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Catalog of Android programs

- for the full functioning of the program requires root user rights.
OEM - a program taken from the firmware or corporate launcher of a specific device.
Hd - The program is optimized to work on tablets.

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- Software catalog
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  1. Office, Calculators, Converters, Calculations

  2. Finance

  3. Schedulers, Alarms, Notes

  4. Management optimization

  5. System applications

  6. Security

  7. Communication

  8. Internet and communication

  9. Multimedia

  10. Navigation (GPS)

  11. Trips, Travel

  12. Sport, Health

  13. Telephone part

  14. Reading electronic documents, books. Dictionaries, encyclopedias.

  15. miscellanea

- Launcher directory
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- Widget Catalog
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1. Office, Calculators, Converters, Calculations:
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    Work with documents
  1. WPS Office (Kingsoft Office)- Create, edit and view standard MS Office formats.
  2. Classic Notebook- View and edit txt files
  3. Coastline- View and edit simple text files
  4. Data bee- View CSV files
  5. Documents To Go- Viewing and editing documents * .doc, * .xls, * .ppt, as well as viewing * .pdf
  6. Google docs- Official Google Docs app
  7. Jota text editor- Editor for large text files with auto-detection encoding
  8. Notepad +- Notepad for Android
  9. OfficeSuite Pro- Document viewer application that allows you to open DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX and PDF
  10. OliveOffice- View and edit MS Office files (doc, docx, xls, ppt, ..)
  11. OEM Polaris Office- Office package from ASUS Transformer and SGSII
  12. PrinterShare- Application for printing
  13. Print it- Printing of documents
  14. Quickoffice- View documents * .doc, * .xls
  15. Smart Office +- perhaps the best mobile office
  16. Text edit- Text editor
  17. TextWarrior- Text editor
  18. Thinkfree Office- View, edit and create documents for Word / Excel / Powerpoint
  19. Txtpad- Text editor
  20. Quickedit- A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting.
  21. DroidEdit- free source code editor with syntax highlighting.
  1. Adobe CreatePDF- create PDF documents
  2. Adobe Reader- Program for reading pdf files
  3. Android PDF Viewer- View pdf files
  4. BeamReader- PDF reader
  5. ezPDF Reader- Very good PDF reader
  6. Foxit Mobile PDF Reader for Android- Small and fast PDF reader
  7. PDF Viewer- View pdf files, open-source
  8. RepliGo Reader- Program for reading pdf files
  9. Scan2PDF Mobile- Convert a captured photo to PDF
  10. PDF Scanner FREE + OCR Plugin- Allows you to scan your documents using the built-in camera, edit the image, recognize the text via OCR, convert to PDF and share the file in a convenient way.
    Calculators, problem solving
  1. Calculator Without Equal- Calculator without button equals
  2. All-in-1-Calc- Advanced calculator + converter
  3. Andie Graph (Andy)- Calculator needed this engineer!
  4. AutoMath Photo Calculator- An application that can recognize examples using the camera of your device
  5. CALC +- Simple and convenient calculator with%
  6. CalcEtc- Cute functional calculator
  7. Calculator- Engineering Calculator
  8. Calculator- Calculator, skin change (iphone skin)
  9. Calculator- Multifunctional calculator with additional panels (based on open source)
  10. Calculator +- Scientific calculations, matrices, lists, complex numbers
  11. Calculator ++- a calculator with the ability to build graphs, add your own constants, can count integrals and derivatives, allows you to create your own functions.
  12. Calculator Widget- Calculator on the desktop
  13. CASIO FX-602P- Engineering, programmable calculator
  14. College Calculator: MathPac- heaped calculator
  15. Classic calc- Just a calculator
  16. Date calculator- Date Calculator
  17. Droid48- HP 48 calculator emulator
  18. DTW Algebra- Algebra without problems
  19. Finum- Calculation of bank deposits, investments, credit load
  20. Free42- Smart calculator
  21. Function Inspector PRO- Functional calculator with graphing function
  22. gbaCalc Decimal Calculator- Printing calculator for Android
  23. Geomedroid pro- Solving geometric issues
  24. handyCalc- Engineering calculator, currency converter and values
  25. Kreac Calculator- Calculator with / and *
  26. Mathlab Graphing Calculator- The best app for anyone who needs help in math
  27. MathPac Calculator w / Graphing- Expensive Calculator with Charts
  28. Matrixcalc- Matrix calculator
  29. Mobi Calculator (Cube Calculator)- Universal calculator for every day
  30. MyScript Calculator- A full-fledged calculator with recognition of entering formulas by hand
  31. Numix Calculator- Android L style calculator
  32. Old school calculator- Scientific calculator
  33. Percent Calculator +- interest calculator
  34. RealCalc Scientific Calculator- Engineering Calculator
  35. Retro Calculator- A simple and beautiful calculator that counts interest.
  36. Scientific Calculator- Engineering Calculator
  37. Shake calc- Full-featured scientific calculator
  38. ScientificPlotter- A handy calculator that builds graphs of functions.
  39. SHCCalc- Solutions of the specific heat equation
  40. Simple Loan Calculator - Simple Loan Calculator- A simple calculator for annuity, differentiated and fixed payments
  41. Quick quadratics- solving square equations
  42. Voice calculator- Talking Calculator
  43. Windows Calculator- simple calculator
  44. Wolfram alpha- Calculations of examples of any complexity and not only
  45. Engineering Calculator- Engineering Calculator advanced functionality
  46. Calculator- Has functions like sin, cos, tan, can solve quadratic equations and others.
  47. MAGMA calculator- Math Calculator
  48. Calculator with voice input- Calculator with normal and voice input
  49. Salary Calculator- Allows you to calculate the amount of wages cleared of taxes and contributions
  50. Solving square and biquadratic equations- solving square or biquadratic equations
  1. S Converter- Converter style Android L
  2. The file converter- Convert video, audio, images, documents, e-books and archives into almost any format
  3. [HD] Converter- Simple and convenient converter of physical quantities
  4. Bhdconverter- Binary-Hex-Decimal Converter for large numbers
  5. BinHex Convert- Converting decimal numbers to binary and vice versa, and also hexadecimal to decimal and vice versa
  6. Convertme- Converter more than 1500 units of measurement
  7. Convertor- unit converter
  8. Convertpad- Powerful and full-fledged unit converter and currency converter.
  9. handyConverter- Good, great converter with lots of translatable values
  10. inKa Currency- Currency Converter
  11. Numbers numbers convert- conversion of numbers between number systems
  12. Unit converter- Simple and convenient converter with intuitive interface
  1. [®] [OEM] Optical Reader- Recognition of text, QR codes, contact information
  2. ABBYY Business Card Reader for Android- Business Card Scanner
  3. Businesscard reader- Reading information from a business card
  4. Barcode scanner- Barcode Scanner
  5. Barcode2file- Scans barcodes, allows you to save them to a file and send
  6. BeeTagg Multicode Reader- Scanner for QR codes, DataMatrix, BeeTagg Code
  7. BookPriceRussia- Scans the barcode of the book and searches on
  8. Camcard- A program for reading information from a business card
  9. CamScanner- Scanner in the phone
  10. Droid scan- Turn your mobile phone into a document scanner
  11. Document Scanner- portable scanner for Android
  12. Google goggles- Scanner-translator, business card recognition, barcode scanner
  13. I-nigma- Barcode scanner
  14. MobiReader BizCard & Docu OCR- Recognition of business cards and documents
  15. NeoReader- Barcode scanner
  16. ScanBizCards Biz Card Reader- Scan business cards
  17. QR Droid Private- Creation / recognition of QR codes
  18. Quickmark- Program for reading QR codes
    For developers
  1. Android Web Developer- A program for the development of web sites. The following languages ​​and formats are supported: PHP, CSS, JS, HTML, JSON.
  2. AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C ++- Android application development tool on Android
  3. Mobilebasic- Basic programming language for Android
  4. Andcad- Simple CAD system
  5. AndSQLite- Manage and edit SQLite databases
  6. Android Scripting Environment (ASE)- Creating and editing scripts directly on a smartphone running Android
  7. Android Web Editor- Unique mobile application for web developers
  8. AutoCAD WS- mobile version of AutoCAD
  9. C4droid- C compiler
  10. C Compiler- GCC compiler
  11. Colorviewsource- View source code with syntax highlighting for Android
  12. GScript- Run / download scripts from the phone in 1-2 clicks
  13. HTMLeditor- HTML and JS editor
  14. PascalGUI- Pascal on Android. Now it also works.
  15. pascal- Interpreter language pascal for android.
  16. Silveredit- HTML editor
  17. SqlitePrime- Manage and edit SQLite databases
  18. SQLite Editor- Work with SQLite database
  19. Touchqode- Code editor with syntax highlighting of popular languages
  20. Thinking space- Communication diagrams
  21. WebMaster's HTML Editor- JS PHP CSS and HTML editor
  1. INN Info- Information about the State. registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs
  2. aNdClip- Multi Buffer
  3. ClipStore- Clipboard Manager
  4. Clipper- Multi Buffer
  5. Copy paste it- copy / paste any text on the device
  6. Signature Capture- allows you to enter a handwritten signature
  7. HanDBase Database Manager- Full-featured relational database manager.

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2. Finance:
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  1. aCurrency- Actual rate of more than 160 world currencies
  2. aiCurrency- Currency converter, more than 200 world currencies
  3. Currency- Currency rates
  4. Exchanger (Currency Converter)- Currency converter
  5. Thecurrency- Exchange rates according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the European Central Bank
  6. xCurrency- Currency Converter
  7. Finance TUT.BY- Fresh exchange rates, convenient converter, search for bank branches, exchange offices, ATMs by cities of Belarus
    Financial management
  1. Cost Control: How much can I spend?- Non-standard approach to cost accounting: we consider not the expenses, but the remaining funds.
  2. 5 kopecks- Simple widget app for daily cash accounting
  3. Deposit Manager- Deposit calculator and accounting of bank accounts and deposits
  4. Plans - Abacus- Accounting for expenses, spending limits, reminders.
  5. Cost accounting in Excel- Allows you to record your income / expenses in Excel
  6. anMoney- Financial management, multi-currency, operations planner
  7. Billsreminder- will remind you about the need to pay various bills
  8. Cashbook - Expense Tracker- Quick way to track financial expenses, income.
  9. Cash counter- widget showing the money you earned
  10. Cashew- Personal Finance Management Program (income, expenses)
  11. CashLogger FIRE- a simple program for cost accounting
  12. Cashlog- A list of your expenses, the possibility of dividing accounts into groups with the output of statistics for each of them separately
  13. Clearcheckbook- Financial management with version for BB (Web-interface)
  14. Cubux - home bookkeeping- The application for accounting for the family budget, as well as personal finances.
  15. Daily Expense Manager- Expense Manager
  16. Daily money- Control over finances.
  17. Debts book- The simplest debtor memory
  18. Easymoney- Program of management of your finances, cost accounting
  19. Expense notes- Accounting for personal expenses
  20. Financisto- The program of financial management with ample opportunities
  21. Firewallet- The program for financial management
  22. Homemoney- Android client for online accounting HomeMoney
  23. Inesoft Cash Organizer- Financial management
  24. Inventory tracker- The ideal solution for accounting and tax purposes
  25. Iou- Debt Tracker
  26. Personal Finance- Personal Finance Management Program
  27. Mobile Economist- Personal finance on a pocket computer
  28. Moneymanager- Financial management
  29. Ondesly finance- cost accounting
  30. Salary-O-Meter Free- Payroll counter
  31. Smart SMS- Allows users of the “VTB24 SMS Alerts” service to categorize their expenses.
  32. Swarmer finance- Personal Finance Management. Accounting for expenses, income.
  33. Tap money tracker- Financial management
  34. Tracklet- Accounting for personal expenses
  35. My money- A simple way to account for your income and expenses
  36. My finances- Control and accounting of finance
  37. Remember debts - Remember your debts- Debt accounting
  38. Family budget- A handy program for doing home bookkeeping
  39. Housing and Utilities - Manager's Monitor- Management of housing and utilities finances
  40. Credit planner- Accounting and credit planning
  41. My income- Convenient application for income accounting with the ability to wind up several cards.
    Banking customers
  1. Airpay- AirPay allows you to shop at more than 3 thousand retail outlets in Ukraine!
  2. Android Banking- Manage bank accounts from your phone
  3. Bankdroid SODA- Reads one-time bank passwords from sms and copies them to the buffer
  4. CB Cash- Secure account management
  5. Citibank RU- Banking service via mobile phone
  6. Home Credit Bank (Home Credit Bank)- Mobile application for clients of Home Credit Bank in Russia.
  7. PSBalance- Checking balances on Promsvyazbank bank cards
  8. PSB-Mobile- Mobile application for Promsvyazbank clients.
  9. Starmoney- Mobile banking for Android smartphones
  10. monobank- First mobile-only bank in Ukraine
  11. Alfa Bank- bank client of Alfa Bank
  12. Bank of Moscow- Mobile Bank of the Bank of Moscow
  13. VTB24-Online- VTB24 Bank Client
  14. MegaFon-Bank- Mobile bank from MegaFon.
  15. Mobile Bank Russian Standard- Account verification, payment management, exchange rate, bank news
  16. Mail Bank- Mobile application of the bank "Mail (Summer) Bank"
  17. Promsvyazbank- Banking information application.
  18. Privat24- client bank PrivatBank
  19. Roketbank- Manage your Rocketbank account, free card2card transfers, a card with ATMs for replenishment, etc.
  20. Sberbank Online- Sberbank's mobile client.
  21. SMS banking- Parsing SMS notifications from the Bank, making payments.
  22. Tinkoff- Tinkoff Bank mobile app.
    Electronic money
  1. Android Pay- An application for payment at payment terminals using a smartphone with NFC.
  2. Merchant pro- Electronic money management supported:, Quantum, Merchant Plus and Paypal
  3. QIWI- Client for Qiwi mobile wallet
  4. QIWI Map- Library application QIWI Wallet
  5. Samsung pay- A new fast and easy way to pay for goods wirelessly using a mobile device from Samsung.
  6. Corn- The application allows you to pay for services, monitor the balance and replenish the account of your Corn card from Euroset.
  7. Wallet One Wallet One- Client application for payment service "Wallet One"
  8. Android Platform- Payment application for Android.
  9. Yandex money- wallet with electronic money in your mobile phone
  1. Forex game- Forex trading simulation
  2. ACFX Mobile- allows you to trade on the Forex market
  3. BSE / NSE Stock Markets Live- BSE / NSE Exchange News.
  4. DroidPres- Software for automating mobile commerce.
  5. Finance- Access to Google Finance: promotions, news, etc.
  6. Paypal- The official PayPal app for Android
  7. Stocks- Promotions
  8. Taxcounter- A program for counting debts (including 395), taxes, duties, days, etc.
  9. Ye viewer- view data from 1C: Enterprise 7.7
  10. Mobile trade Mobi-S- Mobile trade "Mobi-S" on the PDA
  11. State duty calculator- calculation of the amount of state duty
  12. Customer orders- An application for collecting customer orders for field managers
  13. Bank Card Reader- A tool for reading data from contactless NFC EMV bank cards.

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3. Schedulers, Alarms, Notes:
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    Notes / Reminders
  1. Business Notes - Notepad- A handy notepad for writing notes with the ability to attach files
  2. AA Task (Schedule & Memo)- Scheduler and notes
  3. 2Do: Todo List | Task list- Task Manager
  4. AK Notepad- program notes with reminders
  5. aBlackBook- We lead an active romantic life
  6. apMemo- Quick handwritten notes with reminders
  7. Big note- Notepad with categories: notes, purchases, storage of passwords, event reminder.
  8. Blackink- text notes, pictures, checklists
  9. Call notes- Displays notes from the address book when calling
  10. Catch - notes- Text, photo, voice notes. Offline and online storage
  11. Colornote- Functional Notepad
  12. COL Reminder- Convenient reminder
  13. Diaro- A quick and easy way to record personal information
  14. Diaro - personal diary- Convenient personal diary, diary and notes with synchronization.
  15. Draw Your Notes- Simple and fast reminder with the ability to draw your notes.
  16. Easy Note + 2do- Original program notes
  17. Evernote- Notes, audio and photo recordings, upload to network storage
  18. Extensive notes- Multifunctional program for notes
  19. Fiinote- Notepad for handwritten notes
  20. Genial writing- Notebook "by hand"
  21. Geonote- Reminder with geolocation
  22. GNotes- notes that sync with Gmail
  23. Handy-Alarm Memo- Program for notes
  24. Hmarik Reminder- Reminders of scheduled events
  25. HTC Notes- Widget for creating notes from HTC
  26. JustHappen- Diary on your phone
  27. KakiMemo Lite- Handwritten notes
  28. Kote - Notepad- Notes; map binding, reminders, tags, import / export and more
  29. Ktodo- A program for creating notes
  30. List Master Pro- Store all your listings in one place
  31. MB Draw- Handwritten notes
  32. Memento- Personal database
  33. Memoires- Notes, diary
  34. Mind backup- Text notes with unique search and Dropbox sync
  35. miniNoteViewer- Notes (Tombo Analogue on Window Mobile)
  36. Mininote- Stylish and fast notepad. Speed, minimalism, convenience and simplicity.
  37. Mixnote- A simple program to create notes.
  38. MobileNoter- synchronization with Microsoft OneNote
  39. Mobisle notes- Notes, the ability to send by e-mail and sms
  40. MyTreeNotes- A program for storing text notes
  41. Narrate - Journal, Diary, Notes- Diary and notes in the style of Material Design
  42. Next- Plan your future, remind now!
  43. Nimbus Note- Create and edit notes with offline access and synchronization
  44. Nitronotes- A program to synchronize notes with Outlook 2003/2007
  45. Note Everything- Create audio, graphic and text recordings
  46. Note me- Notes with search support, notifications, tags, shortcuts, themes, etc.
  47. Notes- Notes, to-do list; encryption, e-mailing, backup and more
  48. Notes- Create notes and store them under a password
  49. Notification notes- Notes placed in the upper bar
  50. OI Notepad- Notepad, creating and storing records
  51. Omni notes- An application for keeping notes open source, attractive design and thoughtful interaction
  52. Onepunch notes- Notes with the widget
  53. Papyrus- Notepad, entries are automatically saved as a text file on a memory card
  54. Papyrus ex- A simple notepad for short notes.
  55. Pocket note- Notes, video, audio, photo, by hand.
  56. Springpad- Notes offline / online, sync
  57. Staesj- Graphic notes with sticker widgets
  58. Swiftnotes- Create quick notes
  59. Touchnote- we send paper cards from your phone
  60. Tray notification- Create notes in the tray
  61. Ultra Notes- Notes with the widget
  62. Ultra mate diary- Diary, diary.
  63. Voiceit- Voice reminders
  64. Voice alert- Voice reminders.
  65. White board- Use your device as a sheet of paper
  66. [Hd]Write- A functional notebook for handwritten notes, a unique way to work with handwriting.
    To do list
  1. Any.DO: To Do List | Task list- Functional, convenient and beautiful to-do list for Android
  2. Gqueues- Task manager, two-way synchronization with Google calendar
  3. Upgrowth free - A cross between a task manager and a game - get experience for completing goals.
  4. 1TwoDo- Scheduler, to-do list
  5. AA Task- Planning your working day
  6. Astrid- Functional Scheduler
  7. Checkmark ToDo List Pro- Checklist task manager on the market.
  8. Chekoff- Creating a task list, voice input
  9. Christmas manager- Christmas planner
  10. Dejaoffice- Organizer with all attributes: tasks, calendar, todo, notes, contacts
  11. DGT Getting Things Done- GTD Case Planner
  12. Do it (Tomorrow)- Simple but stylish ToDo-list.
  13. Classic GTD Planner
  14. Doogle- Task Manager
  15. Due today- Scheduler with the ability to synchronize
  16. Google Tasks Organizer- Sync TODO lists
  17. Got to do- GTD based task scheduler
  18. GTasks- Tasks, notifications, reminders from Google
  19. gTasks- Sync tasks with gmail
  20. Hypocampo - geoplanger- TODO based on geolocation. Add places, assign tasks to them.
  21. LeaderTask To Do List- To-do list, organizer
  22. Most it- Diary, to-do list, drawing tool, beautiful interface
  23. MyLifeOrganized- Best GTD Task Manager
  24. My Google ™ Tasks- Tasks, sync with Google tasks
  25. My-Todolist - offline- To-do list
  26. myTimeSheet- Manage your time, project planning
  27. Pocket Informant for Android- The best organizer for Windows Mobile now for Android
  28. Shuffle- Open-source organizer in the style of GTD
  29. Tag ToDo List- Task list
  30. Task list- Task lists
  31. Taskos To Do List- Tasks synchronized with google tasks
  32. This List - ToDo List- Manage all your tasks for the day, week, month or year.
  33. Todayist- Organizer
  34. Tooid- Business Planner
  35. To Do Task Manager- Convenient task manager with widget, reminder, priorities, etc
  36. Todo.txt touch- Scheduler syncs via dropbox
  37. Todo Q- To-do list
  38. Toodo- Scheduler
  39. Ultimate To-Do List- Scheduler of tasks and projects with a lot of settings and synchronization with Todo
  40. Zdclock- Evernote + Alarm Clock
  41. Geo Planner- Allows you to schedule tasks by tying them to the site
  42. Progress Success PRO- A simple "pinkey" that allows you to achieve your goals
  43. Chaos control- Work with tasks, creating lists and projects, synchronization and password protection
    Shopping list
  1. Shopping Manager Logist- Maintain shopping lists, approximate cost calculation, list analysis
  2. Shared Shopping List- Laconic shopping list with the ability to co-edit the list with several users in real time
  3. SkleroShop- Shopping list
  4. IKEA Buyer's Guide- Easy replacement of the IKEA stores paper sheet with the ability to add your photo to the product.
  5. Shopping Shopping List - Grouping purchases by category, sending a shopping list to loved ones via Facebook, VKontakte, Skype or by e-mail, the ability to postpone a purchase for tomorrow.
  6. Drshopper- Shopping list
  7. Grocery Gadget Shopping List- shopping list
  8. Grocery king- Shopping list
  9. Lazyshopper- new functional shopping list
  10. Mighty grocery- Very heaped shopping list
  11. OI Shopping list- Shopping List
  12. Out of milk- Shopping list
  13. The calasdo list- shopping list
  14. Bank of applications (Warehouse)- Compiling lists of applications, products, goods
  15. Go shopping- Application with auto-tips and product categories
  16. Shopping list- The easiest shopping list.
  17. Shopping List - Go2Shop- Convenient, intuitive and very easy to use shopping list!
  1. beOrganized- Google calendar and tasks
  2. Business calendar- Functional calendar
  3. Calendar Event Reminder- Advanced management of calendar notifications.
  4. CalenGoo- calendar with the ability to synchronize Gmail
  5. Gemini calendar- Calendar for Android
  6. Google Calendar- Official calendar from Google.
  7. Jorte- Calendar, scheduler, to-do list, widget
  8. Schedule St.- calendar, tasks, notes, synchronization with google
  9. Touch calendar- Convenient calendar with widgets
  10. Vkontakte: birthday- Export of birthdays from soc. Vkontakte network in the standard calendar
  11. Simple calendar- Simple calendar
    Calendars and applications for women
  1. BabyBump (Pregnancy App)- Program for conducting pregnancy
  2. Baby care- A program for keeping statistics and a diary for child care
  3. Baby esp- A program for keeping statistics on the care of the newborn
  4. Menstrual calendar- Women's calendar
  5. Mom 2 be- Program for conducting pregnancy
  6. My baby- Baby care. Family. Parents and children. Caring for the Kid.
  7. My calendar- Women's calendar
  8. My Days - Period & Ovulation- Women's calendar with multiple accounts and backup
  9. Ovuview- Women's calendar
  10. Period and Ovulation Tracker- Women's calendar
  11. Pink pad- Women's calendar
  12. Safe Sex Calculator- Application for women. Calculate the ovulation period
    Schedule, schedule
  1. A + TimeTable- Schedule of classes (lessons, lectures)
  2. Grades: Student Organizer- Tracking homework, exams, semesters
  3. HomeWork (D / C)- Schedule of classes and tasks
  4. Class buddy pro- Schedule management assistant for a busy school life.
  5. Shifty- shift work schedule
  6. Timetable- A program for scheduling lectures and lessons
  7. TimeTable (for Student)- Program for scheduling lectures (place, time, teacher)
    Alert about DR and important dates
  1. Birthday manager- Notification of birthdays and other events
  2. Birthday Reminder GLite- Notification of birthdays and other events
  3. Ebobirthday- Reminder of the next birthday, there is a widget
  4. Happy birthday- birthday reminder
    Time management
  1. Timeio- Time and task accounting, "Pomodoro" equipment, reminders
  2. Since- day counter
  3. qTimeRec- Time tracking program
  4. Timesheet- The program for time management
  5. Timetracker- The program keeps track of the time you spent on various projects / tasks during the day
  6. Time Recording- manager of elapsed time
  7. tipcat- Personal time tracking (time tracking)
    Timers, stopwatches, counters
  1. Multi Timer- Manager of several timers and stopwatches
  2. Clickr- This is a simple application that allows you to read something just by tapping the screen or tapping the trackball
  3. Click counter- Counter any repetitive actions.
  4. Countdown Alarm ++- Countdown timer
  5. CountDown Timer- Timer with a choice of ringtone
  6. eeeCounter- Tap on the screen
  7. Final countdown- Excellent timer with widget
  8. Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer- Stylish timer and stopwatch for Android
  9. Interval Training Timer AD- Timer with workout intervals
  10. IPSC Shot Timer Beta- Stopwatch, with the start of the countdown from the shot of the starting pistol, etc.
  11. Kitchen timer- Kitchen timer
  12. Measured Timer- countdown timer
  13. Oi countdown- Timer
  14. Space timer- Stylish timer with custom presets
  15. StopWatch & Timer- stopwatch and timer
  16. Timers4me- A utility for creating and managing timers.
  17. TwoTouch Timer Full- Countdown timers, alarm clocks, stopwatches, etc.
  18. Ultimate Stopwatch & Timer- Stopwatch / Timer
  19. Visual countdown- Original timer
    Alarm clocks
  1. Alarm clock- Alarm clock, flashlight
  2. Alarm Clock Plus- Alarm clock without frills
  3. Alarm Clock Xtreme- powerful alarm clock
  4. AlarmDroid [Alarm Clock]- Alarm clock with many settings
  5. Alarm klock- Alarm clock
  6. Alarm master- Manager reminders \ alarm clocks
  7. Alarm tokiko- Alarm clock and cuckoo clock
  8. Alarming alarm- Alarm clock with night hours and the ability to turn it off shaking
  9. Alarms- Alarm clock with extensive settings
  10. Alarmyu- an interesting alarm clock with different widgets
  11. Caynax Alarm Clock- Alarm clock
  12. G-Alarm- Alarm clock
  13. Gentle Alarm- Alarm clock with sleep phase support
  14. GM Alarm- Social alarm clock: calls are downloaded from the Internet
  15. Good morning- Personal Awakening Assistant - Talking Alarm Clock
  16. Kaloer Clock- "Night" hours, a conclusion of time, date, an alarm clock
  17. Klaxon- Night (bedside) clock, unlimited number of alarms, signal selection, etc.
  18. Math Alarm Clock- To turn off the alarm, you need to solve a simple example.
  19. Morning routine- Original and effective alarm clock using QR codes
  20. myClock Beta- Simple and very nice alarm clock.
  21. NFC (Puzzle) Alarm Clock- An alarm clock that turns off when an NFC tag is detected or a QR code is scanned is also a solution to the problem.
  22. Nightclock- Alarm clock and large numbers
  23. reMind- A new idea for an alarm clock reminder
  24. Sleep as Android- Alarm clock with sleep phases
  25. Smart Alarm Clock- The alarm clock monitors the phases of sleep and finds the best time to wake up.
  26. Sweet dreams- Alarm clock with features, winner of Google ADC2
  27. Wakevoice- Original alarm clock
    Help when falling asleep
  1. Deep sleep- Sounds of nature to help sleep
  2. Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock- Anti-Alarm Clock or Program for those who can not sleep at all
  3. pzizz The Insomnia solution- Will help to relax and relieve stress.
  4. Relax and Sleep- Sounds of nature, etc.
  5. Sleep up- The program helps to fall asleep
  6. Sleepy time- sleep timer
  7. Sleep Now!- advanced alarm clock plus help in falling asleep
  8. Dream interpretation- A handy reference book of dreams
  1. Free (clock)- A tool for the design of the desktop
  2. Ambient time- Stylish watches from Sony Ericsson
  3. Bedside (Night Clock)- Night hours
  4. Bellman- Talking clock
  5. Better Alarm Clock- Clock, digital, analog. Widgets
  6. Digital Clock Android Honeycomb- Digital clock widget from Android Honeycomb
  7. Flip clock- Watch with turning effect and sound effects
  8. Fox Racing Theme Bonus- FOX Racing style watches
  9. Gem clock- Original watches
  10. NightStand BOLD- simple night docks
  11. QLOCKTWO- Several types of watches
  12. Sense Analog Small Black 4x1- Beautiful clock widget
  13. Sleepy Clock- simple night hours
  14. SPB Time- a set of advanced time management tools
  15. True binary clock- Binary (binary) clocks counting down the number of seconds since midnight
  1. ClockSync- Synchronize phone time with atomic clock via NTP
  2. Pips- The program gives a signal every hour, has flexible settings.
  3. SyTrant- time synchronization
  4. Guardian of time- Notification at the beginning of each hour

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4. Management Optimization:
Attached Image
    Task managers
  1. Activity Express Task Manager- Process Manager, RAM. Analogue jkAppSwitch
  2. Advanced Task Cleaner Pro- Good application killer
  3. Advanced task killer- Closing applications running in the background, in one click
  4. Advanced task manager- Task manager, viewing running applications / processes / services, their memory consumption and more
  5. Android Manager Free- Task manager, files, applications
  6. Andtask- Task Manager
  7. Appkik- Taskiller and Application Manager
  8. Automatic taskiller- Automatic unloading of background processes from memory
  9. Auto Memory Manager- Setting up a standard task killer
  10. Autokiller- Setting up a standard task killer
  11. Auto Task Manager- The program is designed to automatically remove tasks from the background
  12. Cleanoid- One-click kills all applications in memory
  13. Close Everything 2- Process Manager
  14. Clutch beta- Task Manager
  15. eray- Advanced Task Manager
  16. EStrongs Task Manager- Task Manager
  17. Gemini app manager- task manager with application management tools
  18. Itching thumb- Task manager in webOS style
  19. Jbak taskman- Task manager for android. Can replace standard application
  20. jkAppSwitch- Switching / completion of active tasks, the ability to run on the hard button
  21. m-taskkill- Task Manager for Android.
  22. MinFreeManager- The program allows you to customize the work of the built-in Task killer
  23. Mini Task Manager- Task Manager
  24. MultiTasking- Makes multitasking a little more convenient.
  25. Perfect Task Switcher- A smart task manager with thumbnails of running applications.
  26. Preome- Task Switcher / Manager
  27. Processmanager- Task Manager for Android-smartphone with advanced features.
  28. Quick exit- Button [X] (closing the program, as in Windows)
  29. Simple task manager- Task manager and autoload
  30. Super manager- Task manager and not only
  31. Super manager- battery info, task manager, etc.
  32. Systempanel- Task manager, information about CPU usage, shared memory, network traffic
  33. Taskman- Task Manager for Android.
  34. Task manager- Task Manager, deletes processes, shows CPU and RAM load, incoming and outgoing traffic flow
  35. Task switcher- Switch between active tasks, support hotkeys
  36. Task tray- To quickly switch between open programs
  37. TasKiller- Download programs from RAM, widget
  38. TaskPanel- Task manager, widget
  39. TaskXP for MultiTasking- Cool task manager
  40. Visual task switcher- All processes are in full view.
  41. Watchdog Task Manager- Stop killing your apps. Start to control them.
    File managers
  1. AndExplorer- File manager
  2. andRootFile- File manager for Root user
  3. AndroXplorer- File manager
  4. ASTRO File Manager- File manager with the ability to backup applications
  5. Astro SMB Module- Samba module for ASTRO File Manager
  6. Barcontrol- Places in the notification area any installed application on the phone, to quickly navigate to it
  7. CRKO Commander- File manager with support for two panels, like Total Commander
  8. Dual File Manager- File manager
  9. eFile- File manager
  10. EStrongs File Explorer- File manager, backup programs, access PC files over LAN
  11. Explorer- File manager with support for sending any files via bluetooth
  12. Fastfile- Perspective file manager
  13. File expert- Advanced File Manager, with built-in FTP Server, Web Server, SMB
  14. File manager- File Manager (Adao Team)
  15. File manager- Cute file manager for Android
  16. Filebro- File manager with advanced features
  17. Filego- File manager, process manager, application
  18. Files Droid- File manager
  19. Ghost commander- File manager with support for two panels, by the type of Norton / Total Commander
  20. inKa File Manager- file manager.
  21. Linda file manager- Work with zip, built-in task manager and applications
  22. Midnight commander- File manager with text interface like Norton Commander
  23. Mini file manager- File manager
  24. OI File Manager- File manager
  25. Root explorer- File manager for Root users
  26. SU File Manager & Terminal- File manager for Root users
  27. Total Commander for Android- two panel file manager
  28. X-plore- File manager
    Application Organizers
  1. Advanced app drawer- Application Organizer
  2. All Apps Organizer- sorting applications by category, etc.
  3. Apps Organizer- Organization of installed applications through tags
  4. App Mate- Application Manager
  5. Auto App Organizer- Application cataloger
  6. Appicker- Alphabetical classifier of programs
  7. Android Mate- Organization of installed applications, file manager and task manager
  8. FolderOrganizer (aka abcOrganizer)- Organize applications / contacts / bookmarks via tags
    Labels, folders, status bar, task bar, and add. desktop utilities
  1. [HD]Roundr- Rounding the edges of the screen (as in MIUI)
  2. Lime rounding- rounds up the phone screen in any application
  3. Material Notification Shade- Changes your system curtain to curtain from Android N or O

    Application launchers, start menu, taskbar
  1. My Launcher run your apps)- Beautiful and customizable application to run your favorite programs
  2. App Swap - The Smart Drawer- Your favorite applications with one swipe
  3. Knockr - Motion Gestures Launcher [1.2.1]- Manage gestures on the locked screen. Only for OLED screens.
  4. Sidecontrol- Launcher in the sidebar
  5. AppShaker- the program starts the desired application by shaking the phone.
  6. App stack- Widget, quick launch of your favorite applications
  7. Bar shortcuts- add an application to the statusbar
  8. Button shortcut- Designates the launch of programs on the hardware keys
  9. gAppsLauncher- Google Web Services Launcher
  10. Ks Launcher for 1.6 / 2.1- Running applications
  11. Launch-X- Widget for quick access to your favorite applications
  12. Launchkey- Menu by button "Search"
  13. Notification Toggle- Access to functions / applications from the statusbar
  14. Quickdroid- Quick search and launch of the application
  15. Sign- Application launch gestures
  16. Simple App Launcher- Simple launcher with quick access to all applications.
  17. Swipepad- launcher gestures
  18. UltimateFaves- Three-dimensional carousel
    Quick access to settings
  1. Apps @ Bar- Expand the status line functionality
  2. Colorsetstings- quick access to settings
  3. iPanel- Control panel for quick access to settings.
  4. Is it on?- Shows on or off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.
  5. Mysettings- A program to quickly configure frequently used Android parameters
  6. Power control pro- Manage phone settings from the notification panel / desktop
  7. Quick Control Panel- Control panel for quick access to settings.
  8. Quick settings- Program for quick access to settings, you can add an icon in the status bar
  9. Quicker settings- Quick settings
  10. RotateToggle- Turn on / off automatic screen rotation
  11. Useful Switchers- Turn on / off the main functions of the device
  12. Touch master- Quick access to all your favorite applications and settings
  13. Wi-Fi notification- Informs about the state of Wi-Fi connection in the notification line
    Lock screen
  1. Air lock screen- Lock with a wave of your hand
  2. Android L Lockscreen- Android L Locker
  3. Galaxy Locker (Lock Settings)- Imitation of the blocker Samsung Galaxy S4
  4. CM Locker - Smart Locker- lock screen
  5. [HD]Xperia z lockscreen- Loker from the Xperia Z Line, but with ads in the settings
  6. SWIPE. Lock screen- Minimalistic and simple locker
  7. Locker master- Widescreen display blocker
  8. LG Optimus Lockscreen- Beautiful lokskrin from the apparatus of the same name
  9. iPhone 5S Theme Lock- iOS 7 lock
  10. IOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD- IOS 7 style screen blocker
  11. Galaxy S4 lock screen- Lock screen in the style of the Samsung Galaxy S4
  12. Active lockscreen- Beautiful, convenient, customizable blocker
  13. Alock- Lockscreen with minimum settings
  14. Agile lock- Screen lock in the style of Sense 3.0
  15. BieberLocker (HiLocker based)- Ability to cut the bieber's head!
  16. C Locker- Blocker with many settings
  17. Creative locker- Very nice creative locker
  18. curlock screen- System changes screen lock
  19. CoCo Locker (Cooee Locker)- Blocker with 11 original themes
  20. DIY Screensaver- Lockscreen in iphone style
  21. dodol locker - phone decor- A handsome screen blocker from the creators of the launcher Dodol
  22. Lock 2.0- iPhone style
  23. Screen suite- Another IPhone style blocker
  24. fLockscreen- Simple blocker
  25. Flyscreen- Alternate lock screen with widgets
  26. Fingerprint lock- Fingerprint lock screen
  27. Fruit ninja locker- LockScreen in the style of the famous game Fruit Ninja
  28. Goto- A beautiful blocker with a lot of settings
  29. Picture Password Lockscreen- Lock screen in the style of Windows 8
  30. 91 Locker- Blocker with settings
  31. GO Locker- Blocker with many themes
  32. Holo Locker / Holo Locker Plus- Screen blocker based on Jelly Bean stock screen blocker for Android 2.2+
  33. Hive locker- Interesting blocker
  34. Homebase lock screen- Locker launcher with great functionality
  35. Hilocker- Lockscreen with cutting the lock in the style of "Fruit Ninja"
  36. Huawei 2D (PotterUnlock)- Screen lock from Huawei
  37. Kia lock screen- Kia Motors Screen Blocker
  38. iLocker- ipad / iphone style lock
  39. iPhone Lock Screen- Lock screen in iPhone style (IOS7)
  40. livelocker- In ICS style
  41. LockBot Pro- Lock screen in different styles (iPhone, Hero, Eclair)
  42. Locker Master-Fresh Scene [s]- Animated screen blocker
  43. Lockgo- Lockscreen with widgets and many settings
  44. Lockmenu- Launch applications and shortcuts right from the lock screen
  45. Lock screen 7- Windows7 style lock
  46. Lucent Lock Screen- Lockscreen with multiple widgets
  47. myLock Auto Unlock- Replacing the standard blocker
  48. MiLocker- Lockscreen port from MIUI firmware
  49. Minimal Lock Pro- A simple screen blocker with the ability to control music, sms and calls
  50. Ripple lock- Lock screen in the style of Android 3.0
  51. Screen lock pro- Screen lock with widget, proximity sensor and accelerometer
  52. Sparky Lock Screen- Set of 8 lokskrinov with beautiful design and functionality
  53. Screen off and lock- Lock the phone when you click the program shortcut
  54. Sensor Ball Screensaver- The original screen blocker, to unlock it, you need to drive the ball into the hole
  55. Sexy Girl Live Screensaver- Video lock screen-girl in bikini washes your screen
  56. Simply Lockscreen- Blocker with widgets
  57. Simple lock- A very simple screen blocker
  58. Sky locker- Neon blocker
  59. SmartShift Lockscreen- Changes screen lock shortcuts, phone settings depending on time, date, place, etc.
  60. Speed ​​launcher- Customizable lock screen
  61. Train Your Dragon - Fun Locker- Very beautiful and creative lokskriny
  62. TuneWiki Lyric Lock Screen- Lock screen from the creators of the player TuneWiki
  63. Widgetlocker lockscreen- One of the most popular and high quality blockers
  64. WP7 Lock- WP7 style
  65. HVGA Unlock Screen- TouchWiz style unlock screen (Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II) for phones with 320x480 screen
  66. Zipper Lock Leather Collection- Screen lock in the form of lightning
  67. Quick Launch lockscreen- Alternative lock screen
  68. OEM Lock screen- Sense 3.0 lock screen
    Screen lock, sleep mode
  1. Delayed lock- temporarily cancels loxgrin
  2. Screen off- Widget that allows you to turn off the screen without touching the power button
  3. Screen off- Turn on sleep mode by tapping the screen
    Text entry methods
  1. Full keyboard- The keyboard is a fork (om) of the well-known Hacker's Keyboard keyboard
  2. 8PEN- Alternative sensor input system
  3. Arabic Keyboard- Arabic language keyboard
  4. Any Soft Keyboard- Virtual keyboard with multi-language support
  5. Better keyboard- Virtual keyboard: T9, gestures, support for skins
  6. Compute now- A virtual keyboard that allows you to perform calculations in any field
  7. Drawkeyboard- The program, the characters in which you want to draw
  8. Gingerbread keyboard- Claudia as in android 2.3
  9. Gingerbread keyboard- keyboard port with Android 2.3
  10. GO Keyboard- keyboard from GO Dev Team
  11. Google Pinyin IME- Enter Chinese characters with the Pinyin method
  12. Graffiti for Android- Text Recognition System with Palm OS
  13. Hacker's Keyboard- full keyboard
  14. HTC_IME Custom Skin Generators- Online On-Screen Keyboard Designer
  15. HTC Touch Input- On-screen HTC keyboard with intelligent input (RU / EN)
  16. iPhone Keyboard Emulator- emulation iphone keyboard
  17. Japanese IME Kaede IME V3- Japanese input method for Android OS devices
  18. Keyboard from Android 2.3+- The best port 2.3 keyboards from the Android Market
  19. Keyboard manager- Installation of keyboards for portrait and landscape modes
  20. Keypurr Keyboard- innovative keyboard layout
  21. LG IME Keyboard- Keyboard from LG GT540, port for mdpi devices
  22. Messagease- keyboard
  23. Paragon keyboard- Russian-English keyboard for Android
  24. Perfect Keyboard- Keyboard with maximum customization
  25. PenReader for Android- Application for handwriting recognition
  26. ruKeyboard- Keyboard with support for Russian and Ukrainian languages
  27. SCUT gPen- Chinese handwriting input (Chinise IME, handwriting input)
  28. ShapeWriter ™- Accelerated text input system
  29. SlideIT Keyboard- Innovative text input
  30. Smart keyboard- Virtual keyboard with T9 and gestures
  31. SMS to Swype- Auto-add words to the Swype dictionary based on SMS analysis
  32. Sogou input- Chinese keyboard.
  33. SwiftKey X Phone- New predictive text input system
  34. Swype- We drive along the keys to enter words
  35. Symbols- A set of beautiful characters
  36. ThickButtons Keyboard- Keyboard predictive buttons
  37. Thumb keyboard- Convenient keyboard for tablets and phones
  38. Topkeyboard- Eliminates the lack of keyboards, where the buttons are located close to each other
  39. TouchPal- great keyboard
  40. TripleBoard- Keyboard based on gestures for Android OS
  41. Ultra keyboard- Excellent keyboard for Android
  42. WiFi Keyboard- WiFi Keyboard
  43. Ladonnik2- Keyboard with fundamentally new layouts
    Volume control
  1. Android Volumer- adjust the volume
  2. AudioBoost for SGS- Tweak sound
  3. Audioguru- Easy adjustment of the volume levels with the widget
  4. FoxyRing- Adjusts the volume of the call, depending on the noise level, the widget, the function of night time, etc.
  5. Increasing ring- Program to increase the volume of the call
  6. Interrupt- volume control by noise level
  7. Louder Volume Hack- Change the volume level
  8. Master Volume Controller- Adjust the sound volume
  9. Ringriser- Controls the volume of the call, SMS and alarm, changing the level from minimum to set in the system
  10. Shush! Ringer restorer- Smart volume control
  11. Toone picker- Quick volume adjustment
  12. Up sound down- Turn on and off the speakerphone
  13. Volume +- Tweak sound on Android 2.3 +
  14. Volume control- Changing all volume settings on one screen, supports preservation and loading of presets
  15. Volume Control Plus- Volume control
  16. VolumeController- Volume control from the status bar
  17. Volume locker- Prevents accidental volume changes
  18. Volume Unlock - sound to the fullest- Removes restrictions on the volume of sound when connecting a headset
  19. VolumeSetting [cVolume]- Change the volume settings
  20. Voodoo control- Application to control Voodoo sound on Galaxy S, Nexus S or Galaxy
    Headset Applications
  1. Bluetooth switcher- Redirection of sound from the device to a Bluetooth-headset, analogue acbT
  2. BTmono- Redirection of sound from the device to a bluetooth headset
  3. Headset Button Controller- Manage your music player with one-touch headset
  4. Headset Volume Controller- Volume control from the headset
  5. Super BT Mono Froyo- Transfer audio to a BT headset
  6. Headset volume- A program to control the volume with a native garnish
    Search on device
  1. Aurora Device Search- Full-text search on the device, integrate with the search widget from Google
  2. Extended search- Advanced Search
  3. Gesture search- Search using gestures
  4. Global searcher- voice global search.
  5. Search- Search data on the device
  1. Edwin- Using voice to control your smartphone
  2. Vlingo- We control the smartphone voice
  3. Talkback- Pronounce your actions on the android with your voice

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5. System applications:
Attached Image
    Battery information and widgets (Batteries)
  1. Battery E.T.A- The charge and the remaining time of the smartphone in the notification area
  2. Battery Indicator- Battery charge in the notification area
  3. Batteryminder- Advanced battery widget with sound reminder
  4. Battery Status- Displays information on battery status in notifications
  5. BatteryTime- Application-indicator, battery experiments
  6. Battmonh- battery status monitoring for Droid X
  7. brBatteryIndicator- Simple battery charge indicator in percent for bar status
  8. Battery mix- detailed battery consumption statistics
  9. Battery Notifier (Big Text)- battery charge indicator in the upper status bar
  10. Battery spy- Battery control
  11. Circular Battery Status- Round battery indicator in the status bar
  12. Clarus battery- battery info widget
  13. Eco charger- Notifies about battery charging, high voltage and overheating
  14. GSam Battery Monitor- Utility for monitoring energy consumption.
    Optimization, additional information about the battery (Battery)
  1. 2 Battery (Russian version)- The application extends battery life
  2. 2x Battery - Battery Saver- prolongs battery life by managing mobile networks
  3. Ampere- shows how fast the Android smartphone is charging
  4. Battery graph- Battery charge chart
  5. Battery Calibration- Battery calibration
  6. Battery Monitor HD- Best battery life monitor in HD
  7. Extend Android Battery Life- Power Saving Utility
  8. Green Power battery saver- smart battery saving
  9. JuiceDefender- The program to extend battery life
  10. Power Manager Full- Power management, adds new settings allows you to quickly change them depending on conditions
  11. Powermax pro- Extend battery life.
  12. PowerTutor- We are looking for a scoundrel who eats battery
  1. AndroZip- The program allows you to archive in ZIP, GZIP, TAR and unzip RAR, 7Z; application manager
  2. Powergrasp- Archiver
    Installed Application Managers
  1. Android Injector- installation of third-party applications on the phone without root rights
  2. App 2 SD- Helps to transfer applications to the memory card
  3. App2SD - Save phone storage- Install applications on the SD card
  4. Appalarm- Start and stop applications on schedule
  5. AppsInstaller- Install applications from a flash drive to your phone
  6. Apex uninstaller- Quick access to uninstall applications
  7. App Usage Monitor- Counts the number of launches of each of the programs installed on the device
  8. App Wiper- Smart Uninstaller Application
  9. Appadmin- Application Manager
  10. Appcontrol- Allows you to keep track of the installed software, delete, archive it and do a lot of other things with the programs
  11. AppRemover- Quick removal of installed programs
  12. a smart uninstaller- removal of regular system (and not only) programs
  13. aSpotCat- Application manager with display of system permissions of programs
  14. aTrackDog (sd)- Manager of installed and backup programs: check for updates, uninstall, etc.
  15. aTrackDog- Manager of installed programs: check for updates, uninstall, etc.
  16. Easy freezy- secure application removal
  17. Easy installer- Install / uninstall apk from SD, batch mode, search in Market
  18. Ghostify- Program to recover deleted programs
  19. Imapps- Application manager with information on them
  20. Linda application manager- Installed Application Manager
  21. Link2SD- Allows you to selectively transfer user applications to the SD card
  22. Listables!- List of installed programs, export to HTML, sending by e-mail
  23. Mod Install Location- Change the installation path for applications
  24. Move2SD Enabler- moves software to SD
  25. Move Cache for Root User- Transferring the program cache to the memory card
  26. Permissiondog- total control over applications
  27. Permissions Denied- Selective withdrawal of permits from programs
  28. Plug in launcher- Program for automatically launching applications in different modes
  29. Quick app manager- application manager
  30. QuickUninstall- Uninstall applications
  31. Root app remover- uninstall applications
  32. Root uninstaller- Application for removal, "freezing" of system and other applications
  33. S2E (simple2ext)- app2sd for CyanogenMod7
  34. SDMove- Analysis of applications on the possibility of transfer to SD
  35. SD Maid - System cleaning tool- Cleans the "tails" for remote programs
  36. ShareMyApps- creates a list of your applications
  37. Silent App Uninstaller- removes unnecessary applications
  38. SlideME Mobentoo App Installer- A smart installer of packages from a card with display of names, search and sorting
  39. Smartbar- Application Manager
  40. SystemApp Remover- Easily remove system applications.
  41. Uninstaller- Convenient and easy to manage application uninstaller
  42. VM Heap Tool- increase in the size of memory for applications
  43. X-Uninstaller- Remove installed applications, batch removal is supported
    Startup Managers
  1. Autorun killer- Allows you to edit the list of programs that load automatically
  2. Autorun manager- application for canceled automatic application downloads
  3. Autostarts- Shows which programs run automatically after loading, as well as other system events occurring in the background
  4. Startup Cleaner Pro- Startup Manager
  5. Startup manager- Manage the launch of applications and services
  6. Startup Auditor- Management autorun programs
    Backing up data and applications
  1. App BackUp- Backup applications
  2. App Backup & Restore- Backup
  3. AppMonster- Application Backup
  4. Backup everything- Backup of user data
  5. Backup for Root Users- Backup files, bookmarks, settings, etc.
  6. Mybackup- Backup data and settings, scheduled copying, etc.
  7. Sprite backup- Data backup: programs, contacts, messages, settings, etc.
  8. Sprite migrate- Restore backup of contacts, SMS, call logs and bookmarks made by Sprite Backup to WM, Symbian, BlackBerry
  9. Titanium backup- Backup of applications and user data (sms / mss / contacts)
  10. Titanium Media Sync- Cloud sync
  11. xArchive- Backup data sending to Gmail
    CPU management
  1. Cools- Reset processor frequency for Samsung I5700
  2. CPU Spy- Displays the time of the processor at each of the frequencies
  3. CPU Master- CPU frequency control
  4. CPU tuner- Set the min / max processor frequency.
  5. Droid X / 2 Overclock- Application for overclocking
  6. Milestone overclock- Overclocking of rooted Milestone and Droid
  7. Open overclocker- Setting the minimum / maximum processor frequency
  8. SetCPU- A program to control the frequency of the processor
  9. Setvsel- Accelerates and changes the voltage of motorola defy
  10. Slowdown- Another program to reset the processor frequency (Samsung Spica)
  11. SuperPower- Automatic control of Data, Wi-Fi, 2G / 3G, CPU
  12. Tablet CPU Usage Monitor- Monitoring CPU utilization for tablets with 2-core processors
  13. Tegrak overlock- This application allows you to control the frequency of the processor in Android
    Tests, benchmarks
  1. Advanced test card- Check screen for the presence of dead pixels
  2. AnTutu System Benchmark- Benchmark for Android
  3. Benchmark- Utility to assess the performance of devices running Android OS
  4. Dead Pixel Test- Screen check for broken pixels
  5. GLBenchmark- Benchmark to assess the performance of devices
  6. Linpack- Benchmark, performance test
  7. Multitouch test- Multitouch test allows you to learn many features of the touch mouth
  8. Phone speed tester- Smartphone speed test
  9. Phone tester- the application allows you to check the correct operation of the device
  10. Quadrant- Benchmark devices
    Seascape benchmark- GPU performance testing
  11. Screen test- Screen test for broken pixels
  12. SD card speed tester- A program to test the speed of the memory card
  13. SD Tools- Benchmark SD / Memory Card Test
  14. Smartbench- We test the smartphone for performance
  15. Test card- Screen Test
  16. Touch test- Testing the parameters of the screen and multi-touch
  17. Z-DeviceTest- Test all the sensors of your phone
    Getting ROOT and utilities for firmware
  1. Bay_wolf's AIO I9000 Toolbox- Helps automate the process of firmware mods on the Samsung Galaxy S
  2. Droid X Recovery Bootstrap- Access to recovery mode for Droid X
  3. Gingerbreak- Getting root on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  4. Kernel Manager- Manager of custom kernels
  5. Metamorph- Allows you to put patches, and mods your phone.
  6. Recovery flasher- Utility for firmware recovery image on the phone
  7. ROM Manager- A program for quick access to the functions of recovery
  8. Root manager- Toolkit for Root user
  9. Root n me- Getting root rights
  10. Root tools- getting root rights
  11. Superuser- The latest and best version of the program for managing ROOT rights
  12. Sysctl Config * Root *- Changing kernel parameters
  13. Universal androot- Enable / disable ROOT access
  14. VISIONary- opening temporary and permanent root access
    Optimization of work, clearing the cache
  1. 1Tap Cache Cleaner- Clear Cache
  2. 1-click cleaner- clear cache
  3. AndClear- Clear cache and temporary files
  4. andMemory- Optimization of RAM
  5. Android Booster- Optimization and acceleration of the communicator
  6. Cache Cleaner Ng- cleans the application cache
  7. Cachemate- Clearing data cache from applications
  8. Free memory- Program for cleaning RAM
  9. MemoryUp Personal- Cleaning and speeding up RAM
  10. Memory booster- Utility frees device memory
  11. NetQin Mobile Guard- designed to optimize system performance
  12. Quick App Clean Cache- Quick cleaning application cache
  13. Swapper 2- create swap partition on SD card
  14. Swapper for ROOT- A small program that creates a swap-section to increase RAM
    System Utility Kits

  1. Kernel toolkit pro- increase in productivity and battery life
  2. Absolute System Root Tool- A set of tools for the Root user
  3. Android tweak- Android Tweaker
  4. Andbox- A powerful tool for a smartphone, from the author AndFire
  5. Android Assistant- 10 utilities that can be useful when working with Android
  6. Captivate SGS Tools- Tweaking your Captivate
  7. Samsung Tool- Backup IMEI, recovery, download mod
  8. Droid System Suite- Multifunctional system manager of your android device
  9. Galaxy tuner- fine tune Samsung Galaxy S
  10. nitrality- Combine for SGS
  11. Norton Mobile Utilities Beta- Settings and reports
  12. Optimize toolbox- Collection of system applications
  13. Root system tool- Your Android Hacker
  14. Root toolbox- a set of tools for rooted phones
  15. Securitymanager- Call Manager, Anti-Virus, Traffic Control, Application Manager
  16. SGS Toolbox- a small set of tools for the Samsung Galaxy S
  17. SGS Tools- A set of useful utilities for Samsung Galaxy S
  18. Spare Parts +- Advanced system settings
  19. Super Box (10 tools in 1 app)- Swiss system knife
  20. System editor- Terminal system editor
  21. Zdbox- A lot of tools to control the phone
    SD Utilities
  1. MountUSB- Using the SD card as a USB drive
  2. Sd booster- Acceleration of the SD card
  3. SD Card Speed ​​Booster- Increased reading speed from SD cards
  4. SD Increase- control the size of the SD card cache
    Control screen brightness
  1. HdCure dead pixels- A utility to identify and treat dead pixels
  2. Galaxy Button Lights- An application to adjust the backlight time of the touch buttons
  3. adjbrightness- Control screen brightness
  4. Brightness control- Widget to control screen brightness
  5. Brightness rocker- pop-up menus with adjustable display brightness
  6. Displaybrightness- Screen brightness control
  7. Different auto-brightness- An alternative to system auto-brightness
  8. JScreenFix - Fix stuck pixels- Utility to eliminate hot pixels
  9. KeepScreen- The program blocks the screen off for pre-selected applications
  10. LCD Density Changer- HI-res screen effect
  11. LCDDensity for Root- A program to change the density of the screen
  12. Liquid Settings- changes the sensitivity of the screen
  13. MultiTouch Visualizer 2- Utility shows MultiTouch operation
  14. Pixelfixer- Fights hot pixels
  15. Rotation - Orientation Manager- device orientation manager
  16. Screebl- Controls the backlight depending on the position of the device
  17. Screen filter- Decreases the screen brightness below the system. Especially needed for SAMOLED.
  18. Screen on- Does not allow the screen to turn off if one of the specified applications is running
  19. Smart rotator- Allows you to specify which applications to turn the screen.
  20. Proximity Sensor Reset-Setting and fixing the work of the proximity sensor on Android devices.
  21. Comfortable brightness- The application sets the screen brightness depending on the ambient light.
  22. No touch- from accidentally pressing the screen while watching a movie - etc.

    Boot animation
  1. [�] Boot animation clock- Changes stock screen saver on the selected
  2. Boot Animation Installer- replacement of animation when the device is turned on
  3. Bootanimation Changer Pro- Change boot animation
  4. Darkei`s Bootanimation Manager (PC)- Work with
  5. Live dmesg- Linux background
    Reboot device
  1. Fast Reboot Pro- Quick reboot smart without off. power supply
  2. Hot reboot- Hot reload only Android graphic shell
  3. Quick boot- Any reboot in one click
  4. Root booter- Quick and easy way to reboot with three options
    Information about the phone and resources
  1. [�] ZRAM Status- View ZRAM status
  2. Android System Info- Displays information about the phone and Android OS
  3. Andromax- Technical information about the phone, widgets
  4. Dalvik explorer- Utility showing system information for debugging applications
  5. Device info- Utility to display device information
  6. DiskUsage / SD Card- Information about the volume of directories on the memory card
  7. Elixir- system information + widget
  8. Freespace- Display of free / used space on sections
  9. Network Info II- Display internal information about the phone, wifi, bt, location
  10. Netmeter- Monitoring CPU and network usage
  11. OS Monitor- Listing of processes, connections to networks, etc.
  12. Process Monitor Widget- Multifunctional process monitoring utility
  13. Quick System Info- Quick access to system information
  14. Secret Setter / Phone- Displays full information about the phone
  15. SeePU ++- Shows in the notification area an icon that displays the level of load on the processor and the amount of free RAM
  16. Sysinfo- Displays data on the device
  17. SysInfo- utility that displays information about the Android-device
  18. Sysmonitor- A program that displays system information in the notification area
    Hardware keys and their emulation
  1. Simple pie- Simple touch keys.
  2. Simple control- Simple Soft Keys
  3. Volume button- Replacing the volume button
  4. ButtonRemapper- Allows you to reassign the functions of hardware buttons
  5. Button savior- Software emulator hardware buttons for Android
  6. Droidpad- Android device in the role of a computer joystick.
  7. SoftKeys for ROOT USERS- emulation of keys and joystick (fully customizable)
  8. LMT Launcher- Manage gestures and / or pop-up menus.
  9. StreakVibrations- Turn off the vibration of the hardware touch buttons Dell Streak
  10. Swkey- software emulator hardware buttons
  11. Virtual trackball- Virtual controller on the screen (trackball or D-Pad)
  12. zMooth- Imitation of hardware buttons
    LED notification settings
  1. Blink- allows you to customize the indicator color to SMS / MMS, incoming call, etc.
  2. BLN control- To manage your Back Light Notification settings
  3. LED me know- Event notifications by flashing LED
  4. LEDs Hack- A program to turn off LED intelligence
  5. Light flow- Configure notifications
  6. Noled- Using AMOLED display for notifications
  7. NotifyLight- Turn on the trackball backlight with effects
  8. Trackball Alert Pro- Alerts color trackball
    Taking screenshots
  1. DroCap2 for root users- Taking screenshots by timer or shake
  2. EZ Screenshot- Advanced screenshot with function scroll-shot
  3. Picme- Remote screenshots removal
  4. Qube- Taking screenshots with a button, shaking with the possibility of editing them
  5. SCR Screen Recorder- Video recording of what is happening on the screen
  6. Screenshot- Taking timer screenshots
  7. Screenshot ER- an application for taking screenshots
  8. Screen shot it- The program for taking screenshots
  9. Shootme- Program for taking screenshots and videos
  1. SVOX Classic Text To Speech Engine- A library of text reading voice for other applications.
  2. Talk-a-droid- Program to translate text to speech
  3. TTS Service Extended- Library reading text voice for other applications
  1. Fontster-The program is designed to replace system fonts on ROOT-devices
  2. Font Changer- The application allows you to change the font on the phone.
  3. Font Size (for root users)- Change the font size of the phone
  4. Type fresh- Replacing fonts on the communicator running Android
    Work with apk files, editing
  1. APKTool- The program for "opening" *. Apk files
  2. ApkEditor- Translation of apk applications right on the device
  3. Apk editor- Editing apk files
  4. AETool- A tool for editing apk files
  5. Apktool.- Multifunctional application for working with apk files
  6. ZipSigner- The program for signing Zip, Apk right on your Android device
  7. LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS- Patcher for most programs and games, cloning, hacking
  8. MT Manager- Translation, signature, modding, hacking and optimization of apk files
  9. Clone master- create clones with a label on the icon
  10. App cloner- the creation of clones, a lot of settings and additional functions
  11. Multiple Accounts (App Mate)- launch of two copies of one program or one game
  12. Parallel- simultaneous launch of two copies without creating a clone
  13. MT Manager- automatic creation of clones (you can have several)
  14. ApkEditor- automatic creation of clones (you can have several)
  15. LuckyPatcher by ChelpuS- create clones via LP
  16. ApkCrack (AETool)- automatic creation of clones (you can have several)
  1. ® HD Trimmer (fstrim)- Restore write speed to internal memory
  2. aDosBox- DOS emulator
  3. aLogCat- Program for keeping, saving and subsequent use of logs
  4. Android ID Changer- View and change Android ID
  5. Android Log Collector- A useful utility for debugging programs. Displays the system log
  6. Android Terminal Emulator- terminal emulator
  7. andTerm- Console for entering commands
  8. bash- replacement of the standard command shell SH
  9. Better Terminal Emulator Magic- terminal emulator
  10. Blade buddy- editing and changing system parameters
  11. Busybox- BusyBox Installer
  12. Custom locale- allows you to change the phone language
  13. ® DiskDigger- Recover deleted pictures, photos, as well as video.
  14. Do I Have NFC- Test for support of smartphone technology NFC
  15. Galaxy S SIM Unlocker- UnLock SiM for Galaxy S
  16. Install It- Necessary in the economy vypatel. Apk
  17. Linux installer- Installing Debian / Ubuntu on Android devices
  18. Mi remote- With the help of MiRemote you can control almost all home appliances, and not only at home
  19. Mobileboy- Emulsion GB / GBC for android
  20. Morelocale- Changing the locale (interface language) even if it is not displayed in the settings
  21. Phone codes- Fast entry of the service code with one click
  22. Q5 USB Memory Stick Manager- A program that mounts external flash drives
  23. Real HDMI- Turn on and off the HDMI port in any application
  24. Spare Parts- Additional settings
  25. Temp Root Remover- temporarily disable the root (helps to cheat games and not only)
  26. Trigger- An application to automate various actions on Android phones.
  27. ZaZaRemote- An application for managing home appliances through the infrared port of a smartphone
  28. ZipSigner- program for signing Zip, Apk right on your Android device
  29. Zxdroid- Emulator ZX Spectrum

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6. Security:
Attached Image
    Hiding photo / video
  1. Autowipe- A program to protect important information in the phone
  2. FotoStop- the program is designed to hide private photo albums
  3. GalleryExcluder- Hiding media files from the gallery
  4. HideNSeek- Allows you to hide multimedia files
  5. Hide Pictures in "Stocks" app- Hide photos and videos.
  6. Photo safe- Hiding photos on the device
  7. PhotoVault- hide pictures under the password
  8. Privacy blocker- protection of information
  9. Safe night- Property Watchdog
  10. Video safe- Hiding video on device
  11. VideoVault- hide the video under the password
    Data / Application Protection
  1. App Lock- allows you to password protect any application
  2. App Lock | Application security- Block and protect with a password (PIN or picture) messages, contacts, mail and other applications.
  3. App Protector- Set a password for launching applications
  4. Avast App Locker- Protect the most frequently used applications and make sure that no one can access them.
  5. B-folders- Safe storage of personal and business information in the form of a catalog
  6. CipherLog ™- Keeping records with encryption (256-bit AES)
  7. CME AppLock- face authentication when accessing applications
  8. FingerSecurity- An application that allows the owner of Samsung devices to use a fingerprint scanner to protect the applications of their choice.
  9. Invisible Protector- skillful protection of your applications
  10. Keeper ™ Password & Data Vault- Secure storage of personal data with AES encryption
  11. LBE Privacy Guard- Privacy protection application for Android, analogue of UAC in windows
  12. Mobisafe- Storing data in encrypted form and under a password
  13. OI Safe- A utility to store your important data in encrypted form.
  14. PGP Manager- A program to encrypt data
  15. Seal- setting a password (pattern) for launching applications
  16. Secret box- Storing records under a password with AES encryption
  17. Smart App Protector (app lock +)- Protect your applications from prying eyes.
  18. Spb wallet- Secure data storage.
  19. Visidon applock- your face is the key to hidden applications
  20. Wallet- Systematic storage of all sensitive data
  21. Password generator- A program to create random, secure passwords
  22. Conspirator- Hide your sms from prying eyes!
    Password Managers
  1. 1Password- Password Manager
  2. BioWallet Signature- Biometric Password Manager
  3. Cellbox lite password manager- Password Manager with the ability to store images, videos and so on.
  4. eWallet Viewer for Android- Storing passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers in a well-protected form
  5. gbaSafe- Password Manager with templates, categories and creating your own fields
  6. Handy Safe Pro- Android version of the legendary password keeper
  7. KeePassDroid- A program to store passwords
  8. LastPass Password Manager- Free program for storing passwords.
  9. NS Wallet - Password Manager- The program for secure storage of confidential information
  10. PassKeeper- Convenient password keeper
  11. Passwdsafe- Password Safe port for creating and storing logins / passwords
  12. Password generator- Password generator
  13. Pocket- Personal Information Store
  14. RoboForm for Android OS- Password Manager
  15. Safe locker- Keep your passwords and notes safe
  16. Secrets- Secure storage of passwords, codes, etc.
  17. Splash ID- Password Manager
  18. Safewallet- Storage of information, passwords, etc.
  19. Skeleton key- Manage passwords without storing them
    Anti-theft and phone lookup
  1. Droid locator- Search home droid in silent mode
  2. Droid protection- Protection of phone theft + protection of applications from access
  3. LMaxi Anti Theft- Helps you recover lost or stolen phone
  4. Lost phone- Functional anti-theft program
  5. Phone Locator PRO - MobiUcare- Protect or find the phone after loss or theft
  6. Phonesearch- Search for missing or stolen phone
  7. Prey- A program to search the phone in case of loss
  8. See droid- anti-theft program, remote control of the communicator
  9. Sheriff Anti-Tamper Alarm- alarm when moving the phone
  10. SIM Checker- A program to send an alarm in case of changing the SIM card
  11. TheftAlert (formerly TheftAlarm)- A simple program for notifying about the change of SIM
  12. Theft aware- Return your stolen smartphone. Protection from hard reset'a.
  13. Track & Protect beta- Protect your phone from theft
  14. Watchdog- Protect your phone from being stolen or lost.
  15. Watchdroid- Find your lost or stolen phone!
  16. WaveSecure Mobile Security- Security program, remote device tracking, notification when changing SIM card
    Antivirus and comprehensive protection
  1. 360 Mobile Safe- Package for full protection
  2. AppScan Beta- Antivirus
  3. AVG PRO- Protect smartphones, tablets and e-books with Android OS
  4. BitDefender Mobile Security- great anti-virus for android
  5. Dr.Web- Dr.Web for Android
  6. EStrongs Security Manager- Protect your device
  7. F-Secure Mobile Security- Managing the protection of your phone
  8. GuardX Antivirus- free antivirus for your phone.
  9. Kaspersky mobile security- Protection against viruses and spyware, helps to find a lost phone
  10. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android- Comprehensive protection of your device, replacing Kaspersky mobile security
  11. Lookout- Backup, device search, antivirus
  12. Mobile Security & Antivirus- Version of the popular Avast protection package for Android.
  13. Norton mobile security- Antivirus, call blocking, phone
  14. Tencent Mobile Security Manager (WeSecure)- free antivirus, minimum requirements for resources and RAM
  1. Intercepter-NG- Multifunctional network sniffer
  2. Connection tracker- Monitoring application network activity
  3. DroidWall (Root Required)- The program allows unlimited access of applications to the Internet via WiFi and restricts access via GPRS / EDGE / 3G
  4. Unlock With WiFi- Unlocks your device when you are in a certain Wi-Fi
  5. Stagefright Detector- Scan device for Stagefright vulnerability.

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7. Communication:
Attached Image
    Social networks, blogs
  1. Blogaway- Client for blogger
  2. Metal for Facebook & Twitter- Light and functional client for social networks Facebook and Twitter
  3. Blogger- The official app for
  4. Bubuta- chat is specially made for the Android platform
  5. Chat for Gtalk and Facebook- chat client for Gtalk and Facebook
  6. DATING (meet singles)- Dating based on geographic location.
  7. Droidin- Alternative client for LinkedIn
  8. Foursquare- Social network
  9. Friendplay- Social network with support for MSN, GTalk, AIM and Yahoo
  10. Friends, Fun, Free - qeep- program for communication
  11. fS- Official client
  12. Galaxy - Dating Galaxy- mobile social network of a new generation
  13. Google+- Mobile real life
  14. HelloTXTroid- Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Brightkite and more
  15. Juick- Juick microblogging client
  16. Maki Lite: Facebook and Twitter- The fastest and most convenient Facebook client with many themes and wide functionality.
  17. Mamba for Android- Applications from the dating site "Mamba"
  18. mobimeet- mobile dating
  19. NearbyFeed- an application for fans of social networks
  20. PlurQ- Plurk microblog client
  21. RoboJournal- Client for blogs on, able to locate
  22. Steam- Mobile client for digital distribution service Steam. Allows you to chat with friends and make purchases.
  23. ttTumblr- Client for blogs on
  24. Wordpress for Android- Pocket version of the popular CMS
  25. Classmates- Agent for Classmates
  26. Telefire- City in touch
  1. Advanced facebook- facebook client, advanced features
  2. Babbler- Client for Facebook
  3. Bloo- Client for Facebook
  4. Facebook for Android- Facebook client
  5. FriendCaster for Facebook- App for Facebook
  6. Go! Chat for Facebook- chat for Facebook
  7. Social Mobiles- Mobile web client for social networks
  1. Andtweet- Easy Twitter client for Android-communicator.
  2. CuTewit- Twitter client with widgets
  3. Hootsuite- Multi-account Twitter client
  4. Plume (ex. Touiteur)- Client for Twitter with flexible settings
  5. Seesmic- Client for Twitter; upload photos and videos, notification system, etc.
  6. SocialDROID- Client for Twitter
  7. Social jogger- a convenient client to view Twitter, Facebook
  8. Swift- Client for Twitter
  9. Tvider- Client for Twitter
  10. tweeos- Free Twitter client for Android.
  11. Tweetcaster- Client for Twitter with the ability to display dialogs
  12. Tweetdeck- Client for Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare
  13. Tweet topics- Twitter client
  14. Twicca- Twitter client
  15. Twigee- Twitter client
  16. Twitsee- search and view images on Twitter
  17. Twitter for Android- Official Twitter Client
  18. UberSocial for Android (formerly Twidroyd)- Full-featured Twitter client
  19. yFrog- Uploading videos and images to Twitter
    In contact with
  1. Kate- Client Vkontakte.
  2. Vkontakte Messenger- Mailing of messages in the Vkontakte network
  3. VKontakte- Client for VKontakte
  4. inEar Sound for VK- Service for dubbing incoming messages Vkontakte real-time synthesized voice
  5. Vkmedia- Watch the video and listen to music from VKontakte without a flash
  6. VK Media Player- music player for VKontakte
  7. VKPlayer- Allows you to listen and edit the playlist VKontakte
  8. VkVideo- Robs links to watch videos from Vkontakte
  9. VKVideo- Audio-video player for "VKontakte"
  10. vTalk- Messages VKontakte
  11. VKontakte DCT- Client for social network
  12. VKontakte Music- Listening to music VKontakte
  13. in contact with- Widget for social. VKontakte networks
  14. In contact with- Client for soc. network
  15. Vkontakte Video- millions of videos, clips, movies for free with
  16. VKontakte - official client- Of. VK application. Provides convenient access to network functionality
  17. Chat Vkontakte (VkChat)- Program for chat with users on VKontakte
    IM and multi-protocol clients
  1. Agile messenger- IM Client, for working with AOL AIM, MSN, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, GoogleTalk, ICQ and Jabber
  2. AIMer- AOL Instant Messenger
  3. AndChat- Multiserver IRC client with support for SSL, notifications, etc.
  4. Android IRC- IRC client
  5. AndroIRC- Advanced free IRC client or simply IRKA
  6. Beejiveim- ICQ, IM, MSN, Gtalk, Jabber, Facebook, Yahoo - Messenger
  7. Turn your mobile phone into a push-to-talk radio
  8. DaraIRC- Free IRC client with extensive features
  9. eBuddy IM- MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk and MySpace client
  10. Fring for Android- Multiprotocol client (ICQ, SIP, GoogleTalk, MSN, Twitter)
  11. goober messenger- ICQ / MSN / Yahoo Messenger
  12. Hello IM!- AIM client
  13. Hi aim- AIM client
  14. ICQ Mobile- Official client
  15. ICQLive- ICQ client, support for X-Status, registration, list of seeing, antispam, history, etc.
  16. IM + All-in-One Mobile Messenger- Multiprotocol client, supported: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, MySpace
  17. IMEasy- IM messenger with support for AIM, Facebook, G-Talk, MSN
  18. ICQ, Google Talk, Skype (text only), Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace
  19. imov messenger- AIM client, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, GoogleTalk, Jabber / XMPP, GaduGadu, etc., conference support
  20. Jasmine ICQ- ICQ client
  21. Kakaotalk- Chat
  22. kik messenger- New chat client migrated from BlackBerry and iPhone to Android
  23. LiveProfile- Internet messenger
  24. Meebo- AIM Client, Yahoo !, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber
  25. Messenger by miyowa- Chat with Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger
  26. MSN Talk Pro- MSN messenger for Android
  27. mvim!- IM client
  28. Mundu im- AIM client, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber IM
  29. Nimbuzz- Free IM client supporting: Skype, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo !, GoogleTalk, AIM, ICQ, MySpace, StudiVZ, Hyves, etc.
  30. Palringo Instant Messaging- Facebook, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber - instant messenger
  31. QIP for Android- Multi-protocol im QIP client for Android
  32. Slick- Free IM client supporting ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Google, Jabber, Facebook chat.
  33. Talkbox- Voice messenger
  34. Talkonaut- IM / mVoIP client with XMPP / Jabber support, SIP (receive and call), built-in MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ transports
  35. Trillian- IM client with Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo !, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber / XMPP and MySpaceIM support
  36. Truphone- Skype, IM, GTalk, Msn, Yahoo
  37. Utalk- A chat client, similar to the Palringo program (multi-protocol client)
  38. Asya / Asia IM- ICQ client
    Skype, GTalk and analogues
  1. Google talk- Official client with video chat support
  2. Direct from Instagram- Messages from your friends with funny photos, videos and boomerangs!
  3. ooVoo Mobile- Cross-platform video chat
  4. paltalk- Video and voice chat.
  5. Qik Video Connect- video calls between smartphones from Skype
  6. Scydo Free Calls- Skype analogue program
  7. Skype for Android- The official Skype client for Android
  8. Whatsapp messenger- Messaging from phone to phone
  9. Mobile Agent- Mail.Ru agent
  10. Tango video call- Free video call service
  11. Viber- Skype analogue program
  12. Yahoo messenger- Allows you to make audio, video calls on WiFi 3G networks
    Jabber / XMPP
  1. Beem- Jabber / XMPP client, SASL, Proxy, DNS SERV, etc.
  2. Bombus- Client for Jabber
  3. Bombusmod- Client for Jabber
  4. EMess- Jabber client
  5. Jabbim- Client for Jabber / XMPP networks
  6. Jabbroid- Jabber-client
  7. Jabiru- Free jabber client
  8. jTalk- Good jabber client
  9. Xabber- universal Jabber client
  10. XMPP notify- Sending notifications of calls and SMS in Jabber
  11. Yaxim- Jabber / XMPP open source client
  1. 3CXPhone for Android- VoIP telephony
  2. Acrobits softphone- SIP client calls over the Internet
  3. Bria Android - VoIP Softphone- Easy and effective communication management, intuitive interface
  4. CSipSimple- OpenSource SIP client
  5. Ecocaller- cheap international calls
  6. FriendCaller- VoIP Client
  7. GrooVe IP- VOIP client for calls using Google Voice
  8. Imsdroid- SIP / IMS client for Android.
  9. IP Phone- VOIP (SIP) client
  10. Linphone- VoIP telephony
  11. MTTalk- Long-distance and international calls
  12. Sipagent- Making VoIP phone calls
  13. Sipdroid- Open-source SIP client
  14. Voip By Antisip- soft SIP phone
  15. voip-now callback- A simple application for making profitable phone calls
  16. VOXTROT- VoIP calls
  17. Z-mobile- Mobile application from the operator of IP-telephony Zebra Telecom
  18. eMotion (Multiphone)- SIP client, Megaphone messenger

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8. Internet and communications:
Attached Image
  1. AOSP Browser in the style of CyanogenMod 12.1 / 13- CyanogenMod 12.1 / 13 style browser for Android 4.0 - 4.4.
  2. Android AOSP Browser- Stock browser android
  3. Angel browser- Convenient and functional browser
  4. Bat browser- convenient browser.
  5. Boat browser- smart internet browser
  6. Bolt browser- browser for Android
  7. Browser to Phone- direct transfer of links from the BB browser to the phone
  8. Coco browser- Browser with tabs support
  9. Devanki Browser- Web browser
  10. Dolphin Browser- Browser with support for multitouch, gestures, RSS, etc.
  11. Dolphin Browser Mini- Dolphin Browser New Version
  12. Dorothy Browser- Webkit web browser
  13. DroidSurfing- simple browser
  14. Firefox- Application from the developers of Mozilla
  15. Galapagos Browser- multifunctional browser.
  16. Google chrome- Chrome browser for mobile devices based on Android.
  17. Ibi browser- a browser with a widget.
  18. Infinity Web Browser- Browser with tabs support, RSS, etc.
  19. Maxthon Mobile- Port of famous PC browser
  20. Mee browser- simple browser.
  21. Miren browser- Excellent browser from the sky
  22. NetFront Life Browser- Powerful browser
  23. Opera Mini- Browser
  24. Opera Mobile- Internet browser
  25. Opera- Fully updated webkit browser
  26. Puffin web browser- fast internet browser with flash support
  27. QQBrowser- Another Chinese browser
  28. Skyfire- Browser
  29. Steel- Browser
  30. Sxbrowser- fast and smart browser.
  31. TianTian Sky Browser- full-featured browser
  32. UC mobile- browser from developer Ucweb
  33. Ucweb- Browser with support for WAP and file uploads
  34. uZard Web P- Browser to view flash
  35. xScope Browser- Internet and file browser
  36. Zicro browser- A good browser to replace the default from Google
    Additional Browser Applications
  1. i2p- Access to an anonymous i2p network
  2. Adfree- Removes ads in the browser and other applications
  3. Adobe air- Adobe® AIR® Runtime for Android devices
  4. anProxy- Setting up a proxy server for the browser
  5. App Cache Cleaner- clear cache
  6. Auto proxy- proxy http (s), socks, ntlm
  7. Bookmarks light- All bookmarks in one place
  8. Bookmark Sort & Backup- A program to work with browser bookmarks
  9. Check Web Redirect- The program allows you to check where the link is in reality
  10. ChromeMarks- Sync your bookmarks with Google Chrome
  11. Chrome to Phone- The program allows you to directly send links from computer to phone
  12. Autorun Wi-Fi in Metro- Automatic access to the Wi-Fi network of the Moscow Metro.
  13. Download Later- Notebook for applications that I would like to download later
  14. EStrongs Bookmark Manager- work with browser bookmarks and not only
  15. Everpaper- InstaPaper client for Android
  16. Historyeraser- We clean the browsers data history
  17. HTML Source Viewer Pro- Displays source code for any specified URL
  18. InstaFetch- View sites in offline mode.
  19. Mail myself- A quick way to send yourself links, etc. from your phone.
  20. Network tools- monitoring of Internet resources, ping, traceroute
  21. Offline browser- View HTML pages offline
  22. Orbot- Anonymous surfing in GPRS \ 3G \ WIFI \ WIMAX
  23. ProxyDroid- HTTP / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 proxy with automatic inclusion by SSID
  24. Proxymator- Setting up a proxy server
  25. Read It Later- save pages for later reading
  26. Read on Phone- offline reading through the clouds
  27. URLy- Allows you to shorten the long URL
  28. Visual bookmarks- bookmark widget
  29. RosYama- Application for uploading photos of Russian holes on the roads for service
  30. Photo for classmates- Upload photos to easy!
  31. Adaway- Ad blocker with white and black lists support
    Internet search
  1. AskDroid- Web search
  2. GSEARCH- Advanced Google Search
  3. Online-Watcher- Automated online tracking and retrieval service
  4. Russian voice search- Russian voice search
    Email / Exchange
  1. AndroMail- Post program
  2. Aquamail- New mail program, new version of AndroMail
  3. Blackmoon AttachSave- Saving attached files in letters GMail'a
  4. ContactsSync- Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server
  5. Download All Files- Save attachments to Gmail / Email / TouchDown
  6. E-mail- The client for work with mail
  7. Enhanced Email- E-mail client with support for multiple Exchange / POP / IMAP accounts
  8. Gmail- Gmail client for android 2.2
  9. GMail Label Notifier- notification tags for GMail
  10. Gmail popup- Displays "popup" notification of new mail
  11. Gmail Inbox- Mail client.
  12. K-9 Mail- Mail client
  13. Kaiten Mail- Advanced email client
  14. Maildroid- Mail client
  15. Moxier mail- Client to synchronize push using Microsoft ® Exchange Server 2003 & 2007
  16. ProfiMail- Email client from LCG
  17. Roadsync- Client for synchronization with MS Exchange
  18. Save My Attach- Saves attachments from GMail to sd card
  19. Shangmail- Mail client
  20. SkitMail- A good email client
  21. Touchdown- Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003/2007 SP1
  22. Yandex Mail- Convenient client of your mail on Yandex.
    RSS / Atom / Podcasts
  1. All in one- Online search for news, videos, blogs, etc.
  2. AndReader- reading articles offline
  3. BeyondPod- A program for working with RSS and the manager of Podcasts
  4. BlueRSS- RSS / Atom reader with support for offline viewing, images, audio and video
  5. Bookmate- Client-reader for Bookmate service
  6. DoggCatcher- audio and video podcasts
  7. Feedly- RSS reader
  8. FeedR News Reader- Program for reading news RSS, Atom and podcasts
  9. Google reader- Native RSS reader
  10. gReader- RSS / news feeds
  11. Greed- RSS Reader, Google Reader integration, notifications, podcasts, widget, etc.
  12. Groundhog Usenet Reader- usenet newsrearder via nttp protocol
  13. Habroid- Client for Habrahabr website
  14. JustReader- Google Reader Client
  15. Lenta.Ru- News feed widget
  16. Listen- Listen from Google Labs allows you to listen to podcasts and audio content on Android devices
  17. Meecal News Reade- Very high quality tool for reading news feeds.
  18. Minimal reader- News widget
  19. MyPOD Podcast Player- application for listening to podcasts
  20. Netashare- Offline client for Google Reader
  21. NewsRob- RSS / Atom Reader, automatically syncs with Google Reader
  22. NewsRoom- Perhaps the best RSS reader
  23. Paperdroid- reading articles offline
  24. Pulse News Reader- RSS reader
  25. Reader HD- Offline Googe Reader Client
  26. RSSDemon- Powerful, concise and easy-to-use RSS News Reader
  27. RSSListener- RSS client with support for podcasts and active content for Android OS
  28. VideoRSS- Application for viewing news videos.
  29. Web Talks- RSS reader, voice reads, sync with Google
  30. RosPil- Bulk project
    Readers for forums
  1. Mobile Official Android
  2. Informal client for the
  3.>Android- Mobile application allows you to be on the forum without a browser.
  4. Forum runner- Reader forums
  5. Tapatalk pro- One application for communication in all your forums
  6. XDA-Developers- Reader for the forum
    News Resource Applications
  1. Comments.UA- All the news of Ukraine and the main world events. Selected Regional
  2. DW News portal- Deutche welle in Russian is news, analytics, comments.
  3. Engadget- View news from Engadget
  4. GMJ (Global Mobile Journal)- GMJ News Portal Client
  5. Habra droid- Program for viewing + for checking karma
  6. Client for the online edition of
  7. - all the news of the day- The official application of the news resource
  8. Mytaptu- receiving news
  9. News360 for Phones- news application that gives you all sides of each story.
  10. Oi news reader- reading news
  11. UA Today- News of the leading Ukrainian online publications
  12. World Newspapers- The best newspapers and magazines from around the world
  13. highstream- iStream, mobile Internet services aggregator
  14. News for android- Access to the information portal Vesti 24
  15. TVNZ- Mobile information
  16. Kommersant- The official app of
  17. News portal
  18. news- Application for viewing news on various topics
  19. Popular Mechanics- android agent excellent magazine
  20. RBC- Standard RBC client on LG GT540
  21. Regnum- REGNUM Information Agency
  22. Ria News Reader- The application allows you to read the latest news, watch videos
  23. Russian newspaper- WG, WG-Business, WG - Week
    Traffic accounting
  1. DualSIM Traffic Counter- Counting traffic and duration of outgoing calls separately for each SIM for multi-SIM MTK (and not only) smartphones
  2. 3G watchdog- Traffic tracking program
  3. Call Meter 3G (beta)- A powerful tool for recording traffic, talk time, SMS and MMS
  4. Du meter- Network traffic monitor
  5. Netcounter- Traffic accounting for EDGE / 3G and Wi-Fi, data export to * .csv
  6. Nettraffic- Shows traffic / incoming and outgoing speed
  7. Network monitor- A utility that counts incoming and outgoing traffic
  8. Network speed- Shows connection speed, traffic accounting
  9. Network usage- traffic accounting for individual applications
  10. SPB Wireless Monitor- Universal application for calculating the cost of traffic consumed
  11. Trafficcounter- Counter traffic, talk time, SMS.
  12. Trafficstats- Traffic counter for programs
  1. Androbex- Exchange files via Bluetooth
  2. Bluedun- Emulation of the hardware modem on the Android phone and the distribution of the Internet via Bluetooth.
  3. Bluemuse- transfer files via bluetooth
  4. Bluetooth Auto Connect- Wizard to connect to Bluetooth devices.
  5. Bluetooth File Transfer- A program to transfer files via Bluetooth, OBEX FTP and OBEX OPP
  6. Bluetooth OPP PUT for 2.x Lite- Transfer any files via Bluetooth
  7. Bluex- Receive / transfer files via Bluetooth, need root rights
  8. Teksoft's blueinput- Driver for keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth on a smartphone
  9. Bluetooth Paint Chat- Draw a picture and chat via Bluetooth
  10. Getblue- data capture via Bluetooth
  11. Loud Speaker Auto Connect- Automatic connection via Bluetooth to the hands-free car radio
  1. Azilink- Android device as a USB modem
  2. aNetShare- Device as an access point
  3. Barnacle Wifi Tether- Internet distribution via Wi-Fi
  4. EasyTether- the program allows you to use your device as a USB modem
  5. PdaNet (PC)- Program for PC access to the Internet through a mobile device
  6. Wireless Tether for Root Users- Device as an access point
    Torrent clients
  1. AndroidTorrent- Torrent client for Android
  2. AndTor BitTorrent Client- Torrent client
  3. AndTorrent- Simple torrent client
  4. aria2 (console)- The most powerful console torrent client and Internet rocking in one bottle
  5. BitTorrent Client | aBTC- Full-featured torrent client
  6. dTor- Torrent client
  7. Frostwire- BitTorrent client with chat support and search
  8. mTorrent- Another BitTorrent client.
  9. Red torrent- BitTorrent Client
  10. Rutracker downloader- Search and download content from
  11. Swarm- Torrent client for Android
  12. Transdroid- Remote management of torrent-clients
  13. tTorrent- Excellent torrent client for the robot
  14. µTorrent Remote- Remote access and management μTorrent
  1. Airplane Mode Wi-Fi Tool- Access to Wi-Fi in flight mode
  2. Auto WiFi Toggle- Automatic WiFi shutdown
  3. Easy wifi- Map of access points, automatic connection to points
  4. Faceniff- scan and capture profiles FaceBook, Twitter .. via wifi, analogue of Firesh
  5. Friendly Port Scanner / Convenient Port Scanner- Allows you to easily, quickly and remotely scan any host (TCP)
  6. Hidden SSID Enabler- Enable "hidden" SSID'a wifi-network
  7. Hoccer: throw data- Data Exchange (ad-hoc)
  8. IP Manager- Create and manage WiFi profiles
  9. KeepWiFi- Ensures that your Wi-Fi connection is not interrupted
  10. Network Discovery- LAN scan
  11. Network explorer- A tool to scan Wi-Fi networks
  12. Network switcher- Switch between WiFi 3G under certain conditions
  13. Open Signal Maps for Android- View your cellular and Wi-Fi signal.
  14. Overlook fing- network scanner for Android
  15. PPPOE dial-up- Establish PRPOe connection via Wi-Fi router
  16. Router Brute force- We select passwords to routers
  17. Router keygen- key generator for wi-fi routers
  18. Software data cable- transfer files between computer and phone via WiFi
  19. Y5 Battery Saver- Turns on / off WiFi depending on location
  20. Wapdroid- The program for scanning Wi-Fi networks for Android
  21. WeFi - Automatic WiFi- Search and auto-connect with Wi-Fi points.
  22. WiEye- WiFi scanner
  23. Wifi Analyzer- Analyzer Wi-Fi networks: signal strength, number of channels, encryption, etc.
  24. WiFi buddy- Convenient functional tool for scanning Wi-Fi networks
  25. Wifi Fixer- fixes problems with wifi
  26. Wi-Fi Keep Alive- Do not let Wi-Fi fall asleep
  27. WiFi Manager- Manage WiFi networks + widget for home screen
  28. WiFi PPPoE- WiFi PPPoE connection via ADSL-modem
  29. Wi-Fi Ruler- Create your own rules for Wi-Fi connections
  30. Wifi reassociate- fixes problems with wifi
  31. Wi-Fi talkie- File transfer, calls, messages, chat (no internet required)
  32. Wifi tracker- Wifi point scanner using GPS
  33. WiFi TX power- WiFi power control software
  34. Wireless cracker- selection of passwords of some routers
  35. Wi-Fi Map Maker- allows you to create and view Wi-Fi access zones
  36. Wifi Static- Switching network configurations with static IP addresses
  37. WIFREE- Manager and search for WiFi points for Android.
  38. Zakus wifi profiles- The program allows you to quickly set the network interface settings
  1. AndFTP- FTP / SFTP / FTPS client
  2. AndSMB- Samba client for Android
  3. Cifsmanager- Mounting and using network resources locally
  4. FTPServer- FTP server on the Android device with the ability to receive / transfer files
  5. Samba Server for Android- A program to run a samba server on the device
  6. Swiftp- FTP server, provides access to files on your Android device
    Android Market
  1. 1Mobile Market- Alternative application catalog
  2. Amazon Appstore- New market from the famous Amazon
  3. Amazon Free App Reminder- Alert free apps on AMAZON
  4. Android Market Stats- Changes in prices for programs, changes in top-programs
  5. AndroidPIT App Center- market client + check for updates from non-market applications
  6. Android Repo Downloader (PC)- Utility for downloading * .apk files from third-party repositories
  7. APKtor- Client Android application repository
  8. Appsfire- Alternative wrapper for Android Market
  9. AppBrain App Market- Alternative market with remote installation function
  10. Applanet- The best replacement for the usual market! warez is present
  11. Applanet STATUS Check- shows the status of the server and the Applanet web server
  12. Aptoide- Alternative to Market'u
  13. Blackmart- Alternative market
  14. BlapkMarket App- Alternative to the official Market with warez software
  15. Chomp- navigator for Android applications
  16. Gfanmobile- Chinese Applanet
  17. GoMarket- Software Market for Android
  18. GTalk Service Info- Troubleshooting the market
  19. Market- New version of the market
  20. Market Explorer- Choose any country to search for applications (similar to Market Access and M-t Enabler).
  21. Market Enabler- Opening paid applications in the Market
  22. Market History Manager- Clearing the search history Market'e
  23. MarketAccess- Enables access to paid apps in the Android Market
  24. MCleaner- Quick clear cache from the market
  25. Mobilism Market- Base programs, games, movies and books in 70.000+ through
  26. Mymarket- Customizable add-on Android Market
  27. NVIDIA Tegra Zone- exclusive app store
  28. Quick app tracker- Search for paid and free applications on the Android Market
  29. Refund timer- application payback timer
  30. SAM (SlideME)- Analogue of the market
  31. Tattoo market- Patch that allows you to display all programs in the Market, regardless of the device resolution
  32. YAAM (Yet Another Android Market)- Alternative Market
  33. Warket- Software repository, alternative to Android Market
  34. Application return- Will help to return money for buggy paid application
  35. MTS Shop- More than 7000 mobile applications for your phone
    Remote access and PC management
  1. Android VNC Viewer- VNC viewer / client
  2. Bluecontrol- Computer control via Bluetooth.
  3. Citrix receiver- A program to deliver Windows applications from your PC or server to an Android device using Citrix XenApp
  4. GPP Remote File- Access to files and directories of a remote computer
  5. GPP Remote PDA- Program for remote control of PC
  6. GRemotePro- Remote control of PC applications
  7. mkRemote- Control mouse and keyboard of your computer via WIFI or Bluetooth
  8. Multiremote- Remote computer control
  9. PC Remote Controller- remote computer control
  10. Pcremote- Remote computer control
  11. PhoneMyPC- Manage your PC from your smartphone
  12. piCat- smart touchpad for managing Windows PC
  13. Remote Desktop Client- Remote control of computers based on Windows operating systems
  14. Remote rdp- Remote control of computers based on Windows operating systems
  15. Remote VNC Pro- VNC client to manage your computer from anywhere
  16. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD- Computer management. It works faster than analogs.
  17. Teamviewer- Provides easy, fast and secure PC access
  18. Unified remote- Remote control of the mouse and programs on the computer
  19. VNC Viewer- Remote access to the computer
  20. WIN - Remote- Windows remote control
  21. Wyse PocketCloud RDP- Virtualization VMware View 4, RDP 7, VNC, 128-bit encryption and the creation of secure tunnels TLS / SSL
    Remote access and control of your smartphone
  1. Mobile WiFi File Manager [1.2]- A program to manage files on your phone through a browser
  2. adbWireless- wireless adb connection
  3. Andro Remote Desktop- Remote control phone
  4. Android Commander (PC)- A program for Windows that allows you to manage your programs and files
  5. Android manager (PC)- PC connection with the phone; editing contacts, access to the SD card, sending sms and more
  6. Android Screen Monitor (PC)- Monitoring Android devices, the ability to take screenshots
  7. Android Phone Tools- Web server to access Android device content
  8. APK installer [MAC OS X]- Convenient installer of programs from under MAC OS X
  9. APK Installer (PC)- Install applications on an Android device from a PC
  10. Awesome drop- Transfer files from computer to android device using a browser
  11. Browsix- client for
  12. Droid Explorer (PC)- Advanced explorer for android devices
  13. droid VNC server (Android VNC Server)- VNC server, remote connection to google phone
  14. Fardroid- Work with Android OS in FAR Manager
  15. InstallAPK (PC)- A program to install applications (*. Apk) on your Android device from a PC
  16. OEM Moto Phone Portal- Phone management by http
  17. MyPhoneExplorer- Explorer for Android
  18. On air- HTTP-, FTP-server, to access the device’s memory card
  19. PAW Server for Android- Web server to access device content
  20. Portal - Wifi file transfers- Send photos, videos and other files from your computer to your phone.
  21. Prox- Manage your phone without touching it.
  22. Pushbullet- Monitoring gadgets, remote reception and sending of SMS and messages in WhatsAp, exchanging links and files, access to files on the gadget.
  23. QtADB- control your smartphone via PC.
  24. QuickSSHd- File exchange between computer and android (scp protocol)
  25. Remote adb- Connect to the phone over the network using adb
  26. Remote Desktop- view the contents of the phone in a computer browser
  27. Remote Web Desktop- controlled by Android via browser
  28. Snap-n-go en- fast file transfer from PC to phone and vice versa
  29. VDAP (PC)- Pack of modules for simplified work with Android. Including market on the PC.
  30. Webkey- Device management from browser
  31. Websharing- Web server to access Android device files
  32. WIFI Disk- We look at the contents of the phone in the web browser of the computer.
  33. Wireless adb- Using ADB over Wi-Fi
  34. WiFi File Explorer- Lokalka between tel. and comp. Sharim from the computer on the phone via WiFi
  35. Wireless File Transfer- File sharing via Wi-Fi
  36. Mobizen-Your Android, Anywhere- Screen management, video recording, file manager, file upload / download, phone camera control from PC
    Control of various devices
  1. Controloid- Client for Dreambox receivers (Enigma 1 and Enigma 2)
  2. Dreamdroid- program for managing satellite tuners Dreambox (Enigma 2)
  3. e: cue remote Terminal- Remote control for e: cue programmers
  4. IP-TV Player Remote- Remote Control for IP-TV Player
  5. qwerty remocon- Manage TV SAMSUNG by wifi
  6. TivoRemote- Control Tivo Series3 ™, HD / HD XL and DVRs with your phone
  7. Wiimote Controller- Wii joystick control
  8. XBMC Remote for Android- Manage XMBC over Wi-Fi
    Online storage and synchronization
  1. Ulti Server: PHP, MySQL, PMA- Server complex for organizing a web server on the device
  2. Baidu Cloud- Cloud file storage in the Chinese Baidu cloud
  3. Tencent weiyun- Cloud file storage in Tencent Chinese cloud
  4. 360 yunpan- The largest cloud storage for your files from the Chinese giant Qihoo 360
  5. File stream- Cloud downloading of files and torrents, uploading your files
  6. web storage client
  7. Dropbox- Access to the Dropbox folder
  8. Droidbox- Client for Dropbox
  9. DropSnap- Service for instant download videos and images.
  10. GoAruna Files- Online hard drive
  11. GSAnywhere- File storage on Google Storage
  12. Sugarsync- "cloud" data storage and synchronization service.
  13. TheRealSync for Dropbox- Sync folders between your phone and Dropbox
  14. Wuala- Online data storage
  1. Totally Free VPN- Quick and completely free VPN connection setup to protect your personal data on the network and unblock prohibited sites.
  2. [�]Orxify- Tor + VPN for those who for some reason do not work Orbot
  3. 1 VPN- Allows you to establish a VPN connection with one click.
  4. 5 VPN- quick setup and launch of VPN connection
  5. TunnelDroid- Connection Manager for starting / stopping / editing VPN
  1. Yowindow- Landscape reflecting the current weather
  2. Animated Weather for Android- Realistic animated video weather forecast for Android
  3. eWeather HD- Barometer, weather clock, 10-day forecast and widgets from Elecont
  4. Fizz weather- Detailed weather forecast
  5. GO Weather- Weather forecast
  6. My-Cast Weather- Weather forecast
  7. Palmary weather- Weather forecast for 48 hours and 15 days, warnings, notifications about delays at airports, etc.
  8. TypoWeather- Text weather widget
  9. Weather- View the weather
  10. Weather ACE- Customizable and accurate weather prediction using statistics.
  11. Weatherbug- Full weather information
  12. Weatherpro- Accurate and detailed weather forecast from
  13. Weather Meteorological Center- Find out the official weather forecast from the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia
    Upload / download
  1. ByteTornado Downloader- Download Manager
  2. Bucketupload- Application for uploading files to Amazon S3, Flickr, any web or ftp server
  3. Downdroid- File Upload Resource Manager
  4. Droidc- DC ++ client for android
  5. DropSnap- Service for instant download videos and images.
  6. Rapid download- Client for sites - file storages
  7. Sderni- A program that allows you to quickly upload a file to the Internet
  8. SupperMMS- Automatic file upload to the network storage and sending the link to the recipient via SMS
  9. XWindDown- download manager
    Web / IP Cameras and Surveillance
  1. Camera WiFi LiveStream- Stream video from your phone camera to the Internet via WiFi
  2. DroidCam Wireless Webcam- Using the device as a webcam for Skype and similar programs
  3. iCam - Webcam Video Streaming- Webcam ported from iPhone
  4. Internet camera- Turns your phone into a webcam and not only
  5. Ip cam viewer- View your webcam or public
  6. MobileWebCam- transfer of photos and videos to the Internet
  7. My webcam- View webcams from your device
  8. Rl watcher- Video surveillance and alert system for Android devices
  9. SECuRET RemoteControl- allows remotely using SMS to control the camera of the smartphone
  10. SECuRET SpyCam- Capture a photo or video at any movement
  11. Tinny dvr- Remote video surveillance application
  12. Worldscope- Webcams from around the world
  1. APNdroid- Enable / disable APN
  2. ApnDroid Sense mod- ApnDroid Redesign
  3. APN Save- Backup APN settings and restore
  4. APN Backup & Restore- Backup and restore APN settings
  1. Folderseync- Cloud synchronization with support for various services and protocols
  2. Android Sync Manager WiFi- synchronization program, analog of MyPhone Explorer
  3. Android sync- Direct synchronization of Android with Outlook.
  4. Companionlink Professional (PC)- Synchronization of mobile devices
  5. HTC Sync (PC)- Program for PC, synchronization with Outlook
  6. iSyncr- Sync Android with iTunes
  7. MOBILedit- A program to synchronize a smartphone including Android with a PC
  8. PCFileSync- synchronization of files between the phone and PC
  9. PC Suite for Android- Sync Android devices from PC
  10. Sugarsync- "cloud" data storage and synchronization service.
  11. TheRealSync for Dropbox- Sync folders between your phone and Dropbox!
  12. TuneSync- Sync with iTunes via WiFi. Windows & MacOS
  13. VCOrganizer- Securely store Outlook data on your Android device
  14. WiSync- Automatic synchronization via Wi-Fi data that you specify in the settings
  15. WiSyncPlus- Manage application synchronization over the network, including system
  1. All-in-One Scheduler- Facebook, Twitter, mail, WiFi, Bluetooth, sound control.
  2. ASProxy- Prescribing system proxies for various types of connections
  3. Autoshare- Exchange links, pictures, texts with one click!
  4. CIDR Calculator- IP subnet calculator
  5. Connectbot- Secure Shell (ssh) client for the Android platform
  6. Erazzer- We change the main Google account android WITHOUT RESET settings
  7. Hash droid- Calculate md5 hash.
  8. Masqed Crusader- Improving the work of the Internet, increasing privacy
  9. meGoogle- All Google services in one program
  10. Net speed- Displays upload / download speed
  11. Netmonitor- Monitoring the network of the mobile operator GSM
  12. i-jetty- Web server for your communicator
  13. Pingdom- Monitoring site availability.
  14. Proxoid- Proxy server for Android
  15. ProxySurf- Adds a proxy server to the ip: port settings panel
  16. Scannify- Network Monitor for Android
  17. SetMacAddress- The program allows you to change the MAC address of the wireless network interface
  18. Shark for Root + Shark Reader- Sniffer for Android
  19. Speed ​​test- Check connection speed
  20. Telnet- Telnet client
  21. TEST PING- checks the availability of IP addresses using ping
  22. TransProxy- Forced inclusion of http / https proxy
  23. Zakus wifi profiles- The program allows you to quickly set the network interface settings

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9. Multimedia:
Attached Image
    Video, multimedia players
  1. Act 1 Video Player- Video player for h264 and 3gpp
  2. Adobe Flash Player- Flash Player for Android
  3. aPod- Audio / video player
  4. arcMedia- Omnivorous video player
  5. Asti Media Player- Multifunctional media player with a beautiful interface
  6. BUZZ Player- Multimedia player
  7. ccplayer- media player from our Chinese friends
  8. Diceplayer- Video player with hardware acceleration 720p MKV / AVI (H.264 High Profile)
  9. doubleTwist Player- New neat player
  10. Flash game player- gaming player .swf with keys
  11. iMPlayer (iFlux Movie Player)- Video player
  12. Meridian Player Pioneer- Audio / video player; playback from the stop point, editing tags, etc.
  13. Moboplayer- Video player supporting many formats, multimedia folder selection
  14. Mobo video player- A good video player.
  15. MPlayer- Media Player for Android open source
  16. mVideoPlayer- Video player with subtitle support; remembers stopping place, gesture support, etc.
  17. MX Video Player- Video player that plays almost all types of video files.
  18. nemoPlayer by Acer- View images, play audio / video
  19. nswPlayer- Multimedia player
  20. QQplayer- Multimedia player
  21. RealPlayer® Beta- Multimedia player
  22. Rocklayerbase- Video player
  23. Seamanplayer- Video and audio player
  24. Smart flash player- SWF file player
  25. Songbird- Elegant media player
  26. Soul movie- Video player that supports subtitles
  27. Summer player- Video player
  28. SWF Gamer (FlashBox)- Player for swf games
  29. SWF Player- swf file player
  30. SWF Viewer- swf player
  31. Uc Video- Chinese Video Player for watching videos, online movies, commercials.
  32. VEVO- Application for viewing music videos
  33. VitalPlayer- video player
  34. Vplayer- Video player, supports Divx / Xvid, flv, rmvb, avi, mkv, wmv, mp4
  35. Wuzhenhua player- Multi-format media player
  36. yxplayer- Multi-format video player (Flash video, Xvid / Divx, wmv, iPod Format Video, ..)
  37. Zimly- Audio video player
    Music players
  1. Astro player- Audio player
  2. JetAudio- Music player with support for BBE / BBE ViVA / Wide / Reverb / X-Bass and 10 band equalizer
  3. AIMP for Android- Mobile version of a popular music player on PC
  4. Apollo- Official music player CyanogenMod
  5. Google Play Music- The official Google Music app
  6. ^ 3 player (aka Cubed)- Beautiful audio player
  7. 3D Music Player- a beautiful, convenient and simple player with 3D effects
  8. 7ion player- MP3 player
  9. aLastFM Player- Unofficial player for Android
  10. AMPlayer- Audio player with lossless formats support
  11. andLess- Audio player for lossless formats (FLAC / APE / MPC / WV) and not only
  12. Android Music- Standard 2.3 (Gingerbread) player adapted for Android 1.6+
  13. Android Music Player (Honeycomb Edition)- Android 3.0 player
  14. ASUS Music- Music player from Asus ZenUI.
  15. Audio Player WithEQ Platinum- Audio player with equalizer
  16. Better music player- Music player
  17. bTunes Music Player- MP3 Player in the style of Iphone Ipod Touch
  18. Car Tunes Music Player Beta- Music player to drive in the car
  19. Casse-o-player- Audio player with cassette deck interface.
  20. Cloudskipper Music Player- convenient and quite functional player.
  21. Connected Music Player- Music player from Motorola Cliq
  22. CrowdList Player- Listening to popular music formats, creating a shared track list of CrowdLis
  23. DeaDBeeF Player- Lightweight audio player with support for multiple formats.
  24. Droidsound- Player tracker music.
  25. Fede Music- music player style WP7
  26. Ftouch music player- Music player
  27. Hibymusic- Playback on external USB-DAC with DSD support (via DoP) and samba on Linux devices.
  28. HikiPlayer- Minimalistic player
  29. HTC Music- Music player
  30. Karaoke-a-go-go- A program to play karaoke in MP3 + G (CDG) format
  31. Kiss music player- Music player
  32. LCG Jukebox- Music player
  33. Lithium music player- Music player with animation and widget
  34. MaplePlayer- Audio player; playlists, file sorting, gestures, etc.
  35. MD Music- Music player
  36. Mezzo- Player with a beautiful design.
  37. MIUI Music Player- Music player from MIUI firmware
  38. Pro- Program to listen to DJ mixes
  39. Mixzing- Player with wide functionality; Download covers, display recommendations, etc.
  40. Mkaraoke- Simple karaoke player
  41. MortPlayer Music- Easy to manage music player, play folders
  42. Motionmp3- Music player
  43. mSpot- Cloud music player
  44. museek- Music player, 3D albums, scrobing
  45. Music Folder Player- A program with file navigation that allows you to play music folders
  46. Music Folder Player- an interesting music player with a folder-based playlist
  47. Music Mod (Cyanogen) MDPI + HDPI- Standard player from Android 2.1 with changes
  48. Music PlayerPro- Music player for Android 2.x devices.
  49. Musicgo- Audio player with lyrics support
  50. My music- Fast and easy music player
  51. Neptune Player- Easy to use, powerful music player
  52. Neutron Music Player- Professional sound quality and unique user interface
  53. Nexus One MusicMod- Player with Nexus One
  54. NRG Player- Player for easy playback of music on the Android platform (1.6+)
  55. PlankTone Music Player- Professional audio player
  56. PowerAMP- Audio player. Plays MP3, MP4 / M4A (including loseless ALAC), FLAC, OGG, WAV, TTA, WMA.
  57. QQ Music- Online / offline player
  58. Retro Tape Deck mp3- Music player with realistic skin cassette
  59. Rockbox- Audio player with lossless formats support
  60. Rockit player- Music Player for Android
  61. Rockon- Audio player
  62. Simplayer- Player, playlists, equalizer.
  63. Simply music player- Simple music player with support for win encoding
  64. Stellio Player- Powerful player with advanced controls, nice design and synchronization with Vkontakte.
  65. THBGMPlay- player toho music (touhou fans)
  66. tinyPlayer- Lightweight music player
  67. Torpedo player- Car audio player.
  68. TTPod android- Audio player with support for skins, tag editor, equalizer, etc.
  69. TuneWiki Social Music Player- Audio player with online radio support
  70. USB Audio Player PRO- High quality media player using USB audio DACs (or any other compatible USB audio device).
  71. Vanilla Music Player- Simple and minimalistic music player
  72. Walkman player- Walkman player from Xperia W8 to Xperia X8
  73. Wavplayer- Player audio files sent by e-mail.
  74. Winamp- Popular player now for Android
  75. ZPlayer- Player with WP7 interface
    Audiobook Players
  1. Akimbo Audiobook Player- audiobook player
  2. Ambling BookPlayer- Audiobooks player
  3. Astro player- Audio player with support for audio books and podcasts
  4. Audiobook player- simple audiobook player
  5. Bookdroid- Audiobook player with .m4b support
  6. MortPlayer Audio Books- A special version of the player for audio books, saving positions for each track, bookmarks
    Player control
  1. AnDoze- Timer off the player
  2. Audio speed changer- Changes the speed of audio files
  3. MusicSleep- Now, before going to bed, you can set a timer and stop playing music at the desired time
  4. Phantom music control- Interesting music widget
  5. Rock anywhere- Take control of your music anywhere on your phone.
  6. Shake2PlayNext- Shake track switching
  7. Sleep timer- Sleep timer, used to turn off playing music after a specified time
  1. Audio DSP & EQ plugin- Equalizer for Android 2.1+
  2. DSP Manager- Global Equalizer
  3. Equalizer- Equalizer and sound effects for Android 2.3
    Voice recorders
  1. Airvoice- A program to record calls
  2. All call recorder- Record incoming and outgoing calls
  3. AutoCallRecorder- records a telephone conversation
  4. BMS Audio Recorder Full- High-quality voice recorder writes in 48kHz wav
  5. Bully block- hidden recording of conversations and SMS
  6. Callrecorder- a program to record conversations from the line
  7. Call recorder- Automatic recording of conversations
  8. Desire CallRecorder- Record conversations from the line to the Galaxy II
  9. HiFiCorder: Record MP3 & OGG- Record in MP3 and OGG formats
  10. Hi-Q MP3 Recorder- High-quality MP3 voice recorder
  11. Recforge- Dictaphone. WAV, MP3 or OGG formats
  12. Recordoid Dictaphone- Dictaphone
  13. rVoix- Record conversations from the line (only HTC)
  14. Spy phone- Record video, sound, photo, while the screen does not work
  15. Automatic call recorder- Automatic call recording
  16. Total Recall Call Recorder- Automatic recording of calls, voice notes, meetings
  17. Ultimate voice recorder- A program to record voice notes, conversations
  18. Voice recorder- Recorder with the ability to record in the background and on schedule
  19. vRecorder- Record telephone conversations, widget for voice notes, etc.
    Internet radio and music
  1. MiFM- A program to control the FM-transmitter Roidmi from the company Xiaomi
  2. Spirit2: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP- FM radio for root / AOSP firmware
  3. iRadio- Internet radio with a simple interface, minimal consumption and the ability to add your stations
  4. 1CLUB.FM- More than 70 free internet radio stations
  5. A online radio- Internet radio; MP3 / M3U / PLS / AAC / AACP channels, SHOUTcast / Icecast, etc.
  6. Anime music- Online anime music player
  7. Androradio- Internet radio
  8. Aplus radio- Listening to the aplus radio in "one click" wherever there is internet.
  9. aRadio- Internet radio
  10. Deep Mix Moscow Radio- DJ web radio
  11. Internet radio
  12. FM_radio- FM radio for Dell Streak 5
  13. Foobnix- download and listen to music from VK and
  14. imeem Mobile- Free music from
  15. Jamendo player- Listening to streaming audio
  16. social music radio + player
  17. Internet radio
  18. MORE Music- ON-Line listening to music from
  19. Music online- Search, download and online music playback
  20. Plug player- Music and Video stream from UPnP / DLNA media servers
  21. Radiotime- Internet radio
  22. Resco radio- Internet radio
  23. Simple Scrobbler- "Scrobbling",
  24. Scanner radio- Radio scanner
  25. SpotifyAndroid- connect to the Spotify music service
  26. Streamreamly- Listening to online radio, shortcuts, sleep timer, etc.
  27. Streak radio- Graphic Shell FM Radio for Dell Streak
  28. Tunein radio- Convenient listening to Internet radio stations
  29. Ultimate radio- internet radio
  30. VLast- Listen to music from by LastFm statistics
  31. World radio- modern Internet radio station
  32. XiiaLive- Listening to streaming radio
  33. Ximonic- Online player with lots of music
  34. Yourmuze.FM- listen to internet radio
  35. Zaycev-fm- Internet radio Zaitsev.FM
  36. Zeradio- Internet radio
  37. Internet Radio- Internet radio. 29 radio stations available
  38. Client for and Client for and
  39. Radio T- Radio, improvisation on hitech topics
    Internet TV and video
  1. CrystalTV- Program for watching TV over the Internet
  2. Kid tv- Video for children
  3. HD Cinema- Online movies and TV shows
  4. Megavideo- Now on android
  5. MTS TV- Internet TV with over 100 television broadcasts for MTS subscribers
  6. Mytv- View live tv online
  7. Online tv- Online TV. For work in networks of Belarusian operators of 3G
  8. project34- View videos online
  9. Random today- Are you bored? Random video from the Internet!
  10. SPB TV- Internet TV, many channels
  11. TorrentTV- View over 400 TV channels on your Android device
  12. Television- View 25 channels over the Internet
  13. theChanner Music TV- program for viewing music channels
  14. Tvuplayer- Android client for popular online video service
  15. zoomby ru- online cinema
  16. Top Movies- Watching movies, cartoons and TV shows on your smartphone and tablet
  1. Children tv- A collection of cartoons for children ever laid out on YouTube
  2. FREEdi Downloader- Download videos from YouTube
  3. FreeTube- View and download videos from YouTube
  4. Ghosttown- Listen to music from YouTube
  5. YouTube Gaming- Video streaming service from YouTube.
  6. jetVD- An application that allows you to download videos from YouTube
  7. Tube droid- A program to download and later watch videos from YouTube
  8. Tubemate- view and download videos from Youtube
  9. Tubex- program for downloading videos from Youtube service
  10. Youtube-ext- Standard Youtube with Download button!
  11. Youtube remote- Management application for youtube leanback via phone
  12. YouTube Ripper- Download YouTube videos
  13. Youtube RolleMod- Standard YouTube application with the ability to save video to a USB flash drive
  14. YouTube- The official YouTube app
    Wallpaper (background) desktop
  1. AndroLib Wallpapers- Find and install desktop wallpapers on Android devices
  2. Backgrounds- Program for selecting and installing desktop pictures
  3. Battery Fun!- Sets the desktop wallpaper depending on the battery level
  4. Flikie Wallpapers HD- Download, view images, change desktop
  5. Flikie Wallpapers Standard- A program for installing and changing desktop wallpaper
  6. Linda Wallpapers- Search and install desktop wallpaper
  7. Photo Gallery Live Wallpaper- Your photos as live wallpaper
  8. Today's Wall- A program for finding and installing wallpaper for your desktop
  9. Valentines Wallpapers- Valentine's pictures
  10. Wallpaper AutoSet- a utility that installs and changes wallpapers automatically from an SD card
  11. Wallpaper maker- Sew wallpaper
  12. Wallpaper Plus- The program offers advanced features for working with desktop wallpaper
  13. Wallpaper rotator- Automatic wallpaper change
  14. Wallquake- A program to change the desktop wallpaper
  15. Wallr- The utility will randomly change the background image, the images are taken from the specified folder
  16. Wallpaper Set & Save- Quick install wallpaper and save current
  17. Wallswitch- Change the wallpaper on a given schedule
  18. WorldTour- The utility uses the current image of the selected place on Earth (and beyond) and sets it as wallpaper
    View images
  1. F-Stop Media Gallery- Gallery of media files; review, organization and password protection of photos and video files, it is possible to view all photos (not by albums)
  2. AndroPic- a good application for viewing pictures
  3. Animated GIF Player- the usual player animated gif images
  4. Fast Image Viewer- view many types of images and even animated gif images
  5. Floating image- Floating on the screen photos and images
  6. Gallery illusion HD- HD Gallery
  7. JUSTPICTURES!- Online - offline gallery
  8. Large Image Viewer- Fast and convenient image viewer
  9. Multi-touch Gallery for Droid- View pictures
  10. My Photos Live- Slideshow of photos
  11. Nexus One Gallery3D- Gallery of Nexus One
  12. Photo BURST Pro- View photos
  13. Photo Gallery (Fish Bowl Beta)- A worthy replacement for the standard gallery
  14. Photo line- Beautiful photo album
  15. Photo safari- Gallery in the style of Windows Phone 7
  16. Picture viewer- A program for viewing pictures
  17. Pictures- Great gallery.
  18. PiiK: The Wireless Voyeur- View images opened by others via Wi-Fi
  19. PiQture- View images
  20. Quickpic- Quick and easy multitouch image viewer
  21. Scrap! Photo Book Maker- Photo album
  22. Simple gallery- Simple gallery
  23. Spiderman pictures- photo album
  24. Tiffviewer- TIFF image viewer
  25. Gallery ++- Image viewer
    Image editors
  1. Add watermark- Allows you to add watermarks to images
  2. AndroPaint- Graphics editor
  3. Autodesk SketchBook Mobile- Graphics editor
  4. Beauty studio- Photo Editor
  5. Colorswitcher- Allow to transform the color of a photo
  6. Color Touch Effects- image editor
  7. Facemelter- We change, distort, scoff at photos
  8. Finger paint- easy graphic editor that allows you to draw with your fingers
  9. Frame grabber- Breaks video into individual frames / images
  10. Geeky avatar- The program allows you to draw avatars of people using the identikit algorithm
  11. GhostCam: Spirit Photography- Effects of ghosts in the photo.
  12. Imageotag- The utility with a conclusion on a photo of various data
  13. Image shrink- Reduce / resize photos in one click
  14. Lightbox photos- stylish photos with sync
  15. Love frames- photo frames for android
  16. Magic canvas- Relive any photo
  17. Magic Mirror Hair styler- Take a picture and change your hair
  18. Measure & Sketch- to the builder and realtor to help
  19. Meitu Xiu Xiu- Graphics editor
  20. MOLOME ™- Service for photos
  21. Multi touch paint- Paint with multitouch support.
  22. Photofunia- Overlay effects
  23. Photo grid- create your photo collage
  24. Photoid pro- Photo editor
  25. PhotoShake!- graphics editor
  26. Mobile- Editing images with the ability to upload to the Internet
  27. PhotoSpeak- Converts photos from your phone into 3D avatars
  28. PicSay Pro- Powerful graphic editor
  29. PicsIn Photo Studio- Amazing photo editor
  30. Prisma- Art filters and photo effects.
  31. Shapeical- Photo Editor
  32. Snapbucket- social mobile photolaboratory
  33. Toonpaint- creation of drawings from photos
  34. TouchRetouch- Remove unwanted objects from your photos!
  35. XMAS Camera- We impose on photos Santa's cap
  1. Anrawling- One of the best programs for drawing, koloyoyskop
  2. Draw And Shake Away- Draw with your fingers across the screen
  3. Draw and Share- Drawing on a blank canvas and on photos stored on an SD card; pictures can be sent by mms / e-mail
  4. Drawing pad- drawing program
  5. Magic Doodle Premium- we draw on the smartphone
  6. Magic marker- drawing by neon
  7. Paint- drawing tool
  8. Paint Joy - Movie Your Drawing- drawing program
  9. RotoDoodle- drawing program
  10. Send phiz- drawing
  11. Sketcher- Beautiful drawing program
  12. Tripping fest- Original drawing methods
  13. Zebra paint- Drawing with your fingers; select a pattern, color and paint
    Photo - video filming
  1. Snap Camera HDR- Camera app and camera based galleries that are installed in Android 4.4 on Nexus 5
  2. Zoom camera- Camera with digital zoom up to 1000% and 24 effects
  3. Camera FV-5- Camera with user-friendly interface and advanced functionality
  4. OEM Acer camera- Simple photo / video camera with Acer Liquid E
  5. Andropan- A program for creating panoramic images
  6. AsciiCamera- takes pictures in ascii
  7. Beauty camera- additional effects for the camera
  8. Camera 360- Functional camera with optional filters
  9. Camera 3D- Creating a "3d photo"
  10. Camera Advance- Due camera for Android
  11. Camera effects- camera application
  12. Camera fun pro- The most interesting application for Android camera
  13. Camera illusion pro- add effects to photos
  14. Camera pro- Functional camera
  15. Camera remote- The application allows you to use the camera of another device for pictures.
  16. Camera ZOOM FX- Multifunctional camera
  17. CamLine- Create photo, video and audio recordings
  18. D-Measures- Draw measurements and measurements on the photo
  19. DailyRoads Voyager- Allows you to continuously record video and take photos during your trip
  20. eCamera- simple camera
  21. Fast Burst Camera- Application for multishooting
  22. FxCamera- Spectacular photos
  23. Geocam- creating and viewing geophoto
  24. GroovyCam LiveStream- add effects to the webcam.
  25. HDR Camera +- a program to create beautiful photos on your Android smartphone
  26. LG camera- Shooting video and photos
  27. Magic Hour - Camera- Turn your photos into real works of art
  28. MIUI Camera Beta- Camera from MIUI firmware
  29. Mobile Hidden Camera- covert shooting
  30. Night vision cam- Night vision camera
  31. One eye beta- spy camera with a working browser on the screen while shooting
  32. Photaf 3D Panorama- A program for creating panoramic 3D images
  33. Photodroid- A program for those who like to photograph
  34. Pro hdr camera- Hdr photo
  35. PRO Paint Camera / PRO Zoom Camera 5X- Multifunctional camera; white balance, filters, effects, ISO, flash, etc.
  36. Pudding camera- Photo Camera
  37. Retro Camera- 4 retro cameras
  38. Retro Camera Plus- Set of retro cameras for Android
  39. Robot View Beta- A program for creating 3D panoramas
  40. Snap Photo Pro- A utility for photographing at the time of stabilization of the device
  41. Spyshot- Takes pictures with the camera silently and with the screen off
  42. Super Spy Camera +- Spy Camera from your PDA
  43. TAnDI - Photo & Video Sharing- Camera with the ability to upload photos / videos to online services (Hi5, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, ..)
  44. Videoocam illusion- Record video with various effects
  45. Vignette- Camera with a large number of effects
  46. Wireogogles- Take photos with the installation of various color effects.
  47. Little photo- Post production for pictures
  48. Quickamera- Opening the camera, as in Moto X
  49. PRDroid- Photo recorder
    Photo online
  1. Droidiris- 3D galleries online with the ability to save
  2. Flickr companion- powerful, full-featured Flickr client
  3. Picasa tool pro- A program to work with Picasa
  4. picplz- A program for sharing photos on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  5. Picpush- Upload images to online services
  6. J.Fotki +- client for Yandex. Photos service
    Multimedia streaming
  1. 2Player Network Music Player- Playing songs on a smart PC
  2. Androstream pro- Streaming video from pc to phone
  3. Audiogalaxy- Music from your computer on the phone
  4. iMediaShare- Videos and images on TV
  5. NetFront Life Connect- Sharing media content with home appliances
  6. Plex for Android- Allows you to view and play videos, photos and music
  7. Qloud video- View the video from the computer "by air"
  8. Skifta (Free)- Stream media files from your phone to a TV or other devices
  9. SlingPlayer Mobile- Watch TV on your device
  10. StreamBand [AIR]- Online video / audio broadcast via p2p
  11. Subsonic- Listen to music and watch video from computer "over the air" - (windows / linux)
  12. TwonkyServer Mobile- Media server in your android
  13. UPnPlay- listen to music, watch movies from a PC on an Android device
  14. VLC Direct- Simple and efficient media server.
  15. VLC Stream & Convert- App for streaming music, movies
    Remote Multimedia Control
  1. AIMP Remote- Manage the playback of music in the Aimp player on the computer via WiFi
  2. Aimp UControl- Manage your AIMP player using Android.
  3. aWAremote- Winamp remote control
  4. Gmote- Remote control of multimedia functions of the computer
  5. PowerDVD Remote- remote control PowerDVD
  6. PMIX- Client to connect to Music Player Daemon
  7. Remote for iTunes- Manage iTunes via wi-fi
  8. Remote Volume Control Android @ Windows- Control sound, switch songs and videos
  9. VLC Remote- Remote control of VLC player
  10. Winamp remote- Manage playing music on your computer via WiFi
  11. MPC console- Remote for Media Player Classic
  1. [PC] Android Video Encoder (aEncoder)- Video Converter for Android devices
  2. Lame4Android- Convert Wave to Mp3
  3. Videora android converter (PC)- Video Converter for Mobile
  4. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate (PC)- Video Converter
    Audio / Video Editors
  1. CAUSTIC- Electronic music editor for android.
  2. MP3 Cutter- Create your own ringtone from mp3
  3. Mp3tagger pro- Editor mp3 tags with support for downloading covers from the Internet
  4. WavePad Master's Edition- a program for professional sound processing
  5. Myxer- audio file editor
  6. Pimp my music- Tag Editor.
  7. Reactable mobile- music making tool
  8. ReLoop Loop Sequencer- Music editor based on loops (such as ACID)
  9. Ringdroid- Create and edit audio recordings directly on the device
  10. Samsung Video Editor- Samsung video editor
  11. Video Compressor- Video compression software
  12. VidTrim - Video Editor- Video editor
    Search, recognize and download music, texts, covers
  1. aTorrent- A program to search and download mp3 music from
  2. Album Art Grabber- The program finds album covers for music files
  3. Cover Art Downloader- The easiest and fastest album grabber for Android.
  4. Fildo Music Download- Search and download music
  5. Gtunes music- search and listen to music
  6. Guitar partner- Player, editor, search engine of notes and tablature
  7. Grooveshark- Access to millions of songs received directly to your phone
  8. I Music Tao- Download music from the Internet
  9. free- Applications for searching and downloading music
  10. Lyrics app- Lyrics
  11. Lyrics finder- search lyrics
  12. Movie stream- Search and view streaming video
  13. mp3 downloader- simple interface to search and download mp3 music through search with
  14. MP3 Ringtone Maker- Search and download music from the network with the ability to edit
  15. MP3 Music Download- Client to search and download music in mp3 format
  16. Music downloader pro- Music Search Engine
  17. Music junk- Search and download music from the network
  18. Music box pro- Search and download mp3
  19. MotoID- Recognition of music
  20. New dance tracks- Your source for new dance releases
  21. Play by AOL Music- access to digital content from Rdio music service
  22. Shazam- Recognizes melodies, just hold the microphone
  23. Soundhound- Search for tunes, artists, etc.
  24. SongDNA- By title and artist provides full track information.
  25. Tab Master- Player, search engine notes and tablature
  26. Tunee music- Search, download and listen to MP3
  27. Video shop Demo- An application to search and view TV shows and movies
  28. Trava.RU- Application for subscribers of the portal
    Comics and manga
  1. Comic reader mobi- Program for reading comics and manga (Cbr, cbz, jpeg)
  2. Droid comic viewer- Comics / Manga Viewer
  3. Perfect viewer- A program for reading manga, comics and viewing images
  4. Manga watcher application- Utility for reading manga
  5. Manga what- Really the best manga reader
  6. Vintage Comic Droid- More than 3000 vintage comics.
    Ringtone software
  1. Audiko ringtones- Ringtones for Android
  2. Blackberry ringtones- BlackBerry music
  3. Back my tones- Backup \ Restore melody settings for individual contacts
  4. Favorite Animal Calls- Ringtones from animal sounds
  5. Iphone ringtones- soundboard from iphone
  6. Mortring- Manage ringtones
  7. Ringleader pro- Ringtone Manager
  8. Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers- Catalog of ringtones and wallpapers
    Various musical instruments, sounds
  1. Air Horn!- Horn!
  2. androGroove- Drum sounds
  3. Beatmaker- play your music
  4. Chordbot- Create music
  5. Dj control- Virtual DJ
  6. DJ Studio- Virtual DJ
  7. DroidBeatMaker- further development of the project BeatMaker
  8. DrumKit - a pro drum set- fully customizable virtual collection of drums and cymbals
  9. Drummer- Imitation of 29 kinds of drum sounds
  10. Drums hd- perhaps the best virtual drums
  11. Electrum drum- drum machine
  12. Epic sax guy- saxophone for android
  13. Favorite Instruments- We shake the smartphone and hear the ringing
  14. Fingerplay- midi controller
  15. gStrings + tuner- IMHO the best guitar tuner for android
  16. Guitarist's Reference- Program for guitarists
  17. g-tar- Guitar Simulator
  18. JamBox Guitar Chords & Scales- An application for both amateurs and guitar professionals.
  19. jasuto modular synth- mega synthesizer sequencer sampler vocoder
  20. Kalimba- African musical instrument
  21. Minikeyboard- Synthesizer on your device
  22. miniPiano- piano for phone
  23. Mobile Metronome- metronome on android.
  24. Musicgrid- Sequencer
  25. Musical Bubbles- Making music by touching the screen
  26. Musical- Custom metronome, piano, tuning fork-pipe and others.
  27. My bass- Bass guitar
  28. My beatbox- BeatBox machine
  29. My drums- drum kit emulator
  30. My guitar- turn your smartphone into an acoustic guitar
  31. My piano- Piano
  32. Perfect ear- A program to enhance the ear for music
  33. PocketDJ Vintage- DJ installation emulator
  34. RD3- We synthesize sounds
  35. Rjdjdroid- Create your mixes from surrounding sounds
  36. Robotic Guitarist- Simulator guitar, metronome and more
  37. RockOut Acoustic Pro Guitar- virtual acoustic guitar
  38. ScratchMaster- Useful utility for DJs, musicians and music lovers
  39. Solo- Guitar emulator with multitouch support
  40. SoundGenerator- allows you to generate sounds at different frequencies
  41. SPC - Music Sketchpad- create, play, play your own music
  42. Tapemapine- A program for processing and recording sound
  43. Teachguitar- An application that will help you learn to play the guitar
  44. Tone Tunes- Play your favorite songs on the touch keyboard
  45. Uloops Studio- Music Sequencer
  46. Ultimate guitar tabs- Application for reading chords and tabs for guitar and bass
  47. Ultimate Guitar Tools- High-quality tuner, metronome and chords.
  48. UnMuIn- Universal musical instrument
  49. xPiano +- Fully functional piano
  50. Xylophone- emulator of musical instrument for children.
  51. Zap's ABC- Note editor based on ABC notation language
  52. Sound box- sounds when shaking the phone
  1. AndRoboice- The program changes the voice and records it.
  2. Audalyzer- Frequency audio analyzer
  3. Microphone- Make a microphone from your phone
  4. Moodagent- Instantly define music profile and create playlists
  5. PlaylistR create playlists
  6. RTA Pro Analyzer- Spectrum analyzer to tune acoustics or musical instruments
  7. Scan media- Manual scanning of media libraries
  8. Shelves- The application will help to catalog your books, movies, music, etc.
  9. SpectralView Analyzer- Sound analyzer in increments, displays any sound changes from a microphone as a color spectrogram
  10. TabApp- Use tablature wherever you go!
  11. TabDroid Pro- Player and editor tablature
  12. Talkbox- Transform your voice, 15 different sound effects
  13. Ultra voice changer- Will make your voice completely unrecognizable.
  14. VoiceInput4Windows- Phone as a "microphone" for text recognition

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10. Navigation (GPS):
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  1. 2GIS - free directory of organizations with a city map- City expert
  2. amAze GPS- access to street maps of cities around the world
  3. AndNav2- Navigation: support offline navigation and online data navigation with OpenStreetMap
  4. Androzic- use of OziExplorer cards for Android
  5. Beback- Voice GPS navigator-fisherman
  6. Bigplanet- Online and offline navigation, using Google Map, Yandex Map, OpenStreetMap and other data
  7. City Guide- GPS navigation with support for traffic jams
  8. Copilot- Offline navigation, POI, 2D / 3D display, calculation of the optimal route, etc.
  9. Gaia GPS - Topos and Tracking- Navigation with the ability to download maps
  10. Google maps- Google Maps
  11. Google street view- Simplified analogue of Google Street View
  12. iCoyote- Road Information System
  13. iGO My way 2009- Offline navigation, POI, 2D / 3D, etc.
  14. iDA- Navigation based on the Destinator system, Navteq maps and with the support of Google web services
  15. Locus- Online / offline maps
  16. Mapdroyd- Navigation on vector offline maps
  17. Mapquest- Navigation for Android
  18. Maps (-)- Online / offline viewing OpenStreetMap
  19. Maverick- GPS navigation with offline maps support
  20. Navdroyd- Navigation program with support for offline vector maps
  21. NaviFon- Mobile navigation with traffic jams.
  22. Navigon- Offline navigation, POI, 2D / 3D, etc
  23. Navikey - Seven roads- Navigation system
  24. Navionics Mediterranean- Sea navigation in the Mediterranean.
  25. NDrive- Offline navigation, voice prompts, search by house numbers, etc.
  26. NOMADA Maps- Maps and POIs of all major map services
  27. OpenSatNav- Open-source navigation; OSM maps, POI, address search
  28. OruxMaps- Online / offline maps, tracks, support for gpx and kml formats
  29. Osmand- OpenStreetMap Map Navigation (open source)
  30. PAPAGO X5 for Android- navigation in Asian countries - Taiwan, Indonesia, Gon Kong, Taiwan
  31. Rmaps- Online, offline (by cache) navigation, Yandex traffic jams; done primarily for cycling through the woods
  32. Shturmann- Software Shturmann® Android version.
  33. Sygic Mobile Maps 9- Navigation in 44 countries with voice prompts, zip code search, etc.
  34. Trekbuddy- offline GPS navigation and tracking
  35. Waze- Mobile navigation, where users themselves are involved in the formation of maps
  36. Wikitude Drive Beta- Navigation program with support for "live image"
  37. Yandex.Maps- Mobile Yandex.Maps
  38. Yozi- Navigating the ozi charts
  39. MegaFon-Navigation- navigation from Megaphone
  40. Mobile Double Gis- Urban Information Directory
  41. Navitel Navigator- Highly detailed offline maps with three-dimensional road junctions, support services Navitel. Traffic jams and Navitel.SMS
  42. PROGOROD- car GPS / GLONASS navigation with current maps of Russia.
    Auxiliary programs
  1. Distance measurement- Measure the distance on the map
  2. 3D Compass (AR Compass)- 3D Compass
  3. AndTripLog- Record of the progress made
  4. Bluegps4droid- Applications for connecting an external bluetooth GPS receiver
  5. Bluetooth gps- Connecting external GPS receivers
  6. Bluetooth GPS Provider- Connecting external GPS receivers
  7. Compass- Compass, analog and digital, work with GPS
  8. Compass3D- 3D compass with live view cameras in real time.
  9. GPS 2 Bluetooth- We use androfon as GPS applicable on PC
  10. GPS2GoogleEarth- GPS data collection and Google Earth KML converter
  11. GPS over BT- Your phone is like an external GPS receiver
  12. Gps stats- Satellite info, high speed notification
  13. GPS Status- Satellite information, compass
  14. GPS Test- Information about satellites, current location, time
  15. GPSTracker- Record and route analysis
  16. Gps tracker- Allows you to track the position of the communicator on a Google map in real time
  17. My tracks- Record and route analysis
  18. Open gps tracker- Record of movements
  19. Point pro- Compass, allowing you to monitor a set of pre-set points
  20. Rashinban compass- Combines compass, level, sky view
  21. Smart compass- compass, metal detector, GPS
  22. Tinny compass- Magnetic Compass
  23. Turbo gps- GPS tracker. Great opportunities.
  24. YGPS Satellites- Information about satellites
  25. GPSlog- The program allows you to connect your phone to a computer with linux via usb as a gps tracker
  26. My seven wonders- Advanced compass
    GPS-based services
  1. Airpinter- Leave and read handwritten texts right in the air
  2. ALL4GEO- Geolocation service
  3. ALTERGEO- Go to the "walk" on the map in your favorite area to find interesting people
  4. AlpineSport- Cycle Computer
  5. Androids Around 2- The program shows on Google map the location of users of this program.
  6. Anafain- Family GPS tracker
  7. Family gps tracker- Find out the location of your loved ones
  8. iTrack- tracking your friend's location in real time
  9. junaio- Augmented reality program
  10. Glympse- A service that allows you to share with anyone information about your location and movement in real time
  11. Location detector- An application to search for your location, as well as navigation to the saved points
  12. GPSMTA- GPS tracker; Determination, visualization of geographical coordinates and transfer them to a remote server, tracking other trackers.
  13. GPS Share- share your location
  14. GPS to MMS- Displays the current position with the possibility of sending it via MMS / E-mail
  15. GPS Taxi- A program to automatically calculate the cost of travel by taxi
  16. Location cache map- Allows you to view the cached data about the location of devices
  17. MapiaExplorer- Information on objects marked on WikiMapia
  18. MyLocation- Widget showing current location
  19. Myspeed- takes into account the speed of movement and marks your location on the map
  20. Reality Browser 3.0 (Layar)- Look at the world through the camera of your device and get information about the surrounding buildings, weather, etc.
  21. RealTimeTracker- Free GPS \ GLONASS monitoring in real time
  22. Sherpa- POI search and recommendation service
  23. Vespucci- OpenStreetMap Editor
  24. Wikitude World Browser- Alternative Layar
  25. GEOCASHING- Search for treasure
  26. GeoELIS- Satellite monitoring system
  27. Mobile Dispatcher- Manage GPS-GLONASS trackers and track them on the map

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11. Trips, Travels:
Attached Image
  1. aMetro- Reference metro and other rail transport cities in the world.
  2. Flightboard- Online scoreboard of airports in Russia and the world
  3. Flightradar24- we follow the movement of the aircraft on Google map
  4. Flight stats- Search for airports, airlines and flights
  5. Flighttrack- Track domestic, international flights in real time
  6. Metro 24- Subway map
  7. Smartive travel- on-line booking and purchase of train and plane tickets
  8. Smartive Aviasides- Monitors sales and cheap airline tickets
  9. Suburban- A program to view the schedule of suburban trains of the Moscow region and St. Petersburg
  10. Transport in Riga- Public transport timetable in Riga, Latvia.
  11. Transport Maps- Access to the public transport map database
  12. TransPot- Transport Navigator, public transport routes in Minsk
  13. Uklon - More than a taxi- Order a taxi and private cars in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnieper, Zaporozhye, Sumy ...) and Georgia (Tbilisi)
  14. Flights- Flight schedule of Russian and CIS airports
  15. Bridges SPb - Layout schedule- Schedule bridges in St. Petersburg
  16. Train schedule- Schedule of commuter trains for major cities of Russia
  17. Ru.Metro- Metro schemes, route calculation
  18. TabloRoid- Online scoreboard of airports
  19. Yandex.Metro- An application that helps plan trips to the subway.
  20. Yandex.Electrics- Schedule trains
  1. Tourist Wallet- Fixing payments in group travel
  2. Google earth- Mobile version for Android
  3. Gotoilet- global search for toilets
  4. Hotel Easy Booker- We book hotels worldwide
  5. Hotelzon- Search for hotels with a price quote
  6. Incredible India- Travel app
  7. Kayak- Search and reservation of hotels, airplanes, etc.
  8. Qype ​​Radar- Search for nearby restaurants, shops, hotels and more.
  9. Toozla Travel Audio Guide- interactive audio guide
  10. trainANDtrack- Program for outdoor activities
  11. Wikitravel Mobile- Free guide!
  12. Worldmate- Program to control the exchange rate, time and weather in different parts of the Earth
  13. WikiGuide- Encyclopedia of attractions from all over Ukraine
  14. Must go!- Hot tours. Fresh cheap deals every day!
  15. uPackingList- How to get ready for the road and not forget anything.
  16. Afisha-Mir- Convenient personal travel guide around the world
  17. Banks and ATMs- Overview of banks and ATMs on the map
  18. Sberbank ATMs- Displays the nearest branches and ATMs of Sberbank of Russia on the map
  19. All Ukraine- All places in Ukraine, find what you need!

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12. Sport, Health:
Attached Image
  1. [HD] Medisafe- Reminder about taking medication
  2. runtastic Heart Rate- Heart rate measurement
  3. BioRhythms- Human biorhythms, support for multiple accounts
  4. Blood pressure log- Tracking blood pressure, pulse, weight
  5. Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary- Application for those who diets
  6. Cardiograph- Another program to measure the pulse
  7. E numbers- Information about food "E" additives
  8. Glucool - Diabetes Management- Program for patients with diabetes
  9. ESOD- reference information about food additives
  10. Instant heart rate- Measures pulse
  11. Libra- Weight Manager
  12. My bmi- Calculate body mass index (BMI) and fat index.
  13. QuitSM- Help quitting smoking
  14. QuitNow!- Paid analog QuitSM
  15. Sanity- electromagnetic wave filter
  16. Time2stop- Another calorie counter
  17. Webmd- pocket guide on drugs, diseases, methods of their treatment
  18. What Additives?- Information about "E" supplements in food
  19. Stop smoking- helps to quit smoking
  20. A sandwich- Simple and convenient calorie counting
  21. Dektro4 Insulin Dose Calculator- Calculation of the required dose of insulin for food and for the correction of blood sugar
  22. Calorie counter- For logging calories consumed.
  23. Pulse- The program allows you to measure the pulse
  24. Timer tabata- Timer for cardio training method Tabata
  1. Adidas miCoach- Personal coach
  2. Bodyfitness- Your personal trainer
  3. Bodybuilder- Workout log
  4. CardioTrainer- Assistant program for training and keeping fit
  5. Daily Ab Workout- Pump up the press for 5 minutes a day
  6. Daily Arm Workout- Pump bitsuha for 5 minutes a day
  7. Daily Butt Workout- Pump your buttocks in 5 minutes a day
  8. eFitness- Pull off not free!
  9. Endomondo Sports Tracker- Your personal trainer in various sports
  10. Gymboom- Universal program for people engaged in physical exercise.
  11. Hundred pushups- Training program classic pushups from the floor
  12. iFitness- A set of exercises, illustrated instructions
  13. Jefit- Bodybuilding planner.
  14. Keep score- Helps track player points during a card game and other games
  15. Multi reps- program for creating training schedules
  16. MyCalmBeat- Breathing exercises to deal with stress
  17. MySportTraining for Android- Training diary
  18. Office yoga- do yoga
  19. Pedometer- Counting steps using accelerometer
  20. Run.GPS Trainer UV- Tracker - logger - navigator - scheduler for athletes
  21. runtastic GPS Coach- GPS tracker
  22. Sportstracker- an indispensable program for outdoor enthusiasts
  23. SportyPal- sports program, GPS tracker
  24. virtuagym- a set of exercises for home and gym
  25. Walttend lite- measure the number of steps you take.
  26. Workouttimer- Timer for training
    Sports results / news
  1. aScore- View the results of football games, league tables, match schedules, etc.
  2. All Goals - The Livescore App (formerly Soccer LiveScores)- View the main events of football matches in real time
  3. ATP / WTA Live scores- online tennis results
  4. Mobile version of Eurosport
  5. F1- Formula 1, rating, results, news
  6. F1 2011 Timing- For F1 fans
  7. F1 Live 2010 Racing- All about FORMULA 1
  8. F1 Pocket 2010- Formula 1 - results, all about pilots, tracks and teams
  9. Fonbet- Client BC Background bet
  10. 2011- The official Formula One app for Android!
  11. Gameplan- quickly find out the time and place of the next football match
  12. GO Score- Find out the current sports score
  13. KHL Scores- Results of matches of the Continental Hockey League live
  14. LiveHockey- A program to view the results of hockey matches
  15. LiveScore- results of football matches
  16. LiveSoccer- A program to view the results of football matches, tournament tables and statistics
  17. At Bat 11- All about MLB (American baseball)
  18. motoGP INFO- be aware of motoGP
  19. Olympic Medals- Shows the number of medals won by countries at the Olympics
  20. SBC Mobile Football- All football in your pocket
  21. ScoreMobile FC- World football
  22. Soccer leagues- Russian Premier League
  23. Soccer Scores - FotMob- World Football
  24. SportsTap- Access to statistics and results in many sports
  25. TJEKFTBOL- For real football fans, information up to the game line-ups
  26. UEFA Champions League edition- mobile version under the Champions League
  27. The official UEFA app for Android
  28. Vancouver Olympic Games Feed- News of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver
  29. Vancouver Olympic Medals Count- Watch for medals won at the XXI Olympic Winter Games
  30. World Cup - With Forum- World Cup 2010
  31. PFC CSKA- latest news and events in the club, results of matches, photos, video
  32. Soviet sport- Sports News
  33. Russian Football 2011- Football
  34. Online broadcasts, sports news, competition results

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13. Telephone part:
Attached Image
    Address books, call managers (dialers)
  1. Phone in the style of Material- A complete copy of the dialers from Android 5
  2. Ready Contact List- Address Book in the style of Material Design
  3. AContact - Advanced Contact- Contact / Dialer
  4. aContacts- Address book with support for speed dialing, searching contacts on the T9 principle, sorting by groups, and more
  5. Angel dialer- Convenient dialer with T9
  6. aTAKEphONE contact dialer- Caller
  7. Bettercontacts- The address book
  8. Callfreq- Call Manager using the analysis of the latest
  9. Call history- call log
  10. Call master- Contact Manager, Call Log, Blacklist, Scheduler
  11. Contacts Blast- Address book, speed dialing, group support
  12. Contact flow- Comfortable 3D dialer
  13. DW Contacts & Phone- Work with groups of Contacts, assignment of melodies, mass mailing
  14. Contacts GroupU- Grouping contacts and assigning ringtones to groups
  15. Cyberon Voice Commander- Voice dialing (including with headset BT), support for Russian
  16. iDialer- Easy dialer
  17. AContact - Advanced Contact- Contacts and dialer
  18. aContacts- Contacts and dialer
  19. Angel dialer- Contacts and dialer
  20. aTAKEphONE contact dialer- Caller
  21. Contact flow- Beautiful dialer
  22. Dialer2- MIUI style dialer
  23. Dialer one- Multilingual dialer
  24. exDialer & Contacts- Address book and MiUI style dialer
  25. Fast dialer- Multilingual fast dialer
  26. GO Contacts EX- Dialer and contacts from the developers of GO SMS and GO launcher EX
  27. myDialer- Very simple, but very fast dialer
  28. NubDial- Modification of the SpellDial program
  29. Ray dialer- Multilingual dialer
  30. Rocketdial- Cute dialer with a wide range of features
  31. Starksoft Smart CallerID- Fullscreen CallerID
  32. TouchPal Contacts- A good dialer, familiar on Windows Mobile, now on Android
  33. WP7 Phone (Dialer)- Dialer and history in the style of Windows Phone
  34. Pixelphone- Phone, History, Contacts, Favorites, Speed ​​Dial
  35. Youlu Address Book- China dialer and contacts
  36. GO Contacts Pro- Dialer and contacts
  37. Dialer2- Caller with T9 search
  38. Dialer one- Multilingual dialer with contact search by T9 principle
  39. exDialer- MiUI style dialer
  40. Fast dialer- Multilingual dialer with the ability to use two languages ​​simultaneously
  41. GangBook-group contact manager- Notebook contact manager
  42. GO Contacts- Phonebook and dialer from the creators of GO SMS and GO launcher EX
  43. HOZOM- Beautiful functional dialer.
  44. myDialer- Very simple, but very fast dialer
  45. NubDial- Extended functionality dialer
  46. Phonebook- Address book with ample opportunities
  47. QQ Contacts- Address book with SMS client
  48. Ray dialer- Multilingual dialer
  49. RocketDial Pro (Smart Dialer)- Another pretty dialer
  50. StarContact- Address book with contact search support
  51. Starksoft Smart CallerID- Fullscreen CallerID
  52. TouchPal smart dialer- Perspective dialer from Chinese developers
  53. Voice speed dial- Voice dialing
  54. WP7 Contacts- Contacts in the style of Widows Phone 7
  55. WP7 Phone (Dialer)- Dialer and history in the style of Windows Phone
  56. xPhone - Phone and Contacts- Phone, History, Contacts, Favorites, Speed ​​Dial
  57. Youlu Address Book- Beautiful address book
  58. Chime- Program - contact manager with the ability to send a call back
  59. Voice dialing- Standard OS dialer
  1. ONDiGO- Contacts
  2. Android L Contacts Lite- Contacts in the style of Android L
  3. People widget- Photo contacts
  4. Quickdial- Quick call contacts
  5. Unio Recent Contacts Widget- Widget most frequently used contacts
  6. Scrollable ContactWidget- Scrolling contacts
  7. Lollipop Dialer - Android 5- Android L style dialer
  8. Life.contacts- Photo contacts
  9. WP7 Contacts- Contacts in the style of Windows Phone 7
  10. Free Android Animated Contact / Launch Widget- Animated contact widget
  11. 3D Contact List- 3D rotating pins
  12. Contact Editor- Contact Editor with D / R editing
  13. Contacto's- sending contacts
  14. Contact Remover- Removal, bonding of duplicate contacts
  15. ContactsGallery- Gallery of contact photos
  16. Groupy- Work with contact groups
  17. Share contacts via SMS- Sending contacts via SMS
  18. Watchlion free- Creating hidden contacts
  19. Fast call- Utility to quickly find contacts in the notebook
  20. Quickdial- Quick call contacts
    Import / Export and backup contacts
  1. Android Contacts Import- Importing contacts from Vcard files
  2. Backup2email- Backup your contacts to the mail
  3. Contact2Sim- A program for transferring contacts to a SIM card
  4. Copy to SIM Card- The program allows you to copy contacts from the phone to the SIM card
  5. Jsonbackup- Backup contacts
  6. Outlook2VCard- Reads contacts from MS Outlook and writes them to a VCard file
  7. SPB Migration Tool- Transfer data from Symbian and Windows Mobile to Android
  8. UiA - Backup Contacts- A program to export contacts to a CSV file
  9. Upvise Mobile Contacts- Synchronize contacts with the Upvise service
  10. vCardIO- Import / export of address book in vcf format
  11. Vkontakte: synchronization- Sync tel. books with Vkontakte
    Video / photo on call
  1. Uber ID- Full-screen photo of the subscriber when making calls
  2. Full Screen Caller ID- Caller photo in full screen smartphone
  3. Phantom Caller ID- Photo of the subscriber in full screen
  4. Video Full Screen Caller ID- Video or photo to call
  5. Belo Call Dialer- A program to install fullscreen photos for incoming calls
  6. FiSPiC- Full-screen photos for incoming calls
  7. Full Screen Caller ID- Photo caller in full screen
  8. Full Screen Caller Pictures- Photo caller full screen
  9. Video caller id- Setting the video on an incoming call, blocking unwanted calls
  10. VideoTones- Set the video on the incoming call
    Call / Message Notifications / Info
  1. Dashdow bundle- Collection of pop-up notifications from Dashdow
  2. Arc timescape- Fully working Timescape on custom firmware 2.2 for X10i
  3. Callback assistant- Easy reminder for callbacks
  4. Callback pro- Reminder of the call. Scheduler
  5. DynamicNotifications- Notifications from Moto X for all devices
  6. Easy reminder- Notification of missed calls and SMS
  7. Executive Assistant +- Information screen with the ability to output SMS, Gmail, missed calls, etc.
  8. Missed call- Notification of missed calls, messages, dates, etc.
  9. Missed Message Flasher- program for notification of missed calls, sms, email
  10. Missed reminder- Missed calls / messages reminders
  11. No Signal Alert- Notification of no cellular signal
  12. OVERVI3W- Tracking calls, sms, contacts, location via a web browser
  13. phoneAlarm- Repeat missed signals. Profiles in development
  14. Timescape- View various events in the phone (calls, messages, etc.)
  15. Vibration notifier- the program allows you to adjust the vibration of the phone
    Call & SMS Filtering
  1. Advanced call manager- Filter calls
  2. aFirewall- Block unwanted incoming calls
  3. AndFire- Filtering SMS messages, call barring, firewall
  4. AntiSpamSMS- block unwanted calls and messages
  5. Blackbook- Hiding contacts, calls, SMS.
  6. Call blocker elite- Blocking unwanted calls
  7. Call blocker gold- Block unwanted calls
  8. Call filter- Block unwanted calls and SMS
  9. Easy filter- Blocking unwanted calls and sms
  10. Extreme Call Blocker- Block unwanted calls, sms, voice mail
  11. Horizon- Hiding contacts, messages and calls
  12. moCodes- Codes of mobile operators
  13. My Private Messages- Private SMS
  14. NetQin Mobile Manager- Call manager, blacklists, backup contacts
  15. Panda firewall- Blocking unwanted calls and sms
  16. Profile call blocker- program to block calls \ SMS
  17. Root call blocker- firewall incoming calls
  18. Shady SMS- Hiding contacts, calls, SMS, MMS
  19. Speech Infos Call- Voice voice incoming SMS and calls
  20. Vegas SMS- The evolutionary development of the program Shady SMS only under Kitkat (4.4+). Hiding calls and SMS
  21. Super - Private Conversation- Blocking unwanted calls and SMS, as well as the ability to hide SMS / calls
  22. Neberi Tube- The application protects from unclaimed calls, unwanted or expensive outgoing calls.
    Call applications
  1. AlibiSound- When an incoming or outgoing call, the program starts a certain noise through the speaker
  2. Autorecall- Auto Dial Program
  3. Bluff my call- Encryption during a conversation (changing the number, voice, etc.)
  4. BTCall- Turn on / off BT during calls
  5. Call control- Helps control talk time
  6. Call end tone- Announces the end of a voice call
  7. Call light- Does not let the screen go blank during a conversation
  8. Callback- A program to call a reset number
  9. Call Waiting Configurations- Setting the sound and type of notification of an incoming call / sms during a conversation
  10. Call confirm- Call Verification
  11. Call informer- Information when calling from a contact (company, position, etc.)
  12. Car mode- Transfer all incoming calls to speakerphone
  13. CrazyRedial FREE- Automatic redial
  14. DroidVibration- Installation of vibration on the answer of the subscriber or call termination
  15. EZanswer (Good bye! Slider)- we supplement the call screen with useful functions
  16. Extra Phone Settings- Vibration when dialing, other notifications
  17. myLock phone tools- Screen lock during a call.
  18. Not call log- Prohibition of opening the call log after a call
  19. On call end- Quick closing dialers
  20. Ondesly calls- Last Call Widget
  21. Pocket Keylock: PocketSensor- Auto-lock screen and keys using proximity sensor
  22. Proximity Screen Off- Screen lock by proximity sensor
  23. Proximity Sensor- Lock / unlock the screen during a conversation on the light sensor
  24. QwikSMS AutoResponder Deluxe- answering machine
  25. reCaller- Program for (semi) automatic dialing of the number just dropped
  26. SCRibe - Smart Call Recorder- A program to record calls
  27. Smart call- Advanced call settings
  28. Super caller id- where do they call you
  29. Sound effects- External noise when talking
  30. Ticktickcall- We notice talk time
  31. Thrutu- Allows you to exchange information during a telephone conversation
  32. Trackball Answer- Answer the incoming call by pressing the trackball
  33. Vibralert- Vibration when establishing a connection
  34. World Call Place And Time- Displays country, region, city, current time for incoming / outgoing call
    Profile Management
  1. # 1 Profile - Auto Tasker- Advanced profile / rule manager.
  2. Android Audio Profile- Profile Manager
  3. Automateit- Android Automation
  4. Dindy- Profile Manager
  5. EasyProfiles- switching profiles
  6. Harassme- Do not miss important calls with silent mode on
  7. Llama - Location Profiles- Change profiles by time and location (on towers)
  8. Locale- Depending on the conditions and location of the device, selects the conditions of the phone
  9. My profile manager- Schedule profile management
  10. MyProfiles- easy profile switching
  11. Night time- Turn off sounds at night
  12. Nights keeper- Protection against uninvited night calls with the "white list".
  13. Phoneweaver- Smart Profile Manager
  14. Profile- Profile Manager
  15. Profiles- Profiles program, sound settings, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  16. Quick profiles- Program for manual profile switching
  17. Radio, go sleeping!- Puts the Airplanemode at night
  18. Ring Scheduler- On / off airplane mode or silent on schedule
  19. SemiSilent- Enable call to certain contacts in silent mode
  20. Setting Profiles- Change profiles by time, place, event, etc.
  21. Tasker- Performing actions on events
  22. Timeriffic- Change profiles on schedule
  23. Toggle settings- Creation of various telephone profiles, their switching depending on the conditions, task manager, etc.
  24. Tweak Power Savings- Automatically turns on airplane mode when signal loss
  25. WhoIsIt- Ringtones, notifications and profiles manager
    Work with SMS
  1. Confide- Confidential messenger.
  2. SML send later- The application allows you to delay sending SMS.
  3. AdvanceSMS | SMS Manager- Schedule, answering machine, forwarding and exporting your SMS messages
  4. CrazySMS- Avtorassylka SMS
  5. Cute SMS- Pictures of characters in short text messages
  6. GO SMS Pro- convenient SMS
  7. Handcent SMS- Tool for SMS / MMS; pop-up windows, search, T9, emoticons, themes and other
  8. Herringear- Exchange encrypted SMS
  9. Hd Latebra light- A single client for preparing, encrypting and sending messages of all types
  10. Messaging + 7- Reception and sending of SMS and MMS from Emoji IOS (smilies)
  11. Mobimesessage- text messaging application
  12. MorzeSMS- Incoming SMS is tapped by Morse code!
  13. MySmsScheduler- Scheduler to send SMS
  14. Pansi SMS- SMS manager by folder or chat
  15. Remotesms- SMS via WiFi, USB or Bluetooth
  16. Root call manager- Blocking calls and SMS at the system level
  17. Road SMS- SMS program
  18. Save MMS- Allows you to save images, video and audio recordings from MMS messages
  19. Schedule Sms Wishes- SMS Scheduler
  20. Schedalls- scheduling sending messages
  21. SMS Composer- Convenient SMS Manager
  22. SMS Forwarder- Redirect SMS to another number
  23. SMS popup- Notification and reminder of incoming messages
  24. SMS Translate Pro- SMS translation
  25. SMSFix- Adding contact name for numbers in incoming SMS
  26. SMSpammer- The program is designed for SMS spam
  27. Stealth SMS Messenger- Spy for SMS
  28. Text flooder- SMS flood / mass mailing
  29. Text Repeater Free- SMS bombing
  30. Textsecretary- Automatic reply to SMS
  31. Texdro- allows you to send SMS from computer
    Backup, export / import SMS
  1. Backup to gmail- Copy SMS, MMS and call history to Gmail
  2. Handy Backup for Android- backup SMS, contacts, call history, etc.
  3. kAmMa’s BackupSMS- Backup SMS
  4. Pi.Soft Backup- Backup SMS / MMS messages, call log, bookmarks, favorites
  5. SMS Backup & Restore- Backup and restore SMS
  6. SMS Backup +- Create / restore SMS archive
  7. SMS2Email Buddy- Double SMS to Email
  8. SMS to Text- Export messages to file
  9. Txtract- Export sms to memory card
    Cheap SMS
  1. Comtube SMS Sender- SMS manager with sending cheap SMS via the Internet
  2. chompSMS- SMS client (alternative to HandcentSMS)
  3. Freesms- Free SMS sending in Russia and Ukraine
  4. HeyWire: Free SMS Worldwide- free sms to anyone
  5. Jacqueline SMS- Sending SMS by 30-35 kopecks, substitution of Sender ID
  6. SMSPilot- Sending SMS for 31 kopecks
  7. SMS Communications Manager- Sending and receiving SMS via the Internet
  8. SMS Center- analogue of the standard SMS-manager with additional useful features
  9. U-SMS for Android- Sending sms via the Internet for 30kop
    Ringing tones / SMS / alarm
  1. JUSTones- Set ringtones / SMS for contacts and groups
  2. Random alarm- Choosing a random melody for the alarm
  3. Ringo Pro - Ringtones & Alerts- A program to manage ringtones / sms / e-mail
  4. Ringtone- Selection of random ringtones / SMS / alarm
  5. ShuffleTone 2.0- Sets a random melody on an incoming call
  6. Silent time- Creates an exclusion list for ringing tones
  7. Smart vibrator- Installation of various vibration patterns on incoming calls / sms of given contacts
  8. Vibration tools- We create our own vibration
    Voice reading of caller / sms / mail, etc.
  1. Enhanced Gmail Reader- Reading aloud your Gmail messages
  2. Enhanced SMS & Caller ID- Voice caller id and sms
  3. Motospeak- Text message to voice message converter
  4. Saymyname dessert- Identification and reading out loud caller
  5. Talktome- Identification and reading out loud caller
    Imitation incoming call / SMS
  1. Call faker- Simulation of an incoming call
  2. Fake-a-call free- Simulation of an incoming call
  3. Fake call me- Simulation of an incoming call
  4. Fake Me Out Of Here!- Simulate an incoming call by shaking the phone
  5. Super SMS Faker- We send SMS to yourself
  6. Super call faker- Imitation of incoming calls
    Accelerometer based control
  1. Flip4silence- Turning the phone screen down - turns off the sound of an incoming call
  2. Gravityringer- Turning off the sound of an incoming call device flipping
  3. RD Mute- Quickly put the smartphone on the "silent mode" coup
  4. Shake2MuteCall- Turns off the sound shaking device
  5. Shake to answer- We answer the call by shaking the phone
  6. Silencer- Turns off / returns sound device flipping
  7. Starksoft G-App- Switching profiles when you turn the phone face down and up
  8. Turn silent- Turns off the sound when you call by turning the device face down
    Logs / reports / information / call charts
  1. MNP Helper- Determines according to the database of transferred mobile operator numbers for Russian mobile phone numbers
  2. Call History Plus- Synchronization of calls with the calendar, call log with filters
  3. Call Logs Backup & Restore- Backup / restore call log
  4. Call log calendar- Program synchronization list of calls and sms with Google calendar
  5. Call meter- Call Report
  6. Call meter ng- The program for calculating the volume of calls and SMS for a given period
  7. Callranking- magazine and call rating
  8. Calltrack- Program for saving Log (incoming / outgoing / missing) calls to Google Calendar
  9. DroidStats- Statistics of calls and sms with the ability to set limits
  10. Phonelog- Registration of calls in the calendar
  11. Phoneusage- Statistics of calls, sms and data transfer
  12. Phonalyzr- Graphic analysis of calls made
  13. Stats- Total info on calls, sms and internet traffic
  14. TariffPlanOptimizer- Selection of the optimal tariff based on the collected statistical data
  15. My fare- Program for the selection of tariff
  1. Help at zero- Quick help with zero balance
  2. Dr. Tariff- Program to optimize the cost of cellular communication
  1. Jalapeno antispam- Application for protection against SMS spam
  1. Antennas- Locating cell towers
  2. Dialer @ Bar- Quick access to the call and contacts from the notification panel
  3. Multisim- Displays the icon of the SIM card used in the notification bar when using multi-sim adapters
  4. Prefixer- Performs the prefix and suffix substitution to the dialed number
  5. QCodes (ex Solvek Faster)- Convenient interface for USSD requests
  6. Roam control- forcibly enables roaming on your CDMA phone
  7. Speak n 'Send- convert the voice message to text
  8. ToneDial- Calls from a regular phone to contacts from a Google phone
  9. Translit- Translates text
  10. MyPhoneExplorer- Explorer for Android

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14. Reading electronic documents, books. Dictionaries, encyclopedias.:
Attached Image
    Book reading software
  1. Aldiko- Reading books and searching in catalogs
  2. Android Chm EBook Reader Pro- A program for reading books, supported formats: chm, html, txt
  3. Bookmate for HTC Sense- Reader, library and store with a subscription
  4. booq- Reader and book store FB2
  5. ConReader- Reading txt books
  6. Cool reader- Port of the famous reader on Android
  7. DaoCaoXieReader- Read TXT, EPUB, fb2, OEB, MOBI
  8. EBookDroid- A program to read files of various formats.
  9. FBReader- Reading books oeb, epub, fb2
  10. Foliant- The famous reader is now on android
  11. Google ebook- The program allows you to buy, download, read books in offline mode.
  12. iReader- Reading formats: text, chm, html, umd, pdb, zTxt pdb, mobi pdb, jpeg, png, gif, bmp
  13. iSilo- Book reader pdb format (iSilo)
  14. Kingreader- A program for reading electronic books
  15. Laputa reader- A program for reading books, epub support
  16. Mantano reader- PDF and EPUB reader
  17. Moon + Reader- Another reader on the Android platform
  18. MultiReader- Reading books by voice (via TTS)
  19. Nomad reader- Reading books in epub and fb2 formats
  20. NOOK for Android by B & N- e-book reader, bookstore
  21. RusReader- Reading TXT, FB2 files with Cyrillic encoding support
  22. Starbooks- ePub book reader
  23. VuDroid- Program for reading pdf and djvu files
  24. Wordoholic reader- Reader e-books + learning words
  25. ZXReader- Book reader for android
  26. AlReader- Program for reading
  1. ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries- Lingvo dictionary for Android
  2. Audio Collins Mini Gem English-Russian & Russian-English Dictionary- Bidirectional English-Russian and Russian-English electronic mini slo
  3. Audio Collins Mini Gem English-Turkish & Turkish-English Dictionary- English-Turkish and Turkish-English electronic dictionary
  4. BADict (B & LGroup Android Dictionary)- Dictionary for Android
  5. BKS Medical Dictionary- Medical Dictionary
  6. Cambridge Dictionary of American English 2nd Edition- Cambridge Dictionary of American English
  7. Chinese Dictionary + Flashcards- Chinese-English Dictionary.
  8. Collins English Dictionary 2010 Complete & Unabridged- Collins Complete and Unabridged Dictionary
  9. Collins Mini Gem German-Russian & Russian-German Dictionary Trial- Compact Bidirectional German<->Russian electronic dictionary
  10. Collins Mini Gem Spanish-Russian & Russian-Spanish Dictionary- Compact bidirectional Ispano<->Russian electronic dictionary
  11. ColorDict Universal Dictionary- Dictionary that supports StarDict format
  12. Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus- Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Concise Oxford Thesaurus
  13. Concise Oxford Medical- Oxford Medical Dictionary
  14. Dict u- Free off-line dictionary
  15. DioDict 2- English-Russian-English dictionary
  16. Fine Dictionary Off-line- Offline Russian-English dictionary
  17. GoldenDict- Android version of the famous shell for dictionaries.
  18. Hanping Chinese Dictionary- Chinese-English Dictionary
  19. HedgeDict- Quick free dictionary
  20. Italian Dictionary ITA-ENG ENG-ITA- Italian<->Collins English Dictionary
  21. Mobisystems Oxford English of Second Edition Dictionary- Oxford English Dictionary - Second full edition
  22. Offline dictionaries- offline dictionaries
  23. Oxford french dictionary- Anglo<->French Oxford Dictionary
  24. Oxford Russian Dictionary- Oxford English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionary
  25. PhraseBook- Phrasebook 18 in 1
  26. SlovoED- Offline dictionary (English-Russian-English)
  27. Spracher- Russian-German Phrasebook
  28. Urban Dictionary- Dictionary of jargon
  29. Literacy- Online dictionary of the Russian language
  30. Yarksi- Japanese-Russian dictionary
    Shell for dictionaries
  1. Dictan- Shell for dictionaries * .zd, analog of Dict to WM
  2. DictionaryForMIDs- wrapper for dictionaries
  3. Fora dictionary- Wrapper for StarDict, XDXF, DICTD dictionaries
  1. Contextual translator- Instant translation of any selected text
  2. Fast translator [1.0]- Translates text from the clipboard.
  3. Google translate language- Online translator with support for 41 languages
  4. Google translate- Online Google Translator
  5. iTranslator for Android- Translator
  6. mTranslate - Multilingual Translator- Multi-language translator
  7. Renaixenza Translator- Translator, knows more than 40 languages
  8. Speereo Voice Translator- Phraseological translator - more than 15 languages, 4000 phrases in each.
  9. Talking translator- speaking translator
  10. Talktome- Able to recognize speech and translate it
  11. Tourist language Learn & Speak- translator to help the tourist
  12. Transzilla- online translator with voice dialing
    Learning languages
  1. ABC 4 ME- English, Spanish and the main Russian alphabet for kids
  2. Anymemo- Program learning words and expressions
  3. EnLearner- Offline dictionary with the ability to learn and repeat foreign words.
  4. Generals of language- Program for learning foreign languages
  5. Langcards- Testing knowledge of foreign words
  6. LearnEnglish Elementary by British Council- learning English language
  7. LearnWords- Learning foreign languages
  8. Lingo quiz- we learn foreign words
  9. Secret Animals for Kids- Learning animal names in English / Spanish with children
  10. SPB Polish Cards- Cards for learning languages
  11. Wordoholic- A program for learning foreign words (analogue to Learnwords)
  12. Rousseau tourist- A multilingual illustrated phrasebook
  13. SlovoUch- Will help you learn the most popular English words
  1. Astrolab- Astrological program
  2. Jyotish tools- Full-featured astrology horoscope production program
  3. Magic of life- Daily horoscope
  4. Horoscope- Horoscopes for all occasions
  1. Astroclock- Information on the position of the sun, phase of the moon, season
  2. Celeste SE- Allows you to observe the location of objects in the solar system directly through the camera lens
  3. Deluxe Moon- Information about the phases of the moon
  4. EarthViewPro- Follow the planet on your smartphone
  5. Google Sky Map- Star Map
  6. Mobile Observatory- all information about the planets
  7. Nasa app- Official application from NASA
  8. PlanetDroid- a tool for those who enjoy astronomy
  9. Planetariax- Pocket Planetarium
  10. Skyorb- star chart
  11. Solaris alpha- Three-dimensional real-time view of the Earth and the Sun, at hand!
  12. Stellarium- A fully featured planetarium for android
  13. Star chart- Virtual Star Maps
  14. Sundroid sundown sunset- Everything you need to know about the movement of the Sun and the Moon!
  15. Terratime- Interactive Earth
    Bible and religion
  1. Cadrebible- Reading the Bible
  2. Daily text- Bible Quotes
  3. iQuran for Android- Electronic version of the Quran
  4. Russian Bible- OFF-LINE Russian Bible
  5. Bible- Synodal Bible Translation
  6. Read the Bible- The Bible in different languages, including Russian
  7. Encyclopedia "Tree"- View Orthodox illustrated encyclopedia "Tree"
  1. Quickpedia- Wikipedia formatted for your phone
  2. Wapedia: Mobile Wiki- Mobile Wiki Encyclopedia
  3. Wiki droyd- View offline dump wikipedia
  4. Wikidroid for Wikipedia- Program for reading Wikipedia
    Traffic Laws
  1. free.pdd.rus- Exam of traffic regulations of category "A" and "B" Russia from 11/20/2010
  2. PDD BY- Preparation for the exams in the SAI RB
  3. PDD Rus- Rules of the road of the Russian Federation.
  4. PDD_UA- Tickets GAI 2010 (Ukraine, Russia)
  5. Traffic regulations of Belarus- Rules of the road of the Republic of Belarus
  6. Traffic Code of the Russian Federation- Rules of the road of the Russian Federation.
  7. PddRoid- FTS tickets
  8. Ru.PDD- Driver's guide and training for driver candidates
  9. Theory of traffic police- Tickets, traffic rules, fines
  10. Fines of traffic rules Russia and Ukraine- Information about fines for traffic violations
  11. Exam of traffic regulations AV 2011- Exam SDA category AB
  12. PDR Monolit- Rules of the Road of Ukraine
  1. Collection of recipes- Storage of a large number of recipes to add their own.
  2. 999 Medical Anatomy Terms Quiz- We teach anatomy (tests)
  3. Asian Health- Guide to Eastern medicine
  4. Argonamma- combines the capabilities of the game and help system.
  5. Carpedia pro- Photos and Information about more than 55.000 cars
  6. Electrical wiring pro- A set of utilities for electricians
  7. Elements- Periodic table
  8. Easy tie- Handbook of tying a tie
  9. ElectroDroid- Handbook of radio engineering
  10. Funny Panda: Wild Animals- everything about panda
  11. Hand reading- Handbook of palmistry
  12. How to tie a tie- Step by step how to tie a tie easily and quickly
  13. How stuff works- Interesting articles about things around us
  14. iKamasutra - Sex Positions- Kamasutra
  15. Knots guide- The program teaches tying marine, tourist and other sites.
  16. Lacing art- Stylish, comfortable and special lacing for your shoes
  17. Math Workout +- Excellent program for brain training
  18. Medical Transcription- Learning to pronounce medical terms correctly
  19. Memory trainer- memory training
  20. Origami Classroom- Learning to add different origami
  21. Periodic Table- Periodic table
  22. Skyscape Medical Resources- Reference information for doctors
  23. Tie deluxe- The best program for tying neckties
  24. Yoga trainer- Interactive Yoga Guide
  25. World counter- The results of human management on the planet
  26. DokaPravo: codes and laws of the Russian Federation- The law must either know or know where to find the law.
  27. Recipes- A list of recipes
  28. Liters- Access to the full catalog of Russian books Liters
  29. Ban Galushka- Quick and tasty culinary recipes.
  30. periodic table- The well-known table in Russian with a reference book
  31. Samizdat - library in your pocket- Over half a million works - fiction, adventure, detectives

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15. Miscellaneous:
Attached Image
    Themes, shells for launchers, etc.
  1. Cyanogenmod Store- Theme catalog for CM11 with the possibility of their automatic installation
    Java ME
  1. Java J2ME Runner- Installation and use of java applications on Android
  2. Jbed- Java ME emulator
  3. Jblend- A utility for running Java programs
  4. Jimm aspro- ICQ client; port mod jimm for android
  5. Navigation- To help sky workers
  6. QIP Mobile- Java port for Android
  7. D [im] ICQ- Port from Java
  8. LocID- port LocID with Java
  1. client for
  2. Car dashboard- PDA speedometer
  3. CarDB - Car codes of Russian regions- Directory of regional numbers of Russia
  4. CarHome Ultra- application for drivers
  5. Car locator- Allows you to find a parked car
  6. Custom car home donate- Mode "in the car" analogue Car Panel
  7. Car performance- Car performance measurement
  8. Cobra iRadar- The program is designed to detect police radar.
  9. DashCommand- Program for diagnostics of cars with OBD-II interface
  10. Dashboard cam- Follow the map
  11. DinoDyno- Measures the amount of vehicle horsepower
  12. Drink manager- blood alcohol content
  13. Dynomaster- Measures the dynamic characteristics of the car
  14. HTC Navipanel- Convenient interface for GPS navigation from HTC
  15. Radardroid- speed control warning
  16. RuAuto- Client to work with server
  17. Samsung car home- In the car with Samsung
  18. Speedhud- HUD projector from your PDA
  19. Speedsense- Turn your Android into a virtual toolbar
  20. Speedview- Speedometer for Android
  21. Starksoft CTP Calculator- The program for calculating the OSAGO on android
  22. torque- Program for diagnosing cars with OBD-II interface
  23. Ulysse speedometer- Car speedometer with additional features
  24. VideoReg- Program for recording video of your movement on cars.
  25. Plate number- Get to know the region by car number
  26. Calculation by promillia- Alcotest
    Cost accounting for cars
  1. Car expenses- A simple and convenient application to account for all expenses for your car
  2. Car Expenses - Auto Expenses- Accounting for all car expenses
  3. Fuel Manager - Fuel Consumption- Statistics of fuel consumption
  4. aCar- Tracking the cost of service, refueling and other
  5. Andicar- Accounting for car expenses
  6. Car expenses- Accounting for all car expenses and calculation of fuel consumption in one application.
  7. Car Logbook- A simple application for recording events related to the car to get statistics.
  8. Car Maintenance Reminder- Everything for your car (MOT, etc.)
  9. Car manager- Accounting for car expenses
  10. Drivernotes- Accounting for all costs, expenses and events occurring with the car
  11. Fuellog- cost control (fuel, insurance, taxes)
  12. Fuel Manager - Fuel Consumption- The program will help keep records and display statistics on fuel consumption of the car.
  13. Mileage- Accounting for fuel consumption with the output of various statistical data
  14. My cars- Allows you to keep track of the cost of refueling cars, statistics, import / export.
  15. Car expenses- A simple and convenient application to account for all expenses for your car.
  16. Auto Fuel- Consumption statistics from the last charge
  17. Fuel gauge- Accounting for gas stations and costs, the calculation of fuel consumption.
    Citations and stuff
  1. Amusing snippets- A set of quotes, catch phrases and sayings of great people
  2. Affirmations- positive statements to help change our way of thinking
  3. BORAW- Widget for
  4. Bogr- Comfortable reading,,
  5. Demotivators- Client sites (de) motivators for Android
  6. Einstein quotes- Quotes from Albert
  7. Everyday quotes- Another quote
  8. Quoter- Reader quotes (bashorg and others)
  9. Quotes collection- Collection of quotes and sayings
  10. Anecdotes- The best and funny jokes
  11. Anecdotes- More than a million jokes, updates daily!
  12. Thoughts of the wise- An application for reading the thoughts of wise people
  13. Facts about the harsh Chelyabinsk men- A handy program to get acquainted with the facts about the Chelyabinsk men
  14. Quotes- Famous quotes are always with you
  1. 3D Level- Very nice level
  2. Advanced bubble level- Level / plumb for measuring tilt angles
  3. Advanced ruler pro- Multifunctional ruler
  4. Clinometer- iPhone level is now on Android
  5. DirectionAngle- Calculation of direct and inverse geodetic tasks
  6. Dishpoint- Assistance in installing a satellite dish
  7. iHandy Carpenter- Ruler, protractor, plumb, level, surface level
  8. Grain dryer- Calculation of the balance of grain weight after drying
  9. Light meter- measurement of illumination
  10. Metal detector- Turn your device into a metal detector
  11. Ruler- A simple application that allows you to use the device as a ruler
  12. Sensor List- Data from accelerometer, magnetic field and orientation sensors, temperature sensor
  13. Smart distance- measurement of distance and speed
  14. Smart ruler- Ruler
  15. Smart measure- Measure height and distance to the object
  16. Smart tools- Toolkit
  17. Swiss army knife- All in 1: flashlight, ruler, timer, stopwatch, compass and level
  18. Ulysse gizmos- A set of measuring tools for a smartphone based on Android
  1. Colorflashlight- Flashlight with a choice of colors and effects
  2. FlashLight Pro Vision- torch
  3. HTC Flashlight- Torch
  4. iBulb- torch
  5. Lamppu- Flashlight for Nexus One, also suitable for HTC Legend
  6. LED flashlight- Flash as a flashlight, there is a widget
  7. Mag flashlight- LED flashlight
  8. MD Lamp- Using the device screen as a flashlight
  9. Momentflash- Flashlight from i7500 flash
  10. N1 Torch- Using flash as a flashlight
  11. Oi flashlight- Using the device as a flashlight, illuminating the screen
  12. Shake flashlight- the most correct flashlight
  13. TeslaLED Flashlight- Turn your phone into a flashlight
    Shops, auctions, discounts
  1. Androibay- Client for eBay
  2. Discount Calculator- Calculation of discounts from Pablo Verd Gallego
  3. ebay- An application for trading on eBay auction
  4. hotline- Hotline Ukraine
  5. Pkt auctions ebay- eBay stock is now in your pocket
  6. Shopper- Search products and display information on them
  7. Shopping at DealExtreme- the client of the Chinese online store
  8. ShopSavvy- Search for information and prices about products
  9. Shoptimus- All about products and stores. Characteristics, prices, reviews
  10. Sizes- Store assistant
  11. SmartKupon- Discount coupons to institutions in St. Petersburg
  12. Wizee shopper- Mobile assistant in shopping centers in Moscow
  13. From hand to hand- The official Hand-to-Hand app for the mobile platform
  14. Discount card- Mobile navigator for the best deals
  15. Sportmaster- Sportmaster is a sports shop for the whole family!
  16. Yandex Market- Product guide on your Android phone
  17. Arts and crafts fair- Purchase and sale of unique handmade goods
    Posters, TV programs, movie info
  1. CroakDroid- Access to the Hoptoad Error Tracking Service
  2. Kinoafisha for cities of Ukraine
  3. IMDb Movies & TV- Information about movies from
  4. Kinobaza Offline- Descriptions of movies from, automatic downloading of movies
  5. MovieCatalog- Catalog of films with the possibility of import-export
  6. Popcornua- movie poster of Ukraine
  7. - Personal TeleRadioGid- Determines which channel or radio station you are watching or listening to
  8. Tv control- Program guide-now on Android!
  9. Tvguide- TV program
  10. Videoomore- The sea of ​​TV series and TV shows from STS in your phone!
  11. Poster for Android- The program for working with the site
  12. Cinema Droid- Android client for the service
  13. Cinema poster- All information about new movies, cinemas, showtimes.
  14. Cartoons- Russian cartoons catalog
  15. TV program- designed for offline viewing of the TV program
  16. TV programme- TV programme
  17. Tv program- TV program
    For children
  1. Quiver- Coloring pages with augmented 3D reality!
  2. DEVAR kids- Color, revive and play! Your drawing will be an exact copy of the painted model, only the volume!
  3. Cars coloring book- Coloring for children with cars
  4. Coloring pages- coloring book for children, containing about 180 very different drawings
  5. Kids paint- Drawing for children, random size and color of brushes
  6. Number Coloring book- Coloring with numbers
  7. Sound touch- 336 sounds and images for children
  8. Alphabet - an alphabet for children [Android]- ABC mobile application for children
  9. Math for kids- Helping kids learn numbers
  10. Collect the figure- Educational program for children
  11. Connect the Points- Educational program for children
  12. Learning letters and sounds- Help kids learn letters
  13. Learning Colors- Educational game for children of preschool age
    Parcel tracking
  1. Mobile Package Tracker- Delivery status tracking by UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL USA / GlobalMail, TNT, etc.
  2. Packetracer- program for tracking mailings
  3. Postie- allows you to track your mailings at any time
  4. PostTracker- The program for tracking Russian postal items
  5. Trackchecker- will help you to track the movement and status of mailings
  6. Post of Russia- The official application of the Russian Post will make communication with the Post convenient and effective.
    For games
  1. FPS Creator- Create FPS games!
  2. Angry cheaters- Cheats for the game Angry Birds
  3. BFBC2 Statistic- Widget for profile statistics in BFBC2
  4. BlueputDroid- Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PlayStation 3
  5. Chainfire3D- Run any games on your device!
  6. CheMax Rus- Base cheat codes in Russian for PC games
  7. Game guardian- not a defender at all, but a fresh tool for hacking
  8. Gamecih- cracker games now for android (analogue ArtMoney)
  9. GLTools- Alternative OpenGL driver
  10. Hlsw- Monitoring game servers
  11. Inverser lite- Game for the company, similar to APOZH
  12. Minecraft canary- offline minecraft database
  13. Minecraft mobile admin- Manage Minecraft servers
  14. Official Sony Playstation app- official app for access to PSN
  15. PS3 Trophies PRO- Program for PS3 owners
  16. Rom Finder - PSX, N64, NDS ++- N64, NDS ++, Allows you to download ROMs for all major gaming consoles
  17. Spark 360- Manage your Xbox Live profile
  18. TF2 Backpack- Application for viewing a backpack in TF2
  19. Travian droid- Online client for Travian game
    Jokes, Baubles
  1. 3D Vision- Optical illusions on your Android device.
  2. 8bit app- Freezelight program
  3. Advanced lie detector- Lie detector
  4. aiFlashlight- Lighter, Flashlight, Signal lights, Morse, etc.
  5. AndWobble- Create funny animation effects with photos
  6. SymbolsKeyboard & TextArt- keyboard characters and graphics
  7. Aurora bulb- Freezelight program
  8. Avatar maker- Create an avatar
  9. Art of Glow- easy to create various luminous works
  10. Android Avatar Creator- We collect our Android
  11. Akinator- Wise Gin
  12. Burp button- Plays a burp when pressing a button
  13. Bic concert lighter- rock lighter
  14. Bit- advanced alternative to coin
  15. Candle- Candle
  16. Carve a pumpkin- Create your own pumpkin for Halloween
  17. Cat Button- The only button, the click of which sounds expressive MEAJAAAU
  18. Cat confuser- Put your kote into confusion!
  19. Cat Sound Ringtones- Sounds of cats meow for ringtones and notifications
  20. Cool texter- With this application, your texts will look cool
  21. Crouching panda- a panda that repeats everything you say
  22. Dancing santa- dancing Santa Claus with your photo
  23. Display shot- Shoot your screen
  24. Erotic Sexy Dancers- Dancing behind the glass of the phone
  25. Family guy- all about Griffin: wallpaper, soundtracks, info and much more.
  26. Fatbooth- Fat Balagan
  27. Fartdroid- Farting droid with a timer
  28. fARTROID- A joke program imitating the sound of gases emitted by a person
  29. Finger scanner pro- Alternative unlock screen
  30. Fingerprint scanner- Joke program, fingerprint scanner
  31. Fireworks- Turn device screen into fireworks
  32. Funny Face 2- Funny face change
  33. Funtons- an application for creating funny sounds
  34. Ghost radar- Detection of paranormal activity
  35. Gym babes 2- Running girls
  36. Google Androidify- we create the "robot"
  37. GunApp 3D- weapon simulator
  38. Hypnotoad- Futurama fans dedicated
  39. Heat- Meditative thermal sensor
  40. Idiotizador- Feel like an idiot)
  41. Iamascope- 3D Interactive Kaleidoscope
  42. iBeer- Virtual Beer
  43. Iboobs- real buffers
  44. iForce- himself a street magician
  45. iLightr- Virtual lighter
  46. Kitty tickle- We stroke the cat, who starts to laugh hilariously.
  47. Led blaze- Svetilka
  48. Magic Eye 3D- stereograms
  49. Mindly- Creating a scheme of the thinking process.
  50. Mouthout- Drawn mouths move in time with your voice
  51. Mzspray- Reuters tool
  52. Newtons cradle- Newton's cradle
  53. Octopus Paul- Octopus Paul
  54. Omnidar- Scanner of everything and all
  55. PaPaScreen- Joke program, imitates a broken display
  56. Police lights- Police alarm
  57. Pulsate for Android- Musical Glyukofon
  58. Screen crack- Joke program, imitates a broken display
  59. SimpleMind mind mapping- Visual fixation and organization of ideas, thoughts, information and their relationships with the help of mental maps.
  60. Spark- Electric lightning on the screen
  61. Steamy window- A joke program that allows you to draw with your fingers on the device's 'misted' screen
  62. SWORD!- we chop with a virtual sword
  63. Sonic screwdriver- Drilling screwdriver from Dr. Who
  64. South Park Avatar Creator- Designer avatars in the style of South Park
  65. Swing ball- funny physical model of pendulums
  66. Singing farm- Funny Trio - Great Fun for Adults and Children
  67. Sprint- Generator visualization.
  68. Smush booth- distort yourself and others
  69. Superdim- Night Vision Screen
  70. Tazer- stun gun
  71. That was easy- A joke program to raise personal self-esteem
  72. The schwartz unsheathed- Star Wars Sword
  73. The simpsons- all about the Simpsons, wallpapers, soundtracks, info and much more.
  74. Tiny Flashlight + LED- Multivariate beautiful flashlight
  75. Talking Baby Hippo- Talking Hippo
  76. Talking carl- Superstar Talking Carl
  77. Talking fred- Talking pig, analog Talking Tom Cat
  78. Talking George the giraffe- Talking George Giraffe
  79. Talking Harry the Hedgehog- Talking Hedgehog Harry
  80. Talking James Squirrel- Talking Squirrel - repeats everything with a funny voice
  81. Talking Joe Ostrich- Talking Ostrich Joe
  82. Talking John Dog and Soundboard- John - Talking Dog
  83. Talking Larry the Bird- Talking bird, analogue of Talking Tom Cat
  84. Talking parrot- Talking parrot, funny
  85. Talking rex- Talking Rex, analog Talking Tom Cat
  86. Talking Roby the Robot- Talking Robot from the creator of Kotyara Talking Tom Cat
  87. Talking Santa Free- Talking Santa, analogue of Talking Tom Cat
  88. Talking Smiling Simon- Talking emoticon Simon
  89. Talking Tom Cat- Talking cat
  90. Virtual Beer Free- Drink virtual beer
  91. Virtual toolbox- sawing and knocking with an accelerometer
  92. Visibility- Allows you to take a picture of the sky and get air quality data
  93. Water ripples- Effect of a wave on water
  94. Wind os- Windows on your androide
  95. Wobble iboobs- Animation of the image when shaking the PDA
  96. woo- funny “screaming” sounds when you tilt the phone
  97. Worms Soundboard- Sounds from the Worms game on your PDA!
  98. ZombieBooth- The program turns any photo into a zombie
  99. ZP Dashboard Pro- Like in the cockpit
  100. Odmina's Tambourine- The name says it all
  101. Pocket blonde- pretty helper on your screen
  102. Magic ball- Magic Ball Decisions
  103. Christmas tree- decorate the Christmas tree for your desktop
  104. Your friend android- Prank Android on the desktop
  1. Amon- Radio Nanny for Android
  2. Android Device Catalog- Mobile catalog of devices based on Android
  3. Shadow Finder- Search shadow
  4. Brain Power | AmbiScience ™- Sound waves that change mood.
  5. Dogbuzz- The application makes high-frequency sounds deterrent dogs.
  6. e-Passport NFC reader- Reading information from a biometric passport.
  7. Euro Collector- Collecting Euro Coins
  8. Fishing calendar- calendar angler
  9. Flat hunter- Pocket Realtor
  10. GeniDroid- Create your family tree
  11. Hallo monster- Create cards for the holiday Halloween
  12. Iridium flare forecast- Finding outbreaks from the flight of satellites of the Iridium project
  13. LED Scroller- Emulator of a running line
  14. Minsk Useful Calls- Directory of telephone numbers of emergency, emergency, help services
  15. Morzedroid- Morse Code
  16. Motion & Sound Alarm- Alarm, responds to movement of the device or sound
  17. Nanny- Baby Monitor
  18. NFC ReTag- Manipulation with protected NFC-tags, such as on metro cards, maps in the hotel and various key-cards.
  19. NFC TagInfo- Allows you to read detailed information from NFC tags and contactless SIM cards using your smartphone's NFC module.
  20. NFC Tools- Allows you to read and create NFC tags and other RFID tags that are compatible with your phone.
  21. NFC Unlocker- Organization of convenient unlocking the smartphone using nfc-tags.
  22. Optical illusion photos- Picture puzzles
  23. Origami- We collect origami
  24. Plus Nine- account entry for card games
  25. Red box- SMS collection from mts
  26. Rescuer (Rescuer)- Help in an unfavorable situation
  27. Strelok. Ballistic calculator- Ballistic calculator
  28. MicroCoil Pro Calculator- The program for calculating the resistance of the spiral electronic cigarette
  29. Moscow Subway Ticket Reader- The application allows you to find out the number of remaining trips on a ticket for travel in the Moscow metro.
  30. Texas Hold'Em Calculator- Calculates the probability of winning a hand in Texas Hold'em
  31. Twister spinner- A program for generating moves for playing Twister
  32. uFlowers- Take care of your flowers and plants!
  33. Valentine's Day Ideas- for Valentine's Day
  34. Valentine's sender- Valentine greeting cards for loved ones
  35. Whoozy- People search
  36. Card file of arbitration cases- Information on cases considered in 113 arbitration courts
  37. Multifeed- Allows you to simultaneously configure three or more satellites on the same satellite dish
  38. Russian operators- reference program of mobile operators
  39. Fishing- information on places in Moscow and the Moscow region where you can go fishing.
  40. Saunas and baths- Guide to Moscow saunas and baths
  41. Taxi Teleport- Taxi call
  42. Taksolet- Taxi ordering
  43. YuniMobi- Online booking of places in cinemas, restaurants, etc.
  44. Versus- Comparison of devices with each other.
  45. PocketMQO- Opening 3D Models Metasequoia and MikuMikuDance files for viewing

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Apple iPhone 7

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Launcher directory:

Most Popular
  1. ADWLauncher EX- launcher from Gingerbread with lots of new features
  2. Apex launcher- desktop modification from ICS / JB
  3. Go Launcher EX- desktop with built-in task manager and many settings
  4. Nova launcher- slave ICS table that can be customized
  5. Yandex.Shell- launcher with 3D carousel and many effects

OEM / Imitating Interfaces
  1. AOSP Launcher- AOSP Launcher is a simple launcher without frills.
  2. Google Start- Launcher from Google from Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  3. OEM HTC BlinkFeed- Brand launcher from HTC One (M8)
  4. OEM Lenovo launcher- Lenovo desktop for all ICS devices
  5. M Launcher- Launcher in the style of Android M
  6. Blinq Launcher- Launcher in the style of Android L (based on 4.4)
  7. Miui lite- The main properties of rom MIUI without the need to install the firmware
  8. Galaxy Launcher (TouchWiz)- Launcher from Galaxy S5
  9. Kcin launcher prime- A copy of launcher with Nexus 5
  10. Epic launcher- Full copy of Google Expirence from Android 4.4
  11. KitKat Launcher- launcher with Nexus 5
  12. Feel Ux Launcher- Sharp branded shell
  13. [ADW Mod] Sense-Like Launcher- HTC Sense
  14. Acer launcher- Acer Stream UI
  15. aOS Launcher Pro- In the style of Iphone
  16. Android 4 ICS Launcher- Android 4.0
  17. Google Experience Android 4.4 Launcher- Launcher from Google from Android 4.4 KitKat
  18. Android MAC OS Launcher- Imitation Mac OS on Android
  19. Android Seven- Windows 7
  20. Android Windows7- Windows 7
  21. AmbientTime Home Launcher- In the style of Sony. Five live screens and a very original screen lock.
  22. Cupcake, Donut launcher- Android 1.5
  23. Desk Home by Samsung- Samsung Touchwiz
  24. Ely's launcher- Minimalistic desktop replacement in the style of S60
  25. Espier Launcher- iPhone
  26. Facebook Home- Shell from Facebook and HTC
  27. Fake iphone 5- iPhone
  28. Fake Windows 8 - Launcher UI- Windows 8
  29. Galaxy S4 Launcher- Port launcher from SGSIV
  30. Gale launcher- Iphone style launcher
  31. GEAK OS- In the style of MIUI
  32. Gingerbread launcher- Android 2.3
  33. Launcher QHD- Standard desktop from Android 2.3 GingerBread
  34. Google Launcher 2.1- Android 1.6
  35. Helauncher2- Android 2.2, 2.3, HTC Sense, Motoblur
  36. Holo launcher- Android 4.0
  37. Honey Comb Seven Launcher- Windows 7
  38. HUAWEI Launcher- Huawei
  39. iPhone Launcher- Launcher in the style of iOS 7
  40. ONE + Launcher- iOS8 style
  41. iClone- iPhone
  42. IdeaDesktop- Lenovo
  43. iLauncher- iPhone
  44. Ice bolt launcher- Mod based on 360Launcher using Ice Bolt firmware style
  45. ICS Launcher- Replacing the desktop in the style of Android 4.0 Ice Creame Sandwich
  46. Jelly bean launcher- Android 4.1
  48. Launcher7- Windows Phone 7
  49. Launcher 8- Windows Phone 8
  50. LauncherWP8- Windows Phone 8
  51. Lelauncher hd- Lenovo launcher
  52. Lewa home- LewaOS
  53. Lg home- LG Optimus UI
  54. LgHome UI 3.0- LG L-style
  55. LG Evo Launcher- LG Optimus UI
  56. Lg Prada 3.0 Launcher modded- LG Prada
  57. LP Sense UI- HTC Sense
  58. Metro UI- Windows Phone 8
  59. MotoBlur Launcher- Launcher in the style of ICS based on files with RAZR Motorola Droid
  60. MiHome Launcher- MIUI
  61. Mi Launcher (MIUI)- Convenient and fast launcher
  62. MIUI ADW Fork- Launcher is fork of the famous ADW
  63. New TouchWiz for Android Jelly Bean / Cyanogenmod 10- Samsung Touchwiz
  64. Pandahero- HTC Sense
  65. Phoenix launcher- Android 4.0
  66. Pie (PIE)- From ParanoidAndroid firmware
  67. Prestigio launcher- Prestigio
  68. RAZR I Homescreen + Weather Widget- Motorola Razr
  69. Samsung Galaxy S III Launcher- Samsung Galaxy S III Launcher ported for any ICS ROMs
  70. RUI HOME Sense Mod- sense launcher
  71. Senseense home screen- HTC Sense
  72. S Launcher (Galaxy S5)- copies the Touchwiz 6 interface
  73. Start menu for Android- Windows 7
  74. SHARP Launcher- Sharp AQUOS
  75. Sony 2013 Xperia Home Launcher- Sony Xperia 2013
  76. Xperia ZU | Honami launcher- Launcher Xperia Honami
  77. Sony Ericsson Home Launcher- Sony Xperia 2011
  78. Squarehome- Launcher in the style of Windows 8
  79. TT Launcher- Replacing the desktop in the style of ICS for owners of devices on Froyo
  80. Tencent Desktop- MIUI
  81. Tile Launcher Beta- Windows 8
  82. Toshiba Home Menu- Toshiba
  83. TouchWiz 3.0- Samsung Touchwiz
  84. TouchWiz 3.0 (Galaxy Ace Launcher)- Samsung Touchwiz
  85. TouchWiz 4.0- Desktop from Samsung
  86. Touchwiz- Samsung Touchwiz
  87. TouchWiz SGS3 screen- Loncher TouchWiz SGS3
  88. TouchwizUX- Samsung Touchwiz
  89. Ubuntu Mod Launcher- Ubuntu (Gnome)
  90. Ubuntu launcher- Ubuntu style launcher
  91. vLauncher- iPhone
  92. Qube Launcher- Launcher in the style of MIUI
  93. Wave launcher- webOS
  94. Windows 7 lunch- Windows 7
  95. Windows 8 for Android- Windows 8
  96. Windows Phone 7 Launcher- Windows Phone 7
  97. Windows Phone Android- Windows Phone 7
  98. WP7 Launcher- Windows Phone 7
  99. XP Mod Launcher- Windows XP
  100. Xperia launcher- Sony Xperia 2012
  101. Xperia s home launcher- Sony Xperia 2012
  102. Xperia S Launcher Sense- HTC Sense 3.6 / 4.0
  103. Xperia X12 Arc Home Launcher- Sony Xperia 2011
  104. Zune home- Zune
  105. Xperia ™ active Home- Xperia 2011

3D carousel
  1. 3D Home- Imitation of living space
  2. CC Launcher ICS Style (3D)- ICS Launcher with 3D Carousel
  3. Great 3D chinese launcher - A good launcher for the desktop from Chinese friends
  4. Full Screen Launcher- Launcher with endless desktop
  5. HD 3D Launcher PRO- Desktop with 3D effects everywhere
  6. neXt Launcher 3D- New creation from the creators of GO Launcher
  7. Rabbit Launcher 3D- 3D carousel, widgets, effects
  8. Regina 3d launcher- Variations on 3D carousel
  9. SPB Shell 3D- Famous launcher with 3D widgets and carousel
  10. TSF Shell Pro- Launcher with many special effects and additional gestures
  11. QM Launcher- Manage your smartphone using a 3D cube
  12. Yandex.Shell- Modification of SPB Shell 3D, modified by Yandex

For tablets
  1. ADWLauncher HD- ADW Launcher, adapted for tablets
  2. Chameleon launcher- Launcher with functional tiles (tiles)
  3. Deskbar launcher- New launcher
  4. GO Launcher HD for Pad- Special version of GO Launcher EX for tablets
  5. Obreey launcher- A fast, vertically scrollable desktop.
  6. Vega 3d launcher- 3D launcher with a lot of special effects
  7. Xperia z launcher- Launcher, copying the interface of the same device
  8. Xperia Tablet Z Launcher- Port launcher from Xperia Tablet Z

  1. APUS Launcher- Easy and fast launcher (4.0+)
  2. Homeux- Minimalistic launcher in Material Design
  3. Klauncher- Cupcake style
  4. Wine launcher- The original launcher without the support of widgets and folders
  5. Themer- Launcher from Mycolorscreen with many beautiful themes from the site of the same name
  6. Splay launcher- Unique futuristic launcher, controlled by one touch
  7. Aviate launcher- The original launcher. Intellectual desktop.
  8. 360 Launcher- Launcher, which is a combination of QQ Launcher and MXHome.
  9. 3D Baoruan Launcher- Chinese 3D launcher
  10. 91 Pandahome- Add themes to the standard Android 1.5 launcher
  11. 91 Launcher- Launcher resembling lightweight GO or NEXT
  12. Arrow launcher- Launcher adapted for tablets
  13. Action Launcher Pro- Launcher with a completely different way to access the list of all applications.
  14. ARM Launcher- A desktop with custom widgets and theme support from Ahome, GoLauncher, LauncherPro, ADW.
  15. Cold Launcher Free- “Freezes” applications directly from the start page.
  16. aShell Home Screen Launcher- Advanced shell launcher, successor to ADW.
  17. Atom launcher- Korean launcher for lovers of minimalism
  18. Balancer launcher- Simple launcher with a minimum of settings
  19. Baidu launcher- Simple launcher with a minimum of settings
  20. Big launcher- Desktop with large fonts and buttons for people with vision problems.
  21. Linpus launcher- Functional, beautiful and fast launcher
  22. Buzz launcher- Launcher in a minimalist style. There are own widgets.
  23. Crazy home- Launcher with three separate desktops
  24. CM LAUNCHER- Minimalistic launcher
  25. Cobo launcher- Convenient and easy launcher
  26. Dx home- Launcher for desktop
  27. DesktopUI- The principle of the desktop as a PC
  28. LINE (dodol) Launcher- Customized theme launcher
  29. Drake launcher- Another launcher with basic settings
  30. Dr.Web Launcher- Secure user interface
  31. Dxhome- Simple launcher with built-in theme market
  32. Ez launcher- Simple launcher with auto categories and Genius feature
  33. FTL Launcher- Optimized Gingerbread Launcher
  34. Final launcher- Easy operation, ease of design
  35. Gaya3D Launcher- Stylish launcher without application menu
  36. GDE - The new home experience!- Old, but still current launcher with a lot of its own themes
  37. GT Launcher Prime- Free analogue of popular in the market Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher with support for gestures and themes
  38. Go launcher ace- Popular launcher for Android 4+
  39. Grenade Launcher (Beta)- Designed primarily as an application box
  40. Harlem shake launcher- Unusually dancing launcher
  41. EverythingMe Launcher- The best of its kind dynamic launcher
  42. Hi launcher- Desktop with many features and themes.
  43. Jog Launcher - Anytime, Anywhere- One-button based interface
  44. Jiuwei launcher- Chinese Launcher + Lockscreen
  45. Keke launcher- Beautiful Chinese launcher
  46. Lucid launcher- Original Launcher
  47. Launcher Lab- Launcher with great customization options!
  48. LauncherPro- Alternative home screen for Android 2.X
  49. Legacy launcher- Light version of ADW Launcher
  50. Live launcher- Launcher with natural effects on the home screen (falling snow, floating clouds, drizzling rain, etc.)
  51. CC Launcher ICS Style (3D)- Launcher size of only 30 KB
  52. Lightning launcher- Easy launcher for weak smartphones
  53. LiveHome- Launcher with rich settings
  54. Listener Launcher- Very light and unusual launcher
  55. Lightlaunch- Super lightweight launcher
  56. Mobo launcher- The desktop is much like GO Launcher
  57. Moxiu launcher- Launcher with smooth transition effects, many free themes, widgets
  58. Minimal launcher- Minimalistic launcher
  59. MXHome Launcher 3.0- Beautiful Launcher
  60. Nemus launcher- Desktop with unusual folder organization
  61. Perfect launcher- Simple launcher
  62. Solo launcher- Launcher with a lot of settings
  63. QiSS Home- MIUI-like launcher with built-in lock screen
  64. SF Launcher Alpha- Launcher with elements of Google Now
  65. Launcher by RL- Launcher for Android, developed by Reality Lab
  66. Simple home- A simple launcher with the original organization slave. of the table
  67. Smart Launcher Pro- Minimalistic desktop with application “drawers”
  68. Smart tv shell- Launcher for Android TV-set-top boxes
  69. ssLauncher the Original- Very flexible launcher with many options
  70. Swipepad- Runs any application using several swipe gestures even while using other programs
  71. SO.HO [SOHO Social Launcher]- Launcher for lovers of social networks in the style of Holo
  72. Total launcher- Reincarnation ssLauncher. Very flexible in the settings launcher
  73. ® Trebuchet Launcher- Used by default in CyanogenMod 9+ firmware
  74. True launcher- Launcher with great features
  75. Vire launcher- Automatic categorization of all user interface elements
  76. Voxis Launcher- Elegant and minimalistic launcher with animation
  77. Zeam- Zeam Alternative Home Screen
  78. 2ndHOME Launcher- Quick access to applications from any open program
  79. SF Launcher Alpha- Launcher in the style of Google Now
  80. My_Launcher_Trial- Very simple launcher
  81. Xlauncher- Interesting home screen based on Google stock launcher
  82. qLauncher- Simple and beautiful launcher
  83. Z Launcher Beta- Nokia launcher with artificial intelligence
  84. Kobo Launcher- Convenient and easy launcher
  85. Zen launcher- Very easy launcher
  86. ZERO- Small, fast and cute launcher!

For kids. Parental control
  1. I myself!- Free safe kid mode for Android devices
  2. PlayPad Kids Launcher- Children's Launcher for phones and tablets, allowing to solve issues of parental control and child protection
  3. Kid mode- Children's launcher

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Apple iPhone 7

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Catalog of widgets:

Finance and shares
  1. Stocks widget- Share widget in the style of LauncherPro widgets

  1. Post it desk- The program creates notes on the desktop in the form of widgets, sheets of paper
  2. Quick Note (Post-It Widget)- The program creates notes on the desktop in the form of widgets, sheets of paper
  3. Sticky note- The program creates notes on the desktop in the form of widgets, sheets of paper
  4. seNotes- The program creates notes on the desktop in the form of widgets, sheets of paper
  5. TidaMemos- Create and edit handwritten notes, including using images
  6. ToDo List Widget- Simple to-do list and notes
  7. Whiteboard- Notes Widget

Calendars, work schedules, reminders of important dates and D.R.
  1. Calendar Widget- A simple calendar widget, in which the calendar for a month is combined with a list of to-do for today.
  2. acWidgets: Your Calendar- Monthly calendar widget
  3. [sa] DateTime- Calendar for the month and the current date / time + skins
  4. Agenda Widget for Android- Widget current affairs
  5. Blik calendar- Visualization of events in the calendar
  6. Birthday reminder- birthday reminder
  7. Calendar pad- Google Calendar Widget
  8. Calendr- Minimalistic text calendar
  9. Calendar and notes- Allows you to display data from Google, Android and Microsoft Exchange Calendars
  10. Calwidget- Widget to bring the next affairs
  11. iCalendar- iPhone style calendar widget
  12. Far View Agenda Free- Calendar widget
  13. GCalendar Widget- Google Calendar Widget
  14. LG Calendar Widget- Calendar widget from LG Optimus One
  15. Oneseven- Calendar widget as a text line of the days of the week
  16. Pure Calendar Widget- Widget current affairs
  17. Pure Grid calendar widget- Calendar / Tode Widget
  18. S2 Calendar Widget- Calendar widget
  19. Simple calendar widget- Calendar in the style of SiMi Clock Widget
  20. Smooth calendar- Widget that displays a list of scheduled cases for the coming days
  21. Shift calendar- Schedule "day after two"
  22. Birthdays- Birthday and reminder widget
  23. Birthday countdown- Countdown counter to the next birthday
  24. Birthday Calendar- Widget with a clock and calendar displaying birthdays and other events
  25. Birthday Info Widget- Information on birthdays and anniversaries
  26. Birthday widget- Shows upcoming birthdays (and other events) of your contacts
  27. Days left- Countdown to holiday
  28. DarkBirthday Widget- Holiday Widget
  29. Calendar in Status bar- Display the date and day of the week in the status bar

Timers, stopwatches
  1. Timerwidget- Timer Widget

Multividzhety: weather, hours, battery charge, etc.
  1. Glance Plus- Display of time, date, weather, alarm, battery charge by motion sensor on a locked phone
  2. Android Weather & Clock Widget- Fast, accurate, free application with a detailed weather forecast for all cities of the world with Google Weather
  3. Plasticine widgets- A set of plasticine widgets
  4. Xperia play widgets- Standard digital clock, status switch and graphic snippets from Sony ericsson Play
  5. Sense Analog Small Black 4x1- Mini Sense watch version
  6. One More Clock- More than 60 expressive and funny widgets with the clock, weather and battery.
  7. 3D Digital Weather Clock- Digital clock widget with calendar and weather forecast
  8. Beautiful widgets- System widgets on the screen
  9. Billboard Digital Weather Widget- Weather, clock and system information
  10. Digital clock & world weather- Multifunctional digital clock with weather forecast
  11. Command Center Widget Droid Turbo 2- branded widget from Moto firmware (Clock / weather / battery charge).
  12. Clean widgets- Clock, battery and switch widgets
  13. Fancy widgets- Clock widget and weather in Sense style
  14. Glass widgets- We display transparent widgets
  15. Goatrip Weather Widget- Widget of firmware Note II. Shows the clock, date, city and temperature
  16. Maximus Weather Clock-Analog clock: battery level in a circle, the weather is displayed inside the clock.
  17. Weather clock- Analog clock, hourly weather forecast
  18. Minimalistic text- Text widget of date, time, battery charge, weather
  19. Meta widget- Create your own widgets from any web content
  20. MIUI Digital Weather Clock (3D)- 4x2 Digital Clock Widget
  21. Magic widgets- Weather, clock, many settings
  22. mWidget- Fully editable layout of widgets and properties
  23. Simple text- Create text icons on the desktop
  24. WF & Clock widget- Widget with clock and weather like in HTC Sense
  25. Widgetpack- Creating hours on your desktop
  26. Widgetizer widgets- Widget 5 in 1: clock, weather, clock and weather, switches, keyboard
  27. Convenient time and events- Widget of the current time, alarm clock, calendar events and contacts, as well as the grocery list of DrShopper and LazyShopper programs
  28. Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW)- Clock, battery charge, weather and more
  29. Advanced clock widget- A simple clock widget + weather and charge
  30. CircleWidgets- Widgets with a circular indicator
  31. APP / Weather WIDGET- Clock and weather widget
  32. Zooper widget- Clock, battery charge, weather and more
  33. Premium Widgets & Weather- High-quality weather and clock widgets
  34. I.UA Widgets- Time, weather, mail I.UA
  35. RUSSIA MEGA SET- Weather, clock, live wallpaper, compass
  36. Weather Clock Widget- Beautiful weather and time widget
  37. Weather ACE- Weather, forecast and clock
  38. WooDFox Clock Panel- Clock widget, date, battery, operator and the nearest alarm clock
  39. Everfriends Widget- A beautiful weather clock widget
  40. School Sexy Girls Clock Widget- Widget with girls. Shows time, date, battery charge
  41. Widget Sexy girl battery & time- Time and battery charge with a girl
  42. Widget Animated Moto Clock- Speedometer clock. Speed ​​is minutes. Fuel indicator in tank - battery level
  43. Thousand Clocks Gallery- A huge collection of widgets (with restrictions)
  44. 14 days Weather and Clock- Weather forecast and hours
  45. My widget is a constructor- Creates a widget from your photo. Shows time, date, day of the week, battery charge

Phone / Contacts
  1. Impact Dialer Widget- Widget desktop dialers
  2. Speeddialwidget- Dialer Widget
  3. Arti's Fancy Contacts Widget- Nice contacts widget
  4. Call dock bar- Widget of 4 contacts on the shelf
  5. Call widget- Widget for adding contacts to the desktop
  6. Contact Sidebar- Widget output 4 contacts with photos
  7. Contacts GOWidget- Contact icons on the desktop
  8. One Click Contact Widget- Contacts widget
  9. SmartCall Widget- A widget that automatically detects and displays your favorite contacts based on the frequency of their use.
  10. Speeddialer- Contacts widget
  11. Redirect Multifon- mode switching widget for the MultiPhone service in Megaphone.

  1. XWidget- Widget with great editing capabilities
  2. Key Lime Pie Clock- Concept clock widget from Android 5.0.
  3. Android Clock Widget- Analog clock from Jelly Bean and ICS
  4. Analog Clock Collection (Real Clocks)- Brand analog watches of famous brands on your Android device as a widget
  5. Free (clock)- Create a clock on the desktop in the form of a widget or live wallpaper
  6. Analog Clock Collection- Analog clock set
  7. Animated Analog Clock- Analog Clock, second hand animation
  8. Custom Clock Widget Beta- Create analog clocks to your taste
  9. 3D Animated Flip Clock- Animated flip clock
  10. Animated Rolling Clock Widget- Clock widget, made in the style of a mechanical automobile odometer
  11. Animating Flip Clock Widget- Digital watch with turning effect
  12. Appleseed Clock- Analog Clock
  13. Astoria beautiful clock widget- Futuristic analog clock
  14. Beautiful Neon Clock- Analog neon clock
  15. Better Alarm Clock (Pro)- Digital and analog clocks
  16. Binary clock widget- Binary watch
  17. Bobclockd3- Clock widget Android player Cowon D3
  18. Beautiful Widgets: Pack 2- Clock and widget SMS in the style of Sense
  19. Black Knight Quality clock- Chic analog watch
  20. Byzanz quality clock widget- Analog Clock
  21. Caynax Digital Clock Widget- A simple digital clock and date widget
  22. Christmas Clock- Widget clock on the theme of Christmas in 9 versions
  23. Christmas Snow Clock- Christmas clock in the form of snowflakes
  24. Christmas Free Digital Clock- Christmas watch with a lot of settings
  25. Christmas widgets- A set of plasticine widgets
  26. Chrome_HTCclockwidget- HTC clock in chrome
  27. Clock arc- Sony Ericson ARC Clock Widget
  28. Clockq- A simple clock widget with a lot of visual possibilities.
  29. Clockr- Text clock widget
  30. Clockr evolution- Text clock widget + date
  31. Condor beautiful clock widget- Very beautiful analog clock
  32. Counter Strike Clock Widget- Watch for Counter Strike fans
  33. CS: S Analog Clock- Watch on the topic of CS: S
  34. CROWN beautiful clock widget- A beautiful analog clock widget
  35. Crysis Analog Clock- Crysis style watches
  36. CWTimeWidgetV2- 3D widget with android
  37. D-Clock Widget- Clock widget with reflection
  38. Diablo III Clock Widget- In the style of the game Diablo III
  39. DiamondRose clock widget- Metal analog clock
  40. Digital clock- Sony ericsson watch
  41. DigiClock Widget- Clock widget with date
  42. Digitalclockwidget- Widget that displays the time, date, day of the week, alarm clock and battery as a percentage
  43. Digital Clock Android Honeycomb- Digital clock widget from Android Honeycomb
  44. Digital clock stone widget- Digital stone clock widget
  45. Digital clock widget- A simple clock widget, size 4x1
  46. Digital world clock widget- Analog Clock
  47. Digitalclockwidget- A simple digital clock widget
  48. DigiWatch Widget- Simple digital clock
  49. Divi clock- Simple digital clock
  50. DREAMER Clock Widget- Widget smart analog clock
  51. Droid Clock - clock widget- Clock and date with the ability to customize to your taste
  52. Easy clock widget full- Digital clock widget with settings
  53. Elegant Gloss Clock Widget- Transparent analog watch
  54. Flatox- Analog minimalist and very stylish watches of different colors
  55. Flip clock- Widget with page effect
  56. Fox Racing Theme Bonus- Dedicated to lovers of extreme sports
  57. Formula M1 clock widget- Analog clock in the form of a speedometer
  58. Fire clock- Firewatch
  59. Finest Clock Excali Widget- Elegant analog watches
  60. Finest Clock Golden Dream Widget- Widget smart analog clock from St.Berlin
  61. Flip clock widget- HTC style watches
  62. Flowering clock- Flower clock
  63. Formula 1 ™ Driver Clocks- Clock widgets for all 24 Formula 1 racers
  64. FIGHTER - army analog clock- Army Analog Clock
  65. Gem clock- Original watches
  66. Geeky clock widget- Simple binary clock widget
  67. Grid clock widget- Date and clock widget in an unusual performance
  68. Golden EMPIRE Hight Class Clock- Widget for discerning smartphone owners
  69. Golden GENEVE HQ Widget Clock- Elegant analog clock widget
  70. Goldshell Quality clock widget- Golden clock widget
  71. HD Beautiful Clock Widgets- A set of beautiful analog clocks
  72. Jelly Bean 4.2 Analog Clock- Analog clock from android 4.2.
  73. Hero Clock - Day & Night- Two Hero style clock widgets (Analog Clock)
  74. Hero clocks- Clock widgets in the style of Hero (Analog Clock)
  75. Hero Style Clocks Full- Analog Clock
  76. HoneyComb Clock- Analog neon watch from Android Honeycomb
  77. High Light Clock Widget- Elegant analog clock widget
  78. HTC Clock- Hours from Sense
  79. Kinetic Clock- Elegant watches
  80. iPad Clock- Analog Clock Widget with iPad
  81. IMPERIA beautiful clock widget- A quality analog clock widget
  82. LCD clock widget- Simple clocks, both digital and analog
  83. Magic Minerals Clock- Hours dedicated to various minerals and stones
  84. Make Your Clock Widget- Widget designer time and weather
  85. mClock- Clock widget and date with skins
  86. MIUI analog clock- Analog Clock from MIUI
  87. MIUI Dark Digital Weather CL- 3D clock in the style of MIUI
  88. Moto Droid Clock Widget- Analog Clock Widget from Motorola Milestone
  89. Mystic clock- Analog Clock
  90. Neon Clock Cyber ​​Pixel- Neon analog clock
  91. NexDEEP Large Clock- Analog translucent clock
  92. Nexus 4 Clock Widget- Original watch from Android 4.2 Jellybean (white, round, analogue clock)
  93. Nexus 4 Clock- Analog clock in the style of Jelly Bean and ICS
  94. Nixie Time & Date Widget- "Lamp" date and time widget
  95. Ondesly widgets- Digital Clock, Date, Binary Clock
  96. Pesoguin Analog Clock Full Ver- Cartoon analog clock
  97. Plasticine Christmas Clock- New Year's plasticine hours
  98. Predator clock widget- Predator clock widget
  99. Raise desktop clock widget- A beautiful analog clock widget
  100. Rainbow Alarm Clock Widget- Bright analog clock widget with alarm clock, bedside clock and mini-timer capabilities
  101. Retro Clock- Time and / or date in the style of an old clock / calendar with a flipping dial
  102. Reverse clock- Analog clock with a dial "vice versa"
  103. RealBlack Clock Widget aka Digital Analog Clock Widget- Analog and digital clock with date
  104. Rock Clock XL- Fire analog clock
  105. ROLEX Deepsea Gold Clock- ROLEX analog watch
  106. SGSII Digital Clock- SGSII clock widget
  107. Sense V2 Flip Clock & Weather- Clock widget and weather in Sense style
  108. SensAnalogClock- Analog clock set
  109. Sense Analog Glass Clock 4x2- Glass Sense watch
  110. Sense Analog Small Glass 4x1- Glass Sense watch
  111. Sense clock and date- A simple clock and date widget
  112. Sense 4 clock- Weather and time
  113. SG Clock Widget- Stargate Analog Clock Widget
  114. Shaman clock- Analog clock in the form of a shaman tambourine
  115. SiMi Clock Widget- Digital clock and date
  116. SPB Time- A set of advanced time management tools
  117. Tajm- Text time widget
  118. TedZkeletal Large Clock- Original analog clock
  119. Tensai Clock Widgets- Hours with settings (there is a display of seconds and a second hand
  120. TIBERI beautiful clock widget- Analog Clock
  121. Titan Storm Quality clock- Chic analog watch
  122. TypoClock- Clock and date widget
  123. Tnclockwidget- Digital clock with transparent backing
  124. wClock widget Full- Analog clock set
  125. Wow KitKat Clock Widgets- Minimalistic analog clock
  126. World wide time- Time output from different cities of the world
  127. Weather main- Weather widget with a clock and event notifications from Samsung Galaxy S III
  128. Weather clock- Hourly weather forecast on the home screen
  129. uLtiClock Widget- Clock widget of different cities and belts
  130. Me Clock - clock widget- Analog clock set
  131. ORT Clock- Analog Clock ORT
  132. Digital watch- Simple digital clock with date
  133. Alcatel Digital Watch- Digital clock from the devices of the same name
  134. Captain Evidence Watch- Original watches
  135. Alcatel Digital Watch- Watch from the device of the same name
  136. Montana watch- Montana style watches
  137. Glass clock. BOX. PRO- Collection of prestigious crystal glass watches
  138. Clock and weather from Acer Liquid MT- A pair of widgets from the shell Acer Liquid MT
  139. 3D Sense Clock & Weather- Clock widget and weather
  140. Ultra Thin Clock Widgets (Ultra Thin Clock Widgets)- Thin analog clock
  141. Japanese watches- Analog clock in Japanese style
  142. Digital clock from Acer Iconia Tab A500 / A501 tablets- This is a standard clock and weather widget

  1. Datewidget- 1x1 date widget
  2. Dayweekbar- The program displays the number and day of the week in the status bar
  3. ExtDate widget- Date and time widget for lovers of minimalism
  4. tCalendar- Widget for displaying the date on the desktop
  5. Day Month In Status Bar Pro- Day and month in the status bar

Moon calendars, women's calendars
  1. Moon phase- Widget showing the current phase of the moon

Task managers
  1. Gemini Taskiller Widget- Widget to optimize the RAM of your phone with one click

Desktop folders and shortcuts, application launchers
  1. App Space- Launch applications by tap on the room decor on the widget
  2. Android Desk- The original design of the desktop
  3. AppDrawer- Customizable application menu, installed in addition to the home screen
  4. App Docker- Access to applications from the sidebar
  5. aLauncher- Widget that creates a similarity of folders on the desktop
  6. Home Button Launcher- Launch your favorite apps through Home Button + gesture up.
  7. SiMi Folder Widget- iOS style folders
  8. Smiling Widgets- Widgets for launching applications in the form of emoticons
  9. Advanced launcher lite- Simple launcher
  10. App launcher- Quick launch programs
  11. CircleLauncher- Allows you to group applications and contacts
  12. Frontmost- Overlay launcher applications
  13. Glovebox launcher- Loncher. It starts with a gesture from the left edge of the screen from any application.
  14. GYF Side Launcher Beta- Sidebar with themes
  15. Imgy- Imgy widgets allow you to add an unlimited number of applications, bookmarks and contacts to your desktop
  16. Launcher dock- Quick launch programs
  17. Metro Ui HD Widget Tile Win 8- Decoration, organization of desktop applications in the style of W8
  18. Power strip- Quick access to other applications (or widgets) without leaving the current application
  19. Popup widget- Create a shortcut for the widget
  20. Unity launcher- Sidebar as in the Unity interface in Ubuntu for Android 2.2+
  21. Sidebar pro- Side dockbar for quick access to applications
  22. Sidepanel- Sidebar for Android 2.2+
  23. TasKarou Launcher Overlay- Multitasking layer on top of the desktop
  24. Quickdesk- You can add shortcuts, widgets, contacts, etc.
  25. Desktop visualizer- The program allows you to display any picture on the desktop, with the function of the shortcut
  26. HS Image Cut- Analog DVR (Desktop Visualizer)
  27. WP8 Widget Launcher Windows 8- Windows 8 style launcher widget
  28. HTC Navipanel- convenient interface when connecting the phone to the car holder

Desktop Settings Switches
  1. BalloON / OFF Widget animated- Widget on / off (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile Internet, screen brightness and call mode) with animation of a balloon explosion, battery charge and time.
  2. Bluetooth Toggle Widget- Turn on / off Bluetooth
  3. Bluetooth Widget- Turn on / off Bluetooth
  4. CurveFish Desktop Widgets- Settings Switches
  5. EasySwitch 2.2- Settings Widget
  6. Extended controls- Multifunctional widget
  7. GPS Toggle Widget- Turn on / off GPS
  8. HTC Desire Widget- Widgets from HTC Desire
  9. Manup Hero Style Widgets- Switches
  10. Multi mount sd card- Mount SD with access to both PC and phone
  11. OnOff Widgets Pack- Settings switch
  12. Power widget- Analogue of standard power control widget
  13. Power control plus- Manage phone settings from the notification panel / desktop
  14. Quick settings- Settings in the status bar
  15. Ringer toggle widget- Widget for switching sound / vibrate / light modes
  16. Shortcuts widget- 4 beautiful widget. HTC Sense Design
  17. SwitchPro Widget- One of the best settings switches
  18. Toggle Widgets Pack- Round switches
  19. Unlock toggle widget- Turn on / off screen unlock
  20. Widoidoid- One of the best switch widgets
  21. Wi-fi Toggle Widget- Widget (1x1) on / off Wi-Fi
  22. Wifi Toggle Widget- Turn on / off Wi-Fi from the desktop
  23. Wifi Widget- Widget on / off wi-fi + display of IP and MAC addresses

Memory card
  1. Dual mount sd widget- Widget mount phone memory
  2. SDMount Widget- Widget that will scan SD media for new files / file names

Screen lock, sleep mode
  1. Invisible Lock Widget- Ability to add 1x1 or 4x1 invisible blocking widget to your desktop
  2. LockEnabler- Program to transfer the android device to sleep mode
  3. Lock screen widget- Lock the phone by pressing the widget on the desktop
  4. Screen off and lock- Phone lock with visual and sound effects
  5. No lock- Widget that allows you to disable the lock screen
  6. Tap Tap App- Widget screen off

Volume control
  1. Audiomanager widget- A small widget to adjust the volume
  2. Volume ace- Convenient change of volume settings

Battery charge
  1. T.E.A.M. Battery bar- Battery stripe indicator
  2. brBatteryIndicator- Battery charge indicator in percent for bar status
  3. Bathingcat- Widget charge and battery temperature in the form of a cat in the bath
  4. Batstat battery widget- Simple widget to display battery status
  5. Battery fuel gauge- Widget that displays the battery level, as the fuel level
  6. Battery Left- Shows how much time is left until the battery is completely discharged
  7. Battery Monitor Widget- Battery widget
  8. Battery Notifier (Big Text)- A simple indicator showing the battery charge in the notification area
  9. Battery Power Cell Widget- Original battery status widget
  10. Battery snap- Battery control widgets with style selection
  11. Battery Solo Widget- Round, multi-colored battery widget
  12. Battery watcher widget- Battery widget in the style of standard HTC widgets
  13. Battery Widget- Information about the battery, the status and assessment of work time
  14. Battery Widget- Battery widget
  15. Battery Widget- Battery level widget
  16. BatteryLife- Desktop widget showing battery power
  17. Battstatt- A simple widget that displays the battery charge
  18. Battery Status Bar (AD Free)- Battery in status bar
  19. Blue stripe battery widget- Neon battery widget
  20. Circle Battery Widget- One of the best battery widgets in the form of a circle
  21. Clarus battery- Transparent widget for temperature and battery readings
  22. Circular Battery Status- Round battery indicator in the status bar
  23. Caynax Dashboard Battery Widget- Battery widget in the form of a speedometer
  24. Dual Battery Widget- Battery charging widget in iphone style
  25. Jenna Free Battery Widget & Aria Battery Free Widget- Jenna & Aria girls get naked with battery drain
  26. Free Beer Battery Widget- Battery charge in the form of a glass of beer
  27. Gauge battery widget- Original battery widget in the form of a speedometer
  28. Gun Girls Battery Widget- Battery widget with beautiful girls
  29. Heart Container Battery Meter- Battery charge from hearts
  30. LEDEFY- Indication of events and battery charge diode
  31. MotoCharge- Battery charge
  32. vizBattery- Simple battery charge widget
  33. Text Battery Widget- Battery widget as text
  34. Battery booster- A program to work with the battery (there are widgets)
  35. CurrentWidget- Displays the current used and the battery charge
  36. JuicePlotter- Widget that shows the remaining time until the battery is completely discharged
  37. Talking Battery Widget Pro- Animated talking battery widget
  38. 3D Battery- Beautiful 3D battery widget
  39. Battery widget- Battery charge in% in the form of a filled glass of beer
  40. Christmas battery widget- New Year's style battery charge widget

System information: Processor, Communication signal, etc.
  1. OverclockWidget- Widget, shows the frequency of the processor
  2. Android System Info- Technical information about the system and phone
  3. Andromax- Technical information about the system and phone
  4. aiSystemWidget- Monitoring system resources: CPU, Memory, Battery
  5. Clarus signal- Transparent widget that displays signal strength, network connection data
  6. Free memory- System information
  7. Internal Memory Widget- Widget shows the number of used and total internal memory of the phone
  8. Mini info- Widget that displays system information about the phone
  9. Mobile Signal Widget Pro- Shows the signal strength of the cellular network and Wi-Fi, network type, operator name.
  10. NetTraffic Widget Lite (formerly Network Speed ​​Monitor Widget, formerly Network Traffic Widget)- Network activity widget
  11. Network widget- Widget output data on the active connection
  12. Perfect System Monitor- System information
  13. Phono- Operator widget and device information
  14. PicuriRAM- Widget shows free memory and battery level
  15. Ram slider- Widget for displaying RAM status
  16. System tuner- Multifunctional process monitoring utility
  17. SeePU ++- System information in the notification area
  18. SD Card Memory Widget- Widget to display free memory and total amount of SDcard memory
  19. SysInfo widget- System information
  20. System info widget- System information
  21. Temp + CPU V2- Processor Information
  22. Tokaplot Plus Widget- Widget monitoring system resources
  23. TM System Monitor Widget- Simple 1x1 free memory widget
  24. Droid widgets- System information
  25. Quick System Info Widget Pack- Additional widgets for managing Quick System Info PRO

Communication: Social networks, chat rooms, etc.
  1. Google buzz widget- Google ribbon widget
  2. Love Widget (Calls, SMS, Facebook, VKontakte, Skype)- Quick access to the functions of a call, sending an SMS, viewing a profile and chatting changes on Facebook and VKontakte, sending E-mail, creating Skype video calls.
  3. DailyBooth Widget- Displays the current photo from the DailyBooth service
  4. GramWidget- Display your favorite photos from Instagram
  5. Bottle widgets- Links to social networks in the form of bottles
  6. BlingBoard: Social Widget- Widget shows information from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and missed calls
  7. Widgets for skype- Widgets for Skype

Internet bookmarks

  1. Web Clip Widget Trial Edition- Widget that transmits an image from a standard browser to the desktop

News, RSS

  1. BBC News Widget- BBC News Feed RSS Widget

Traffic accounting

  1. Data Counter Widget- A small widget that displays information about the total traffic of GPRS / 3G and WiFi
  2. Traffic monitor- Network traffic monitoring


  1. 1Weather- Original weather widget
  2. All weather- Simple weather widget application with widgets
  3. Solo Weather- Minimalistic weather
  4. A weather life- Weather widget
  5. Android Weather- Fast, accurate, free application
  6. 9s-Weather (with clock)- Animated weather with widgets
  7. Accu Weather Quick- Weather widget
  8. Aix Weather Widget- Detailed weather forecast in 4x1 format widget
  9. BBC Weather- Weather forecast widget from BBC
  10. Bob's weather- Weather forecast with realistic effects
  11. Fizz weather- Simple weather widget
  12. Ez weather- Minimalistic weather
  13. Foreca weather- Weather widget.
  14. Genie widget- Weather widget and news widget
  15. GO Weather- Weather forecast
  16. GO Weather EX- Gorgeous dynamic background with colorful animation.
  17. Circle Weather- Weather widget in a circular design
  18. tf Weather Widget- Simple weather size widgets (1x1 and 2x1)
  19. Minimal weather- Weather widget in style minimal clock & Weather
  20. MIUI Weather 7- Beautiful 3D weather widget
  21. Moxier world- Weather and time
  22. My Weather Watch- Weather forecast widget for 3 days
  23. MMWeather- Girls showing you the current weather conditions in the photos. And also a widget.
  24. Nice weather- Weather in minimalist style
  25. Recast Weather and Widgets- Fully personalized app and weather widget
  26. Rain alarm- App and weather widget
  27. Snowstorm- Weather forecast, with a detailed forecast for 10 days and skins support
  28. SGSII Weather- Weather widget in SGSII style
  29. SGSIII Weather- Weather widget port with galaxy S3 for MDPI screens (only for ICS)
  30. Today briefing widget- Weather widget with Optimus 2X
  31. TouchWiz Weather- Weather widget from Samsung Galaxy S3
  32. Weather Forecast 15 days PRO- Weather forecast in minimalist style
  33. TSF Weather Widget- TSF Shell Weather Widget
  34. Weather & Toggle Widget (Former Weather Widget)- Weather widget and system widgets
  35. 3D Weather Forecast - 3D Weather / Forecast- 3D weather forecast
  36. Hue - Beautiful Weather- Stylish minimalistic weather widget
  37. Nice weather- Animated weather widget
  38. oW weather- Weather with a minimalist style
  39. TypoWeather- Text weather widget
  40. Weather- Weather and calendar
  41. Weather forecast widget v2- Weather widget, has different sizes from 1 * 1 to 4 * 4
  42. Weather Condition Online- Functional and convenient application of weather forecast for 5 days
  43. Weather ++- Weather forecast from multiple providers
  44. Weather man- Simple and small weather widget
  45. Weather widgets- HTC Sense style weather widget
  46. Weather Pro Premium- Simple and beautiful weather forecast
  47. Weatherlove- Weather and clock widget in Sense style
  48. Wi Weather Beauty- Weather widget with girls
  49. Witiz weather- Cute weather widget
  50. WMD-Weather- Small weather widget
  51. World Weather Clock Widget- Weather widget indicating the probability of precipitation
  52. Weather alert- weather in the "blind"
  53. Gismeteo Weather Forecast LITE- Weather from Gismeteo
  54. Weather Meteorological Center- Weather from Hydrometeorological Center
  55. Weather- Weather widget completely in Russian
  56. Weather (Weather +)- Beautiful weather.
  57. 1001 weather widget- Beautiful and interesting weather widget
  58. weather- Weather forecast


  1. SMODA Widget- A program to correctly disable Mobile Internet (APN)
  2. Toggle data- Widget to enable / disable APN

Music: player, equalizer

  1. Mini music control- Player buttons on screen
  2. Phantom music control- Multifunctional player control widget
  3. Rock anywhere- Manage the player on the screen
  4. Pure music widget- Player Widget
  5. Audio fx widget- EQ Widget

View images and videos

  1. Android Photo Widget- Photos on your desktop
  2. Frameme- Photos on your desktop
  3. Photo Gallery Widget- A frame widget that shows random pictures from your phone.
  4. Media widget- A multimedia widget that combines access to music, camera, video and photo gallery


  1. Widget camera- Widget that displays what the camera sees

Remote Multimedia Control

  1. AIMP remote widget- Turn your phone into a remote from AIMP, using this widget

Call and Message Notifications

  1. Floatify - Smart Notifications- Beautiful notification of missed calls and messages
  2. 7 widgets home- WP7 style tile widget
  3. Best app- SMS on the desktop
  4. Call log widget- Widget on the desktop that displays the latest incoming / outgoing / missed calls
  5. Call log widget- Widget last calls with scrolling
  6. Colorize widget- Analogue LauncherPro Plus widgets
  7. Last call widget- Widget (4x1) display the last entry from the call log
  8. LockerPro Lockscreen- Notifications on the lock screen.
    Only for Android 4.0+
  9. MessagesWidget- Widget displays incoming SMS messages in the order they are received
  10. Metro notifications- Metro UI style pop-up notifications
  11. Missed Calls Widget- Displays missed calls
  12. Missed It!- Information about missed calls, SMS and mail
  13. Notifierpro- Displays notifications at the top of the screen
  14. Pure messenger widget- Mail / sms message widget
  15. Redialer- Widget displays a list of recent calls
  16. Smart Contacts Widget- List of recent calls
  17. SMS Unread Count- Widget to display the number of unread SMS and emails from Gmail
  18. SMS Missed Call Popup Notifier- SMS on the desktop
  19. Smswid- Widget to display the last incoming SMS
  20. SMS Widget- SMS on the desktop
  21. Text widget- A small widget that displays the latest sms
  22. Txmissed- Text information about missed calls and SMS

Profile Management

  1. Simple Sound Profile Widget


  1. Xperia s keyboard
  2. Xperia keyboard

Balance and personal information about the phone (IMEI, number)

  1. Balance by- Automatic check of the balance of accounts of cellular operators and providers
  2. Balanced- Balance Widget
  3. BalanceRobot- A program to display your current account on the home screen
  4. Celltest- An application to control the expenses of minutes, sms and internet + balance (Beeline, Megaphone (beta) and Tele2)
  5. CheckBalance- Widget for checking balance
  6. cluBalance- Monitoring of funds in the account + detailed statistics
  7. piBalance- Widget to display balance
  8. SMS Balance- Account balance
  9. Starksoft Balance widget- Displays the balance of various providers via the Internet
  10. IMEI Widget- IMEI Widget
  11. USSD Checker- Balance through USSD requests with the possibility of parsing + widget
  12. What's My Number?- Widget showing your phone number
  13. Starksoft Balance widget- Balance
  14. Anybalance- Displays balance
  15. Mobilefox- Call / SMS / MMS / Internet traffic manager
  16. Balance Widget Pro (Prepay Widget)- Balance Widget with ussd

For games

  1. Minecraft widget- Shows on the desktop characters from Minecraft
  2. QStatWidget- Widget for fans of online games

Status bar, task bar, start menu, taskbar

  1. Lazy panel- Quick Access Toolbar
  2. ICS StatusBar- Status bar from Android 4.0 ICS
  3. Start menu for Android- Start menu, like on Windows
  4. Mini Taskbar (Taskbar)- Taskbar in the style of Windows XP
  5. Jelly Bean StatusBar- Status Bar in the style of Jelly Bean
  6. StatusBar +- Status bar, made in the style of WP7
  7. One Touch Taskbar- Compact taskbar for quick access to selected applications, bookmarks and contacts
  8. inoty- Notification Center with status bar from ios 7
  9. Toucher- Customizable quick access panel with a semi-transparent launch point on the screen
  10. Windows 7 Task Bar- Taskbar with Start button, in the style of Windows 7

Other widgets (quote books, for erudite, floating widgets, icons, etc.)

  1. Giganticon - Big Icons- Huge desktop application icons
  2. Clutch and Wake- The widget does not allow the phone to “fall asleep” during calls or ussd requests
  3. personalQuotes- Widget for broadcasting quotes from a text file
  4. Interesting Facts- Erudite widget for all occasions
  5. Overlays- Widgets in floating windows
  6. Custom car home donate- Allows you to switch the smartphone to "for the car" with convenient access to the basic functions of the smartphone. It has large and beautiful widgets.
  7. Health candle- Widget candles about health
  8. my number widget- your phone number widget
  9. Wallpaper- Selection of free wallpapers (program)
  10. Wallcat- Wallpaper catalog (program)
  11. Live Wallpaper Maker- Create wallpaper and live wallpaper for your smartphone from the pattern database
  12. Falling snow- Falling snow and frost on the mobile screen
  13. 3D Layer Live Wallpaper- Moving background. The background shifts, depending on the accelerometer reading
  14. Christmas snow flakes- Flying snowflakes in your device
  15. Widget maker- Make your widget
  16. Transparent Screen- Transparent screen
  17. I love android- Pak Wallpaper
  18. GB / ICS Driving mode widget- Toggles driving mode without using Vlingo (only for Samsung Galaxy S II)
  19. Widgets Everywhere- Placing widgets on top of any windows (Program)

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