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Good evening.
I am the key to the beta test of the game Artifact.
Offers in the HP, the remuneration / exchange agreement.

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aleksandrs @ 15.09.18, 23:35*
xorku, I sense there is no fake, a short cycle. But after a review may vtyuhat. I would take only the factory packed in film, in the sense that the box has a check plonkoy.Nu and naturally. Good luck!

the box was not in the film) ladnenko tomorrow will bring another look at what there is) will
Checa on the IMEI, I hope all goes well)

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Good evening, dear.
Please tell me someone acquired the phone (or anything at all) from Telecompaper store mobile (
And that today went to see the ordered they oneplus 6, and then in the lower left position on the display was normal a dead pixel (burned green)) perezakazal - now I think there is a sense in taking them, and then something like that ssykotno. Oneplus'y all fake?

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Hey . Tell me please - does bluutooth work correctly for everyone?
I'm trying to connect obd2, she sees it, but can not connect.
the same with the phone, trying to connect a push-button phone with bluetooth, gu does not see it, but sees the phone accordingly, but an error appears when connecting, it is impossible to connect.
And did anyone have a problem with the native usb input? I tried to configure via usb1.1 in the settings, but nothing has changed, it does not see usb.

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Good evening.
Can you please tell someone bought this GU
And then I purchased and only questions arise, of course there are no answers yet)

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Hello, anybody in the ACC hearthstone does not sell?

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Hello, I need an account in the Hearthstone game (that you must be on the account was acquired portrait Khadgar, the amount of value has no cards, and that was to get rid of all phones and other protection)

Give in return you are interested in any invite (or more, of your choice, within reason)) write to the PM

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Hello. someone knows how to disable public warning stupid?)

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Hello . can anyone tell how to solve this problem ?? I can not get no application through an account of Beeline, constantly produces such error:
Attached Image

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this already Nitsche not pull ??

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the price did not really matter very much, but not 50 pieces for a single graphics card, tpoluchit want to move more or less complex rules to the latest news pulled (the game), and still think probably put ssd, and too hard to leave

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Hello. there are guys who are versed in the iron cool ?? then this question can be anything with this being done in terms of an upgrade:
System Requirements: percent: QuadCore AMD Athlon II X4 630, 2800 MHz (14 x 200)
AMD 770, AMD K10
4096 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)
materinka: Asus M4A77TD (3 PCI, 2 PCI-E x1, 1 PCI-E x16, 4 DDR3 DIMM, Audio, Gigabit LAN)
graphics card: AMD RAdeon HD 6850 1 Gb
HDD 1 Tb

or it will be easier to gather to knit intel i7 with any vidokartoy Tipo Geforce ??

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Hello there voprospo netbook brought n150 plus netbook boot Windows kicks 1 sec. blue screen of death and instantly restarts when you try to install a bootable USB drive new Windows hangs on the site of "the beginning of the installation" all. I think that 80% died hard because he finally can Nitsche can not restore Windows, not to roll the new does not work, do not you think that this could be, if not the hard disk ???

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I have invites for:
Heroes of the Storm (HotS / EU)
need an invite to:
HDOUT.TV or on any similar site (with a huge TV series base)

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Well let's see where page add me back to the incentive, where I threw dotabaff

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right now, kata

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* Hodejegerne
2959 - solo MMP

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Hello . no one wants to ride in a party ??
I mostly play one so Maltz stat sags due to any aleshek
And hunting with adequate pryamorukimi types of play.
adds a ride. ;)

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