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Revision 1.
Problems with the drain (the latest) firmware:
1. Twitch - friezes appear every 5c
2. Youtube - sometimes there are artifacts (colored squares, all mixed up) and are not lost (can help to change the video resolution).
Can they fixed a no flashing or, if not, what firmware you choose?

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What is now the fastest processor in the pits android? RK3399?

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Trying to flash 8.0 Oreo through Amlogic USB Burning Tool self-made through the USB cable (formerly Extension 3m)
Checkmark Erase flash and Erase bootloader stand.

I get this error:
[0x00301001] Erase bootloader / Switch status / Enum device / Enum error

If you remove the tick Erase bootloader (Erase flash - tried Normal Erase and Force erase all), then the error is 8%:
[0x30402004] UBOOT / Partition _aml_dtb / Initialize partition / Error result

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V88 mini III
I sink into the firmware (last) in the setup screen does not work settings, application settings stupidly falls.
Who else is there, whether fixed a can?

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alexfb1 @ 08.06.2017, 02:46*
SW steadily goes smoothly and MX_1.9.0_Lite VLC_2.1.10-ARMv8, but there is not check-drops.

Thanks for the tests.
And MXPlayer decoder settings in "Color format" should 16bit?
16bit worse quality than 32bit, can be seen in some scenes. Probably, if you put a 32bit, it will also be jerks.

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Give advice, where better to buy a battery to Mi4c (suitable only BM35?), In which prodovanov Ali?

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alexfb1 @ 14.04.17, 20:50*
Folder "NC" in [Beatrice-Raws] Koyomimonogatari [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC]
[Beatrice-Raws] Koyomimonogatari (Creditless ED) [BDRip 1920x1080 x264 FLAC] .mkv
[] .t5251712.torrent (31,91 KB)

kirich46 @ 15.04.17, 02:09*
1. Start without artifacts.
2. Loading of the first core 35-55%, 5-15% of the second, fourth, about 20%, the remaining is almost not loaded, about 1-5%.
Average of about 25-35%

Well, that topic has already tested Hi10p, I have long been waiting for player that can handle 1080p Hi10p. :)
I thought that can be decoded only Hi10p softvarno, used to be so ..
In the subject of players on the RK3299 wrote that not all video Hi10p could be decoded for some reason in HW. You can even ask you potestit these two videos? As they have more bitrate and other profiles (High [email protected] and High [email protected], and videos on the topic of the 1st page - High 10 @ L5)

Do-drops frames are in Kodi (TVMC), if still run with SW mode? (Drop can be seen by pressing the "O") Will take 5-10 minutes, whether percent overheat? Hi10p 1080p in SW - it is a good benchmark actually. I wonder if this will be enough to proca 75k antutu?

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CM 12.1 from TS 20160214
Someone was that Google Photos keeps crashing? When downloading applications while downloading photos.

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Worth Wasser 3.0.3. It should be updated (to 3.0.x or 4.0.x)? The header says that 3.0.6 is bad himself showed, and in what way?

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ginkage @ 03.07.2016, 19:58*
Retarding in some scenes, for example, in the Suzumiya - at the very beginning in the pan, or in Steins; Gate - on frames with departing airplane. Second clip K-On almost all the brakes. See is not that impossible, but not very comfortable.
core loading is not pacing.

Sadly, a pancake. I really thought that percent is powerful enough and 60-70k in antutu contribute, eh ..

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A test on the animal pliz H.264 10bit 1080p video in Kodi (in Program mode, not hardware). Will skips /-drops which will load kernels?

Here are some examples:
Steins Gate Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 2
Haruhi # 1
Haruhi # 2

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Where in the body is a radio (antenna)?
Telephone fell on the upper right corner (slightly to the right flash), already dent on the housing remained. Thereafter sometimes disappears signal SIM card does not recognize. The antenna is right there?

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How to make the switch keyboard layouts by Ctrl + Space in Wasser 3.0.3?
A4Tech GR-85 keyboard. In Andoid settings in the "Physical keyboard" is a 2-line "A4TECH USB Device", the same (xs why), each menu selected 2 raskadki - English (US) and Russian. Written "to switch, press Ctrl + Space", but nothing happens pressing and bottom of the screen for a few seconds, a tooltip appears black "Keyboard Android (AOSP)". Accounts in the menu first "A4TECH USB Device" to manually select the current layout.
I tried to play: If "A4TECH USB Device" in these two lines, for example, the first to do the English, the second in Russian, or vice versa, or both Russian + English, but the default first in Russian, and the second English - does not help.
I remember that other firmwares worked (also had 2 lines).

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GreenMan17 @ 18.04.2016, 09:45*
On the MX4 sure slide show with sound, pictures gives every 1-2 seconds. On MH4Q first movie sound only and all - player hangs. Tested only on MHpleere, others do not. My other movies played without problems.

Slide show, perhaps because of the SW mode.
smithsmg @ 18.04.2016, 01:37*
Steins Gate Movie # 1 - Only the sound is.

The HW mode MXPlayer and Kodi too?

Damn, I was hoping ..

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I repeat my question, very important to me to understand, I need this box or not. Do not pass by, pliz.
ukrbublik @ 15.04.2016, 19:13*
Unsubscribe who testil this animal on H.264 10bit 1080p. What are the video works, what does not, and whether smoothly without friezes?
Hereread that one video is not working, it's sad.

I have some of his cuts have to test, test them, please.
Steins Gate Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 2

Read the topic, I found only one review:
smithsmg @ 06.04.2016, 19:21*
Got MXQ-4K today. Already once stood on the piercing 20160308. Hi10p aka 10bit h264 runs on Kodi 15.2-RC1 that comes bundled with support for video acceleration in the "iron". I tried to 720p 10bit animeshki.

But I'm interested 1080p 10bit animeshki because 720p and my RK3288 Softovaya played.

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Unsubscribe who testil this animal on H.264 10bit 1080p. What are the video works, what does not.
Hereread that one video is not working, it's sad.

I have some of his cuts have to test, test them, please.
Steins Gate Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 2

And yet, to have as much as 4 gb box on the RK3299, like technically identical. Maybe something I do not notice, but what is the difference and what model it is recommended to buy?
MX4 -http: //
MX9 -http: //
MX PLUS II -http: //
MXQ 4K -http: //

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Someone at some firmware application workshitbox not locked up every 40sec?
I tried ugoos_stage 3, Wasser 3.0.3.

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Here like mushrooms after the rain began to come out on ultrabooks x5-z8300, MicroHDMI there. In principle it can be used as a video player, even a universal thing. Sorry, Ethernet does not.
What would you get out of these?
Cube iwork10, gb
Cube iwork11, gb
VOYO Vbook V3, gb
VOYO A1 PLUS Ultimate, gb
onda obook 11, gb

Rep: (1) @ 29.01.2016, 19:23 *
These videos any Core i3 and higher tear just as rags, there is little reason to test.

Well, about the Core i3 / i5 and I have no doubt. :)
But this is not gud To me: @ 29.01.2016, 19:23 *
The third file is already too heavy for the dead Z3736F:

It is interesting to know how Atom x5 / x7 cope.

Posted on 29/01/2016, 20:29: in a review wrote:
It turned out that in the UEFI (at least in the model based on the Core i3-4020Y) is completely absent module Intel Management Engine, the Chinese simply do not want it to flash. His absence is no effect on the majority of the operating system does not have, but the video Intel HD Graphics driver in Mac OS X 10.11 without it can not work in there goes several Intel ME calls.

I would like to see the models on the i5 is the same hat?

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* kia2,
I have a few cuts for tests.
Steins Gate Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 1
K-On Movie # 2

* dimmonz,
In a CPU usage graph on the tested devices, and there are no skips / drops frames. Something like that I guess.

And it is important that the device has been "warmed up". For example, in the cold my smart Xiaomi Mi4c (Snapdragon 808) plays the video without any problems, but after a minute or two and very throttling drops frames. But this is a cool question.

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