Rep: (80)
Scott9806 @ 06.24.19, 18:19*
3. I correctly understood that Ambit3 can see only one device: or is it a chest strap or a biktop? Both can not work at the same time?

Not properly. You can connect all sensors at the same time and pulse and cadence and speed and power ...

Rep: (80)
Baly @ 06/18/19, 21:38*
Since Amoleds allow you to turn on the AOS - the display with the main functions is always on. It eats about 15% of the battery, but you do not drive 24 hours a day?

AOS is a dim display of hours. During a training session with a GPS track recording and display of readings (pulse, speed, distance), he will die for 2 hours.
For example, FitBit Ionic in normal use mode lives 4 days. In track recording mode with the screen off - 9 hours. With the included - 2.5 hours. This is despite the fact that the screen is activated economically (on a black background, numbers readings).

Baly @ 06/18/19, 21:38*
Not to mention convenient charging without wired.

My Garmin VivoActive with the battery sagging up to 60% (subsided for 4 years of active use) in the clock mode with a constantly working screen, activity counting and receiving notifications from a smartphone lives from charging to charging for 2 weeks. In this situation, the "convenience of charging" (and there it is quite convenient - a magnetic platform, it’s a pity Garmin refused to do it now) does not matter.

Rep: (80)
Zenek84 @ 06/18/19, 15:27*
Good day to all.
The topic is already more than a year and a half, tell me how is the watch in long service? how much the battery has slipped, can they still float or have started flowing somewhere, is the pulse normal and, in general, as for reliability? thank you in advance!

I will not say about the watch itself (I had the previous model), but Suunto SmartSensor died after a couple of visits to the pool in the FitnessHouse. And the sensor itself died, not the belt (see, somewhere it turned out to be not hermetic).

Rep: (80)
Suh0FF @ 06/18/19, 07:32*
But still I decided on myself with another model and ordered huawei gt.

IMHO - pretty, but stupid toy. Stratos still looks more like a thing. Although the number of complaints about the marriage, as well as reviews about the time of the autonomy in the recording mode of classes, beat off the desire to "save". And now I’m fighting the Toad in the Garmin Fenix ​​3/3 HR / 5/5 Plus range ...

Rep: (80)
What are you about?! Workout is Garmin!

Well, FitBit itself as a sports device is positioning: lol:

And by popularity, among running Marathons in the US, even Suunto bypasses Polar (although Apple Watch is even more popular there :-D ... true, against the background of 80% of Garmin’s dominance, everything is a drop in the ocean)

Rep: (80)
mainly for running + listening to music

If you do not need advanced analytics running - then, probably, you can and take, if the price tag is humane.

If running analytics is needed, then the Garmin HRM Run bib of the Run or Tri + compatible watch. With music, it will be some FORERUNNER 645 Music. But the price tag for the kit will be 25 thousand (and even if not taken in the Russian Federation)

Rep: (80)
Should I buy them in 2019?

Questions: for what and for how much?

Rep: (80)
Baly @ 06/15/19 14:51*
I repeat if you are an athlete - then I pass

I am not a sportsman - I roll out on a bicycle, go to the gym and pool ... and I want a normal tracker for these classes.

And yes - we are in the subject AmazfitSports Smartwatch. And although, judging by everything, Stratos is still very far from sports, but the tendency is that, in light of the repentance of Suunto and the inadequacy of Polar, it is only from Amazfit that it remains to wait for the competition of Garmin (in the budget segment).

Baly @ 06/15/19 14:51*
And yes, the amold screen is a huge plus, there are a lot of high-quality dials that you can just admire, without fear of turning on the backlight

You seem to prefer "checkers", and I - to ride.

Already wrote:

It is inconvenient in everyday life and absolutely unacceptable for sports use.

For example, I have FitBit Ionic - my usual gesture, which I look at the clock, does not correspond to the one that turns on the screen. Plus there is an annoying lag. Well, for sports ... how to use it to control the pulse? (Especially on the bike, hanging the device on the steering wheel ... every time you press a button, what would the screen turn on?).

Constantly working transflectives in this plan are much better, although not so colorful.

Baly @ 06/15/19 14:51*
All sensors for urban sports are.

Interval training with optics will not catch.

Rep: (80)
Baly @ 06/15/19 12:38*
Samsung Watch 46 / Ye is still much more interesting than watches ...

And the samsung is more interesting? The screen - AMOLED, the sensors do not cling ... So - a stupid toy.
That's what 13min can be used for Garmin VivoActive 3 - yes. Here it is at times more interesting.

Posted on 06/15/2019, 14:22:

The fact of the matter is that accounts are created quite a while and reviews are not from one date. In general, let's see, the money is not large, and the stick protects the transaction

Most likely hacked ACC. This often happens on ebay ... PayPal will return the money.

Post has been edited~ Vasay ~ - 15.06.19, 14:22

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And how then does the compass work?

In the old way - a magnetic sensor?

ps GPS is not able to determine the direction of the world, only if the device is in motion.

Post has been edited~ Vasay ~ - 14.06.19, 19:50

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I didn’t notice the difference in principle, I try to run on the pulse (not more than 140), it turns out the same pace as with the built-in sensor.
I will try next time to compare their parallel work.

Run the interval training - you will immediately see the difference.

Rep: (80)
qwerty_8686 @ 06/13/19, 19:38*
It seems to me that a transflective screen is necessary for sport, it’s not for nothing that the top suunto, harmin and polar do just such, though they cost horse money (((

And in everyday life, the transflection is more convenient. Amoled is handsome in the reviews and in the store, in practice after the transflective it is impossible to use :-(

ps Garmin and Suunto have models with adequate prices (VivoEktiv 3 can be taken for 12tr abroad, Suunto "Spartan Trainer Wrist Hr - for 11tr in Russia) ... But Garmin’s in the Russian Federation is sad - because the“ exclusive distributor ”ofigel: and the international guarantee is not valid and large stores in the Russian Federation do not send (although there are exceptions - ComputerUniversit, for example, sends). In Suunto in Russia, prices are adequate (for stocks). But the company in a difficult situation and the quality of both products and services (and it is very important for sports watches ... And Suunto has no funds for the support and development of movescount) Garminovsky

DreddStarge @ 06/13/19, 21:04*
Where do you get these statistics from?

I make these conclusions on the discounts that go on Virgins. On Pace and Stratos there are none (if you do not take into account the lottery from Pandao).

Yes, the principle of hours with Amoled other than Apple (I do not understand how you can buy it with such a battery? ... Looks like “Magic Apple”) in general, it seems, nothing is for sale. It then merges at stock prices (for example, FitBit Ionic, with its official price of about $ 300, I bought for $ 70 new ... HUAWEI WATCH 2 was also drained to $ 100 (version without 4G).

Post has been edited~ Vasay ~ - 14.06.19, 01:26

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wild_android @ 06/13/19 22:47*
It is impossible to enact a bicycle sensor cadence Magene 210

Watch firmware is not old? (as I understand it, the sensor support was introduced in some update)
Is the sensor in cadence mode? (he still has speed mode)

Rep: (80)
DreddStarge @ 06/13/19, 15:39*
And here it is not clear.
What kind of personal gesture are you talking about?
Turning your hand perfectly turns on the screen on my Paces, no complaints.

I say that, for example, when I sit at the table, working with the keyboard, it is enough for me to just turn my hand a little bit to see the dial (the amold will not turn on),
Or do not remove the hand from the wheel of the car.

Well, with sports - here in general, Amoledov has a complete failure: you can not hang a bicycle on the steering wheel, and it is inconvenient while running ...

DreddStarge @ 06/13/19, 15:39*
Controversial, very controversial.

For me, after the experience of using Garmin VivoActive with a transflection and FitBit Ionic with AMOLEED - this is obvious.

DreddStarge @ 06/13/19, 15:39*
Judging by the fact that over the past year, Xiaomi has released three devices on Amoled (Verge and Verge 2, Band 4), this is not just a trend, but thoughtful steps that take into account the needs of the market. Those. ordinary buyers voting "ruble".

Well, buy a lot of them?
Xiaomi / Amazfit just trying to occupy all niches. And while they shot just Bip with a transflection. Stratos buy relatively well. But not Verge with Amoled (despite the much lower price than Stratos’s with the same functional), not really.

Have you seen Garmin AMOLED?

Rep: (80)
DreddStarge @ 06/13/19, 12:27*
And what you did not please Amoles

Already wrote:

It is inconvenient in everyday life and absolutely unacceptable for sports use.

For example, I have FitBit Ionic - my usual gesture, which I look at the clock, does not correspond to the one that turns on the screen. Plus there is an annoying lag. Well, for sports ... how to use it to control the pulse? (Especially on the bike, hanging the device on the steering wheel ... every time you press a button, what would the screen turn on?).

Constantly working transflectives in this plan are much better, although not so colorful.

Rep: (80)
Prototype @ 06/12/19 16:53*
Undrai, There is now verge 2 coming out mb take them

There AMOLED ...

Undrai @ 06/12/19 16:49*
Clear. I now think, either the same order either on Garmin or Suunto go. So I got used to the sports watch, which is no longer convenient without them)

If you need a sports watch, then there is no alternative to Garmin. As well as in the field of tourist navigators.

Rep: (80)
Mak3528 @ 06/04/19, 19:23*
Dealers did not offer such a price))

A few days ago there was a sale on Ozone. Spartan Ultra with sensor sold about 21tr.

Osm555 @ 06/04/19, 21:11*
Well, if you take Run or Sport, it is possible
Peak is quite

There, the difference is only in the Barometer and in the hours of operation.

The time of the work of the Sport, I actually had enough ... But with the height of Ambit3 Sport it creates some kind of game ... Considers it like some kind of cheap smartphone: you watch the track, there are dips under the ground, or ups ... Garmin Vivoactive first (without a barometer) did not allow it. The coolest thing is that if the track with the suunto is poured into the connectors, the failures are corrected and the set of heights becomes like the truth.

And the quality of the recording track is disgusting. Gives an error of 1km at 30km distance.

But I return this to the miracle of the SmartSensor - sometimes it shows nonsense. It can show 220ud when you do not strain (I do not have such a pulse at all) or 100, when you twist it uphill at the limit of possibilities. I even bought a new belt, having decided that the complete one was dead because of the pool - it did not help ...

By the way, about the pool - what a belt for a triathlon sensor? On the chest does not hold at all!

I tried to connect a third-party sensor (from Wahoo) - the clock was seen, but they refused to work - until the training is running, the data is shown, you start - there is no data. (with Garmin this sensor works without problems).

Saport from Suunto is nothing: he wrote about the problem, brought screenshots with pulse charts and jambs of GPS tracks (wrote that he changed the belt) ... Answered after a week, offered to wet the electrodes with water ...

Rep: (80)
Mak3528 @ 06/04/19, 15:05*
Because of this policy, Suunto does not want to buy the goods of their brand in three ways, knowing the real price for them, and being able to buy products from other brands for an adequate price.

In Suunto, unlike Garmin, the pricing policy in the Russian Federation is quite adequate (when Ozone arranges sales - prices are even cheaper than in many European online stores).
By the way, large Finnish stores somehow do not shine with the Suunto assortment.

ps After a month of operation, the Ambit3 "desire to buy goods from their brand" has been beaten off for any money. Now agreed with Wiggle on the return. It seems that in the market of sports watches, as well as in the market of navigators, only one brand remained.

Post has been edited~ Vasay ~ - 04.06.19, 16:04

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Oleg22019 @ 05.25.19, 20:05*
Colleagues, tell me, please. In the new Suunto application there is such a workout recording function: record using the application. Today I tried the bike, because I forgot the clock at home. So, the training after the launch pauses itself about 5 minutes after turning off the phone screen. I don’t have any autopauses, no matter how hard I found anything. Perhaps this is something in the phone settings (Honor 9), but there is also nothing to be seen. Did anyone have this?

There was such a problem with Strava (and even with messengers).
It is necessary to watch the phone settings. I do not know how this item is called in Honor, on my Sharp - "management of background processes":
Attached Image

Post has been edited~ Vasay ~ - 25.05.19, 21:00

Rep: (80)
Daulyatdin @ 05/23/19 13:01*
I do not have hours yet)

Keep in mind:

FitBit recently introduced sanctions against the Russian Federation (see for the number of minuses our compatriots put it to them), the application is not available on the App Store and Google Play from the territory of the Russian Federation .... You can still install the android with apk Mirror, but starting from 8 Androyd has big problems with synchronization - only a few smartphones work normally (and even then not with all the firmware) (the list is on the website).

ps have ionic. The screen is beautiful, only the transflective Garmin is much more convenient to use. The application and web service in comparison with Garminovsky are some crafts on the knee (taking into account the fact that they cannot solve the problem with synchronization in any way - it’s on the knee that they are written by Hindus and written).

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