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Tag ToDo List | Keeping a to-do list.

Rep: (1313)
Tag ToDo List
version: 4.6

Last update of the program in the header:19.09.2010

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Keeping a to-do list. Simple interface, simple operation. Are supportedHotkeysfor quick access to options. To edit a record, press and hold it until the menu appears, select the appropriate item. Also, for each task, you can add a graphical note, for this, press and hold on the record, select "Graphical note" in the menu that appears. "Audio note" - allows you to create an audio note for the task (hotkey = F). It is also possible to create printed notes (hotkey = W). In addition, priority can be set for tasks (from 0 to 100). There is an experimental synchronization function with Google Calendar.

Homepage: http://www.teodorfilimon.com/android/Tag-T...List/index.html
Cyrket: http://www.cyrket.com/package/com.android.todo

Download :
Version 4.6 : http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/619144/com.android.todo_v4.6.apk
Version 1.7.0 : http: //savagemessiahzine.com/forum/dl/post/274294/com.android.todo.apk

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Rep: (1391)
A new version:
Version 1.6.8 : Attached filecom.android.todo.apk (119.44 KB)

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Rep: (1391)
A new version.
Version 1.7.0 : Attached filecom.android.todo.apk (121.39 KB)

Rep: (1)
And with the Google tasks is it always synchronized normally?

Rep: (1)
The widget on the desktop is displayed incorrectly. Black square in the center. Can I fix it?

Rep: (1)
When you hold down the key and set the task transfer down, the sub-tasks get off ... the hierarchy turns into just a list ...

I can’t find how to open the note created for the task created earlier ... tried on text ... HOW TO OPEN?)

Rep: (855)
Program update - version 4.6
Attached filecom.android.todo_v4.6.apk(228.49 KB)

Rep: (0)
The program is interesting.
At first glance, it’s even better than MyTasks - it’s more convenient and faster to drive in tasks, there are tags.

Has anyone tried to backup? I write on Hero 2.1 that it cannot create a file, they say there is no SD card, as it were :(

Rep: (48)
ska4kov_pawa, doesn’t mess with Google tasks, try ToDoid from a neighboring branch.

Rep: (0)
The best program, thanks to the author, in the market 5.0, who has lay out pliz

Rep: (8)
Tell me how to display the widget on the main screen

Rep: (1)
The best program, thanks to the author, in the market 5.0, who has lay out pliz

Tell me, where did you find it in the Market?
Is there a Russian interface?

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