood like that!

Electronic clock with music - complete fad.

Parents frightened you with terrible Spartak fans with such-oh-oh such scarves!

You remember that switching the channel is in zapadlo, because you have to climb out from under a warm blanket.

Bananas grow in Moscow - you knew for sure

Stupid plastic chevron on school uniform came off the first of September - it was considered a disgrace to wear it further

At the word "Yeltsin" - something warm moves in your soul.

You sincerely believe that the best of the "Blue Bird" Makarevich did not write anything.

You know what a "subscription to the Red Square 1982-1984" is

Three hundred varieties of sausage and one hundred and eight cheeses are simply incomprehensible.

At the word "Raikin" you remember all three of them - father, son and husband.

You brought your parents to frenzy chanting in all their bares "It's time to rejoice in my century!"

You rewrote the lyrics of the song "Winged Swing" and were sure that the Ressie is a breed of dogs

You do not understand the origin of the word "fuck" and its connection with the age-old Russian concepts.

The best films are Pirates of the 20th Century and In the Zone of Special Attention.

When the girls switched to the form of dark blue you thought: "And they are nothing ..."

Thriller - this is just the name of the concert Michael Jackson.

Your mom still keeps Polish fashion magazines.

The universal subject of dislike was called "majors"

You firmly knew that the two best sorts of ice cream - this is a fruit and berry for 7 kopecks. and in a waffle cup with cream for 21

And your girlfriend liked creme brulee for 15 and chocolate for 20, and also “Borodino” as a cylindrical, in soya-coffee glaze, for 23. But Lakomka cost 28

You drove the subway in the summer of the 80th to hear the names of the stops announced in English

You still admire the civil position of Dean Reed and the hair of Angela Davis.

In June 1986 you were sure that the USSR would win the World Cup in Mexico

Thieves is the one who has the connection, not the one with Finnish

Once in the cinema for a daily session, you automatically remember Andropov.

You understand the hidden meaning of the slogan "Do not cheat us, do not podkuzmit us"

You first read Bulgakov in a photocopied version, and Gumilev - in samizdat

You still remember the days when Kirkorov’s wife sang.

The most forbidden film is Emmanuel. There is such! ..

In principle, the Great Patriotic War was won on the Little Earth

You read the article about the unformals in the "20th room" in the magazine "Youth"

You liked Samantha Smith, and you didn’t like Katya Lycheva because she was too upset

You can not straining to answer the question who are the brothers Ovechkin

Karate - it was very cool. You had a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend who possessed secret knowledge, smashed bricks with his bare hands and could overwhelm six. Then they put him.

Sometimes on Sunday you subconsciously expect that they will show “Visiting a Fairy Tale” on TV with kind aunt Valya

You are capable of arguing to recall the names of at least five pioneer heroes: Volodya Dubinin, Valera Volkov, Kolya Myagotin, Marat Kazei, Lenya Golikov, Valya Kotik, Zina Portnova, Nina Kukoverova, Vitya Khomenko, Shura Kober, Sanya Kolesnikov, Nina Sahaidyk, Yuta Bondarovskaya, Galya Komleva, Kostya Kravchuk, Lara Mikheenko, Vasya Korobko, Sasha Borodulin, Volodya Kaznacheev, Nadya Bogdanova, Arkady Kamanin, Lida Vashkevich, Tolya Balabukha ...

The motto of your class in the pioneer squad named after Caesar Kunikov of your school was: "Not a step back, not a minute on the spot, but only forward and only all together"

At the sound of the song "Lost dog named Druzhok" your eyes get wet

Until now, the best kvass for you is the one that is from a barrel on wheels, small - 3 kopecks, large - 6

You drove the subway from Belyaevo to VDNH, and there was no branch “Taganka-Novogireevo”

Georgian tea is sawdust. Everyone tried to get Indian "with an elephant"

Our hockey has always won!

Do you remember the death of Vysotsky

The words "Maurice Druon" and "waste paper" are inexplicably linked to you.

Your first unrequited love is Natasha Guseva, "myelofon" ...

Chernobyl for you is first of all May Day demonstration.

You dreamed that when you grow up you will only go shopping in "Birch"

The Hour of the Wolf is not an empty sound for you.

The most delicious milk is in such triangular packages with blue asterisks.

Popcorn is such music in Paul Mauriat.

The Poles are speculators!

Pizza is the food of the gods.

You didn’t understand why a plane was shot down in 1983, but you knew for sure that the States were slandering

A deodorant is two bottles of the Bulgarian "Jasmine" after three hours of a queue.

A dollar is such a piece of paper for which you can land.

You remember who Nina Andreeva is.

You still did not know that in the city of Sochi - dark nights.

You do not say anything about the phrase "twin towers".

Are you sure that "fantasy" is the Strugatsky brothers.

But when Dean Reed died for some reason you felt sad ...

You understand and understand the word "deficit" - and not only in relation to money.

Two melodies are caused by iron associations: the "Lark" by Paul Moriah and "Manchester and Liverpool" by Marie Laforet are "In the animal world" and the weather forecast in the "Time" program

You remember such a metro station - "Leninskie Gory" and the largest escalator nearby.

You know that in the country there is a magazine for very small ones: “Funny Pictures”, a magazine for small “Murzilka” and two magazines for almost large “Pioneer” and “Koster”.

You know that Namibia is the territory occupied by South Africa, where apartheid and Mandela.

You know that Travkin is the foremost production, Hero of Socialist. Labor, who introduced the brigadier contract and about him is even in the history textbook for the 4th grade in the chapter on the modern construction of socialism.

You understand the phrases "elements of the cult of personality", "violations of socialist legality", "elements of voluntarism and subjectivism."

You know that Pugacheva - is a "woman who sings"

You know that the corrupted English words that young people use - “shoes”, “disk” - this is a serious problem that is discussed in youth magazines.

You know who the Fascists of Romm's film “Ordinary Fascism” are, as well as the TV series “Seventeen Spring Moments”, “Bet More Than Life”, and also, for some reason, “Four Tankmen and a Dog”, although there is nothing actually about fascists .

Our drinks are Fanta, Tarkhun and Baikal, and Coca-Cola is a forbidden drink.

If someone uses the phrase “do with us, do as we do, do better than us” in a conversation or text, you will smile and think of the GDR.

Shirportreb produced in India, in the movies, and in haberdashery.

You often came to the tobacco shop - buy gift boxes of matches. There were space, the Patriotic War, the City of Heroes, and similar charms.

Your grandmother had a pension of 60 rubles, and a neighbor’s was already 80. The devil's difference.

The word "order" has primarily the meaning of "flat".

"About those who will never come again, people, please remember ...". This is the day of the young hero of the anti-fascist, with the obligatory ruler. February 8th. They killed a boy in France who was protesting against Salan’s rebellion in Algeria (you learned about Salan 10 years later) and some young Saddamite Baath in Iraq ...

You danced in the pioneer camp under "The bird of happiness of tomorrow, flew flew its wings ringing ..." (but you still liked "Ottavan")

Ham is round, ours, and in large cans (delicious).

You have heard a lot about the game "Zarnitsa", you have seen reports and even a movie about playful children. And then they themselves participated in it.

You secretly wanted to go to Artek, but only round honors went there.

The word "check" has two meanings.

The book containing sacred esoteric knowledge is the German catalog that the uncle brought from the GDR. There are no computers in it yet.

For you understand the word political information. And the main words on them are “detente”, “escalation” and “parity”.

Foreigners walking in Kolomenskoye don’t have to take either chocolates or chugs. They say one boy ate and poisoned.

In your class, a boy suddenly appears in the middle of the school year, escaped from his parents-diplomats from South Yemen. It turns out there they have a civil war.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ALWAYS midnight.

Your tape recorder was chewing a tape. Oh, yes it was "Electronics-302" ...

With the phrase "toilet paper necklace" you are not funny

Not that the film "Intergirl" shocked you ... but this was not shown openly before

You went to "Little Faith" 8 times

You are not even jealous of Senkevich - knowing that you will not succeed in traveling SO

You could easily continue the lines "About how many wonderful discoveries we have ..." - thanks to Kapitsa and his transfer.

At 10 kopecks, it was possible to make a drop of sweet soda - 3-thirds a cup, the one with a syrup of 3 kopecks. and at 1 penny topped up without syrup

At school parties, classmates sang "In the French side, on an alien planet ..."

You are a little annoyed that the application to the "Young Technician" was only by subscription.

Goyko Mitic has always remained your number 1 Indian

The color tv was awesome. And the VCR - nowhere better.

Do you remember about such a group - Cinderella

At least one of your classmates was a metalhead and the other was a breaker.

Most of all you did not want to meet with the Lovers. They were terrible people, although very few people met with them in reality.

Program Musical Ring with Grebenshchikov was for you the event of the year

You exchanged at least one cookbook for detective Agatha Christie.

The main question of the week is whether the program will look off the air or not.

Do you know the abbreviation MDG

There are only two bikes: Kama and Desna. Eaglet is no good

"Stars are burning, as if they say that there is no friend in the world - ???" - well, you know who there is no friend in the world :)

Mental trepidation at the vigorous utterance of the words: "The nutlet of knowledge is firm, but still we are not accustomed to retreat! The newsreel" I want! Everything! Know!"

What was done with the products? That's right, they were "thrown away." It is clear that not in the trash :-))

You loved kefir in a glass bottle with a green lid with bagels for 6 kopecks, which then somehow lost the poppy

The magic combination of Gdlyan and Ivanov repeated everything, but no one really knew what they did.

You still do not perceive Tallinn and Riga as abroad.

On New Year's Eve, you courageously fought sleep, at 3 o'clock to watch "foreign stage": GDR television, Marylu Rodovich, Karel Gott and Italians.

You remember that chips are such tasty things that are sold only in Moscow and only at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements.

You remember that Moscow is such a city, from where dad brings chocolate rabbits and tea "Cheerfulness".

The song "Phantom" has nothing to do with Chizh for you.

When you were left to clean up the class, you were sadly cynically whispering: "Everyone died, only Tanya was left."

You remember three types of hair: zero - 10 kopeks, Canadian - 40 kopecks, model - 1 p.20 kopecks.

For you, the best cigarettes are Rodopi and Phoenix, and the best Belomor is the Uritsky factories.

You remember the jokes about the Russian, German and Polish.

Have you ever collected toys to send to children of striking British miners.

You remember that there is no oil more than 400 g.

You changed the inserts from the Polish chews to Indians, cowboys and Vikings.

You remember that in the usual set: buckwheat, stew, condensed milk and tea with an elephant, and in the more successful set - also a bank of salmon.

You ever went to visit "on Vidic", and behind the cassette "Jesus Christ the superstar" or "The Greek fig tree" you went to hell where you were, said the password and left yards.

Have you ever shown a diary to a Komsomol patrol at the entrance to the cinema.

You clearly remembered that in no case should you talk at school about Galic's recordings, otherwise your father will have troubles at work.

You firmly knew what the guitar "for 15 rubles" was different from the guitar "for 25 rubles"

You know that many fagots have arrived in Moscow for the World Festival of Youth and Students. Such rumors tell.

You have been told that in under-floor trains they sell black and white playing cards with naked women, phototyped icons and Vysotsky. And truck drivers on the windshield have a portrait of Stalin.

Sprats are a delicacy.

There are two poets Agnia Barto and Yuna Moritz, and Sergei Mikhalkov exists only as the author of Uncle Styopa.

Fiction is a library in 30 volumes.

Rasputin is the hero of the underground song "Boney M".

You remember that for some reason everyone was trying to get Pikul.

You have not seen live kiwi, avocado, mango, coconuts and everything else, which turned out to be for the most part a rare disappointment.

Vitamins in winter are compote: grandmother and Hungarian Hungarofrukt.

In Afghanistan, our warrior-internationalists are fighting with the dushmans for Barak Karmal, and the spirits of the American imperialists are laying toys on the streets with explosives.

Somewhere they are building BAM, punching tunnels in mountain ranges.

Girls in the class like Boyarsky

Father brought you to Luna Park and you would like to stay there forever.

“Bowling Alley” is a strange pastime, but it's funny and the balls are heavy, the hand gets tired.

You know what aerobics and auto-training are, because parents have a record, and in Science and Life there are already three articles devoted to this.

You asked your grandmother to take you to the Detsky Mir shop: it was beautiful there and the most delicious ice cream in the country was on sale - with big white hats, it always cost 20 kopecks.

You stole carbide at a construction site, metallic sodium — in a school chemistry room, saturated with nitrate in a newspaper, bought fixer in Photomaterials, and hydroponite tablets in a department store. That was a rustle!

You remember the key word of the era for philatelists - "Mongol Shuudan".

Do you remember that the parents were queuing for some kind of "wall"

At the lessons of the Foundations of the State and Rights of all the guys, for some reason, they were interested in articles of Criminal Code No. 117 and 121, while they were laughing like assholes.

The word "sauna" is usually associated with the definition of "Finnish" and with nothing more

For the winter holidays, you went all class to Leningrad (var. - to Moscow).

You are familiar with the wondrous discipline of "Fundamentals of computer science and computing," and you worked in practice at the computers of a computer system with magnetic tape carriers. At the worst for perforators.

Real cowboys and Indians are sold in Leipzig. Some of them are brought from abroad.

The asphalt in the yard is streaked with arrows and classics.

You remember Oleg Popov's checkered cap and the number to catch the sunbeam. But who is the pencil you explained to adults.

You are terribly interested - what is 04, 05, 06, 07 and 08. The rest is already known.

Scarlet Sails is a heading of readers' letters in Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The abbreviation "MK" has meaning only with the continuation of "and the CPSU MGK".

In your class of short people teased "Paspartu", and the teachers' intrigues called themselves "Mr. Fix tricks"

You know where Sheremetyevo-3 is, and why they don't smoke in Red Square

At the word "governor" you think that you are reading a historical novel, and at the word "senator" - even more historical.

The holiday is firmly connected with the word "order"

Smoked sausage needs to be cut thin-thin, until transparent, in a layer - the next time you will see it in six months.

You take the last name of the subtitle editor of the films, which are constantly played on the quad TV curriculum - S. Eero

The word "Alarm Clock" is not associated with an electronic toy from Siemens, but with Nadezhda Rumyantseva.

Cult cartoons are Captain Vrungel and Treasure Island. And classmates from "Last year's snow fell" classmates you just got

The coolest foreign cartoons are Japanese, for example, "Ghost ship" with its creepy gig robot.

You want to take the braided handle in your hands, hang on the chandelier of a wire draw or scalar fish from braided wires.

You still do not understand fashion on macrame

Portfolio type "diplomat", oh, this is very fashionable.

A set top box on which you could play tennis or football - it was just something from the future. More often managed by hockey or football with iron figures

Parents strictly forbade you to drink soda from machines near the subway, because public glasses transmit syphilis!

It seemed unreal to you to buy the double Bulgarian album "The Beatles" - it cost 4 rubles in the shops, but dare speculators and sell them from under the floor for 25

You still can not forget that girl who languidly smoked a cigarette in a bar and sipped a cool milkshake - she called herself a “high-loving woman” because she “lives beautifully”.

You remember sporadically flashing fashion on cigarettes "Herzegovina Flor"

You force in front of the girls, sweating red (blue) Yugoslav Ronhill for 80 kopecks or Chesterfield for 1 p 50 kopecks

Soviet chewing gums are orange, such thin plates, to be honest, they were no match for foreign ones.

On the “Gold McKenna” it was not to protrude - for children under sixteen, because there my aunt was swimming naked.

With the abbreviation LTU you are covered with such complex feelings that you immerse yourself for a minute.

You are still thinking - why did you need this CPC? (Yes, no code, comrade, do not be smart, it's not about that!)

Parents gave you such coloring books, pictures in which you had to moisten with water, and paint appeared.

A blanket on the window, a red lantern, we count slowly: one-two-three ... click! "Bromportret", "unibrom", fixative, bath, full of shots, gloss. What?! BUT? That's the same ...

You went to the Pioneers Double to attend the International Friendship Club.

Parents' buddies had such interesting things - printouts! Such long sheets of paper, and on them were the Strugatskys, Bulgakov and the erotic treatise of the “branch of the peach,” printed in ACCS at the EC in capital letters. With holes on the sides.

You accidentally rummaging in old things on the mezzanine stumble upon the magazines "Kolobok" and "Horizon" with colored flexible plates and stunned - where now to take the player ...

You just recently find out that the screensaver for the program "International Panorama" is the composition of The Ventures.

You remember that there were two running lines - one on Pushkin Square, and the other between Kaluga and Belyaevo.

Majority classmates had real Japanese pencil cases with big-eyed girls brought from abroad. From there, odorous delicious erasers came, which were even delicious to chew.

At the fireworks you can not only shout "Hurray", but also take flags and balloons with you.

The whole class trip to Dubosekovo junction was remembered by the fact that it was terribly cold.

At the review of the song you sang "Buchenwald alarm": "... it hardened and fiery blood got stronger in our heart ... and rebelled and rebelled and rebelled again!"

It is still pleasant to hold pencils and erasers "Kohinor"

Bookstores are a rather boring place, because half of the place is occupied by all party literature. But the father brought from the Ryazan region a two-volume book by Perelman "Entertaining Physics"

You can list the names of political observers: Valentin Zorin, Alexander Bovin, Farid Seyful-Mulyukov, Heinrich Borovik, Valentin Tsvetov, Vsevolod Ovchinnikov. And the flowers to nepredidichiya similar to the Japanese.

Oh, how you liked the movie "You never dreamed of" ...

Oh, someone who, but you do not need to explain who are Avdotya Nikitishna and Veronica Mavriyevich

Electronic toys Wolf with eggs and Divers with octopus. Where did you put them?

The story of a Japanese girl who died after the bombing and made 1000 cranes. When you learned how to do it yourself, you realized that 1000 is cool ...

The TV remote is pliers!

Japanese cartoon "The Little Mermaid" in the cinema "Vityaz" on Belyaevo - a hall full of first-graders, everyone is crying !!!

You can easily explain the difference between "chewing gum" and "bubble gum"

You were given a wonderful Agat-18 camera for your birthday, which cost 19 rubles. On a 36-frame film, you took 72 pictures, and not of the worst quality, and instead of shutter speed and aperture, icons were drawn on the lens: a cloud, a sun, a sun a cloud.

You loved "Science and Life" for the fact that there were comics about Placida and Museo and about Pif with Herkul. And then you solved the most difficult crossword puzzles there: with fragments, with some insanely complicated quotes ...

To the question "And experts?" you specify - which ones? (For those who are from another time - one is ZnOTOKi, and others CPG :-))

Tolstoy and good-natured boy from your class was teased by Gromozeka, and an excellent pupil was told “The Bird is the Talker. Differs with intelligence and wit”

The coolest store in the city is commission, because there is an imported two-cassette tape recorder.

In elementary school, you kept a "Diary of Observations on Nature"

50 kopecks is a painful amount. Sometimes it would be desirable to spend it on "zhuvachka" (three types: orange, mint and strawberry).

Sometimes you bought in the store a funky treat: “cornflakes”. With sugar - 10 kopecks a pack and without sugar - 7.

Going to the pharmacy sometimes you sneak in to buy a hematogen.

Although you loved kvass, you could not bear to follow him with a can.

In the elevator of your house was the inscription KISS and ASDS in a foreign language.

Construction cartridges this thing!

You adored delicious candy cans - two kinds, in a long tin and flat, round.

In the grocery store you drank juice. The most delicious is tomato, and the salt spoons stood in a glass of water.

One of the most vivid impressions is the Christmas tree in the Kremlin, where they gave you the best gift - a red plastic tower filled with good candies.

Badges were in any kiosk of Soyuzpechat. But for some reason you didn’t collect them ...

The coolest pioneer tie is from Hungary. He was different in color and fabric. And for the "cowboy knot" you got it from the leader.

You fought before the first blood. For the gym or in the locker room.

Your classmate blew up a bottle of water filled with dry ice — it turned out to be not so much fun, because he was nearly blind and badly hurt.

Tasty "Crispy Potato" for 10 kopecks, and for 1 ruble you could buy 10 sachets ... And where is she now, when do you sometimes want it?

You had a piggy bank in the form of a champagne bottle for 10 penny coins

Pioneer badge "For active work" and the Komsomol "Leninsky offset" - you did not have them.

When your relative left for America, then come to say goodbye - it was a civil feat. And the next day, the head teacher came to the class and gave a long lecture about "traitors to the motherland", who are going to live with a potential enemy and at the same time looking only at you, although you really did not understand anything.

The most beautiful song is "Forest Deer". But she is not taught in school.

From the waste paper, which is collected by the whole school once a month, you manage to save (steal!) A couple of very good books.

If the birthday was not a salad with green peas (Olivier) it was a bad birthday!

And you had stickers. And decals, oval, GDRovskie, with women, Mickey Mouse, etc. They are located everywhere: mirrors, guitars ... Although they have never been on sale, from somewhere they all got it. They said that from Georgia.

You wore “Vereya” jeans with a bear face

For the fact that the counselors found out that it was you who smeared the 5th ward with the girls with paste, you were threatened to be kicked out of the summer camp.

The fact that there are black olives, you know only in the early nineties. But greens were sold in one-liter jars and were always in vegetables.

You set fire to a children's plastic spatula, and then, with your heart sinking, watched the fiery drops flowing from it.

You remember how you went to the planetarium!

You wore synthetic motorcycle riders.

You can not calmly hear the song "Grass at home"

Sneakers "Soviet Adidas" - this is cool. They were worn almost with elegant dresses.

You remember how in the eightieth - only at the time of the Olympiad - small packages of juice with tubules appeared, New Zealand oil in bright packaging and Finnish jams in the school canteen. Packages kept trying to give them a second life.

What is "movie painting" - on TV between programs, small plots with smooth music - you do not need to explain. But your children ...

You dragged from the series "Lessie" and everyone in the class dreamed of a collie dog.

In the USSR, there is no sex!

At fourteen, when you received a Komsomol ticket, you suddenly realized that you had to spend as many years in the ranks of the Komsomol as you were at that time.

The word "ride" had a very specific meaning - abroad.

Having read the newspapers, you thought that the Komsomol wedding is scary romantic. Then, having matured, they understood that it was the same mutuality as everything else.

Before the visit of foreigners to your special school in all classes, teachers give instructions: "And most importantly - do not take anything from them!" Stunned by the British, they still manage to give you, a fourth-grader, a card with the view of Buckingham Palace. Frightened thoughts "What will happen now ?!" haunt you for another month.

In the summer holidays between the ninth and tenth class - insanely cool: a trip to Czechoslovakia (Bulgaria) on the exchange. Lists of lucky ones are approved for the year. Everyone is trying to drown each other and no one believes that you can only strive to Prague from the desire to look at architecture.

Jewish girls and boys in these lists are not entered even at the initial stage. This is not advertised, but not discussed.

After returning from Prague, classmates flaunt in identical white slippers with tricolor Czechoslovak flags. You would not buy these yourself. If you were included in the lists.

You played small pistols such as were cast from lead into a mold, squeezed out on cleared and tamped ground, from a plastic master keychain - if you have a happy owner. A piece of plate from an old car battery is a wild treasure.

You know why you need a bicycle needle bent at a right angle; the head is screwed, and the sulfur from matches is tightly packed in it.

You will be able to make a crossbow from a wooden clothespin (if you find now such a clothespin). How he worked - for the uninitiated, one simply cannot be explained to him :-), but he fired at least a short distance, but with matches that could have been kindled beforehand.

Do you remember how a homemade oven made of thin and thick tubes and operated with such a flat rubber band was fired ... damn, what did you need this tape, except for brewers? ... Dushi made plasticine - from good weapons could even break the peephole of the nasty neighbor.

Are you sure that 35 penny ballpoint pens are not for writing. And for knocking into a concrete wall, followed by screwing in a screw.

Your first program in life was written on the collected "Radio-86RK" classmate. And the ZX Spectrum was called “Sinclair” - and it was awesome!

Contrary to the "jammers", you listened to obscene chastushki on the Voice of America and waited for the call sign "Seva, Seva Novgorodtsev - the city of London, BBC !!!"

The word "Decree" for you is a negative connotation, as it is associated with a single decree - "On measures to combat alcoholism and drunkenness."

The seemingly innocuous phrase calls you to the association with embracing and kissing men: "They met him at the airport ...". In addition, hearing this, you overwhelmingly want to yawn.

By the word "Java", you subconsciously want to add "java" (and put a penny to forty kopecks).

The words "broke a can of beer" do not put you in a dead end.

You remember how in all cinemas there were aesthetic photographs of Soviet actor actors working, it seems, Plotnikov. Enthusiastic girls bought the magazine Soviet Screen for the sake of the same portraits.

If Laughs, then necessarily Smirnitsky and Starygin.

The third series of "Three Musketeers" was called "Tantrum Terekhova".

Actor Konkin - first of all Pavka Korchagin, and only then Sharapov. But then all the same Sharapov.

One could go abroad only through RAIKOM. No other way.

You can accurately list all the figures in the game of "rubber band" (if you are a girl). And how can you play it ??? (if you are a boy)

In the 10th grade, for your birthday, you were presented with a huge bottle of expensive cologne “Spartakus”, and then you wondered for a long time why the girls shy away from you.

You remember that an essential attribute of each house was a wolf-shaped opener “Well, wait a minute”, which was held in the hands of a nickel-plated guitar. She did not use, she stood behind the glass in the sideboards.

You were looking forward to a very interesting program “America of the Seventies”, where you showed interesting things about America, and when the seventies, and with her and the program ended, you felt sad.

Gum “Donald” - 1 ruble from speculators ... But there is a picture inside!

You poked Vietnamese ping-pong balls mercilessly cut, and wrapped them in foil trimming, made “smoke traps”.

You know that tape reels come in 270, 375, and 525 meters. 525 is best, because you can burn one entire disc onto one side.

Each kiosk sells a good Czech or Polish magazine Svet socializmu. There, if you carefully search, you can find shots from movies with naked women.

You were the fastest in the classroom able to collect the Rubik's Cube! Then he broke down ...
You had a construction site in your yard. Your parents and older children tell that the Construction was there before you were born. She stayed there and then, when you, having matured, left.

At the construction site we climbed, and always in the company. There were terrible legends that there are fagots and drug addicts in the construction site. No one has ever seen those or others, but everyone was afraid. In the underground passages excavated under the pipes, there was abundant cave art explaining the structure of this maze. They took torches there.

Halabudas were built from plywood found there.

HUNTING FOR LIS is not the savagery of a decaying bourgeois society, but a modern sport. Another movie was about this.

In the pioneer camp, you somehow got hooked into the ward with the Elders and you listened to them all day (as you understood much later, purely empirical) conversations about E..LU and P ... U. It was something from a parallel world.

You knew how to make darts. To do this, it was necessary to take four matches, wrap them exactly in the middle with a plaster, on one side insert a needle from my mother's sewing machine into the center, and on the other - a stabilizer made of four-fold square paper.

At the American exhibition you were given an icon, a bag and a bunch of different books. The next day, everyone around had the same badges, and then you traded him to someone who didn't get it. On the cheater with Donald. A color glossy magazine, where it is written about the "Macintosh" and there is a funky pixel art, keep to this day.

You are afraid of AIDS. AIDS can infect you even if you wrap yourself in a blanket ten times and start singing Alla Pugacheva’s songs loudly. How exactly you can get AIDS, you do not know, but you suspect that Faggers and Drug Addicts who may be found on the Construction Site are related to this. From this trips to the construction site give the blood even more adrenaline.

At a certain stage, you understand that you did not have to drive a tank with a wired remote control. Of course, he drove you for a while — until he broke down, but for the sake of this tank, dad climbed all of Yerevan when he was on a business trip there, and with a fight, he trafficked him from the same seconded Belarusian.

Everywhere there are red plastic toy soldiers. In strange poses.

The word "condom" is terribly indecent.

Do you remember Bobby Sands and the hunger strike in the HU block of Long Cash Camp in Ulster
About the marvelous vocabulary of the "Truth" of those years: "Separate Camp David deal," "Pharisees from the White House", "Ian Smith - the executioner of Rhodesia", "Your sanctions pipe, Mr. Reagan!"

You can easily answer the question - who are Zigmund Yen, Vladimir Remek, Miroslav Germashevsky, Ivan Ivanov, Arnaldo Tamayo Mendez, Bertalan Farkas, Dumitru Prunariu, Fam Tuan and of course Zugderemideini Gurragcha! (Ivanova was called Kakalov, but they told you about this later)

Who then said in a voice Kirillov said "All radio stations of the Soviet Union are working"?

Your mother loved the magazine "England", you also liked the magazine "America" ​​- there was a poster: "Caution! Star Wars!". The magazine "Japan" was also cool, but you did not believe the magazine "Korea" and asked your father. It turned out that this is a guard ...

You thought that Leonard Peltier should be given freedom, although they did not really understand who he was and why he was being poisoned by the American police state.

The phrase "Hands off Nicaragua!"

Oh, what wonderful cartoons were in the fraternal socialist countries. Rex, Mole and Lelek with Bolek, Maxi-dog Fix, Pishpunta and Gayaska and the cat Strakosh. And of course Krzhemilek with Vakhmurka!

You are wildly pinned the names of foreign leaders who visited the USSR: "Founding Chairman-Mobutu-Sese-Seko-Kuku-Ngbenga-Wazabanga", "Field Marshal-President-Idi-Amin-Ada", "Chairman of the MPLA-Labor Party José Eduardo Dous Santos ".

A trip on the tram costs 3 pennies

Added @ 16.05.2006, 08:10

And catch up!

When I was a child, adults often drove me to tears with their boring
memories of how difficult their childhood was, how they had to
walk to school every morning 15 kilometers up the mountain and winter then
lasted all year round, and they also carried their 3 younger sisters there on
shoulders. In their school there was one cold room, the toilet was in the courtyard and before it
I had to run a kilometer up the hill. In this room, studied at the same time 10
all classes, and all had round fives, although they had paper and pens and
not enough, so they wrote in pencil in the margins of the newspaper, and articles from this
they read the newspapers first out loud, there was no book of patamushto either, and then
used in the remote toilet, if they managed to reach him up the hill.
Patamushta no toilet paper at that time either.

At the same time, they somehow managed to help their parents clean the communal apartments and
cleaned there toilets every day! In addition, they chopped wood for firewood
ovens, and cleaned 5 buckets of potatoes a day, then patamushta except potatoes
there was no other food, but they didn’t give it to them, but they took everything at once for
front. In their free time, they managed to unload wagons with this potato.
for 25 kopecks per hour and fed on this money all his family, in which he lived 5
- 6 generations of grandmothers. How they managed to do their homework, I do not understand.

Therefore, I gave myself a word: when I grow up, I will not begin to torture my own
children such fables! I will not litter their brains about how they
easy right now, and then it was difficult for me! However ... now I matured and
wised up ... and looking around, I am horrified to see the modern
youth! You get it all too easy, your mother! I want to say that
compared to my childhood, you just live in a fucking utopia! No matter how I
it was disgusting, I just really did have to say: you,
today's children, brazenly do not appreciate all that you have!

When I was a child, I did not have not only the Internet, but also a television.
If I had to find out something, I had to walk 5 kilometers to
a mountain in the winter in the damned library and myself rummaging through its catalogs and books!
Emyla, too, a fig was not! If I had to write to someone, I did it.
pen on paper! And then I had to stomp on foot through the whole
the city is 5 kilometers up the hill in the winter to the post office and it took another week and
more until my letter reached the addressee! I'm not talking about MP3 or
Napster! If I had to mix music, I had to stomp myself
walk across the city 5 kilometers in winter uphill to the music store and
to risk stealing huge black gramophone discs under the slanting eye

Or you had to wait all day to record the music on the reel at night
tape recorder from the radio "Voice of America" ​​or the Air Force, and all this is specially
drowned out by the KGB! And the Disk Jockey could at any time start his talk and
it was worse than a fucking KGB!

Want to hear more about the difficulties? I could not so easily like you, take
and upload porn! It was necessary to shove across the city 5 kilometers in winter
mountain to some old pervert 25 years old who had a collection
Playboy in Polish in 1955 with torn central pictures.
The rest of the pictures were all smeared with dried sperm of several generations.
Polish and our onanists, and border guards. Or some old maid
29 years old invited me to herself in the evening, winding some swans around her neck
Perya and pissed off port, showing me the German trophy catalog
Women's underwear for 1935 with Hitler on the cover, for your own
excitement! And that's it! I had no dick had any other porn!

I had no luxury phone bells and whistles! No second line, no
answering machine. And if I called somewhere, and there was busy, I had to
call yourself back! Many times! And I did not whine! I did not have and
Number Recognizer! When someone called us, we didn't have the slightest
ideas of who it could be! It could be anyone! Parents with
some idiotic errand, a teacher to push the parents about
missed day, or even mentura, to call them to talk about my
behavior! I never knew in advance !!! Had to pick up the phone and
take the chance ladies and gentlemen

I didn’t have any luxury video games, like your Sony Playstation, with 3D
graphics! I played my first video game at age 25 at work, on
EU-1040 mainframe, and it was a black and white ping pong! On a 5x5 monitor
centimeters. And the software breathed every 3 minutes due to a weak processor! But
I did not whine and played all 8 hours of my working day! There were still "Sea Battle"
and the fall of the asteroids. Everything is black and white, no windows, all in one window!
Had to use your own imagination, damn it!

It was impossible to win this game because there was only one level
Difficulties "for the Grand Master" and he was not regulated! Went to play everything
faster, until the clave broke or the player died from a heart attack!
Everything was like in real life!

There were no amphitheaters in cinemas, all seats were located on the same
high! And if in front of you sat a tall guy - a pistol! Kinah was not
vapsche! Cable TV was not in sight! We only had 4 channels that
all the time showed the old marazmatik Brezhnev! You have here for 100 channels,
There is porn, 2 only for golf, 5 - other sports, 2 - only
Toon! 24 hours every day! I had to shove for toon
across the city 5 kilometers up the hill in winter! And when TV appeared, then
Toon showed current 1 time per week! 1 time! Saturday morning! You
Hear what I'm saying to you here, your mother ?! I had to wait KISS
WEEK to watch shitty toon, lazy and loafers! That's it!
I have been talking about this for a whole hour! You get it all too easy! I swear
here you are all spoiled to the bone! You would not have survived in 1970 and 5 minutes!

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If you ate, you still have two choices.
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But the archive of the journal "Young Technician" _http://jt-arxiv.narod.ru/_

There each number in the format "djvu"

You can open files with the following programs:

DjVuReader _http://opendjvu.webhost.ru/djvureader.zip_

DjVuSolo _http://shuttle-st.narod.ru/files/djvusolo.rar_

If you ate, you still have two choices.
16.05.06, 08:30
Social network? No, have not heard!

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Pancake! Part I niasilil, but I remembered quite a lot .... Considering that I am 85 years old, I still remembered a lot ... ...... Batya is completely out of touch ......

People like me here, people like you here. They don’t go around here, they don’t hide their eyes.Compromise is not for us!
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Five Baluffs !!!

Added @ 16.05.2006, 08:52

And how cool it was to attach postcards to a great one with the help of clothespins ...

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Honor 8 download

... and in general, living is bad! Everyone who tried, died!
16.05.06, 09:03
Curious Nymph

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Millions of Soviet children burned postcards moms

and not only burned out, but also painted it ... with gouache ... (hmm ... rush ... somehow sounds unusual ...)

Added @ 16.05.2006, 09:08

And girls, do you remember rezinochki?

Oooh ... It was something ... How many times my mother scolded for the gum taken out of the house ...
A collection of waste paper in school?

ha ... I remember in school even a book was given some kind of mukulatur ...

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... and in general, living is bad! Everyone who tried, died!
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Great! : good:

16.05.06, 09:13

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nik-0Huge RESPECT !!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh school remembered, the yard remembered, kids remembered, blah a little nerazpalkal.
16.05.06, 09:40
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Super, oh, would now uncover the good old stick from the "stick" and play king / baker, but that's just because of the cars in the courtyard there is enough space for a ping pong and it's portable :)

So what are we discussing?

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Even though I was 87 years old, I also remembered a lot of good things - I also burned (I even had this thing left "burning apparatus") and the" Schoolboy "is great, which" turned on "57 times and there is a window in the bathroom and a photo with a red light bulb and I still don’t know whether it was mentionedtokens in the subwayfirst iron and then cool transparent lime greens I saved them then ... Although I certainly found the tiniest bit of that era ... And of course the Bucks are 3 rubles apiece (or something like that) ...

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Tokens in the subway, first iron and then cool transparent lime
eeehhhh and I drove on the heel, damn, and why earlier in the subway in the summer the doors were removed and there was always fresh and cool, and in the summer in the subway full of zeop: huh:
16.05.06, 10:00

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get out of the tank. They are also removed

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Ugu of the current go down in the metro in the summer at rush hour and opupey after a couple of stops: yahoo: and they hate stations, they used to take off at Izmailovsky Park, and shcha a member. :(
16.05.06, 10:04

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>>And of course, bucks for 3 rubles apiece (or something like that) ...
<<Article for the "currency" in the Criminal Code and checks to the store "Birch", where the imported Sanyo double cassette was bought ... And the "official rate" 69 kopecks for a dollar :)

Post has been editedMakoron - 16.05.06, 10:05

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in general, then ostrichu need respect and turnips to raise))

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Lope the people in Moscow tady lived?
3 carcasses in a tent replace the battery ... And in the subway these carcasses ...

Only two things are infinite and not sure about the former. © A. Einstein
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nik-0,15.05.06 22:27:34
But the archive of the journal "Young Technician" _http://jt-arxiv.narod.ru/_

I wrote it out! No. 1 for 1991 - immediately remembered!

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a guest

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I still remember 96 kopecks.
Then it was a political action, so that the dollar cost a little less than a ruble.
At least in my memory, this is the official rate, but really about 2-3 rubles at different times. I’m true since 1961, so I remember almost everything that was writtennik-0
I had already read these texts somewhere before and even then was struck by the accuracy of the author of these texts. But
Stalgia ... in childhood and adolescence. Thank.

That's it...
hx4700, WM5
16.05.06, 13:55

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And the removal of magnesium from the old TVs (from the pipes) for making bombs continues to this day))))

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