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24.02.09, 20:19

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Common iTunes Errors

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  • Apple's Error Reference
  • Updated Appstudio project error table
  • Error catalog
    • error 1- Failed to handle baseband update status message. The problem is in the hardware of the device, namely in the modem. Unfortunately, without a service center is not enough
      How to make sure that the problem is in the modem
      To make sure, look at the firmware log at:C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Updater Logs
      [*]No baseband chipid reported . Will match Build Identity based on ap chipid and boardid only.
      [16: 04: 27.0590] amai: AMAuthInstallBasebandHandleUpdaterStatus: [*]commandAccepted: NO
      [16: 04: 27.0597] amai: AMAuthInstallBasebandHandleUpdaterStatus: [*]outputDict is NULL
      [16: 04: 28.0229] Depth: 1 Error: Failed to complete the operation. (AMRestoreErrorDomain, [*]error 1 - Failed to handle baseband update status message )

      If you search for the key query "Baseband" to find similar lines, the problem is 100% in the modem.

    • 2 - Firmware assembled incorrectly
      The firmware is recognized, but cannot be used due to the fact that it is assembled and packaged incorrectly (usually the error appears when working with custom firmware). Download firmware or try another
    • Error 3
      Discussion of problems in the topic:Error 3
    • 5, 6 - Wrong firmware mode
      The firmware cannot be installed either due to damage to the boot logos, or due to the fact that the device was entered into the wrong service mode (for example, the firmware is designed for DFU Mode, and you try to recover via the Recovery Mode). Enter the device in DFU Mode, if it does not help, download another firmware.
    • 8 - Wrong device
      The firmware is suitable for iTunes, but not for the device (for example, it is not for that generation of the device). Download the firmware version corresponding to your device model.
    • 9 - Kernel Panic
      Panic kernel in the device when working with firmware. It occurs either when the data transfer via cable is interrupted, or if the firmware is incompatible with the recovery mode selected Try to restore the firmware through the DFU Mode. Check whether the cable is securely fixed in the USB port and in the 30-pin connector of the device. Change the cable or port.
    • 10 - No LLB downloader
      Damaged or missing low-level loader LLB due to crookedly assembled custom firmware. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
    • 11 - Incomplete firmware file
      The firmware lacks a number of necessary files for downloading. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
    • 13 - Cable Problem
      USB cable or 30-pin connector problem or an attempt to install iOS beta from Windows. Change the cable or USB port. Disable USB 2.0 BIOS
    • 14 - "Broken" firmware file
      During the flashing, a violation of the integrity of the firmware file was detected. Disable the firewall and antivirus, try changing the cable or USB port, try another firmware
    • 17 - Flashing from custom to custom
      Attempting to upgrade from one custom firmware to another custom firmware. Before flashing, enter the device in Recovery Mode or DFU Mode
    • 18 - Damaged device media library
      The media library of the iOS device is damaged. It is very likely that a flashing is required.
    • 20 - Requires DFU mode
      Instead of DFU Mode, the device is in Recovery Mode. Enter the device in DFU Mode
    • 21 - Requires pwned DFU mode . Discussion of problems in the topic: Error 21
      DFU-mode error when jailbreaking. Enter the device in DFU Mode via Pwnage Tool, sn0wbreeze or redsn0w
    • 23 - Unread IMEI / MAC
      iTunes cannot read the device's IMEI or MAC address. If the error is repeated on other firmware, then the problem is of a hardware nature.
    • 26 - NOR Memory Error
      Error when working with NOR-memory because of the crookedly assembled firmware. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
    • 27, 29 - Looping the firmware . Discussion of problems in the topic: Error 29
      iTunes loops while trying to restore the firmware. Update iTunes to the latest version.
    • 28 - Memory issue
      Failure of flash memory or contact group. Help you can only in the service
    • 31 - Failure of DFU
      The device cannot exit DFU mode. The most common error is hardware problems.
    • 34 - There is no space on the hard drive
      Not enough disk space. Free up the hard drive on which iTunes is installed
    • 35 - No access rights to the iTunes folder
      Corrupted access rights to the iTunes folder on the Mac. Run Disk Utility and restore access rights.
    • 36, 39, 40, 306, 10054 - No access to the update server
      Problem with access to activation and signing servers. Disable firewall and antivirus, check the hosts file.
    • 37 - The loader does not fit the device.
      Low-level boot loader does not match the device model due to an error when building custom firmware. Download another custom firmware or rebuild it yourself
    • Error 48 - Discussion Error 48
    • 54 - Unable to transfer purchases
      Cannot transfer iTunes Store purchases from device. Delete old backups. Deauthorize computer in iTunes (menu "Store") and try again.
    • 414 - Adults Only Content
      You are not allowed to upload content with a rating of 17+ to your device. Correct the age data in your iTunes account (menu "Store - View my account")
    • 1002 - Copy Error
      An error occurred while copying the firmware files to the device. Start the flashing procedure again.
    • 1004 - Apple servers overloaded
      Apple servers could not send SHSH hashes to the device. Try to flash later
    • 1008 - Invalid characters in Apple ID
      Your Apple ID contains invalid (iTunes-related) characters. Try not to use anything other than Latin letters and numbers in your Apple ID
    • 1011, 1012 - Device modem not responding
      The iPhone / iPad modem does not respond. Try restarting your device. If the error repeats continuously, then there may be a hardware problem.
    • 1013-1015 - Modem downgrade
      iTunes tried to downgrade the iPhone / iPad modem version. The error indicates that the firmware has completed normally, however, the iPhone / iPad itself cannot boot after it. You must use the function Kick Device Out of Recovery in the utility TinyUmbrella
      Discussion of problems in the topic:Error 1015
    • 1050 - Apple Server Unavailable
      Apple activation servers are unavailable. Try to activate the device later.
    • 1394 - System files are damaged
      System files are damaged as a result of a failed jailbreak. Restore the firmware and jailbreak again
    • 1413-1428 - Problems with USB
      Problems with data transfer via USB cable. Check cable integrity and USB port health
    • 1430, 1432 - Device not recognized
      Device not recognized. Change the cable, USB-port, computer. May indicate a hardware problem.
    • 1450 - No permission to access the library file
      Unable to modify iTunes library file. Restore access rights on Mac OS X, check the owners and permissions of the folder in Windows
    • 1600, 1611 - Recovery mode required
      Recovery to custom firmware is done through DFU Mode, although it should have been done through Recovery Mode. Enter the device in Recovery Mode
    • 1601 - No access to device
      iTunes cannot get full access to the device. Disable all background processes, try another USB port or cable, reinstall iTunes
    • 1602 - Unknown device mode
      iTunes cannot verify that the device is in the correct mode. Check the hosts file, turn off all background processes, try another USB port or cable
    • 1603, 1604 - Requires a jailbreak
      The non-jailbroken device is restored to the custom firmware. Jailbreak on the current firmware. Please note: jailbreak through the Spirit utility and the JailbreakMe site is not complete and also leads to such errors
    • 1608 - iTunes is damaged
      ITunes components are damaged. ITunes Reinstall Required
    • 1609 - iTunes Update Required
      The version of iTunes is too old to work with the device. Update iTunes to the latest version.
    • 1619 - DFU operation not possible.
      iTunes sees the device in normal mode, but cannot work with it in DFU mode. Update iTunes to the latest version.
    • 1644 - System interference
      Other system processes prevent iTunes from working with the firmware file. Restart the computer, disable the firewall and antivirus, close all programs running in the background
    • 1646 - Device reboot required
      iTunes could not load the device in the desired mode. Restart your iOS device, restart iTunes
    • Error 1669
      Discussion of problems in the topic:Error 1669
    • Error 1671
      USB connection problems. Change the port.
    • 2001 - No access to device (Mac OS)
      Mac OS X drivers block access to the device. Update Mac OS X to the latest version.
    • 2002 - Access to the device is blocked
      ITunes access to the device is blocked by other system processes. Close all other programs, turn off the antivirus, restart the computer.
    • 2003 - Bad USB port
      USB port is damaged. Clean the USB port, check the contacts, try connecting the device to another port or computer
    • 2005 - Bad cable
      Damaged cable. Replace cable
    • 3000, 3004, 3999 - No access to update server
      Unable to access the firmware signing server. Disable firewall and antivirus. Set IE as your default browser.
    • 3001, 5103, -42210 - Unable to load video
      iTunes cannot load the video. Find and delete the service folder "SC Info" from the disk
    • 3002, 3194 - problem with SHSH certificates - discussion of problems in the subject Error 3194
      Occurs when a user tries to install an irrelevant (outdated) firmware. To find out what firmware is relevant at the moment, you can in the subject.[FAQ] The relevance of the firmware
      Outdated Information
      It is not possible to request a suitable SHSH hash from the firmware signing server. It occurs if you redirected iTunes to the Cydia server via the hosts file or the TinyUmbrella utility, but there are no saved hashes for this firmware on the server. Disable TinyUmbrella or remove the line " gs.apple.com" from the hosts file. Read more -iTunes - Errors (Post # 35377657)

    • 3123 - Unable to rent video
      iTunes cannot rent videos. Deauthorize the computer in iTunes and log in again.
    • 3191 - Quicktime is corrupt
      QuickTime components are damaged. Reinstall player and QuickTime components required
    • 3195 - SHSH Certificate Damaged
      Accepted SHSH hash is corrupted. Try to start flashing again.
    • 3200 - Incomplete firmware
      In the custom firmware there are no required images. Download another custom firmware or create it yourself again.
    • 5002 - Unable to make payment
      Unable to confirm payment in iTunes Store. Check your credit card information is correct.
      8008, -50, -5000, -42023 - Unable to Download File
      iTunes cannot restore the download session. Clear the contents of the iTunes Media / Downloads folder in the iTunes folder
    • Error 4005
      Discussion of problems in the topic:Error 4005
    • Error 4013
      Discussion of problems in the topic:Error 4013 when restoring
    • 4014 error
      Discussion of problems in the topic:4014 error
    • 8248 - Incompatible Plugins
      The normal work of iTunes is hampered by old incompatible plugins. Delete the plug-ins installed to iTunes until the error stops appearing
    • 9807 - Digital Signature Request Problem
      iTunes cannot contact the digital signature verification server. Disable firewall and antivirus
    • 9813 - Invalid keys
      Keychain certificates are invalid. Clear Safari Cache (Safari-Reset Safari Menu)
    • 11222 - Server access is blocked
      Access to iTunes services is blocked. Disable firewall
    • 13001 - iTunes library is damaged
      Irreversible damage to your iTunes library file. Delete the iTunes Library file and files with the extension itdb in the iTunes folder
    • 13014, 13136 - Interference from the system
      Other processes interfere with the normal operation of iTunes. Restart the computer, disable the firewall and antivirus, close all programs running in the background
    • 13019 - Media Library Error
      Media library error while trying to sync. Check your iTunes library for damaged and incompatible files.
    • 20000 - Conflict with the Windows shell
      iTunes conflicts with the Windows GUI. Turn on the default theme in Windows
      20008 - Conflict with TinyUmdrella
      iTunes conflicts with the TinyUmbrella utility. Update TinyUmbrella and Reboot
    • -1 - Dead Modem
      Critical modem error. Direct road to the service center. Thread talkError (-1) and not only
    • -35, -39 - Error downloading music from the store
      Unable to download music from the iTunes Store. Update iTunes to the latest version, log out and log in again, disable the firewall and antivirus
    • -50 - No connection with Apple servers
      iTunes cannot communicate with servers. Update iTunes to the latest version, log out and log in again, disable the firewall and antivirus. In extreme cases, reinstall iTunes and QuickTime.
    • -3198 - Downloaded files are damaged
      The integrity of the downloaded files is violated. Repeat the download via iTunes again
    • -3221 - No access rights (Mac OS)
      Incorrect access rights to iTunes file on Mac. Run Disk Utility and make access rights restored.
    • -3259 - Timeout expired
      The iTunes Store timeout limit is exceeded. Check your internet connection
    • -9800, -9808, -9812, -9814, -9815 - Incorrect date / time
      Error shopping time in the iTunes Store. Set the correct date on your computer
    • -9843 - Download blocked
      The iTunes Store security system blocked the download. Log out of your account, restart iTunes and log in again.
    • 0xE8000004 - a problem with Wi-Fi
      Check the Wi-Fi module, cables and antennas in the device
    • 0xE8000001, 0xE800006B - Unexpected device shutdown
      The device was unexpectedly disabled. Restart iTunes and reconnect your device.
    • 0xE8000022 - Device firmware is corrupt
      Irreversibly damaged iOS system files. Restore firmware
    • 0xE800003D - No access to network settings
      iPhone or iPad can not access the settings of mobile operators. Correct access rights (if the gadget is jailbroken), remove all custom operator bundles, as a last resort, restore the firmware
    • 0xE8000065 - The problem of custom firmware
      Error while trying to install custom firmware. As a rule, an error occurs when working with firmware created in sn0wbreeze. Restart the computer, try to flash again, in case of failure, create the firmware again
    • 0xE8008001 - Unsigned app
      Attempt to install an unsigned application into the device. Do not put pirated software

    Useful information on the topic:
    Enter DFU mode to completely reinstall the firmware

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IPhone 4 .... gives an error of 1600 and sometimes 1601 ... Phone dead screen is not included ... DFU mode shows the connection but not restored ...
I changed the Cable. I changed the ports. I looked at the Host. I tried it on another computer and everything turned off exactly the antivirus and the firewall was turned off ... Not everything was restored.
21.02.13, 16:00

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Xiaomi Mi A1 4/64

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Today began to pop up -42110 what it is, where I can not find it. Just open the Tuna and this error pops up, when launched as an administrator, it does not exist.

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Edisonlineed to clean the directory, hereinstruction

Slayercom,try iREB

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23.02.13, 22:07

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Attached Image

When trying to upgrade from 4.1 to 6.12. Ceel is not. The free space on the iPhone is about 900 MB.

It does not help:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXIAYlNKk3c- in the hosts there is no mention of apple.

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Apple iPhone 4 32Gb / 3Gs 16Gb | Sony PSP 1000 (currently unused) | Dell Axim x51v (currently unused)
24.02.13, 00:28

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Mr.222 @ 13.1.2013, 11:56*
gives an error Error 0xE8008001 when downloading programs. I tried so far only 4 methods that are specified-do not work (((can someone tell me what to do ??

App sync put
25.02.13, 15:50

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Apple iPhone Xs Max

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Do not connect home collection on the iPhone. In itunes, the home collection is turned on, the apple tv collection is seen, in the iPhone settings, the apple ID home collection is entered. What could be the reason???

Apple iPhone Xs Max 512gb Space Gray // Apple iPad Pro 11 "Wi-Fi Cellular 64gb Space Gray // Apple Watch S4 44mm Black Stainless Steel Case // Apple MacBook Pro 15" Space Gray 2018 / 2.9GHz / 32GB / Radeon Pro Vega 20 / 1TB // Apple Pencil // Apple AirPods
27.02.13, 21:39

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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact D5803, D5833

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4S stopped syncing with iTune. Writes - iPhone failed to sync because the sync session could not start. Tell me where to poke, please
01.03.13, 13:03
a guest

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Apple iPhone 4

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Hello. Help please, I do not know where to write. I did not give iphone 4g 16gb before it worked, it stood jail and gavei. Then after connecting to the computer I started asking for activation. I made a DJ from 6.0 (because not updating, not to lower the firmware, the tuna does not want to write errors, the same trouble over the air). After Jail, not cudia, not safari does not work (((there was also a jailbreak icon but it also does not work. I can’t reset the phone. Help me please !!! somebody this is my first Iphone
01.03.13, 13:19

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Samsung WiTu SGH-i900

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When iphone 5 was flashed, an error -1 as soon as it was not sewed in what could be the reason ??
03.03.13, 14:54

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Apple iPhone 3GS

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Tell me please

Error 1015
Firmware versions and modem versions did not match. Arises at Downgrade. The restaurant completes successfully. All you need is to transfer your iPhone to Normal mode. However, the baseball will not match the firmware.

what to do:??
06.03.13, 17:48
a guest

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Apple iPhone 3GS

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error in itunes 42110 tell me how to fix
06.03.13, 17:57
a guest

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Apple iPhone 3GS

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Nashol a solution to this problem above, thanks)
13.03.13, 09:11

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Apple iPhone 6

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what can cause an error-1202(I did not find such a hat)?
Attached Image
It is possible that the legs growfrom herebut no one answered there either.
For reference:
Attached Image

What is my name? ... Yes, I come myself!
• Apple iPad mini Retinia 64Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular • Apple iPad mini 32Gb Wi-Fi + Cellular
13.03.13, 19:07
a guest

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help solve the problem with iphone 4s
Pre story I do not know. Model MC319LL / A. During the start of the recovery process, an unknown error crashes (36). No information on this device is available! Help good people how can I revive him?
16.03.13, 00:57

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HTC One Dual Sim

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What does error 42110 mean?

iPhone 6s -iOS 10; ZTE Blade V7 Lite - Android 6
16.03.13, 13:55
a guest

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Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi

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iTunes has encountered a problem.

iPhone 4 CDMA
Firmware: 5.0.1 (9A405)

Jailbreak: Yes
Description of the problem:
When connected to a computer, this label pops up:

"iTunes has detected a problem with your sound settings.
audio and video may not play correctly

There have been actions:
Previously, there were some problems with the sound. Master kakue changed that fee.
Opportunities will not return to the master and poke him with this problem.
18.03.13, 01:40

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Guys help ... I bought an iPhone 3 used at a reasonable price .... I turn it on and only the aytyuns on the screen and it does not turn on .... what can I do with it? I wanted to connect to the laptop and there was a problem ... I wrote the device was not recognized ... I was tortured for 24 hours already, well, not as ... help .. by the way, I have Windows 8, it can be a problem.
20.03.13, 23:02

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Apple iPhone 4S

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Faced this problem help what to do
21 DFU-mode jailbreak error Enter device into DFU Mode via Pwnage Tool, sn0wbreeze or redsn0w
21.03.13, 11:26
a guest

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after upgrading the OS to 6.1.3. The iPhone started to work not stably, i.e. Some applications like Privat 24 and Locator stopped working. When connected to iTunes, it gives error 0x8000084. Attempts to update the iPhone and sync led to the fact that Afonya was updated but not synchronized and all the data flew. Who knows what the error is and how to fix it and synchronize the iPhone?
26.03.13, 23:12

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Huawei Ascend P7

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I want to flash 3GS but the tuna knocks out an error 1600. I tried on two computers

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