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+Windows Mobile - First Aid
Helping newcomers, frequently asked questions and answers on the PDA, and communicators. Beginners need to read.
Windows Mobile FAQ, Personal experience, Archive section
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Theme:   Ambulance (WM)
Author: Terrionn
+ Windows Mobile - Programs
Discussion of programs for Windows Mobile.
Programs for Today: Plugins, Launchers, Shells, Contacts, calls, SMS / MMS, Office programs, System Utilities and Management, Reading, learning and knowledge base, Multimedia, Internet and Communications, Security, Other programs, Navigation (redirect), Windows Mobile - emulators (redirect)
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+ Windows Mobile - Devices
Discussions related to specific devices on Windows Mobile.
Selection and Comparison (Redirect), New items (redirect), Buying devices, Device accessories, Do it yourself (redirect), Archive section - Windows Mobile - devices
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Theme:   Highscreen Hippo - Discussion
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+ Windows Mobile - Games
Discussion of games for Windows Mobile.
Demo version, Ported games, Windows Mobile - emulators (redirect)
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Theme:   Heroes mobile
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+ Windows Mobile - Programming
Programming information for PDAs. References to development tools, programming instructions, questions for programmers, requests for creating programs.
Programming for Android (redirect)
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Theme:   truckers 2
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+ Windows Mobile - Firmware
Firmware for devices on Windows Mobile. Official and experimental software based on WM2003, WM5, WM6, WM6.5.
We do firmware independently, Collection of FAQs and Archive for the firmware, Acer, Airis, AnyDATA, Asus, BenQ / BenQ-Siemens, Dell, Dopod, E-Ten / Glofiish, Fly, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gigabyte, Hitachi, HP, HTC, i-mate, Lenovo, LG, Mitac, Motorola, O2, Orange, ORSiO, Palm, Qtek, RoverPC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, T-mobile, Toshiba, Vodafone, Voxtel, No name
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+ Windows Mobile - Ornaments
Skins, themes, pictures. Programs to change the Windows Mobile interface.
Lessons, FAQ, source, Themes and icons for programs, Programs, Change Windows Mobile Interface, Changing the interface of Windows Mobile 6.5 and above, Themes for the Today screen, Wallpaper for the screen today
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Theme:   Skins for Caller ID Inesoft Ph ...
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