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Please tell me, because everywhere differently write here or mini micro hdmi


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and in Mitino not advise that any store that would be sealing, modelku buy?

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* Dieselidze ,

Well, all the phones I've seen usually Hong Kong, China, all printed and open in the same mitino wear from store to store the same phone can be dropped, can generally restoration, buying when the s7 edge, brakes, samsungpey works but Chinese, on the screen appeared pink stripe. If there were, yes, but where to find such gray for Europe. Almost all that I see for the Chinese market is manufactured in Hong Kong ..

Posted on 11/06/2018, 12:43:

* fear1706 ,
I do not want a brow, you need a good battery

General requirements:
Whatever I lived out until the evening train
normal camera
no brakes
Less durable

Samsungi begin to slow down in six months a year, as was all of these, plus a very fragile
NS no desire for religious reasons)

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When can we expect price declines? And then at the mall for 44 toad strangling, and absolutely no desire to take the Gray, he was already experience (

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What are the differences:
Asus MeMOPad ME102A-1A030A
Asus MeMOPad ME102A-1F027A
Asus MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C

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Prompt please, the second day I can not understand

There NFC tag in the car, everything works

House from 20.00 to 00.00 put silent profile

How to make a condition that would be when you are in the zone of the house did not work profile if there is a NFC tag machine, and if the labelnot the breakdowns

(I like sitting at home, in the car) Maybe you can set the priority as it is, for example, if the match both of the following car and the house, the priority is the car and need to include GPS, but if there is no tag NFS machine, then triggered the condition the house and GPS can switch off.

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Vase how to call a cell, if John has 2 phone contact?

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What is an internal error?

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West @ @ 06.08.2012, 13:23*
Quote (ziptek @ 3.8.2012, 13:08)
In zakladkaz left menu option Other Devices Offers a password from the Google Account, introduced, but nothing there is not synchronized, what is it?
Then sync your open tabs (if enabled in the settings).

and how to turn on and where? Synchronized with nastolknym browser? how?

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In zakladkaz left menu option Other Devices Offers a password from the Google Account, introduced, but nothing there is not synchronized, what is it?

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van24gl @ 26.07.2012, 09:13*
Quote (ViberMedia @ 25.07.2012, 18:43)
@ Van24gl -
Can you explain the problem again? We're not sure that we fully understand. Copy the exact error message you see.

After updating to version 2.2.0 Vayber. Ask for free while trying to make a call to the subscriber - the message, the subscriber is not already installed Vayber, make paid call via the GSM? but messaging through Vayber with the same subscriber is possible. I solved the problem - reinstall the old version (2.1.6).

Generally removed, reinstalled, sent SMS activating and everything worked fine

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It would be better to 1,2,1 rolled the sheep, to defile such a program (((

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I am looking for a program with the following features. In situations when you sit in headphones with a microphone at the PC, it will be able to connect the phone on wifi or bluetooth or usb cable and talk and send SMS from your PC, and talk to and receive calls from a PC headset respectively. Is there something like that, thank you!

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Mad Squirrel @ 23.12.2011, 22:21*
Exactly the same as before only now pressed the Download click Favorite.
All that was in the folder at the root of the card dropboks transferred automatically to android / data / / files / scratch with full pay throughout the folder structure.

1. Previously, it was enough to hold down the file and click download, you now need to select the file you choose to store on a card, then select a folder, and it can not create a right, if several files have to download this scribe.
2. Without warning worn / transported dropboksa all files from a folder.
3. Favorites should be able to work with a folder, rather than with files, or update a particular file you need except for KeePass.
4. Make it would be better to automatically synchronize selected folders and it would be cool.

pysy there are mistakes, but the first point and the fact that instead of a folder dropboks like on a PC, now it's all in the ass of the world, destroying the appeal of full service to me. Until moved to the old version, if you do not correct this nonsense, I will crawl to another client.

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Simply program destroyed upgrade or something I do not understand, after an upgrade to destroy folder dropbox on the phone, with all the files, and the folder were sharpened and MP3 players, and passwords I've found, and so much more, with a portion of the file has been deleted from the cloud but remained on the device, now, instead of a single click to upload a file, you need to make them five times more. I sit I think, download APK old or look for another replacement?

pysy yet downloaded APK old, if not corrected will switch to similar services

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Birthdayboom @ 16.08.2011, 08:15*
Plug and try, but, IMHO, it makes no sense. Put immediately ES Explorer - file menendzher access to Dropbox. It is much more convenient.

That's very much like to connect to a PC as well, it is very convenient to get there, you can edit multiple accounts, nobody knows how to do it on my PC?

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Clear, well, it's not very convenient, in dropbokse threw a folder and forgotten, but in general until dropboksa lacking much sense do not see

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I would like to learn about the difference with dropbox better or worse, what chip, well, about the larger space is understandable, but by and large, and lack dropbox ...

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Emikc @ 09.08.2011, 16:50*
the following problem. When I go to Contacts, then writes the "Loading ..." and so on forever. Contacts on the phone are present, and in the journal seen them. As soon as you want to edit a contact, the process Contact zakrivaetsya. Ask for instructions, everything was fine. Can contact APK file as a thread to replace?

It was the same, to flash the second time, it was found that the radio was old, same old rekaveri and HEPA-was that it was on so influenced HZ)))

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Murdoc_aka_Coyote @ 06.08.2011, 07:48*
I have the problem: from time to time begin to fall out of the process error messages (process com.blabla-soft unexpectedly ended.) With different, and will be tormented until rebutnesh apparatus. After downloading you can see the state of newly installed firmware (the first configuration, the default table). Section / data mounts again in memory. When it is some prog flies at all, and lose ability to make some configs. I understand the problem is with the mounting / data. Map fat, partition ext3, desire slcd.

In general it was the same, put a few days ago, it was my first custom firmware, eventually hesitated departures and all rearranged, while the second unit revealed that for the first time do not put new rekaveri was not with-offs, and version old radio was shorter for the second time in quite a different puts everything than the first time, that it influenced the departures do not know in the end is now all zashib likely not all right at the time of installation made

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