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Phonebook | Replaceable address book

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Last update of the program in the header:20.01.2011

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Address book with the possibility of replacing the standard. Landscape mode support, birthday notifications, contact search from a virtual keyboard, Cupcake compatibility, statistics, recording of accomplished actions, including calls and sms, as well as other functions.

Homepage: www.voxmobili.com
Google Play: https: //play.google.co…m.voxmobili.phonebook2

Download :
Version: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/772736/Phonebook_2.0_2.0.118.01.apk
Version RUS: http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/805035/Phonebook_2.0.118.01.GB.apk
past versions

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On Android 1.6 works but the photo to a contact does not save.
Everyone does not save?

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On Dizaere slows down terribly. Plus also English. version. Conclusion: turd. : Yes2: Native book better.

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Prompt, whether it is able to sort the Address Book by name, rather than by name?

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Goyavilas version 2.0 full ...

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And Spike (2.1) all works? I flies :(

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Greetings! : Thank_you:
I wanted to ask, version is official, or that it has changed, he tried?

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v2.0.74.1 Attached filecom.voxmobili.phonebook2.apk (2.9 MB)

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Beautiful program!
It is a pity there is no Russian interface. I would have been, would have been probably to use it instead of the default in the device phone book ...

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good afternoon. versions of the question. in the cap and on the links listed v2.0.74.1. but really that's a show.
it is also a "light". look for a full ;)

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AndrSP @ 16.08.2009, 14:06*
fast scroll through the list of contacts only works with English letters sad.gif

The key phrase. I can not find anywhere else to quickly scroll worked with the Russian. letters. It is most important.

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Added version

- Twitter OAuth support
- Various bug fix

The leading rich, contextual address book with:
- Birthdays reminder
- Innovative UI
- Facebook & Twitter support
- Status post & activity view

Works on Android 1.5 / 6 and 2.x

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Attached filecom.voxmobili.phonebook2.apk(3.09 MB)

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Wildfire on brakes awful - not really use

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A good program, it would be more Russified who ...

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Once again Cton knows the answer: whether it is possible to set sorting by name, or in any program there is such an option ???

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The program can add to contact a birth date?

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Most likely the developers nerusskogovoryaschie if someone makes a Russification and they will send - will include in the program (as was done with the Spanish in the latest version).

Rep: (64)
There are no options. Hotelos be social. sots.seti off. I do not use therefore interfere. It does not show status gugltolke. Not Russified. The scroll bar on the nly anglitskom. Retarding. Spica 2.1
The idea horosha.Dobavlenie al., And showing the number of years of happy. dizign standards.

By the way. If someone set himself Skype, then I would have a look hotelos phonebook Tipo. =) Who would have muddied ....)))

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How to put it by default? I did not leave the window which put the default LAMP

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update there? Put pliz ...

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