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General questions about calculators | (hints, search, comparison, general reasoning ...)

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General questions about calculators.

(hints, search, comparison, general reasoning ...)

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maybe this will suit you?


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Duplicate, already wrote, but left.
There is a very interesting MxCalculator calculator, which is part of the MxConverter program.
Moreover, the converter is in the calculator itself. May not like the presence of the converter,
but he does not bother at all. I tried a bunch of calculators and settled on it.

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M-Calculator. Hanging in the tray. It is called by a simple click on the icon.
Currency converter and calculator.

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Very simple, ancient, ugly and freeHexCalc - v0.1 lies on _ http://www.pyramidpeak.com/ppd_pocketpc.html Once upon a time I was looking for something like hex-dec-bin and nothing more.

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My favorite... _http://www.hlcsoft.com/products/owlcalc-pocketpc.asp
You can enter whole expressions, the buttons are big, you’ll get your finger.
Percentage considers "correct. In the sense of 60 + 50% = 90, and not as most" very competent "calculators
: P
One flaw, the cure ...
For the old version 1.0, there is a folk remedy for neighbors in the garden, but in this version there is a bug, a large number of arithmetic signs (+, -, *, / over five) in the line gives the wrong result. Be careful.
And who will find a crack to ver. 1.01 I will be grateful.

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Here is MxCalculator v2.1 itself, not weighed down by the converter :)
(together with a pill generator).

It does not require installation, just drop it into the desired folder and make a shortcut to it.

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The archiver with the key gene is unfortunately broken, but MxCalculator v2.1 itself is not there at all. please update the file.

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Nah, everything's fine. It's just that ZIPs are laid out so crookedly on this forum.
TotalCommander opens them normally, give it a try.

By the way, all other attachments of other users look exactly the same.

Just in case, try No. 2 (in the RAR).

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I found a crack toOwccalc among our smaller brothers

But the download does not work, can anyone know how to do this?

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can download OwlCalc v1.0.2

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dmush , thank. Plus you.
And don’t forget me! : rolleyes:

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Need an electrician calculator

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sergei3 , Electrical Engineering Calculator

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Myppp , but is there a cure for NeoCal?

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Gilbo ,
Late .... but
Full name:savagemessiahzine.com
Email:[email protected]
Code: 47-130-67-16
Doesn't get attached to the ovner

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people, here's an interesting 2xCalc calculator (by Laura Watts). Cab reference attachedhttp://slil.ru/25111737

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