Appeal against incorrect actions of moderators

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    Dear forum! In this topic in the form of "Question-Answer" you can appeal:

    • Incorrect Level Alerts (UE);
    • Delete avatar and / or signature by moderator
    Flood, offtopic and other things not related to the points above - will be deleted!

    What should you keep in mind before you file a complaint?
  1. We ask you to make as specific claims as possible, with quotes or links.
  2. Appeals will be consideredonlyon the actions and punishments relating to you personally and not at the request of a friend or out of sympathy for the neighbor.
  3. Despite the fact that the messages written in this thread are not subject toSection 4.21 of the Forum Rules, the discussion should be correct and not go beyond the rest of the points.
  4. Do not stoop to insults - so you will not only undermine self-respect, but also force us to withdraw the claim from the discussion.
  5. Warning level goes downautomatically 20% after 90 dayssince the last change in the level of warnings, subject to strict compliance with the rules of the resource . Please do not address this issue to the Moderators and Super Moderators of the forum.
  6. Questions related to the removal or movement of messages and / or topics are resolved with the moderators of those sections where the messages and / or topics were originally located - use the "Complaint" button or contact the moderators via private messages.
  7. If you are very concerned that you were punished, and your opponent or someone else is not -information on this link is for you.
  8. Questions about the functionality of the Forum - are asked in the subjectForum, suggestions for improvement, comments on the structure, problems of the development of sections or individual topics inSite and Forum Suggestions.
  9. For disturbances and bad reviews about 4pd there is a special platform where you can speak -A collection of bad reviews
  10. The answer to the question of why there were very few "acquittal" decisions earlier in the topic -here.
  11. Actions of the Curators and Moderators You can appeal to the topic Appeal against the incorrect actions of the curators and moderators

Important! Questions and Answers related to Reputation
We have collected the most popular questions on reputation, which were met in this topic. For convenience, questions are divided into groups.

Why is my MINUS removed.
  • I fully justified the minus, why is it removed?
  • Why are minuses removed from the profile?
  • Why for rudeness in PM minuses are removed?
  • I was given an unreasonable minus, why was my answer canceled?
  • Why is the minus moderator removed? I justified why put a minus.

A justified minus can be removed if it is set up in response (out of revenge) or contains rudeness, rudeness, assessment of a person, provocation of a conflict or other violation of the rules. The moderator can not check the validity of the minus, if he is exhibited from the Profile or for rudeness in a personal, so these minuses are canceled. The minus to the moderator is a “discussion of the actions of the representative of the Administration” and is also subject to removal, in addition, in this situation, a restriction can be applied, up to paragraph 4.21 of the Resource Rules.

Why is my PLUS removed.
  • The man helped me in PM, I put a plus on my Profile, why was he removed?
  • I congratulated a friend on the holiday, why did I get a message about a violation of reputation?
  • Why for the posts from the trepalki, I have the pluses removed? Yes, congratulations, yes from the profile, but Thank you, it is customary to express by raising your reputation, I do that.
  • Why did I receive a letter that my reputation was deleted as violating the rules? She didn't break anything.

Removed, in general, the advantages exhibited from the profile and not containing justification. For example, numbers or symbols, including smiles. Removed the pros on the principle of “you to me, I am to you” and congratulations on various holidays. At removal of pluses it is not important from what section they are. The moderator operates only the Forum Rules. No closed instructions exist. When any reputation is canceled, the user who issued the deleted reputation receives a notification that the reputation has been removed as violating the rules of the resource.

I have already sent a complaint 100 times, but they do not delete the minus I have been sent. How long are complaints considered?
  • I sent a complaint many hours ago - and a minus on the spot.
  • How much time do moderators need to process a complaint?
  • Why has a lot of time gone and no change
  • I will send another 100,500 complaints until my minus is canceled.

Moderators are not on the forum 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but usually complaints are processed within 24 hours. In the case of weekends or holidays, maybe 48 hours. If you sent a complaint more than a day ago and nothing has changed, do not repeat complaints and write everywhere that no one works, probably a minus is recognized as legitimate. Reputation reputation doubles are closed automatically.

Please note thatThis is not a topic for discussion, but a specific tool for solving difficulties. between the User and the Administration. Please take this topic as seriously as possible. Each complaint will be reviewed by the Administration collectively, the results of the review will be published in this topic. A collegial decision is final.

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Greetings forum administration. Just respected members of the forumBurheandEvgeny Krupetskyonce again they minimized my karma ... I look that their karma is pristine ... What is it ???
That is, they minus well, NO is undesirable, according to the moderating corps?
I remind you that for the purpose of monitoring tensions, a “blacklist” function was invented, with the inability to change karma! And their obvious desire to see only advantages in karma is one of the causes of corruption! Let me remind the administration that some forum users do not hide about their close relations with some application developers! As a result, gullible forum users can learn about the history of karmization and make wrong conclusions ... By the way, some comrades do not hide their active participation on other sites under adjacent nicknames!
Please carefully take into account this information when working site!
I also ask you to consider the possibility of expanding the function “add a user to the black list” for the impossibility of changing the reputation of individual posts of users in an emergency!
You can not answer - I respect your time!

I looked at the post for which you got your cons. They are more than deserved.

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"Reputation exposed to the Donkey user has been canceled by the Moderator as violating clause 5 of the resource rules."
Who is doing this? I do not put cons just like that. And they are always justified. I put a minus out of a specific commentary in which Comrade Donkey insulted me by switching to personalities in a dispute and calling me a stupid haiter. This is unworthy behavior on his part. Especially, given his experience and reputation on the forum. Please return the minus in place. Also, I understand that this is a big job, but I ask moderators to process complaints more carefully. I say this, as I have experience of almost automatically deleting my posts simply on the complaint of ill-wishers.
Thanks for attention.

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Are they selectively responding here?
Please reply to this post:Appeal against incorrect actions of moderators (Post v8w16 # 87161787)

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Hello. Alert level has been raised. But in the message fromsavagemessiahzine.comThere is neither a quote of my comment for which they raised the level, nor a link to it.
Everywhere, even in the traffic police, they explain for what a fine is written, a specific violation. And you: "Oh, you have somewhere there is something not written, we will ruin the rating here, you certainly do not mind. Think that you do not mind."
Show for which comment you raised the level of warnings. And next time, quote a comment in a warning message. Otherwise, how can you fix it if you don’t understand what exactly is being punished?

And answerv8w16 . And then ban everything much, but to help the man hrenushki. It feels like all admins do not care for messages addressed to them, until they were sent in the comments.

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