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you know, I psp accessories for deluyu himself and doing good! e.g. covers. I stitched 4 pieces better than purchased. 3 leather and one not. shorter than great! Interestingly, by anyone interested in this? Photo lay out after having, and you send now! AT)

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I had the same first homemade cheholchik for ZYZ ... except ZYZY there anymore or what I laid not down ... no photo gallery as well as a cover of the ...
but then I began to acquire accessories and had to find something else ... in the end found for 60p for ZYZY cover with a bunch of pockets - withheld and bought two (one for the little things on the phone) ... the next day I saw in the company store of the same Sony Case for 750r ...: shok:

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I also have a self-made, only under zyzu, then lay out pictures

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I vsoemu netbook leather top cover obtyanuli .. touch - very nice :) was the Zyzu wanted to decorate the skin ... but painfully complex topology .. therefore scored :)

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naym_ne @ @ 31.7.09, 12:13*
Zyzu wanted to decorate the skin

Yes, I, too, failed. I Tried. : No:: girl_triniti:: no:

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I painted the ring and cover sshyl)

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MDA, I had the same cover (.:

Posted 31-08-2009, 14:21:


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I hung on a ribbon reperskuyu karabinchik (bottom-left of the colon) black and white stripes: rofl:

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: No: Please forgive me, I could not go tosavagemessiahzine.comand upload photos. but now I lay. here they are-

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and where the pictures, I want to check out your work.

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Oh, retired. conductive, here they are. conductive strip off: download:

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Evaluated. Long wait.

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Very good covers. Nice something to do.

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Well, I appreciate ...
Cool of course, I'm in for his shops I searched and found only a bag and yet with it and go. Not enough outside pockets (+ K after screenshot) for fleshek.i very bolshshoy Case (no breaks some jeans: D)
Therefore bought a plastic case that used the case does not scratch the (still on the black and white is not very noticeable tsarapity and other colors ...) but because he broke off a drive tongue ... sorry of course but the disc I still have no one: D but the bag is necessary anyway. Respect the author covers, you can open its production: rofl:

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I create one 2 cable to the TV set for themselves and each other ... right now I want to create one skinny chehols of pockets ..: rofl: nada who can put pictures ..

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It should be interesting to a very =)
Plastic cases no casts at home plate? : D
PS cables make it difficult? instruction but met Shas can not remember ... but the cable would like to to buy / make but the toad strangling and no, exactly like the items = (

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the hardest part of the cable - making jack zyz ... everything else - 20 rubles for the radio market, and 10 minutes of operation with a soldering iron (5 of them - the heated soldering iron)

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Yes, yes connector on zyz ...
When buying cover (plastic) headphones came with it (unpretentious, but I'm sure they nadeelsya connector) but alas no = (standard connector, no additional contacts ....
Threat Case - Case for the headphone + 400r is a normal price (taking due course cover, maybe socket heavily scratched and it is very noticeable)

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cooler.nvkz @ 18.1.10, 21:25*
10 minutes of operation with a soldering iron (5 of them - the heated soldering iron)

Well, it's for professionals, I have it 2:00 gone - and so too lazy to do.

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I read on pspfaks how to make this very simple connector ... nothing have not seen =) socket on the PCB cut out a bunch of tracks just awful) Nemer long it will take ...

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