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+Windows Phone - First Aid
Help newcomers, frequently asked questions and answers on communicators. Beginners need to read.
Personal experience, Archive section, FAQ on OS and devices (redirect)
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Theme:   Windows 10 Mobile
Author: hqqddy
+ Windows Phone - OS and Device FAQ
Questions and answers on Windows Phone and devices under its control.
Moderators:FAQMakers, Special Project Participant
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Theme:   Nokia Lumia 530 / Dual Sim FAQ
Author: ramdolpix
+ Windows Phone - Devices
Discussions related to specific devices on Windows Phone.
Dell, HTC, LG, Nokia / Microsoft, Samsung, Other, Buying devices, Device accessories, New items (redirect), Selection and Comparison of devices (redirect)
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Theme:   Nokia Lumia 925 - Discussion
Author: AlexPisar
+ Windows Phone - Programs
Discussion programs for Windows Phone.
Office programs, System Utilities and Management, Reading, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Multimedia, Internet and communication, Other programs, Navigation for WP7 (redirect)
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Theme:   FS Client
Author: OmTatSat
+ Windows Phone - Games
Discussion of games for Windows Phone
Arcade, Action, Tabletop, brain teaser, Strategies, Simulators, Other
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Theme:   [WP10] World of Tanks Blitz
Author: podarok66
+ Windows Phone - Ornaments
Skins, themes, pictures. Programs for changing the interface of Windows Phone.
Wallpaper for the screen (redirect)
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Theme:   Show your desktop
Author: blackofe
+ Windows Phone - Firmware
Firmware for devices on windows phone
HTC, Samsung, LG, Dell, Nokia / Microsoft, Other, We do firmware independently, Collection of FAQs and Archive for the firmware
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Theme:   Nokia Lumia 1020 - Firmware
Author: romsa
+ Windows Phone - Development and Programming
Development tools, programming instructions, questions to programmers
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Theme:   Interop Unlock and tweaks W10M / WP ...
Author: zakarya67

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