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Reset generation
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Welcome to the playground of your youth! Reset Generation is an addictive, highly addictive, fast-paced multiplayer puzzle game. It was created in order to make the dreams of players come true - this is a video game about video games! The game "Reset Generation" is a kind of tribute to video games that can be played on N-Gage and PC. Choose from ten beautifully animated characters, each with their own powers. Play a single-player game or dare to play a frantic, fun online game with up to four players!

Genre: Logical
Compatibility: SymbianOS v9.x, [N-Gage 2]

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Tree sticks . I'll probably take the old nokia and download it there. Will n gage2 run on n8?

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* CeleronN70 , well, that's why they are so popular so far)) no, n8 will not work either, ideal for ngage 2.0 games is nokia n86, you can try running on n97 but there will be troubles. And so they run on simba version 9.1-9.3 (9.4)

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* CeleronN70,
I personally like a heartstone came in instead of it, drawing, voice acting, random, there are various tactics in the game!

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Not at all like reset (

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* CeleronN70,
Well, of course, it’s directly dissimilar, but the mechanics definitely have a similarity, step by step, each player has time to move and has a strategic tactical component, there are 9 classes, count heroes each with their own peculiarity, units on the table also need to be laid out correctly.
if you just started playing, then this is only 5% of the game, you need to play at least a year to collect at least 3-5 metal decks by class.

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No resemblance. They are impoverished only by the fact that these are mobile games) Games with cards are also very amateurish)

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For a long time I did not dive into this topic ..
Ofigel from the read, which is very happy! The game is brilliant and must live! Guys, I'm in the subject!
There’s no developer from me, but to test it is please!
I look forward to news on the development progress!

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Everyone is waiting ...: beta:

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