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I 2 2 82 earned zido control. reset is done
GAPS rearranged: lol:

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together bids 2 2 78: D

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I costs 2 2 77!

It appeared arc with version 1 2 6.
but I think my result is the same.

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What and where to connect?

in mvnya smart finds zidu network .adres trying to score by hand.

I zido on controller 1 2 5.

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can somebody share how to connect the controller.
all on an English and a gun is not connected: sveta:

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2 February 77 stood reset did .gaps reinstalled without problems.
Rusik OTA vstal.vse programs work.

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When the question of the horizontal orientation will .obeschali .neuzheli long been so difficult?

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If we are to take it at Amlogic A311Dtyts: P

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kress13 @ 30.06.19, 20:30*
fotofiks_, Thank you. It's a pity about the 1000 th branch is not .. A lot of interesting things can be discussed on.

if it is then it is waiting for the fate of 20.

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I zidu changed only on zidu with RTD2983: D

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there's kind of like a new firmware February 2 73 announced.

1. Fix the problem that Google Play can not log in (reinstall Google Play Kit after upgrade)
2.HDR to SDR Add Rec.2020 mode
3. Optimize the connection speed and stability of WIFI connection, repair the abnormality of the player caused by the disconnection of the WIFI connection NAS, and optimize the online playback stability when connecting WIFI.
4. Optimize the NFS connection strategy to avoid player (gallery) error reporting due to network fluctuations
5. Modify the individual audio demo video playback card problem
6. Add camera application
7. Optimize the fluctuation of the network environment, play the NAS video even if there is no sound in the existing picture
8. Optimize Bluetooth connection stability
9. Optimize system stability
10. Add mobile phone control function (you can control all functions of the player by mobile phone In 'All Apps - Control Center'., You can change the device name The mobile phone control app will be available on Google Play later, Apple. Store, for Android version download :)

1. Subtitle download increases multi-language simultaneous download function
2. Optimize DLNA projection function
3. Optimize the plug-in ASS, SSA special effects subtitles, the memory leak caused the player (gallery) error

Blu-ray navigation
1. Subtitle download increases multi-language simultaneous download function

Poster wall
1. Optimize custom wallpaper loading to solve the problem of loading long images or high resolution images that are easy to crash
2. Optimize the search interface
3. Optimize stability

Music player
1. Completely rewrite the playback engine and upgrade to ZIDOO MUSIC V5.0
2. Optimize playback stability, such as SACD abnormal jump problem
3. Add a variety of audio styles, such as AIF
4. Folder interface optional original directory structure browsing
5. Optimize CUE file playback accuracy

Quick settings
1. Subtitle download language adds multiple selection function
2. Optimize the audio original sampling rate switch

Posted on

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fotofiks_ @ 30/06/19, 20:11*
With the purchase of a new player.

now he will leave us: girl_cray:

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I 2.2.61 discharges without sewing OTA everything works without problems!

I put 2 February 65 also without resetting .only rearranged GAPS .vse plows on hurray.

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The paper did not face 365+ Evotor. given the universal driver. logically it should work. Request Developer firewood through TA.

probably should: girl_cray:

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manymal @ 01.06.19, 17:43*
Driver in your account, you can buy-put

it contains support Xprinter XP-360B, the issue of XP-365B!

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Maybe someone knows Thermal Label Printer and checks Xprinter XP-365B,
will work with Evotor 7.2?

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kress13 @ 03.04.19, 20:53*
Here I wrote each firmware Helloou .. have to fold the factory .. got already ..

too, once cleaned up after a night with me, sometimes in one hour, two o.O

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cheap good does not happen!

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I do not understand why now fashion glad that at least something works?
And as soon as something does not like it, then we say that the pier ish Cho wanted!

and that the offer, go to the demonstration? shoot himself? } -)
Now all the equipment so goes even brands that dormouse that Sams that stub. : Girl_hysterics:

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downloaded avatars, well, unlucky me again everything is fine Seems
any slowdown and black frames.
(NAS - Switch-on samba): girl_hysterics:

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