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FAQ по установке приложений из AppStore (*.ipa) download

  1. On unbroken devices (without jailbreak)

    • Officiallyprograms are installed in several ways:
      1. Via the AppStore on the device itself (seeApple site information):
        • In the search drive in the query;
        • Buy the application (if it is paid)
        • Enter your account details when prompted (AppleID and password)
        • Install
      2. Through iTunes on your computer
        • Go to the iTunesStore tab
        • Choose the application (or in the search you enter the request);
        • Buy the application (if it is paid)
        • Enter your account details when prompted (AppleID and password)
        • Install
          Attached Image

      3. Through an organization that is a developer of corporate programs for its clients / employees.Installation instructions for programs developed for the organization.
      4. All applications that you downloaded through your iTunes are stored in .ipa format at
        • C: \ Users \ username \ Music \ iTunes \ Mobile Applications(Windows)
        • User / Music / iTunes(MacOS)
        You can install these .ipa files simply by connecting the device to your computer, dragging them to iTunes and syncing the device.
        But you will not be able to install other .ipa files in the same way because of the discrepancy between the digital signature and the attachment of the application to someone else's AppleID. Read more in the topic.Apple ID

    • Unofficially. You can familiarize yourself with the application in the following ways:
      1. Through the AppStore analog services, distributing hacked applications:
      2. Changing the digital signature of the application
        • With the help of the programCydia Impactor Easy way

          • Download to computerthe programorthe gamewithsavagemessiahzine.comin format.ipa
          • DownloadingCydia Impactor:
          • Unzip the archiveCydia Impactorin a convenient place (for example, on the desktop)
          • Run the executable file (in Windows - Impactor.exe)
          • We connect iOS device to computer via cable.Cydia Impactorwill detect it
          • Dragging our .ipa file into the program:
            Attached Image
          • A window will appear asking you to enterAppleID
            Attached Image
            Desirablecreate new AppleID, so that if you detect fraud, your AppleID ID will not be blocked by Apple.
            After entering AppleID, click "OK"
          • Another window for entering the password from AppleID will appear:
            Attached Image
            Enter, click "OK"
          • The installation process will begin, after which an icon with the application will appear on your device

            During the installation process, you may also receive a prompt:
            Attached Image
            Do not get scared of him, click "Ok" and go on.

            Apple found out about this method and issues certificates only for a week for review.
            Therefore, periodically you will need to carry out the above procedure above and reinstall the application.
            If the program suddenly stopped working at the most inopportune moment, and you urgently need it, you can transfer the system time 1-2 days ago on your device in the Settings program (Settings - Basic - Date and time). The program will work again.

            According to some data, starting with iOS 10.3.2, this method can only install no more than 3 applications.

        • You can also sign the application yourself, having a MacOS and a developer certificate. How to do this, read the topic. Read more about the digital signature of applications in the topic.Digital Signature Application Tricky way
        • If it’s difficult or too lazy for you to digitally sign applications yourself, you can use the services of people who will do it for you.Go to Yandex, choose a service provider, send him your UDID (taken in Settings - Basic - About this device). Pay 200-300 rubles. and install the program you need.

        It is worth noting that not all applications will work, if you change the digital signature - some will crash when launched.
        There's nothing you can do about it, you just have to use other hacking methods or buy an application officially in the AppStore.

  2. On devices withJailbreak
    To install hacked programs on devices with Jailbreak, you must first install the package :
    AppSync for iOS 5.x.x - 9.x.xotherwise it will not work.

    obsolete methods
    iPhone PC Suite- File manager. This program can manage and edit data on the iPhone / iPod Touch: manage photos, music, video, phone, installed software (and install new ones), notes, contacts, bookmarks, themes, ringtones, sms, wallpaper. There is a built-in file manager, ringtones converter, video and audio files. There is also access to the side by cable and setting access rights.

    Method number 1 (outdated)
    What we need:
    1. JailBreak the device.
    2. File manager, for exampleiFile
    3. Terminal Terminal for your OS.
    All download in Sidi
    1. We drop the folder on the phone into private / var / stash / Applications. (Hereinafter everyone has different ways, I have "Applications.82X3Wf". Remember the name of this folder, it will come in handy later) and create a folder called "Documents" (if not created) in "/ var / mobile /".
    * there is an interesting moment - on one of my iPhone the "private / var / stash" directory was missing. That's why I just uploaded the application folder to "/ Applications /"! But there is not enough space on the system partition, therefore (not) you definitely need to use the BossTool 2.0 utility from Cydia, which will transfer the entire contents of the "/ Applications /" folder to the user partition!
    2. Restart the phone or Respring
    3. Go toWhiteterminaland write "su root" - press enter
    4. Enter the password alpine (the letters are not displayed, so it should be) - press enter
    5. Next, write "cd / var / stash / Applications", (as uvas), for me this line will look like this: "cd /var/stash/Applications.82X3Wf" - press enter
    6. So we got to the "Applications.82X3Wf" folder (for me), it contains system programs and applications that you installed are not from the AppStore. Now we will set permissions for the ***. App folder.
    7. Write the line "chmod -R 775 ***. App" - press the input. Is done.
    * In my case, when I put the folder with the application in "/ Applications /", I wrote the lines in the terminal:
    "cd /Applications/"
    "chmod + x tetristouch"
    Ps. All commands are entered without quotes.
    Thanks for the instruction usergrain, edited byBamboo

    Method number 2 (simple)
    What we need:
    1. JailBreak the device.
    2. File ManageriFile .
    1. Drop the * .app folder into the "/ var / mobile / Applications" directory
    2. Go to the folder properties (blue arrow) and set the access rights 755:
    User - read, write, execute
    Group - read, execute
    All - read execute
    3. Respring or reboot if no icon appears.

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Application Installation FAQ fromCydia(* .deb)

From cydia itself
1. Open Cydia;
2. Add repositories ([FAQ] Add repositories in Cydia);
3. We are looking for the necessary tweak / program or in the repositories themselves (Cydia ->Sources ->"repositories added by us"), or through the "Search" tab;
4. Click on the desired package - in the upper right corner we see the "Install" / "Install" button - click on it.
It is recommended to installafc2addor equivalentApple File Conduit "2"at the first call to Cydia.

1. Download * .deb can:
• withof the;
• from the website;
• viaCyder;
• viaCygnus [PC];
2. With the help of anyfile managercopy the downloaded deb-package to the directory/ var / root / Media / Cydia / AutoInstall
(On a PC, these directories are visible only with Tweakafc2addorby analogy);
3. Restart the device - the package will be automatically installed after downloading.

With the help of programs
Filza file manager

Via terminal (command line)
How to make
1. Through any file manager ([FAQ] Programs for navigating the file system) copy to any folder the packages you want to install (for example, in/ User / Documents);
2. Open the command line (talk. "Terminal";[FAQ] How to access the iOS command line)
3. Enter the superuser mode in the terminal:
At the password request, enter:alpine (the entered characters will not be displayed). This command will put you in superuser mode, which has all the rights in the system.
4 Then enter:
dpkg -i / PUT / K / PACKET / PACKET_NAME.deb
wheredpkg - a program for working with deb packages (it will be the one that will install the package)
-i - a key indicating that the package should be installed
/ PUT / K / PACKET / PACKAGE_NAME.deb - specify the path where the deb-package we are installing and its name lie. Note that on Unix systems (iOS, Mac OSx, Linux) case is important, therefore User and user - different folders!

Let's give an example. Suppose we set the filecydia_1.1.16_iphoneos-arm.deb, and we threw it in a folder/ User / Documents. So incommand linewe are writing:
dpkg -i /User/Documents/cydia_1.1.16_iphoneos-arm.deb

4. The console will run different lines, indicating the stages of the installation process. If the package is installed, then you will again find yourself on the command line, and everything is fine. But if not, then before going back to the command line you will see error messages (error):
Error 256 means that tweak requires additional packages (dependencies) that are not currently detected in the system. Therefore, the installation is interrupted. What to do?
- Remember (or make a screenshot of the terminal) the listed dependencies;
- We go to Cydia>Search>look for and install missing packages;
- We try to install the application (because of which there was an error) again.
Error 512 access rights violated.
First, you need to make sure that the installation is performed undersuperuser.
Secondly, an error occurs if Cydia is open in the background (status database area is locked by antother process). If we see such an inscription, we enter into the terminal (again, under the superuser):
killall MobileCydia
then press enter, after which we try to install the problem tweak again.
If these solutions are not enough, and still it is impossible to install deb in any of the ways. FAQ - contact inCydia - Help.
Good to know
  1. If you installed the application from Cydia, which implies the presence of an icon on the desktop, but it never appeared, read[FAQ] Repair the missing icons from the desktop

  2. Installing deb-packages in ways "Manually "and" With the help of programs "do not forget to also download and dependencies . If the required dependency on the device is not installed, then your application will also not be installed, and during the installation process there will be approximately such errors:
    • ATFilza file manager
      Attached Image

    • ATiFile
      Attached Image

    • With the way "Manually "errors will not be displayed, your file will simply not be installed

    Sounds a little hard? Maybe. Therefore, these methods are still for more advanced users. In most cases, I recommend using installation programs and tweaks through Cydia!

  3. It happens that they deletedprogram from cydia, and dependencies to it remained. To remove these unused and unnecessary dependencies, do the following:

  4. Also read the materials on the topic:

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