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  • Megaphoneinternet
  • (Post by yanixxx # 60997527)
  • Sberbank
  • Tele2
  • TTK
  • Yotainternet.yota
  • Open (guest) APN (used by St. Petersburg DNS servers) for Beeline, MegaFon:set, root, teo, su ( The post lesnichiyya # 57773865 ,
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donor_Sistema @ 20.09.19, 12:36*
I do not understand is what it means to me to cut ?? who are aware of the speed?

* donor_Sistema, MTS technical support to date, contact and prompt you to check the fare conditions)

Posted on 20/09/2019, 14:53:

(For archival tariff conditions for finding a reasonable way and not done out of your home area, but wondering what you have there for bezlimitischa version - will not really better technical support and help than to ask the forum.)

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The guys have a chat in a cart similar to the theme?

Rep: (1)
Guys who know how to download torrents on a megaphone?

Rep: (16)
Bigpel @ 21.09.19, 21:34*
Guys who know how to download torrents on a megaphone?

Bypass restrictions p2p traffic Yota

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* iskesully, It did not work with any vpn, or with proxy.

Rep: (1078)
* Bigpel,
It's strange, bypassing the torrents of hats from Ilyukha Fedin is working on Mega personally tried ...

Rep: (1)
* alexlaz1982 it is on the PC? I would be on mobile.

Rep: (1078)
* Bigpel,
Any VPN put, it shew that the only torrent client

Rep: (0)
Welcome ends b4g 3 months, can you then plug it in again after 1 month b4g?

Rep: (1078)
* QwizzFV,
Better 6 + 3 + 1

Rep: (921)
* QwizzFV, direct now, both come off bold. And hangs again.

Rep: (28)
Hello guys
Heard so much about Mega Simka is a company that gives sim cards with attractive rates ... There are users who ordered? And all this is legal? And why they are not present in the salons? And what tell about them in general?

Rep: (0)
* karpov228_1337 , In general, what I say, he bought a sim card but not on the site, took Rostelecom, activated sim card itself through a special program where the passport photo had requested and then send you e-mail the contract with your data on the sim card, PT changed the fare and I did not like it and I decided to block the sim card to the office of Rostelecom, but I was waiting for disappointment when they said that sim quite another man, and my contract linden))) You buy a sim card and take a couple of months and will cut tariff operators, and what to do? Again, do not buy it? Well the prices are not cheap at all.<_<

Rep: (100)
* karpov228_1337, also interesting, the prices there are attractive, good reviews everywhere, but not a fact that they were not written by the staff of this office

Posted on 24/09/2019, 10:24:

* zaza163, in a private office was also clear the name of the owner?

Rep: (0)
* dmitriy.bykov No, he set up a personal account

Rep: (37)
* dmitriy.bykov Not all good reviews! There are bad

Rep: (179)
* karpov228_1337 For your number only when connected. Do not shoot a passport. At least a lot of people has connected itself to all its MTS. What about all the rest at your own risk, the rate of the operator can always cut, and it can be corporate, postpaid, ie care less. But this is offtopic, tying.

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* karpov228_1337 I ordered the tariff for the existing sim card, connect to two days! Sim framed me, checked! The only tariff for calls ordering! But a lot of proposals for an Internet on megasimke!

Rep: (88)
Unbeliever @ 03/05/19, 14:17*
Megafon recognized cuts Internet speeds on tariffs for Smart. Andrew said that on the tariffs to the maximum speed of the modem 200megabit (at 90 I have seen), while tariffs for Smart 150. In fact I have more than 30 does not rise. Type I'm away from the base station.

It is interesting to hear the opinion of the Tariff Megaphone VIP.
Megaphone assures that the velocity of the mobile Internet at such rate + 30% of normal.

Rep: (37)
* Realtekrus And how to connect this action?

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