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Periodically there are different topics for individual films - "The Best Movie", "Inhabited Island, etc." Let's create a better topic for the subject.

In general, films that have been watched - long or recently, films that you recommend to watch, films that you strongly recommend NOT to watch.

All discussions on sabzh - here.

And film fans and film enthusiasts - I ask here! ;)

List of recommended films

Let's talk about the cinema

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I will be the first: D
Recent years have not watched movies, it happened ... I woke up. Please help the girl catch up. There are films that are a pity not to watch. While Kusturitsa looked, really like. Share, please, if you liked some movie. Militants, horror films are not interesting for me. Thank. (-:

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I do not advise: all of our modern "masterpieces" and "answers to Hollywood" ..

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Forest Gump recommend everyone to watch. One of my favorite movies.

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I looked at Babylon the other day. I highly recommend, high-quality drama, I remember and found some kind of response in the shower.

And a completely different film - Always Say Yes. Not everyone will like it, not everyone shares the outlook on life there, but personally this film has become my favorite. Recently I read a book on the basis of which the film was shot :)

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I also wanted to write about "Always say YES."
Recently looked - cool filmets, have not seen such long

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From recent views I can recommend “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (Vicky Christia Barcelona) Allen and “7 Lives” (Seven pounds) - which is with Will Smith.

Also, if not yet viewed, I highly recommend: "Collision" (Crash) and "Traffic" (Traffic) - films about always, unfortunately, actual problems of society. Plus, probably, Magnolia (Magnolia) is a very strong film.

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Logos @ 2.3.2009, 15:39*
I looked at Babylon the other day. I highly recommend, high-quality drama, I remember and found some kind of response in the shower.

Look then "21 grams." The same director (Inarritu), a similar plot (interweaving of different stories), but the film itself is more powerful and twisted very famously.
From the last look I liked the American Psycho. It is recommended to lovers of very black humor and is not recommended for children and pregnant women (I understand why they give NC-17 rating in America - it turns out they give what they deserve).
Of the very new ones, I liked very much “Lie to the bottom in Bruges” - Colin Farrell finally played an excellent role.
From the old classics I praise "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" - I consider it the best comedy of all time and my favorite film.
Also I recently watched “12 angry men” (thanks to Demiurg for 10k imdb - I wouldn’t find such a rarity in my life) - to put it mildly, Mikhalkov’s veiled remake will be.
In general, IMHO, all the below-mentioned pictures vary between "5!" and "4" (except for "masterpieces" and "answers to Hollywood" "), so long you,dama , have to make up).

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Mind Games, Schindler's List, Shawshank Escape are the best films. IMHO

Monty Python will need to look. The series looked, but did not know about the film.

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It is necessary to persuade, if not yet:
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" - How many times have I revised, just starting and looking without stopping until the end. Carrie and Winstlet - after all, real actors are diverse and diverse. Highly recommend. Attached Image
"Brazil"- gigafilm-dystopia. I still do not understand HOW this could be removed as much as in 1985!
"Donnie Darko"- I warn you, from the first time, maybe nothing is clear !! But look necessarily.Attached Image

vaterguy @ 2.3.2009, 14:42*
really liked "to lie on the bottom in Bruges"


"Always say yes"have not yet seen. I will look, according to recommendations, thanks! I think that's worth watching"Rock'n'roll"- who watched a worthwhile movie?

By the way, from the "stupid comedies" [very conditional] very unexpectedly likedEurotour(Eurotrip). I myself, however, try to avoid this genre, but this prikolul.

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Recently smarel:
Hancock - credit!
Best Movie 2 - worse than the first ...
The mysterious life of Benjamin Button - Test!

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Demyurg, The rock player is not bad in some places, but it does not reach the big sum and cards-money Strongly. The actors didn’t like it and the horribly crooked plot (money cards - they are looking for guns, jackpot - they are looking for a diamond, rocker - they are looking for a picture) - in short, an orderly worsened copy of Guy’s first films.
Hey, shine and Donnie are super masterpieces. Also, we must all watch. Brazil is also a great movie, but I personally like the similar "12 monkeys" - Bruce is good there.

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Yes ... it turns out a lot of good movies! And I have a lot of free time (-;. Some I even saw: "The Godfather", "The Mysterious Life of B. Button", "Schindler's List", "Escape from the Shoushenk." I will look at the list with pleasure, since I was absolutely fascinated by this town, having spent the whole day there.
It is grateful to all responded, shared. Write if you meet a good movie. Thank you very much! :-)

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"The mysterious life of B. Button"

Yes. that's just a good mood, he does not add ...

Can anyone give a link to about 4GB HDRip "Always say YES", if there is something like that?

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HDrip still seemed to be no release. While the best that I met - DVDscreener.
Movie Search -in this thread ;)

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of the latter - the "substitution": definitely a masterpiece, but I warn you, at the end of the vein cools stronger horror movies ...

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Looked at "Domovoy" with Khabensky and Mashkov. In disappointment. On advertising was a completely different picture of the film. And in fact, the first half show mental agony (tedious and ... boring). Dynamics appears only towards the end. But the plotter is quickly collapsing. Spent time even when viewed on DVD.

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Kochrob @ 3.3.2009, 1:03*
And in fact, the first half show mental agony (tedious and ... boring).
Thanks for the warning, let's not waste time. (-;

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Vanilla Sky looked as much ... 22 times ... and look at the same number ...

But for some reason it seems to medama that you watched it: rolleyes:

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koordinator @ 3.3.2009, 1:20*
But for some reason it seems to me, dama that you watched it
It seems familiar name, but not sure what I saw. And, briefly, what? Thank (-:

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