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Attention! Viewing only the graphical version of the rules does not exempt from liability for violations provided for by the basic rules. This is nothing more than an addition in a more accessible form telling about the rules.

Welcome to the

We are glad that you chose our resource to solve your problems, to find answers to your questions and just to communicate.

Of course, you agreed with the rules of the resource during registration and you probably did not read them. :)
Most likely you will read the rules only when you have problems with the administration of the resource.
In order to improve the efficiency of reading the written rules, we have prepared an alternative for them - a graphic one.

At the moment, the main points of the rules are graphically designed, but we plan to expand them.
Text version of the rules can always be foundhere.

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1. General provisions and recommendations

Attached ImageAttached Image

1.1. private resource. Being here, you agree to be guided by these Rules.
1.2. Resourcesavagemessiahzine.comdedicated to mobile devices and programs for them.
1.3. The resource is postmoderated, i.e. the addition of messages occurs immediately, and they are moderated later.
1.4. Curators, Assistants of Moderators, Moderators, Supermoderators and Administrators monitor the order on the resource. Curators monitor the topics assigned to them, can edit, delete messages, appeal to the Moderators about the imposition of penalties for violating the rules of the resource. Moderators control the forums assigned to them, can edit, delete messages and topics, close and transfer topics, apply various penalties to participants - warning, pre-moderation, Read Only or RO (prohibition of writing messages), blocking an account (ban). Super Moderators have the same powers in all forums. Administrators have all the rights of the Super Moderators and Moderators for all forums and can additionally make any changes to the work of the resource.
1.5. All messages reflect the views of their authors. The opinion of the administration may not coincide with the opinion of the author. Disclaimer information can be found here. If you believe that any messages contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, contain a trade secret or are capable of causing damage to individuals or legal entities, you can report this to the Moderators or the Administration of the resource by clicking the “Complaint” button.
1.6. Adhere to the already established culture of communication on the We ourselves create a habitat. Let's be polite and friendly to each other! If you see violations of the Rules, or you are provoked by other participants, do not go on about the violators. Write a letter to the moderator of the resource indicating the violation or use the "Complaint" button. The rest is the responsibility of the administration of the resource.
1.7. If you make a mistake - for example, you have duplicated a message, sent a random answer to the wrong place or an empty message - be sure to notify the Moderators using the “Complaint” button, indicate the problem - the moderator will help. Do not write new messages, comment on your mistakes, and apologize for such a flood.
1.8. If you randomly repeat a post caused by clicking on some browsers, delete the repetitions. If not enough time has passed since the writing of the first message, these two posts will “stick together”, and the resulting one should be edited, erasing the repetition.

2. Username ("nickname", "nickname", "login", "account") and profile data.

Attached ImageAttached Image

2.1. Nick.
2.1.1. Nick is your personality. Perhaps if you become a frequenter of the forums, it will be your business card, talking about you and your level. If you do not want to then fight for the fact that you are called that way, and not to be one of many, choose the original nickname (within the framework of the Rules and common sense). Of course, you can subscribe and real name - this is your own business. Nick can be changed independently, once a year.
2.1.2. Registration of difficult to pronounce nicknames (such as Klmn454824IOIoo) is prohibited.
2.1.3. It is prohibited to register and / or use two or more nicknames by one user for any reason, especially if you set the “Read Only” mode or block (ban) for your nickname. In the case of identifying such nicknames, they will be blocked without warning. Violation of this rule is punishable by a second nickname ban and the first one.
2.1.4. It is forbidden to register a twin of an already existing nickname, i.e. a nickname that is a full or partial visual duplicate of an existing one (including those obtained by replacing Russian letters with Latin letters with similar spelling and vice versa). If such a nick is identified, it can be blocked at the request of the owner of the original name.
2.1.5. It is prohibited to register nicknames containing:
- rude, offensive and obscene language, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
- addresses of web-sites, any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, ICQ, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data;
- explicit or hidden advertising.

2.2. Avatar
2.2.1. If you put the same avatar as another member, then at his request your avatar can be removed from your profile. So try to use original images.
2.2.2. It is forbidden to post avatars containing:
- rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
- addresses of web-sites, any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, ICQ, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data;
- explicit or hidden advertising;
- any QR codes.

2.3. Signature and status.
2.3.1. Signatures and statuses containing:
- more than 3 lines;
- explicit or hidden advertising;
- addresses of web sites (including abbreviations of references), any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, ICQ, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data. Links to resources withinsavagemessiahzine.comand joint withsavagemessiahzine.comprojects (, devfaq) are allowed;

2.4. Profile.
2.4.1. If possible, fill in the maximum number of fields in your profile. This will help you in the future to contact you and get additional information about you, which may be useful in solving your problems.
2.4.2. Pay particular attention to the "Device" field. Be sure to specify in it the model of your device. This will help to avoid additional questions when solving your problems.
2.4.3. It is forbidden to post in the profile information containing harsh, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form).

3. Language of the resource

Attached Image

3.1. The official language of the resource is Russian.
3.2. All messages must be written in Russian. Use of transliteration is allowed only in exceptional cases. To translate text into a normal view, we strongly recommend using the service. similar.
3.3. The use of other languages ​​in the signature is allowed.
3.4. False mistakes and deliberate malicious non-observance of the rules of the Russian language (including abuse of the so-called "Padonkovsky language") are prohibited.

4. General rules for creating topics and posts.

Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

4.1. Before creating a new topic or message, you should carefully read the rules adopted in this section.
4.2. The title of the topic should be as informative as possible so that other users will understand your problem from it. In the body of the message, let's expand the description of the problem.
4.3. Do not rush to create a theme. It is very likely that your question was discussed earlier, or there is a topic for discussion of your device. Do not forget to pay attention to the section "Important" in the appropriate section of your question. Use the search. In this case, consistently perform a search for several suitable keywords. For example, if your question is related to the use of Bluetooth on the Qtek S100, you should look for the words “Bluetooth” and “Qtek”.
4.4. If you find a topic that fits your subject, do not immediately write a message in it. Perhaps your problem has already been discussed, and a solution has been found. Use the "print version" and search by keyword in it. Be sure to read the topic header - it contains useful information, especially for you.
4.5. Creating duplicate messages and topics is prohibited. If you mistakenly created a topic or message in the wrong section where you planned (or realized the wrong choice), do not create similar topics or messages in another section. Contact the moderator via the "Complaint" button - it will transfer your topic or message to the correct section.
4.6. If you see that someone is breaking the rules on the resource (a duplicate of the existing topic has been created, aggression or flood in messages, incorrect location of the topic, etc.), you should not create new messages about this - just click the "Complaint" button and the Moderators will accept measures.
4.7.1. When answering an existing topic, try to formulate a question or answer so that it is understandable to the other forum participants. Avoid flooding, philosophizing, lyrical digressions.
4.7.2. Messages that contain grammatical and / or syntactic errors can cause a negative reaction from forum members. Try to write correctly.
4.8. Explicit and hidden rudeness, rudeness, insults are forbidden.
4.9. It is forbidden to use obscene language, both explicit and hidden, including special characters.
4.10. It is prohibited to provoke a conflict, as well as the response to provocation. If you think that you have been insulted (or otherwise violated your rights or resource rules), report this fact to the Moderator via the "Complaint" button. He will take the necessary measures to the offender.
4.11. The title of the topic and posts are prohibited:
4.11.1. Replacing Russian letters with similar ones from other languages, and vice versa;
4.11.2. Writing topics and messages in CAPITAL LETTERS;
4.11.3. Writing messages in capital and lower case letters intermixed (“HERE IS ABOUT ABOUT”) or in letters of different alphabets (“supporting alphabet”);
4.11.4. When you post an image on the forum, it automatically creates a preview of no more than 400 pixels on the larger side. Try to choose a format that, with acceptable quality, gives a minimum size. For screenshots with a predominant text, this is a GIF or PNG. For colorful images - JPEG. Using BMP format for screenshots is prohibited!
This paragraph of the Rules (with the exception of the ban on BMP) does not apply to sections and topics specifically designed to accommodate large images.
4.11.5. It is forbidden to use slang and abbreviations in the title of the topic. You should write "Bluetooth on Qtek S100", and not "Blutus on KuTek C100". The name of the theme should use the original name of the program or device. In the future, this will facilitate the search by topic name.
4.12. It is forbidden to create topics or messages that do not involve discussion, or involve personal correspondence with a specific forum participant, including the publication of advertisements of an advertising and other nature. For personal correspondence, use the private messaging system.
4.13. It is forbidden to publish messages aimed at only raising the topic in the list and not bearing a semantic load, for example: “doesn’t anyone really know?” Or “an!”. (in the "Flea market" section has its own rules)
4.14. The non-informative names of topics are prohibited, for example: “Pamper!”, “I have a problem!”, “Cry of the soul!” And the like. It is also prohibited to write personal wishes in the subject line of the message, for example: “Bluetooth setting. Urgent !!! ". If the forum participants know the answer to your question, they will answer whether you urgently need it or not.
4.15. The names of topics and posts overloaded with punctuation marks (more than three in a row) are prohibited, for example: "How to set up Wi-Fi ????????". An exception is the section "Breaker".
4.16. Forbidden answer without text (smile, including text smiles). And also the answers, consisting only of smiles, or overloaded by them (more than three smiles in one message), in all sections, except for the section "Breaker".
4.17. It is forbidden to discuss unrelated issues in one topic. For example: “There is a Dell x51v PDA with A01 firmware and a crack from Paragon Software, but A06 firmware is already available on the Dell website. In general, will the crack on this firmware A06?
And yet, I bought a Screen Protector film (Brando was not available) for the device, as it is not like glue, it gradually lags behind the edges. Is it a film of such quality, or am I doing something wrong? ” The first question should be discussed in the topic about the locators, and the second - in the topic about the film.
4.18. It is forbidden to deviate from the topic. For example, in the topic devoted to Spb Pocket Plus, it is forbidden to discuss the work of other today plugines, except for comparing them with Pocket Plus.
4.19. Forbidden abuse of quoting (overquoting, overquoting). It is not necessary to quote fully opponent posts - just highlight the main points and click on the "quote" button
4.20. It is strictly forbidden to search and publish keys, cracks and other tools of software developers whose programs are prohibited on the resource.
4.21. It is strictly forbidden to discuss the actions of representatives of the Administration. If you do not agree with the actions of representatives of the Administration, contact any Moderator of the section in which the incident occurred or via the "Complaint" button. If the complaint is considered reasonable, disciplinary measures will be applied to the representative of the Administration. If you have not received a response to the complaint from the Moderator within two or more days, please contact a special topic (Appeal against incorrect actions of representatives of the Administration).
4.22. Any materials of erotic and pornographic content can be removed from the resource without warning, at the discretion and in accordance with the moral principles of the Moderators.
4.23. Publication of private ads for the purpose of buying, selling or exchanging devices, accessories and other things is allowed only in the section “Flea market"(For detailed rules, see" Flea market "). Doing business is allowed only in the section “Commercial Services", You can get information about the conditions for placing ads in this sectionon the offer page.
4.24. When placing links, the use of special services for their reduction is prohibited.
4.25. The publication of referral materials (links, coupons and code words) in any form is prohibited, and is equal to commercial activities.Read more about banning the publication of referral links, coupons and code words..

5. The reward system.

Attached Image

5.1. If a forum member gave good advice that helped in solving your problem, do not post a message with the text “Thank you! You are super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant.
5.2. The reputation of other participants can be influenced by any user who has collected 15 useful posts. If you do not have 15 helpful posts, ask the moderator to raise the reputation of the person who helped you through the "Complaint" button.
5.3. Implicit or explicit extortion of raising a reputation is forbidden, for example: “I helped you, and you didn’t even say thanks!” If you deserve to raise your reputation, they will raise it without reminders.
5.4. It is forbidden to use reputation for revenge or similar occasions. Reputation is not a means of fights!
5.5. It is forbidden to change the reputation without explaining the reasons or without a satisfactory reason, especially a decrease. Reputation will be restored.
5.6. It is forbidden to repeatedly increase or decrease reputation. In case of violation, multiple changes will be reduced to 1 point.
5.7. If you have changed your reputation in violation of the resource rules, clickPicture, in the reputation list.

6. Statuses and user groups

Attached Image

6.1. Upon reaching 250 useful messages, the user can access the option of self-editing status (not to be confused with a group) in a personal profile.
6.2. Group of users.
6.2.1. Users
6.2.2. Active users. All Users upon reaching 15 useful forum messages are automatically moved to this group and access to additional forum sections is opened.
6.2.3. All Users upon reaching 50 useful messages on the forum are automatically moved to this group.
6.2.4. Honorary Gameday. These are people who have special merits.
6.2.5. FAQMakers. These are people who help create a variety of FAQs.
6.3. Resource Administration Representatives:
6.3.1. Curators
6.3.2. Help moderators.
6.3.3. Moderators.
6.3.4. Routers These are persons who are a kind of administrative consultants.
6.3.5. Supermoderators.
6.3.6. Administrators.

7. Penalty system

Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

7.1. Penalties are assigned by the Moderator for non-compliance with the Resource Rules and / or additional Section Rules.
7.2. Penalties:
7.2.1. Warning - the minimum form of punishment. Rendered for non-compliance with the rules of the resource.
7.2.2. "Read Only" or "RO". The “Read Only” status is made for malicious and / or repeated non-observance of the Resource Rules and is applied along with Warnings for violation of the Resource Rules. The status of “Read Only” can be assigned to the participant for different periods depending on the decision of the Moderator. This status means that a forum member cannot post on the forum, site or in private messages (QMS).
7.2.3. Pre-moderation - applied along with Warnings and / or the status of "Read Only". Pre-moderation can be set to the participant for different terms depending on the decision of the Moderator. This status means that the user's messages will appear on the resource only after verification and approval by the moderator.
7.2.4. Ban - the death penalty for resource participants. It is imposed in exceptional cases for repeated or deliberately gross violation of the resource rules.
7.2.5. The warning level consists of 5 steps, 20% each. When the warning level reaches 100%, the account is automatically blocked.
7.3. Reduced alert level.
7.3.1. The level of warnings is automatically reduced by 20% after 90 days since the last change in the level of warnings, subject to strict compliance with the Resource Rules.
7.3.2. In the case of a repeated violation at the time of the previous one, the automatic reduction counter is reset to 90 days.
7.3.3. Early reduction of the warning level and removal of the “Read Only” and “Pre-moderation” statuses is impossible.
7.3.4. The blocking of the user account (ban) is made once by the decision of the Moderator and is final.
7.4. In the event of a situation that does not fall under any of the clauses of the rules, the Representative of the Administration has the right to act at his discretion.
7.5. If you do not agree with the penalty imposed, you can appeal against it by contacting either the Supermoderator or the topic “Appeal against incorrect actions of representatives of the Administration
7.6. The decision taken by the Administrator of the resource or the Super Moderator is final and not subject to appeal.

8. Work with files.

Attached Image

8.1. The forum is allowed to upload pictures and files. All major graphic formats and archives are allowed for download.
8.2. The maximum download size is 128 MB.
8.3. The file name can consist only of numbers and letters of the English or Russian alphabet.

9. Change the rules of the resource.

Attached Image

9.1. Resource administrationsavagemessiahzine.comreserves the right at any time at its own discretion to change (add, modify and cancel) certain positions of the Rules without prior notice to participants, as well as cancel the Rules in full.
9.2. All changes take effect from the moment they are published.
9.3. The duty to track changes in the Rules of the resource in a timely manner lies with its participants. Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve forum participants from liability for their violation.

10. Agree to the rules

Attached Image

10.1. Your use of the resourcesavagemessiahzine.commeans you accept the rules.
10.2. In case of disagreement with the given rules, do not use the

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In conclusion, I would like to add, if you come up with a better interpretation of a paragraph of the rules, or you just want to express your opinion, you can do itin this thread. Thus, very soon we will have the best rules.

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1. No matter, even hiding the word for **** or swapping the letters in swear words. To use mats of different nations of the world is also unacceptable.


3. Ne pishi translitom, ochen proshu.

4. No more than three punctuation marks should be used (like this: "!!!!!!!!!" - not like this: "------" - not. The hyphen, it turns out, is also a punctuation mark, for confirmation, seehere).

5. You do not need to use more than three smiles, even text ones (like this:: yahoo: :-): russian:: hemp ::: wallbash: - you can't and that:))))))))) - not).

6. Do not create duplicate posts and topics. Two or more times we do not repeat, do not repeat, do not repeat ...

7. Nata doesn’t expressly cover the tongue, do ashipki fsyokie. Panimaish druh?

8. We do not flood, we communicate only on the topic, without philosophizing. We want to flood - go to the sectionBreaker.

9. We do not raise the topic, do not write messages like "an", "Pamagite", "Nobody really knows", do not write empty messages, do not answer with a smiley text ...

10. Do not ask for a key, crack or a hacked version of something, if in the first message of the topic there is a ban on such actions.

Parting words:
all the time intensively studyingResource Rulesand everything will work out.

[color = limegreen] REMEMBER, when was the last time I made a backup? Hard Reset after all wanders around!First steps with PDA-personal experience (by romchk)- where to start a beginner. And also - [url = "http: //""10 commandments beginner
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Personal requests:
After all, it is customary at your home to prepare food in the kitchen, take a shower in the bathroom, hide clothes in the closet, breathe fresh air on the balcony, sleep on the bed, and use the toilet in the toilet, etc.
The forum is your home.
Please - do not go to the toilet in the living room. We all live here. : stop_holywar:

Also, do not create threads and posts anywhere, pick the appropriate section and the corresponding topic. If you are only registered and do not know what to do - ask a question in the hallway, namely in the subjectHelp, I do not know where to writeand you will be sent to the right room.

In any room, it is customary to take off the headdress (cap), but we have taken first ... to read it. : shok:The cap is the first post in the thread.

If you already decided to create a topic or write a message to an existing one, I beg you: “one shot - one corpse”, which means: “one topic (message) is one problem, not a list in the last two years”

How to use reputation:
Dear newcomers!
1. Say "Thank you" by raising your reputation. If you have less than 15 messages, then click on the "Complaint" buttonat thatmessage, where you helped and write, who helped you.

Thank you for your understanding, thank you for your attention: thank_you:

[color = limegreen] REMEMBER, when was the last time I made a backup? Hard Reset after all wanders around!First steps with PDA-personal experience (by romchk)- where to start a beginner. And also - [url = "http: //""10 commandments beginner
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savagemessiahzine.comadheres to a neutral policy for any developer.

This is our position and discussing it does not make sense:
  • not a single developer support service.
  • We are not concerned with the problem of supporting a single developer.
  • We discuss only the software itself and its components.
  • Issues related to the acquisition, return, support, policies and behavior of developers are outside the discussion of their software and are removed wherever we find it or reach our hands.
  • We do not support the "garbage", in which merge their dissatisfaction with software companies, software consumers, even if it is culturally expressed. For this there is official support. If TAM developers do not want to listen, this is a fact of their biography, and we have nothing to do with it.
  • People come to us for information about the product and we try to give this information as accurately and cleanly as possible. Flood and holivary are interesting only for a small part of consumers, the Administration is categorically against it.
  • Freedom of speech is only in one case - if you are alone (a). In all other cases, there are rules of communication (we did not establish this). Our rules are also spelled out and have nothing to do with the idealistic ideas of the floodsters about the world.
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Dear users!
ATForum Rulessaid:
4.25. The publication of referral materials (links, coupons and code words) in any form is prohibited and equated with commercial activities.

I explain the nuances:
- publicationreferrallinks, referral coupons and referral code words tosavagemessiahzine.comequates to commercial activities, as it brings the distributor money, bonuses or discounts on future purchases;
- posting links to your reviews, channels, etc., posted on other resources, which contain referral links, coupons and code words, advertising online stores and other commercial resources, is also prohibited and is considered a commercial activity.
The moderator decides whether the link / coupon / code word is referral or ordinary.
The administration is not obliged to bring evidence to the violator.
Referrals distributors are punished without warning. Explanations like: "I just wanted to help users" are not accepted.

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"Everything for a newbie forum"
The main topics of our forum for quick and painless adaptation

Dear newcomers!
These topics will help you quickly understand the rules of conduct on the forum, the use of its functions and basic features.
Thereby, you will quickly join the friendly atmosphere of the forum!

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