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+Push-button telephones
Discussion of push-button phones (folding beds, sliders, candy bars), programs, games.
Phones - Talk, Phones - Firmware, Java programs and games, Selection and Comparison (Redirect), New items (redirect)
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Theme:   Samsung C3300 Champ - Discussion
Author: fil38
+ A photo
Section for enthusiastic Photographs. We share the experience of shooting, choosing a camera.
General photography issues: hardware and software, Mobile Cameras, Albums, Selection and comparison (redirect), Archive section
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Theme:   Discussion camera Xiaomi Redmi ...
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+ Multimedia devices
Questions, answers and tips on players, media consoles, TV and projectors.
Tv, Media consoles, Multimedia players, Multimedia projectors, DVB receivers, Multimedia archive, Selection and Comparison (Redirect), New items (redirect)
Moderators:Myppp, mihadom, velikashkin, Kenas
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Theme:   NVIDIA SHIELD [Android TV]
Author: mihey12
+ EBooks
Discussion of devices for reading electronic books.
Electronic books on E-ink, E-books on TFT, E-books - Firmware, Electronic Books - Archive, Selection and comparison (redirect), New items (redirect)
Moderators:gabby, Kenas
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Theme:   Onyx Boox - Beta Testing ...
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+ Game consoles

Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Android gaming consoles, Other game consoles, Games, Archive section "Game Console", New items (redirect)
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Theme:   Sony PlayStation 4, Pro, Slim ...
Author: SanTana7
+ Car devices
Head Units, Multifunction
Car and Android devices, Car and device on WinCE, WM, Other automotive devices and accessories, DVRs, Navigators and navigation on automotive devices (redirect), New items (redirect), Selection and comparison (redirect)
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Theme:   Established multimedia MMS 2190 and ...
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+ Wearable electronics
Discussions wearable devices.
Smart watch, Fitness bracelets, Wearable electronics software, New items (redirect), Selection and comparison (redirect)
Moderators:Myppp, ferhad.necef, Kenas, dfgigger
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Theme:   Huami Amazfit Bip - Firmware
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+ Video
Talk, all, that stems with video
Action cameras, IP cameras, Accessories, DVRs (redirect), New items (redirect), Selection and comparison (redirect)
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Theme:   Xiaomi Mi 360 ° Panoramic Camera
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+ Devices for home and entertainment
Smart home, devices with remote control, scooters and quadcopters, vacuum cleaners, scales, etc. gadgets.
Smart House, Electric transport, Virtual reality devices, Drones and quadrocopters, Selection and comparison (redirect)
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Theme:   IRBIS A Voice Assistant
Author: carinovod

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