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+N @HP iPAQ hx 4700 - Discussion
Windows Mobile - DevicesImater2836415689Yesterday 08:48
Afterbirth.: spacebrother
->looking for a program that ...
Windows Mobile - ProgramsImater32700434700818.06.19, 10:18
Afterbirth.: sksmart
+ N   @ The origin of your nickname
Why are you so called on the forums?
Pamper of MemoryImater5145114007.06.19, 15:11
Afterbirth.: Jerjay
+ N   @ Russifier devices
we collect russifiers
System Utilities and ManagementImater69466378422.04.19, 22:29
Afterbirth.: HeaDekBatHblu<<
+^ N   @ Photos of your devices
Real photos of your devices
AlbumsImater134550705104.04.19, 21:40
Afterbirth.: Darksud
+ N   @ Wiring, pinout connectors for PDAs
info on all models in one place
Do it yourselfImater72155168726.01.19, 12:04
Afterbirth.: Iscander73
+^ N   @ FAK on photo school
utility different
General photography issues: hardware and softwareImater17510331211.07.18, 11:33
Afterbirth.: Ice-kiling
+ N   How to password desktop Outlook?
Internet and Communications - FAQ + HelpImater21221915.04.18, 23:03
Afterbirth.: ZebZebr
+^ N   @ List of all your programs in the PDA. Census..
My animal is my assistant (we share experience)
Personal experienceImater46049301619.07.16, 01:00
Afterbirth.: Kikujiro_SPb
+ N   @ Icons for PocketAGE, iLauncher, WisBar Desktop
A lot of beautiful icons!
Themes and icons for programsImater115975386717.10.14, 10:31
Afterbirth.: igirma
+ N   @ Vito voice dialer
voice dialing on communicators
Contacts, calls, SMS / MMSImater526098127.04.13, 18:04
Afterbirth.: sxn
+ N   @ AlarmToday
reminders with sounds, melodies.
Other programsImater1415798725.04.13, 02:12
Afterbirth.: Kamachi
+ N   @ Screen lock
The program blocking buttons and off
System Utilities and ManagementImater428368731.03.13, 18:47
Afterbirth.: alex1245
+ N   @ Haalireader
One of the best readers
Reading, learning and knowledge baseImater125753632007.03.13, 03:23
Afterbirth.: fdr169
+ N   @ Bryht Flash Player
Player swf files
MultimediaImater22616051323.11.12, 23:28
Afterbirth.: mishazemcov
+^ N   Your wishes and suggestions
For the section "Firmware"
Windows Mobile - FirmwareImater916886602.10.12, 16:36
Afterbirth.: gienek
+ N   @ TreNotes
tree notes
Office programsImater29311707728.09.12, 11:37
Afterbirth.: mlab
+ N   @ We are looking for the best screen. keyboard for pda
Personal experienceImater29210915626.07.12, 08:29
Afterbirth.: kosfess
+ N   @ VGAgapi
accelerator for Loox 720
System Utilities and ManagementImater241506420.06.12, 16:42
Afterbirth.: BOND00701
+ N   @ Themes for Resco Plugin
Themes for Resko plugin
Themes and icons for programsImater20813294216.06.12, 13:03
Afterbirth.: Hotledi
+ N   @ How old is your PDA? What wears on your PDA?
Personal experienceImater2856480712.06.12, 00:14
Afterbirth.: Vasily90
+ N   @ GSPlayer - Player
discuss the program
MultimediaImater77529649209.05.12, 14:56
Afterbirth.: dimkasssr
+ N   @ Mindmanager
building mental maps
Other programsImater353323331.03.12, 17:18
Afterbirth.: Kikujiro_SPb
+ N   @ wmIRC
IRC client
Internet and CommunicationsImater1615683603.02.12, 19:03
Afterbirth.: Dschinghis Khan
+ N   @ Softick Card Export II
pda flash drive
System Utilities and ManagementImater154239878413.12.11, 21:51
Afterbirth.: Marseldemon
+ N   @ SlovoEd
foreign dictionary
Reading, learning and knowledge baseImater20622232304.10.11, 03:10
Afterbirth.: LinXP
+ N   @ PhatNotes
electronic notes on PCs and PDAs
Office programsImater26311639311.07.11, 22:25
Afterbirth.: Kikujiro_SPb
+^ N   @ Database collection for Haali Reader
in txt or fb2 in ZIP format for Haali
Reading, learning and knowledge baseImater6714316820.06.11, 22:59
Afterbirth.: Alan
+ N   @ Magicbutton
launcher for top bar
System Utilities and ManagementImater38819032830.05.11, 22:22
Afterbirth.: stig69
+ N   @ VITO ButtonMapper
assignment of actions to the buttons
System Utilities and ManagementImater575227612.05.11, 17:06
Afterbirth.: kutuzvden
+ N   @ NewsBreak
RSS news on Pocket
Internet and CommunicationsImater1045040213.02.11, 18:41
Afterbirth.: e_typer
+ N   @ Manuscript
Best Graffiti for PDAs
System Utilities and ManagementImater33920343822.12.10, 14:40
Afterbirth.: watchmaker
+ N   @ Beats of Rage
Fist fights on Pocket
Windows Mobile - GamesImater212092423.10.10, 02:29
Afterbirth.: ragim
+ N   @ Pocket DVD Wizard
convert DVD to avi etc.
MultimediaImater313276421.01.10, 06:29
Afterbirth.: Alexander_777
+^ N   The section "Personal Experience" is a discovery.
Archive sectionImater576085518.12.09, 10:44
Afterbirth.: Egor3256
+ N   @ Mortring
put mp3 and other melodies on the bell
Contacts, calls, SMS / MMSImater846868113.04.09, 18:27
Afterbirth.: The_single
+ N   @ This is how the SD card looks from the inside .. showdown
Archive section - Windows Mobile - devicesImater584365814.07.08, 10:30
Afterbirth.: Storag
+ N   Create a button emulation program via the remote control.
Windows Mobile - ProgrammingImater19671427.12.07, 14:22
Afterbirth.: zakharo
+^ N   Opening the Communicators section
Contacts, calls, SMS / MMSImater418199619.12.07, 13:07
Afterbirth.: OlegOK
+ N   @ mChat (Archive)
ICQ, Jabber, Mail Agent, MSN
Internet and CommunicationsImater294134899309.06.07, 18:47
Afterbirth.: mah
+ N   PC via cradle and PDA in GPRS
discussion of connection instructions
Internet and Communications - FAQ + HelpImater8386213.05.07, 18:39
Afterbirth.: Vasilich
+ N   @ Melodies, sounds, gadgets to create them
All about dubing PDAs and smartphones
MultimediaImater6549507.05.07, 19:15
Afterbirth.: slimest
+ N   @ Resco File Explorer (archive)
One of the best file managers
System Utilities and ManagementImater221953308520.04.07, 22:30
Afterbirth.: Marvi
+ N   @ Check List Pro - let's discuss this database with checkboxes?
System Utilities and ManagementImater311025919.03.07, 00:17
Afterbirth.: Greek
+ N   Imate PDA2k - Imater - my experience using a PDA
Personal experienceImater81016508.01.07, 17:59
Afterbirth.: Citiz
+ N   @ Opening PSP (Sony Playstation Portable) Section
Archive section "Game Console"Imater21489528.08.06, 09:59
Afterbirth.: Football

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