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Unlimited mobile internet
Do you need a tariff or option with unlimited mobile Internet?
Need year-round [ 905 ] ** [76,37%]
Needed seasonally [ 123 ] ** [10,38%]
There is no need, but the stock pocket does not pull [ 127 ] ** [10,72%]
Not necessary [ 30 ] ** [2,53%]
Total votes: 1185
03.05.09, 15:21
Yes I'm here!

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Toshiba Portege G900

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How to ask a question
    You have a question and you want to get an answer.
    Learn the topic header.
    If you did not find the answer, try to indicate in your message:

  • the name of your mobile operator, the name of the tariff plan;
  • home region;
  • region of stay, preferably more or less accurate location as in the same region there may be nuances with coverage of cellular networks;
  • what services / options are connected;
  • what you want to get in the end.
  • Beelineinternet.beeline.ru
  • Megaphoneinternet
  • Mtsinternet.mts.ru
  • Rostelecominternet.rtk.ru (Post by yanixxx # 60997527)
  • Sberbank Telecominternet.sberbank-tele.com
  • Tele2 Russiainternet.tele2.ru
  • TTK mobileinternet.ttk.ru
  • Yotainternet.yota
  • Open (guest) APN (used by St. Petersburg DNS servers) for Beeline, MegaFon, MTS:set, root, teo, su (The post lesnichiyya # 57773865,

"Preservation" of SIM cards of various operators
Terms of activity - write-off from the account. After 150 days of idleness, they transfer to the Basic tariff, or after 180 days of idle, the number is disconnected (depending on the tariff).
For preservation, at any positive (but better minimum) balance, enable voluntary blocking (1 rub / day from 2nd week), replenish the account with minimum amounts every 5 months or more often during the block, write off for blocking prolongs the number activity.
Sources:Mobile Internet Mobile Internet
Activity conditions - withdrawal or replenishment of an account. After 120 days of inactivity include a fee for maintaining the number, after reaching a zero balance, after 180 days, turn off the number.
For conservation can be 2 options (depending on the tariff)
1. XXL supersym and similar tariffs from the monthly AP, where the full amount for a month is debited, with a balance below the monthly AP all services are blocked and can only be renewed (in most banks 1 ruble).
2. Business Unlimited and similar tariffs with a monthly AP, which is calculated by the share of days in the rest of the month, with a balance below the settlement (until the end of the month) do not disconnect the connection (calls / sms / Internet) except the unlimited Internet itself, so you can renew as paid actions and replenishment above 1/30 AP every 4th month or more (this share will be written off on the last day of the month)Mobile Internet (Post Lordwind # 78248919)

Reviews and Reports
No limit dies
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Mobile Internet that we choose
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Questions and suggestions for connecting non-public tariffs and tariff options will be deleted as violating clause 4.2.resource rules.
The forum administration is not responsible for your losses! Be careful and do not fall for the scammers.

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Reason for editing: New method for connecting the Highway 50mb service (video instruction)
D1m @ s
14.01.09, 14:30
Tashkent agileved

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Please draw your attention to the deception of people Beeline with the tariff "Apple Fresh". Description of this fare -here

The bottom line is that first (with the appearance of this tariff) Beeline made a tariff with "unlimited gprs internet", but with one caveat - for Beeline the word "unlimited" means unlimited downloading of Internet content in the amount of 500mb for 30 days from the moment of payment of subscription fee , and then "pay at the rate as if the volume of megabytes overclocked to the monthly fee".

Then this reservation disappeared from the Beeline site, i.e. has become a fully unlimited internet.

But at the end of December, Beeline again "came up with a brilliant idea" - they made a new toughening, which can be seen on their website (the link was given above). Excuse the following type:
The provision of GPRS traffic at this rate is made in accordance with the terms of the company providing unlimited GPRS traffic

This condition has to be searched throughout the site. Here it iscondition. Look carefully, it is written at the bottom in small print.
From this condition we see that:
Terms of providing unlimited GPRS-traffic:
GPRS / EDGE / 3G Internet traffic provided around the clock without limiting consumption on tariff plans with a fixed monthly subscription fee is limited to the maximum possible connection speed (up / downlink):
on a 2G network - up to 20 Kbps *
3G network - up to 20 Kbps **
The maximum connection speed limit is removed:
for tariff plans with postpaid payment system after the end of the current BC
for tariff plans with prepaid payment system on the date of writing off the next monthly fee
* Connection speed is limited after overcoming the threshold of 500 MB of traffic during the calculation period
** Connection speed is limited after overcoming the threshold of 500 MB of traffic during the calculation period
These conditions do not apply to tariff plans for USB-modems.

After that, the essence and whole meaning of Iphone 3G (meaning 3G and EDGE networks) disappears after 500mb of downloaded traffic - the speed of the Internet is specially reduced by the operator.

I connected to this tariff in the first days of December, and could not know about this restriction, it did not even dream me in a dream. However, Beeline argues that in the pricing there was initially information that the Internet is provided for the company. But, as you can see, this is essentially not a condition, but a very real limitation.

ThenhereWe look information about EGDE on the site of Beeline. It is clearly and clearly written:
With EDGE you get high-speed Internet access, you can watch video clips, animation, listen to the radio in real time, download pictures, ringtones, games from WAP sites, and exchange MMS messages. And all this is 3 - 3.5 times faster than through GPRS!

In fact, the Internet speed provided by Beeline (until the limit of 500mb has been exhausted) is 0-8 kbyte / s (tested with the Nokia N80, which has GPRS, EDGE, 3G support).

Those. as a result, we get advertising that we can use the Internet at the speed of third-generation networks, but in reality - the usual gprs, and cut down after 500 MB "to 20 Kbit / s", and 20 Kbit / s - this is 2.5 KB / sec, i.e., as you see, there is not even a full-fledged gprs, let alone edge, 3G.

Onthe forumBeeline is already having this discussion between subscribers of Beeline ... The administration still sometimes peeks there, but doesn’t say anything worthwhile in the matter.
I live in St. Petersburg, here EDGE should definitely be judged by the coverage area of ​​the Beeline network.

I and other subscribers of Beeline wrote a letter to the site mobile-review.com about this incident. After a couple of weeks appearedarticleabout these and other tricks of the operators.

Be careful in choosing fares!
Thanks for attention.

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10.03.09, 15:23

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In any unlimited, there is always a catch, do not spit.
Be it the Internet, honeycomb. communication or other services.

The seller always redeem their costs and make a profit - the law of economics
But how to get to buy a tariff ... another question.
Show a readable, transparent contract for any kind of fare?
Where there are no reservations, in clear language, without deception.
This is oftop already. Closer to the topic.

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03.05.09, 21:42
one of the team

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The topic has been moved to the section “Technotrepalka”.

Posted on 05/03/2009, 21:42:

You can cheapen only one way - saving traffic.

Everything else, with the probability of "more" - a divorce or ignorance of technology.
And there is also a "late account", but it still comes :)
04.05.09, 05:44
Old grumbler under cover

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IMHO topic from the very beginning conceived incorrectly. Looking for unlimited tariffs for opsox? Looking for the most bug-free operators? Looking for the most expensive Internet? It should be determined.
You do not take into account the tariff nuances for different regions.
In the Vologda region, only Bee has unlimited (only night). But the quality and speed is such that it is impossible to use it. 3G Bee we have not done. Now the most reasonable tariff for an Internet from Megaphone. 1MB - 1 ruble. No subscription fees. The tariff comes with usb modems. You can go to it from any tariff. The cost of transfer is 300 rubles. (MegaFon has 3G) MegaFon has a delay in withdrawing funds from the account. Bee shoots in real time. I don’t know about MTS. IMHO is not very common with us. And once again I remind you - all this is true for the Vologda region. I am sure that in other regions the situation is different.

Unfortunately, Sasha left us. Eternal memory to him.

/ Where is the guy charging from the laptop and mobile, there is a house.
12.05.09, 14:06

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Mgeee @ 8.5.09, 19:59*
The main advantage is speed. Still, perhaps, the cost ... Well, some services out there ...

Judging by my practice (I will make a reservation right away - I do not live in Russia). We have 2 operators support 3.5G (up to 7.2Mb / download and 1 ~ 2Mb / Upload).
Our operators, as if they did not even raise prices (left unchanged), and even 1) introduced packages with a large amount of traffic enabled, 2) then slightly reduced the rates per Mb,
BUT: based on the fact that the speed of 3G is higher, the user downloads / scans more pages per time unit - accordingly, all traffic grows and, as a result, the fee for using data / internet services rises.
So be vigilant and carefully approach the proposals of operators like: "3G is the connection of the new generation, according to old rates!" ;)
Well, new services, only a video call, everything else can almost be used on GPRS / EDGE. IMHO

Konvas @ 11.5.09, 0:49*
If I come to a city or a country where there is 3g, I really don't use it, well, well, it's cool, well, iron is not old enough ...

forsik @ 11.5.09, 3:02*
and the topic about batteries is by the way relevant, Eten m800 hours 4 maximum will work

Why not grown up, devouring the battery directly depends on the 3G coverage of the operator. If the coverage is good - with normal use of the phone, the difference in battery life is 10%, or even the same as usual. For example, I have an automatic mode for selecting the frequency and type of GSM / WCDMA on Diamond, the device lives 1 day or a little more (I still charge it every evening).
Yes, if you surf the Internet and surf the world wide web, so to speak, continuously, then maybe it will be 4 hours of work from 3G. But when using GPRS / EDGE for this, the battery will also run out in the same 4 hours, but you will download / view less.

12.05.09, 23:12
Lamers must die !!

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e202, What's the problem? Now, any PPSOS has various tariff plans oriented to large traffic, package options, with a certain amount of traffic, etc.
You should not compare the prices for broadband access by wire with the prices for broadband wireless access, and even over a fairly large area.

Oneplus 3T ([ROM] ► [9.0.0] ► Nitrogen OS Beta) + LG G Watch
Google Nexus 9 32Gb LTE (My AOSP Android 7.1.2 Nougat)
18.05.09, 19:31
A big cat

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Svezhak @ 18.5.09, 11:18*
How much do you want - how much do you download?

That's right! Here are the links, readhttp://volgograd.megafonvolga.ru/contracts/options/345/
24.05.09, 00:30
Iron digger

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We have this situation with an Internet:
Altaisvyaz: anlim night from 21.00 to 9.00 - 70r \ day, speed 22-30kb \ s ie for 12 hours it goes from 700mb to 1GB of traffic, 4.8p \ mb is usual around the clock - the speed is not lower than 22kb / s.
MTS: 8.95r \ mb daytime 4.8r \ mb night, I have Maxi, so I have for 630r \ month 100mb of traffic \ 100sms \ 345min anybody \ MTS free. and free roaming, the speed of the day is alles 1-4kb \ s (!), but at night up to 24-28kb \ s. Night Internet from 0.00 to 8.00 - 275 r \ month speeds are similar, but usually up to 3.00 no speed - 3kb / s, then under 30kb / s.
Beeline: Unlimited Internet 1900r \ month (I have not seen the idiots paying for it), the speed is not a fountain - 7-8kb \ s, the usual Internet 6.95r \ mb around the clock.
I don’t know about other operas - I didn’t.
24.05.09, 01:00

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6.8 per mb, 3g.
Nafik I need it, if at home - 8 Mbps for 650 rubles (at night - 16), and at the place of study there is a fast and free Wi-Fi?

a similar situation, but where "not at home and not at school" is often not present, so the gprs modem is good ...
on the one hand, it’s convenient that there are cell operators almost everywhere. connections, and it is also an Internet connection, but on the other hand a very low speed limiting possibilities and a rather high price (7p mb at mts on-line \ at night 4p, beeline about 5p megabytes, this is in Moscow and seemingly in the region too)
30.06.09, 22:58

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3G in Moscow and Moscow region
June 30, 2009
New features for MTS subscribers in the 3rd generation network

MTS announces the launch of the 3rd generation telecommunications network in commercial operation in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

In the 3rd generation network, the data transfer rate is significantly higher *: the maximum possible theoretical data transfer rate provided by the UMTS standard is 384 Kbps per second, and with HSDPA technology supported by MTS equipment, the speed limit rises to 3.6 Mbit per second ! In practice, this means that now MTS subscribers can access the Internet for quality no worse than broadband access provided by fixed-line operators.

Due to the high speed of data transfer, you can download mp3 tracks and video clips to your phone on wap.mts.ru WAP portal as fast as from your home or work computer with a wired Internet connection.

At present, the 3G network operates on the territory of the Expocenter exhibition complex on Krasnaya Presnya, in the cities of the Moscow Oblast of Orekhovo-Zuyevo and Noginsk, and the coverage of the 3G network from MTS in the Lotte Plaza business center and the Crocus City shopping center .

Until the end of summer, the 3G network from MTS will appear on a number of stations and subways of the Moscow Metro, as well as in the 35 largest business centers, transportation hubs and socially significant places of the capital.

To use high-speed 3G Internet you need to connect to the service "GPRS".

Tariffs for data transmission in the 3G network do not differ from the tariffs for the GPRS service according to the subscriber’s tariff plan and depend on the access point used (APN) **.

Linkto MTS website

That's actually the subject) Talk)

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Arkin hgarod
29.07.09, 20:25

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I dug up the topic, I want to unsubscribe.
city ​​- Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
operator - Beeline
Tariff - Apple Fresh
package - Fresh 100
subscription fee - 900 rubles. The tariff was purchased without an iPhone, then there is no discount for a subscription.

bought, threw 1000 rubles on the balance, connected a package of fresh 100, maybe the cheapest one offered to choose from.
and so, coming home, connected to an Internet and began to use. The speed was good, when downloading files it reached 30-40 KB / s. very pleased with it (by Sakhalin standards this is normal speed)
It takes 2 days, the speed drops sharply, now 7 kB / s is the limit that is almost never attainable. in anger I go to understand, they explain to me that this is how it should be. I am stunned slowly, for nowhere has this been written. okay, figs with him. I still carry my phone with me, I manage to download something during the day.

but the fact itself is very unpleasantly struck ...
at least more than 900 rubles do not charge, it is already good. Yes, and 100 minutes and SMS is also useful. And yes, I can not say anything about the quality of voice communication. everything is on the level :-)

"Numerous exclamation marks are a clear sign of a sick mind." © Terry Pratchett
09.08.09, 18:04

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We need such a tariff for the Internet in the tunnels of the Moscow metro (except for the biline, unfortunately in the radio tunnel tunnels). And in the subway, I travel a lot (courier)
I want to buy a sim card with this tariff, but I do not know which one is better to take. There is a tariff for 1000 rubles and 1500r. No longer pull on the money, as it is expensive. So I would take it a long time ago, but they are obviously cunning something there. Here ishttp://www.iphones.ru/iNotes/9440It says that the traffic limit is 500mb, and then the robbery begins.
For 1500 already like 2GB, but this is purely rumored, I found out. I will use on a regular phone or modem. However, on their website it is not written and it is by the way illegal, if so. So it is necessary to write specifically. This is unlimited or a packet of traffic for 500, 2000mb, etc.

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= MiKE =
09.08.09, 18:56

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Xiaomi Mi 8

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I am a former owner of this tariff, I have been sitting on it since its inception and for the previous month, I left because of the appearance and availability of a normal Internet ... This tariff plan can be connected by anyone, not even an iPhone owner ... Download Mona 500 meters, and then they cut off the speed to 11kbit / s (that is, it downloads at a speed of 2kb / s), but they check it once every three days, as we had in Stave, that is, how much time you can deflate all yours in three days, for example, I managed to get 30GB and 20GB (this is at a speed of about 2 megabits (245kb \ s))! Fortunately, even if you cut it down to 3g, you can sit on the EJ, because it only cuts down 3g ... Our tariff cost 700 rubles for the most cheap I have, as I understand it, more expensive, maybe everything is different ... Just plan a tariff plan it is difficult to swing ... 500 meters for an average person I think is very small !!!

Our robbery did not start the current speed was cut, and the traffic remained unlimited ...

The current that you looked around Moscow is also unlimited, but probably also they are cutting back speed ....

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10.08.09, 09:04

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Fujitsu-Siemens Loox N560

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One more question. Edge they cut speed or not? There is no 3D in Moscow. There is only GPRS / EDGE. Speed ​​approximately on average on a modern 7kb / s phone

Approximately if very active surfing can burn 3-4 mega in 10 minutes.

This speed is already slow. It is still under ideal conditions and the minimum load BS
Is it still cut to 2 kb when the threshold of 500 meters is exceeded? Or is this just 3G concerned?
And will this tariff work in the Tula region?

Post has been editedZerelk - 11.08.09, 21:37
= MiKE =
10.08.09, 09:17

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Xiaomi Mi 8

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I don’t know about Moscow, we didn’t cut the eje (maybe forgot), but 3G is always on time ... In the Tula region it should be like that, but I won’t say for sure if it will be roaming and you will have to pay for calls to be unlimited, it was in the neighboring region, and so it was ... But for sure I will not say for sure in this area = (
Arkin hgarod
10.08.09, 09:26

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Prime

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= MiKE = @ 10.8.09, 2:56*
Our robbery did not start the current speed was cut, and the traffic remained unlimited ...

that's the same thing happening on Sakhalin, 500 meters downloaded and that's it, the speed dropped. but about it
= MiKE = @ 10.8.09, 2:56*
but they are checked every three days, as we had in Stave, that is, how much time you have time to deflate all yours in three days,

I did not even suspect. I will try to check how September begins, maybe we will have a ride :-)

"Numerous exclamation marks are a clear sign of a sick mind." © Terry Pratchett
12.08.09, 08:31

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What are you talking about people? I have been using the tariff since August 2008. Tariff as it was unlimited remained. There are no restrictions on the speed after 500 MB of traffic. The speed jumps constantly apparently due to network load and the limitations of certain servers. And besides, mobile communication is very tightly connected to wired networks, and the Internet only through them and goes over this to the mobile Internet there is a double network load, both wireless network and wired. And in general, a lot of factors. But I am very pleased with the fare, at least he is everywhere with me and I don’t have to go looking for Internet cafes and business. centers for access to internet. To exit I use glfiish X500 + + UCWEB 6. When downloading files, the speed jumps from 10 to 25 kb / s and this is normal for cellular networks. Regions of use Murmansk and Belgorod regions.
12.08.09, 08:44

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MTS, Onliner + round-the-clock online. 33 rubles a day, the limit is no more than 3072 MB for three days in a row, that is, gig for a day. No one has yet poured.
02.09.09, 21:45
a guest

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Why are there to jump, tell me if 3g catches 10,000 mb per day like two fingers vykachaesh;)
04.09.09, 01:51
The caster

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Samsung Galaxy A50

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Military agree

Third-generation (3G) mobile communications can operate not only in buildings and subways, but also on the streets of Moscow, albeit with restrictions, as shown by the tests of the Ministry of Defense and operators. The Big Three are preparing to launch 3G networks by the end of the year.

MTS completed the third stage of field tests on the compatibility of 3G equipment with military facilities at 2.1 GHz, its vice-president for technology, Andrey Ushatsky, told Vedomosti. MTS will receive a permit for commercial operation of 3G stations, he is sure, the question is, with what power limit will they work. Tests completed and "VimpelCom" with "Megaphone", told their representatives. This was confirmed by a source in the Ministry of Defense.

A feature of 3G networks is a high data transfer rate: in GSM networks (related to the second generation), the limit is 171.2 kbit / s, and in 3G - 2 Mbps (in a stationary position). At the end of the first half of the year, according to MForum estimates, 10.8% of Russian cellular subscribers used 3G-enabled phones. In third-generation networks, Internet traffic consumption is 2.5 times greater, MTS manager notes (the average consumption in Q2 was 100 MB per month, the bill was $ 11 per subscriber).

According to the test results, VimpelCom corrected the frequency-territorial deployment plan for the 3G network and sent it to the Ministry of Defense and the Main Radio Frequency Center (HRDC), said company spokesman Ksenia Korneeva. Having received the opinion of the Ministry of Defense and the decisions of the FSB and the Federal Security Service, the HRRC should prepare a response, on the basis of which operators can apply for frequency permits to Roskomnadzor. Ushatsky expects 3G to work on the streets of Moscow at the beginning of 2010. VimpelCom, according to Korneeva, expects to launch a network on the streets in late 2009 - early 2010. All the Big Three operators have starting conditions for launching 3G in Moscow approximately the same, the director of the information department of the Moscow branch of Megafon, Roman Prokolov, believes.

MTS has already installed in Moscow about 380 3G base stations that have not yet been put into commercial operation, VimpelCom - 170, say their managers. In addition, MTS launched a 3G network in several Moscow buildings (a building permit was issued in the spring) and at the Universitet metro station. By the end of the year, the number of premises covered by 3G will increase to 40, and the number of metro stations to four on the Sokolnicheskaya line and all Koltsevaya stations, says Ushatsky. The VimpelCom 3G network is currently valid only in its office on Krasnoproletarskaya Street and in the Khimki shopping center. When there will be a final decision on the frequencies on the streets, VimpelCom will determine the coverage in buildings, explains Korneeva. A network of MegaFon will appear in the fourth quarter, preparatory work will be completed in the coming weeks, Prokolov said. The operator will start with a “large number of stations” and then actively develop the network. According to a source in one of the Big Three companies, at least 500 towers are required for a real start.

News from03.09.2009


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