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Screen test

Rep: (1313)
Screen test
Version: 2.2.1

Last update of the program in the header:04.02.12

Attached Image

Short description:
Screen test for broken pixels.

Homepage: http://android.amberfog.com/
Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.yota.screentest

Download :
Version: 2.2.1 http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/1448164/com.yota.screentest_2.2.1.apk
Version 1.1 : Attached fileScreenTest_v1.1.apk (36.87 KB)

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Rep: (1313)
Update to version 1.1. Now the test covers the entire area of ​​the screen.

Rep: (0)
Thanks for the program !!! Great topic, yesterday checked my legend, not a single bit pixel !!!

Rep: (0)
I also have not a single broken pixel

Rep: (13)
And I have 2 black pixels (((

Rep: (1)
excellent program, a streak without beaten turned out to be)): rofl:

Rep: (0)
Screens with unbroken pixels with a resolution of more than 480X320 met little, or rather did not meet. You just need to look in a completely dark room with max brightness at different angles, and you need to have good vision.

Rep: (71)
On Desaire does not plow ...

Rep: (0)
5 broken pixels :-( samsung galaxy s-phone no week ....

Rep: (10)
dr.Donk, wah, wah is not good. Why are you sending to the forest? The link is wrong.

Rep: (4)
Thanks for the program ... I checked my phone ... Urya ... there are no broken pixels ...: girl_tender:

Rep: (0)
At me on qHD resolution not full screen takes
Are there really no more analogues?

Rep: (1)
explay MID 725 ...
600x1024 ...
no broken pixels)))
: heppy_dancing:

Rep: (0)
galaxy gio
no broken pixels)

Rep: (0)
on HTC you can check not only pixels * # * # 3424 # * # *

Rep: (0)
Cool program. He does his job. Not a single broken pixel)))

Rep: (0)
test for samsung * # * # 0 * # * # *

Rep: (552)
Version 2.2.1
Attached filecom.yota.screentest_2.2.1.apk(43.23 KB)

He began to check, came to gray. I look, something black and some shades shimmer if you tilt the screen. I think: "Still, I have 2 broken pixels ... My H1 is aged ..." I decided to touch these pixels, I feel something rough ... Ah ha ha! It’s just some fruit scraps! Looks at the display just hit, but I smeared them. Here it is. Conclusion: on a gray background, every kind of cocoa dust is perfectly detected - can be used to clean up cleanings.

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Rep: (20)
Guys! Create 2 pictures in paintte, fill it with black and white colors, and fill it into the phone! Why put another program? : rofl:

Rep: (2650)
Hmm .. the most adequate test. There is even a black light .. unlike some ..;)

Rep: (53)
Fix_kmsnet @ 02.29.2012, 12:19*
Create 2 pictures in paint

I support! all rainbow colors are possible)

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