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* Dimensions: 4.11 x 2.72 x 1.04 cm;
* Weight: 15.6 g .;
* Memory: 1 GB;
* Operating frequencies: from 20 Hz to 20 KHz;
* Supported formats: MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store, M4A, M4B, M4P), Audible (formats 2, 3 and 4), WAV and AIFF;
* Battery life: up to 12 hours;
* Full charge time: about 4 hours.

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The built-in mount lets you wear iPod shuffle on clothing. Fasten it on a sleeve, sport shorts or jacket. No matter where you wear your iPod shuffle, it will always be a bright part of your style.

Control Panel: Attached Image
The central button is for playback and pause. Buttons around the center - to return to the previous song, go to the next or adjust the volume. Despite the lack of a key lock switch for all (hold) keys, you can lock (or vice versa, unlock) the control block by pressing and holding the central key for three seconds. After that, any keystroke of the control unit will be ignored, and the indicator will light up yellow.
Stirring switch- Attached ImageAttached Image
Change for the better. Mix the music by sliding the mixing switch. Put it back in place and listen to your playlists, workout music, and albums in the order in which you synced them to iTunes.

Battery charge indicator

* Green color- sufficient charge level (30-100%).
* Orange color- low charge level (10-30%).
* Red color- very low charge level (less than 10%).
* The indicator is not lit - the battery is completely discharged
* Flashing green, then twice orange for 10 seconds - ERROR. You need to restore iPod shuffle.Attached Image
When the player is in the dock, then the orange color of the indicator means charging, green - that the player is fully charged, and blinking orange - that the player cannot be switched off now, it is either synchronized or not removed from the system (in disk use mode).
While playing musicWhen you press any key, a green signal means playback, volume control, track change, or "rewind." Orange - lock the keyboard, reaching the volume limit. Alternately green and orange - the lack of compositions in the player. If the battery is nearly discharged, the shuffle signals as a constantly flashing red light.

Dock connector
Attached Image
iPod shuffle uses a mini-jack mini-sync connector for syncing, the player doesn't have any others. It is possible to use the player as a flash drive for transferring files, but it is unlikely that this opportunity will be of interest to a large number of users - 1 GB is not particularly suitable for these purposes.
* When the player is in the dock, the orange color of the indicator means charging, green means that the player is fully charged,and flashing orange - that the player can not be turned off now, it is either synchronized or not unmounted (in disk use mode).[/ color]

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If the topic is still alive:

iPod Shuffle 2G works fine, until the actual mode is not included shuffle ... ie obchno mode everything is OK in the shuffle gives zel-orange-yellow-orange-yellow-orange - allegedly songs ... who knows - what is it?

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vvorth @ 23.06.2011, 10:40*
If the topic is still alive:

iPod Shuffle 2G works fine, until the actual mode is not included shuffle ... ie obchno mode everything is OK in the shuffle gives zel-orange-yellow-orange-yellow-orange - allegedly songs ... who knows - what is it?

Restore it in tuna

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It does not charge at all or how. PC does not see. When connecting the lights 3 times the orange light and all nor any sign of life does not deliver.
Can anyone help? : '- (

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Hello. Tell me please, can I charge my Ipod Shuffle 4 using the AC adapter from HTC ?? whether the player burn?

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Is there some kind of cheap analogue cable (MC003ZM / A) for the connection of the player, or iPod shuffle 3Gen 4Gen to a computer or power supply?

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Whether charging approach of shuffle from 2 to 4 generations ????
Answer please!!!!

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On view at all funny :)

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charging cable from the 3d and 4d are identical, while the other 2g, so that will not work!
Chinese wire analog watch on ebay

Posted 21-05-2012, 12:27:

HTC's certainly not fit !!!

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There iPod 4g on 2gb. He dropped from a low altitude, and then stops responding to the button - turned on flashes green for about a minute, then constantly flashing yellow to a discharge.
iTunes detect your it sees all the tracks on it, allows you to restore, recover, but the effect is still there.
In the service center said that "do not know" and recommended to address the guarantee that in my case it is impossible.

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a similar situation as insabarz,
blinks three times and all, no more no reactions ((

tell me who knows what.

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VVel3 @ 01.10.2012, 19:13*
tell me who knows what.

And you are trying to reset utility iPodResetUtility? Can be found on their website.

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I have a question. Can I use the remote control to switch to music on headphones eplovskih? Player Ipod shuffle 4G.

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Levan2009, It seems to me that this is navryatli marriage. I, too easy to press.

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Nikita_St @ 03.01.2013, 23:24*
I, too easy to press.


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TOlatb atlbutdelsceat Tribesjers iPOD

Please add to the cap.

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people and he is playing with headphones louder than the iPod nano 3?

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Well, it's not in the least dependent on headphones

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Also got me this product iPod shuffle 4g! The question about how many hold a charge? I how quickly it seems to me diluted!

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I came about 13 hours over three days at approximately 70% of the volume.

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How to release memory from "Other" does not understand where it came from so clogged? Who knows how to clean up, and then 500 mb. an empty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

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