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Bluetooth Toggle Widget | [widg] widget

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Bluetooth Toggle Widget
version: 1.0

Last update of the program in the header:18.05.09

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Turn on / off Bluetooth by double-clicking, directly from the device’s desktop.

See also:
Homepage: http://roundedlabs.com/

Download : Attached fileBluetoothToggleWidget_v1.0.apk (14.97 KB)
The program is also available on the Android Market.

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there is HTC Wildfire
in general, after installing the widget, clicking on the icon on the screen pops up toggling bluetooth.
in fact, after that no action is taken with the device. Well, that is, as if the program is idling .... bluetooth accordingly remains off

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It would be nice if there was a widget that, in addition to enabling the module, also included visibility for devices! ))))

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HTC disare HD pops up toggling bluetooth. And the mustache, the blue tooth does not turn on.

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The same thing on the designer. Does not work...

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On x10 mini pro ... similarly! : beee:

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SGS is the same.

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It also does not work for me on Nexus S (((

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Judging by the publication date and the lack of updates, this software under 2.x will not work. The site of developers is also silence ...Is it time to close the topic?

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