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+N @Steam Controller - Discussion
[Game] gamepad from Valve
Devices for home and entertainmentEleman424129780821.06.19, 11:48
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+ N   @ Comrades, share your knowledge in choosing the best state budget ↓
I choose a smartphone for a woman within 12k, you are young people who are stitched in and can help :)
Communicators, Smartphones, PhonesEleman930822.05.19, 15:21
Afterbirth.: Vendetta177
+ N   @ Need a simple program, hanging in the corner of a translucent green clock on top of ALL applications
Clocks, numbers similar to green glowing in the bedrooms)
Archive sectionEleman1735892401.10.14, 02:11
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+ N   Can I make a video camera under WM6.5?
The video quality of the built-in camera is bad, 640 * 480-bitrate 100kb / s-FPS 15
Windows Mobile - ProgrammingEleman5201302.09.11, 22:05
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