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Bonsai Blast [G-sensor]

Rep: (1095)
Bonsai blast
version: 1.8

Last update of the program in the header:12.11.2010

Attached Image

Analog known casual game Zuma. You have to build a sequence of balls of the same color.

Homepage: http://www.glu.com/
Androlib: http://www.androlib.com/android.applicatio...bonsai-DmD.aspx
Android Market: market: // search / q = pname:? com.glu.android.bonsai

Version 1.8: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/684830/com.glu.android.bonsai_v.1.8.apk (6.53 MB)

Older versions

Post has been edited^^ TeRMiT ^^ - 12.11.10, 12:09
Reason for editing: added version 1.8

Rep: (4)
Zuma type, huh?

Rep: (2)
I downloaded and played. Lovely. Even more

PS Yes, it is in the likeness of Zuma

Rep: (305)
Wonderful toy. Zuma, but nicely done! An additional advantage - free of charge.

Attached filecom.glu.android.bonsai.apk(6.5 MB)

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Reason for editing: Sorry, nakosyachil with attachem

Rep: (1321)
I played. I found that without G-sensor'v she did not get to play (antibonus have one to clean it up - you need to shake the phone).

Rep: (53)
Passed level 15. Could not find where it is possible to apply the G-sensor. Cool game!

Post has been editedLeger - 06.02.10, 17:49

Rep: (1321)
Fog something they like. When you were a black cloud envelops. You need to shake the phone to clear the cloud.

Rep: (0)
Something did not understand the rest of the game - after the last level (subsequent points on the last screen stage "Evening") game silently returned back on the map with the points and everything. There is not even any message that the game is passed.

Rep: (305)
Refreshed to 1.4. Attention! In a menu the new version began to show ads during the game while they are not.

Attached filecom.glu.android.bonsai.apk(6.53 MB)

Rep: (2)
after the first pass it adds a number of balls in and over again

Rep: (133)
narooood ..... so eager to new levels of this great game !!!!!!! It held 10 times up and down !!!! I want more!!!!!

Rep: (546)
The convenience store is available for version 1.5, there may have new levels;)

Rep: (133)
I have updated the Market .... Everything went great game .... !!!!!!

Rep: (0)
A good toy! I want new levels.

Rep: (0)
great toy: rolleyes: at one time hung long in Luxor, a bird .. is from the same song)) will be something in the way to work to do, thank you!

Rep: (53)
Version 1.5
Attached fileBonsai_Blast_1.5.apk(6.53 MB)

Rep: (133)
that I did not find these coveted new levels in the new version !!!! what????

Rep: (131)
LelkaNe @,
and with what you have that they do need to be there? ;)

Rep: (133)
eXRom @ 14.5.10, 20:28*
LolkaNe @, and with what you have that they do need to be there?

Well, I'm sorry ... I just thought a new version means and new levels ... but they are not going to cry ... ... (((

Rep: (131)
LolkaNe @ 17/05/2010, 22:08*
Well, I'm sorry ... I just thought a new version means and new levels ... but they are not going to cry ... ... (((

Well, do not cry now is the perfect time of year, and you are playing with toys ... and worthless girl crying in the end is full of other games ...

Rep: (133)
for me this is the best .... and I so loved to play it ... but when's the last one and the same time the fact that the 50 tired ... now to new levels .... and you have to play with toys, not yet time to work (studies) and walk !!!

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