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Oh, I got it ...
Thank you, everything works with a lock;)

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Dmitry, good afternoon.
There was a question, but first I will describe the algorithm of actions.

Today is Thursday. Let's say I'm interested in Sunday shows on several channels.
I open the application, it shows me the programs on channel 1, starting from the current moment. I leaf through until Sunday. Then I go to the next channel and again flipping from Thursday to Sunday. And so on all channels.
And if today is Saturday, but we need programs next. Sunday then flipping even longer ...

My suggestion:
add to the list at the top except the entire week and today (as done now), also all the days separately on this and the next. week

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There you can disable the download at startup and do it manually.
Or make yourself more internet in the tariff
I have an automatic download. Enough for everything

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International versions of Russian. channels (1, rtr, ntv, etc.) for Europe did not appear.
I understand that the application loads what gives him as a source. And for some reason deleted these channels from the list (well, not idiots? - everyone is trying to make their list bigger, but they cross out)
But for several years now, a respected author of the application has been asking (including myself) to make the download option from an alternative source. But things are still there.
Therefore, I tried the new version, made sure that nothing had changed (that is, there wasn’t any TV program for Europe), I removed the application from my phone (alas!) And continue to use another program in which there are all channels, and the functionality and design are on top.

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This program was at one time the best, but lost all potential, because in addition to the constant installation of patches for holes, development is necessary, but it is not, alas.
Not as an advertisement, but as a tip: try something else.
For example, I installed TVGuide myself a few weeks ago, even bought a paid version.
Everything clearly works, all channels are there, the program is updated, reminders work, there is a backup function for settings and channels.

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And in St. Petersburg, as I understand it, nothing can be made out with this application yet, right?
Is this only valid for a few regions?

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* gektor9707,

And from what source does the TV Guide have a program?

Maybe here you can also screw this source? If not as primary, then as optional.
So that you can set yourself in the settings what source to use.

A breakdown into orbits is not a big deal. But the fact that there are no programs of international versions is absolute bullshit. There programs on programs differ from Moscow, and not just the time zone of another

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* ALEX6301,
Do you load channels like NTV-Mir, Channel 1 Europe, RTR-Planet?
I don’t have them in the channel list at all.

Posted on 02/25/2019, 21:29:

Now I downloaded TV Guide from GP.
Damn, a good program. There are all channels, it loads quickly, reminders, backup settings ...
Outwardly, too normal.
I will try.
If you like it, then buy a paid version.
Because I can’t wait for this program to work stably and have a normal stable source

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Posted on Email TV.
They answered me that now they have a program that is being given only for the Moscow region with an adjustment of time for the time zone.
Therefore, many channels for foreign countries now simply do not exist.
What the morons?
What is this: like we will build an iron curtain and fence ourselves off from the outside world?

Maxim, but you still can’t make it possible to download a program from All TV?
There is still a TV program on Yandex.
Well, how much can you mess around with this Then they have one thing, then another ...
Yes, the program they have is not bad, but how many shamorochek ... And now there is still no program of the necessary channels.

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I just updated the application from the market to the latest version.
The program of some channels for the test is being downloaded, there seems to be no error.

But for Germany there are still no international versions of channels (1, rtr, ntv).

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Now back to the new version. It also does not have these channels.
This is probably why the error occurred while downloading the TV program.

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Region Germany.
Updated to the new version. When a TV program is downloaded, it crashes with a recording error.
He returned to the old version - there is another trouble. There are generally no international versions of the channels (1st, rtr-planet, NTV-world ...)

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I also do not understand why the program has a restriction for downloading only from Sunday.
My channel package can already be safely downloaded on Saturday (maybe it’s possible before, but did not check).
Rearranged the date on Saturday in the phone on Sunday - downloaded without problems

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It seems that on March 6 an update was planned for Panasonic TV ...
But so far there has been no update.
When to expect it?

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And when to expect a new version for Panasonic SmartTV?

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In Panasonic TV in general, after NG, there was only one crap that no one would ever watch.
Not a single central Russian channel.
Is it really difficult to broadcast all the main Russian channels, as they do in other applications?
In the furnace is such a meager application. It becomes easier to turn on and watch through the browser - not very convenient, of course, but there is a choice.
If at least it was possible to fasten your playlist from a flash drive, then it would be normal, and so some useless application ...

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Migrated. But why?

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1. Where did the icons for switching the program display mode from above go?
And why did the font become some kind of faded?
2. You’d better do what everyone has been asking you for years:
- backup of settings and channel list, so as not to restore everything manually every time when you need to reinstall the program or put it on a new device
- make an existing additional source for downloading the program to the existing one (e.g., All TV)

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virt-q @ 12.23.17, 18:30
Can you then voice a few points that it would be desirable to add in the new version?

Wishes recorded. I understand correctly that this is a Panasonic SmartTV?

virt-q @ 12.23.17, 18:30
1. It takes a very long time to load the channel after selecting it

Your external IP address would help for further diagnostics.

virt-q @ 12.23.17, 18:30
I tried to throw this playlist on Yandexdisk or dropboh and give a link to it, but also for some reason this option does not work

Yes, many cloud storages do not give a direct link to a file, instead they give a web page.

Now the easiest way to connect a playlist is to use the HFS installed on your computer

virt-q @ 12.23.17, 18:30
3. I added 10 channels to my favorites

So that you can switch with the CH + / CH- buttons only within this channel group?

That's right, this is a Panasonic SmartTV.
Yes, I meant by favorites to display on the screen exactly those channels that are marked as favorites. Accordingly, it is among them that paging occurs. And all the other unselected channels are hidden, as it were, so as not to callus eyes. And the complete list of channels is called up by some button to update the channel list or add some other channels to favorites.
And about exporting playlists: I'll see what it is HFS (did not come across this), but maybe there is some simpler solution?
For example, is it possible to drop the m3u file onto the USB flash drive, connect it to the TV, and then export from the USB flash drive in the application?

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