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Hello. Hack the application on the PRO version, please.
Tabata Timer: Interval Timer for training (Post Heavy Metal # 87805737)

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Guys, does the finger scanner work fine on localized firmware?

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* ko1yan try one more time

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* neftoru , I said what is visible in the bright sun, they confirmed and handed over to the service. As a result, grandmas were returned

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* ko1yan try the fastboot command
fastboon continue
then go to Settings-About phone-Update-Three dots in the upper right-Download full firmware

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* Zorbx3 , and what period do you have a telephone?

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Xiaomi Mi 8 - Unofficial firmware
PictureXiaomi Mi8, dipper
Description | Discussion » | Purchase » | Accessories » | Camera talk » | Unlocking XIAOMI bootloaders » | power usage » | MIUI firmware » | Unofficial firmware »


Important information
  • In this topic, all content assumes use on devices with an UNLOCKED bootloader!
  • If you have any problems with the work of the firmware, be sure to stick the device logs (logcat)! How to get themwritten here.
  • You can not block the bootloader in the presence of any modifications of the device!
  • Before you make a backup or reflash the device, it is advisable to remove all types of LOCK (figure, PIN, password, fingerprint or face)

Drivers and Utilities
ADB, Fastboot and drivers

Our device has a code name dipper , from other devices, the kernel does not fit and will not work!

Gapps / Recovery / Root / Vendor
To gain access to all Google services, you must use the basic set of Google applications - GoogleApps, all current versions of GoogleApps for firmware are available here:

To get Root access, simply flush the Magisk archive from the TWRP.
Vendor / firmware
To install unofficial firmware, you need to use the recommended versions of Vendor or Firmware (indicated in the posts with firmware) or newer. All current versions of Vendor and Firmware are available here.

Poll results
Firmware reviews
Result of the survey, the end of May 2019 - June 15, 2019
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Result of the survey June 15, 2019 - July 22, 2019
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* norrest not on the left side by accident? This is probably plastic for the conductivity of radio waves (antennas). And so, the metal case

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MATROSKIN325 @ 08.24.19, 18:30*
here in the cart
it is very confusing. You can buy it, but I think there will be no guarantee as such

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* MATROSKIN325 , I bought here ( http: //www.china-gadge...iaomi-mi-9t-664gb-blue ) the truth is in black, but it is no longer available, the store is very good, the reviews are only positive for it, I haven’t found a single negative, + they returned the money for the protective glass that I ordered with the phone (it turned out to be defective)

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BuSh83 @ 08.24.19, 6:54*
This smart would, yes, on a good ips, the number of owners would increase one and a half times a minimum.
Funny you, however. I had used Amoled before, and I would not have bought this model for sure if there were iPS. I don’t see the point of fanning the argument, but you are also wrong. And my friends whom I personally know also bought the Mi9T, because there is Amoled, this was an additional plus when choosing, but not a minus

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* ymaxa62 they simply are not

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* ymaxa62 , this is a long-known MiUI bug, which, if my memory serves me right, has been straining since MiUI 8

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* ValeriyVK , Miflash

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Guys, a group appeared in a telegram with users of our device. There you will have a discussion of the technical part, and firmware, and accessories, in short, all useful. Who cares, then join.

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* xavbek , I have both supported, no root

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Why does the sound not work? What kind of game? How to solve ???? I rebooted both the phone and the radio, no difference

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Guys, help. I connect via bluetooth to the Pioneer radio, and after a while the connection is disconnected. And on other phones with this radio everything is fine. What can be wrong?

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* prosmartgm , you need to flash magisk in tvrp too

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Shushuka @ 08/14/19, 12:24*
Who knows if a region has a big impact on something?
Yes strong. If for example you put the region of Great Britain, then you will not have ads without dancing with a tambourine. Well, I mean advertising in stock applications.

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