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iPod nano

Technical details:

First generation -

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* Memory capacity - 1, 2 or 4 GB
* Dimensions - 89 Г— 40 Г— 7 mm
* Weight - 42 g
* Battery life - 14 hours
* Computer interface - USB
* Audio format - AAC, protected by AAC, MP3, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4), Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF
* Image format - JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (Mac only), PNG
* Color solutions of the case - white, black
* At the moment it is very difficult to find this model, this model is very well distributed in the countries of the 3rd world
* Headphones: 3.5 mm, but it happens that headphones that require a more powerful system are suitable for this model.

Second generation -

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* Display - color TFT, 176 x 132 pixels
* Memory capacity - 2, 4 GB
* Dimensions - 88.9 Г— 40.6 Г— 6.6 mm
* Weight - 40 g
* Battery life - 24 hours
* Computer interface - USB
* Color solutions of the case - black, metallic, pink, green, blue, red
Third generation -

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* Display - color TFT, 2 inches, 320 x 240 pixels
* Management - touch circle
* Memory capacity - 4 or 8 GB
* Audio format - MP3, AAC
* Dimensions - 69.8 Г— 52.3 Г— 6.5 mm
* Weight - 49.2 g
* Battery life - 24 hours of audio, 5 hours of video
* Computer interface - USB
* Body colors - metallic, blue, red, green, black, pink
Fourth generation -
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* Display - 320 x 240 pixels
* Memory capacity - 4, 8 or 16 GB
* Dimensions - 90.7 Г— 38.7 Г— 6.2 mm
* Weight - 36.8 g
* Battery life - 24 hours of audio, 4 hours of video
* Computer interface - USB
* The color of the case - metallic, black, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red (sold only in the Apple Store), purple.
* Availability of accelerometer

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Yes, ipod nano 6g only zatychek.Prines to work, connect to a cheap computer weak kolonkam- plays a barely audible voice, although the sound everywhere put on maks.Potom old friend brought Samsung to which the new price of 1000 rubles, so he udelal the iPods in down and prah- three times louder screams and bass vydaet.V amount whether the case - this, too, Sams size of a stick, pulls a tab for connection to yusb

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Good day. Recently got into the hands ipod nano probably the first generation. Everything seems to have been normal, but with the full battery discharge had to be restored by the tuna. So for some reason ceased after the restoration of the scroll wheel and the buttons work, but when you press the menu button and selecting it as the must - restarts. What's the problem may be nobody know? Maybe there were such cases? Where to look? :) Thanks in advance.

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Hello, iPod nano 6 owners, whether there is in it an equalizer, you can adjust manually? which before installing it there?

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EQ is, you can not manually set

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Question for ipod nano 3 - difficult to Joss nazhimayutsya right and down in the studio can be said to restore, so can anyone know that there need to clean or what? I can think where Flex Click to buy new ...

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as Ipod Nano 4GB configure the correct time?

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As if by magic sound headphones sound very good inexpensivehttp://www.beatsbydrecenter.com/monster-be...33.html?cPath=0

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The iPod nano 6g 8GB does not have a timer with firmware 1.2 PC.

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Tell me how all easy to iPod nano 6g navigate playlists? just always listening to music from your smartphone, in which the screen accordingly much larger and navigate through the list and search for the desired track is easy ..
Is it possible to generate playlists?

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So he bought on his head nano 2nd generation.
Very upset the power of sound, bass is almost there. Now what to do with it I do not know .... and bought for businesses.
There are a couple of questions:
1. a mozhnoli directly from it is not necessary to remove the song without using a computer?
2. a thread of sound amplifier \ bass appearance there?

Posted 22-05-2012, 8:19:

in my view, navigation is normal. Nothing to compare with, but as the first player of the apple, no problems found.

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Lehin @ 22.05.2012, 9:19*
1. a mozhnoli directly from it is not necessary to remove the song without using a computer?

No you can not

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very poor functionality. The ipad is removed as possible.

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I bought iPods for Spurs and hours.
I found the acoustics EQ switch
And the sound will be the norm

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no sound, and all regimes tried.
Commissioned an external amp Fiio, let's see what will happen to him. If you do not ride, I'll sell everything.

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Make small headphone mode and you will be happy

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So. Today, sitting in the subway, I put the music and I wanted to turn off the screen, but tapping on the screen, the button zalipla and stopped working. Sedna took to the service center, they told me they say can not be repaired, throw in the trash, and you do not change, we will, they say you dropped on the floor, etc. That is, they say Tipo mechanical damage and they do not carry Responsibility. Player in perfect condition, not dropped not on the floor, not in the water. I told them take the initiative and come in 2 days and I do not care. They said, well try to do something. Player use somewhere 7 months. The warranty will expire at the end of August. Whether to require a replacement device? Of any one of a button, I'm not going to throw the player in a landfill. Not a cheap thing. I await your advice.

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This is for you to off. service said so?

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Yes sir. but I do not care. I will demand of their own. Just I want to see if you can fix this ***** button? To me there are no nonsense carried.

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Disassemble, but look :)

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That came fiio e11. With ipod sound increases, dobovlyaet like bass. I not yet tested in the car. Who is going to take, I recommend to purchase a separate cable from the 30-pin connector to the amp. sound difference between a simple jack 3.5 on my iPod and sound through the connector palpable. Actually, on this and pisiali in a review, since the ChГўtenay signal is bypassing the amplifier in my iPod.

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