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Linkante plz shop where you can get the 256gig version through fishifast, the bestbuy and staples ran out: (

Rep: (62)
DaRoni @ 20.01.2013, 16:40*
Release - Xiaomi MI-2 Touch screen fix 3.1.19

samovar campaign, only an update on 30mbayt lies in Chinese.

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2 day I am looking for but can not find the sellers with the remaining batteries in the 3100's it snapped them.

Rep: (62)
Now with the new version of Fix T9, have to work, check ...

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donatello2005 @ 03.01.2013, 17:50*
The OTA appeared firmware 2.12.29. Why can not I upgrade?

you need to clear application data "Update". 29 version of the contrary, I am removed from.

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Andrey_TypeR @ 02.01.2013, 15:06*
Yesterday I even siphoned firmware, nothing has changed! MD5 is the same. Where did 29-z firmware - I do not know .... probably a mistake in the title ....

It's just I have successfully started the new year to celebrate all corrected now!: Blush:: D
alting @ 03.01.2013, 15:34*
The "new" firmware version 2.12.28.

t9-fix, updated camera translation for mi-2.

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empower @ 29.12.2012, 17:29*
In the latter with RAM packed, but what is not clear, immediately after the restart ... 1,3Gb employed to stitch through the previous updater.

Now the opposite is true - this shows free.
P.s. I do not know why you zamarachivatsya with firmware, yesterday took the phone with the default 4.0, on top of his stupid flashed 12/02/21 and now the morning of 02/12/28 ota you hit, everything works like clockwork.

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alting @ 25.12.2012, 22:20*
I sincerely congratulate you, too!
Be sure to write a review about the seller! What NOT to book with him!
So much time to wait for the parcel in any excuse, gates!
And this ANDY MO constantly disappear somewhere for weeks and did not respond to messages!
Here I am, for example, have all your contacts when sent parcel, I even specifically registered MSN, looking for his
and me - "such a contact could not be found."
P.S. My only today "25.12.2012 14:04 Moscow 130100 SC EMS arrived at the place of delivery", so how long to wait - is unknown.
Tomorrow may bring, and may be another couple of weeks pomuryzhit.
With such a snail's pace to pay EMS delivery does not make sense! Regular mail would have reached, probably ...
Especially, I repeat, EMS specified normal departure, cost and insurance is not claimed!
P.P.S. Also ordered a battery at the knee, I think will come before the body :-D

you're so vain about the seller, I also sent a number of 12 xiaomi office. it is only now in Russia, but this is only due to the fact that Beijing was not flying weather these days. the same can not get the seller on the phone, so he drove faster.

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alting @ 17.12.2012, 19:53*
12.12.2012 16:26 China Export CNBJSD

I also only 23:00 sit waiting} -)

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godenkoff @ 11.12.2012, 19:32*
This special order, direct to the door and COD ;-)

no, I will not actually pay for the phone, only for delivery, but the question was not about that.

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boys, pardonte for the question, if not the topic slightly: the average number from Beijing to Russia will go? time to reach the holidays if I sent it today, straight from xiaomi by ems?

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kaljan40 @ 04.12.2012, 21:13*
Today beg firmware from your really translated better than, there are a couple not to transfer but it's the little things, thank you.

can be in the same topic screens nedoperevoda put, adjusted as far as possible. ;)

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Try be translated better than P

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vovich @ 10.11.2012, 14:32*
Yes, Saturday is already over, and the silence in the pit !!!

On 2 weeks will not be turned back to the firmware in the closed beta test, due to a bug that led off the phone in constant bootloop and other minor bugs.
Neoff version is already there, but there is no desire to risk ceto users :)

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dvaar @ 29.08.2012, 06:39*
Only she is now settled

darky - man, although it may be for so much time and already had sex change: D

Rep: (62)

Rep: (62)
and from 58 something very different 45? Only zarutil / I set up as suddenly rolled out 45 ...

Rep: (62)
megagangster @ 04.08.2012, 13:30*
miui-updated status bar does not work! those. it do not exist (not the time, not the battery does not show)

there should be fixed a:

Added to the cap!

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xbox360k550 @ 04.08.2012, 08:49*
this is due to the translation of the curve, it is necessary to translate (through Bart) and this is not a bug

This, among other things, the official bug found on 7 hours after we had laid out a translated version.

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max_walkman @ 23.06.2012, 14:02*
it is strange that in the air there is no such right 4.0.4 should appear?

the air is always unfold in the last turn.

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