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Hello. Today won the E not10, firmware pv. I want to go to Global.
1. What is better to choose, I understand the EEA, it is better to update?
2. Procedure for the firmware is?
Unlock zakruzchik.
And through Miflesh, mode fastbut put firmware with boot lock.
3. Unlocking is required and how many now have to wait for approval?
I apologize if this is discussed ...
A year ago, I did it all on Mi-8, but a bit forgotten and suddenly something changed ...
Thank you + who answers

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* Medtesh ,
It's a pity

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* bzz11g ,
And on the first predicted?

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Sorry, but he did not find.
Many write about the new firmware 2008 beta.
Prompt where to download it on pylik first revision.

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* Alex 1312 ,

Posted on 08/01/2020, 21:46:

* reh4er ,
No, not for pampering ... Just wanted to say that from our ...

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The robot is still on the way to me and I am in the hands it has not kept ... I read this topic and firmware and I have a few questions
After unpacking, I immediately do firmware and install voice or bind it mihom?
What is firmware and the voice advise? Children at home so it is a simple standard, a woman's voice.
And what mihom version of events put of.ili?

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I bought myself this miracle
Am I correct in that subject come from?

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Such a problem with this phone:
SMS indicates that there are messages, but do not open them and wrote the opening of an application error.
Who that advises? Put another launcher, if so, which one is best friends with the handheld device? Or reflash? Then what better to put it? It requires stability and speed.
Thanks to all who help me with the + respectively.

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Flew update

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* redbyte47 ,
I have not dropped

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The cap was looking for did not find the office. 9 android firmware for 1 revision.
This is not difficult, point me in the right direction ...
Thank you all.

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Urgently need help!
The problem is as follows:
Rested on the sea, I turned off the phone SIM cards and used via WiFi.
I drove into Russia, including the SIM card and the phone went into rekaveri mode except wipe date is not where you do not come in, reboot did not help. As a result, I lost all the photos.
Phone Mi8, Russian version, patched receiver by Global, is blocked at the moment (if necessary unblock).
Someone tell me how you can restore all the photos?
Try different prog through the computer, but they do not see the body.
I would be very grateful to help me with the plus respectively.

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* mixail227 ,
mixail227 @ 3.06.19, 20:37 *
In 901N0 problema not switched on after vyklyucheniya.Prihoditsya console via a network.

Same problem

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* mixail227 How to set, you can give instructions?

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Hello. Someone tell me can somehow implement the parental control in the firmware Padavan? Not just a block device, and block time? How it is implemented in routers Asus?

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Have mi8 global, firmware The phone is locked, there is no root.
Please do not kick if you ask repeated questions, the subject read, but honestly confused ...
Advise what Google to put the camera and how it set the settings?
With me accordingly "+ thank you"

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* Chasrus ,
I join the question. Also looking, I will not find ...

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super-gavrila @ 21.02.19, 15:43*
The fact that I could not teach another remote until you drilled a hole in front of the IR transmitter. Well, as the Board of ...

I also could not train until dismantled home console ...
Tied to this panel:
Rii i25A
Now I use this one remote control, it works, pleased at the elephant, native to clean and do not think of it!

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Is there anyone installed Android TV, you can do the installation instructions with the necessary files ... washed down with a video overview of the shell ... What are the pros and cons ... And if there is a possibility to return to the drain ...
I understand that it is troublesome and difficult, but I think a lot of interesting and useful to ...

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* msp73 ,
Switching on and off working on the IR and then the rest of the usb whistle ...

Posted 02/04/2019 at 20:41:

I took him just such aeromysh
Rii mini i25A
All set up once and happy as an elephant)))
Standard put it in a box by box and think of it ...

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