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Yesterday came under rain. The phone was also wet .. On arrival home, instead of drying the phone, stuck in the charging .. The phone hellishly warmed .. On parsing, it turned out that the microphone cable and its connector on the bottom board were burned out. As a result, the replacement of the bottom board and microphone loop .. Probably the back cover, I will leave without screws, on the latches, so that I can quickly turn off the battery in such cases ... I think the water flowed through the charging connector ...

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* Victorpalych22 , Try on another computer to recover via TFTPD .. I killed it like this a day, I could not recover it .. I got an old laptop with XP and recovered half a kilo ... Sho failed and didn’t figure it out ...

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Jzohn @ 07/21/18, 0:08*
The user manual for the netbook series eM250 says that you can insert a GSM card into this slot, i.e. Mobile Internet.
And mini pci-e ssd can be inserted there ...?! Or only 3g ...

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Many of whom enjoy logged in!
Password reset helped :)

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* Drashkin
* Antsifer,
MiuiPro 9.2.14 installed from scratch ... the same story vseravno writes that it can not check the status ... On the 9th and on the computer I go without problems ... Someone entered into the Mi account on this firmware?

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Antsifer @ 04/15/19 12:41*
When I first set up (after installing the firmware), I am asked to confirm the password for the input and everything works.
I'll check it out ... Damn reinstall ...

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Antsifer @ 03/30/19 22:25*
On the 10th and you will not enter. You need to put 9-ku, there include "Search device" and then put MIUI 10. (This is if you need a MI-account)
Vseravno for 10 writes that he can not check the status .... although there is an account for 9, the phone is tied, the finding function works .... Or you can enter 10 only when you first start ...?

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Drashkin @ 04/11/19 16:38*
Here is boot.img with Double Tap, for MiuiPro 9.2.14.
Add a link to the message with the firmware and pliz indicate that after replacing the boot, you need to reinstall the Magisk ...
Question, I requested MiuiPro 9.2.14, when I connect to the computer no reaction ...? Shoto in the settings you need? Decided byUMS Activator (Universal)

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* chinchuk , And so does not work? Lenovo P70-A - Firmwares (Post v111v111 # 70485127)
I myself can not check now, but on 5 Andryusha worked fine ..

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* chqlovnik , I do not use Bluetooth, but it is very possible that this is a problem with the donor ... Xiaomi often had jambs with a blue tooth ... It’s better to ask in the donor’s topic, from which your firmware was ported ...

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* Octavius.vs , But you did it in vain, you had to change the firmware through a rollback to your native one. Now google resetting settings on openwrt can help ..
In general, it is desirable to read the cap, learn the mat partTP-LINK TL-WR842ND - Discussion (Post by altiveus # 47659854)

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* Alexh11 , Further to you here OpenWrt / LEDE - alternative firmware (Post stp101 # 75549916)

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Romanelo @ 03/16/19, 15:19*
Gargoyle ...!? .. From where ... You were right about the topic ... Or are you talking about the second router ..

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* serjiy , And then did not try to ask Collect bin (dump) for the programmer (Post diassxak # 48082359)

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After the make toolchain / install command, the laptop has not responded for 12 hours already, but the hard drive is killing, working ... I'm working on Lubunru 18.04 x64 (AMD E-350 (2 x 1.6 GHz, 4 GB of RAM)) At the moment of launching the command, Google was opened Chrome with a bunch of tabs,
in short, he didn’t even halt the second day :) The Enforcer overloaded, and launched a new make toolchain / install without running chrome, the toolchain assembled in a couple of hours ...

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* cangoo better openwrt it gives everything ... :) nakraynyak assembly from yohimbe ..…gi?id=14:593071341415

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TL-WR1042ND Ver 1.4
so to you in another topic :) I just recently created :)
TP-Link tl-wr1042nd - Discussion (Post v111v111 # 82433954)
There are also links to dumps ...
P.S. Before flashing, it is highly desirable to learn to distinguish between router models :)
--- RealTek (RTL8198)
then I look there another percents, thought something left poured

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Tell me. What wifi adapters does it support? What can be put on the replacement

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* karadjia ,
--- RealTek (RTL8198) at 2014.04.14-11: 22 + 0800
It looks like the left firmware was driven and maybe with a boot :)
And about the dump, be so kind as to inform the version of the router (revision) :)
Sorry, if not noticed ..
And about the spoiler, listen :)

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* nynaxep It is possible, of course, but, as it were, the replacement of the sensor did not cost as a module ... :) I changed my wife three times a few years already .. And where is the guarantee that it will work normally ... We have a module with glue It costs about 450 - 500 UAH.

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