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* prosto kostia,

pressed a button in the player to install, a window opened for a few seconds and disappeared after restarting computer it worked

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* CSI911,

The Internet is changing the bridge and on the usual, 'Net works this way and that, restart player after any change, of course.

the only problem with the check (I can not understand what is missing

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after the 3.32 version installed clean 3.34
added Google Play, Google games Google services, but there was a problem, an eternal check-Google Account
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I tried to change the settings:
* Enable / RAM / cores
Root * on / off
* language
* Model and imei ustroysta
nothing helps.

can anyone come across?

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It is grabbed from a neighboring site ;-)
"A few miles away from Atlanta, there is a secluded place where one of the most famous iPhone hackers lives and works - p0sixninja.

The author of these lines passed by and decided to look at him at the light. Not without a gift, of course. With me, I had a very fresh, unpacked AppleTV of a new generation.

To p0sixninja, I descended immediately after noon, and we headed to his office to deal with AppleTV. Along the way, P0six patiently answered all my questions about SHAtter and Greenpois0n.

Already in the office waiting for us the first surprise - none of us did not have microUSB. Posix even got a giant empty carton of milk, which houses an incredible number of cables of all shapes and colors - to no avail. We waited for a hike to the store. In the process discussed just how demanding and ungrateful people can be when it comes to programs for dzheylbreyka and when dzheyl out early, but with a lot of mistakes, or when it is done for a long time and it seems that the work goes on.
The most important statement of P0six was that he makes a jail for fun. If this was his "work" - he would never want to do it.

Returning from the store to the office, we finally got down to work - AppleTV hacking. By connecting the ATV to my PC (and before that I was sure that he had a Mac ...) and entering it into DFU, P0six got access to the console. Sleight of hand (on the keyboard literally had to beat - its left half was completely killed by time) and hello AFC2. This is all we could do, because together we couldn’t connect microUSB and HDMI cables without “file processing”. And I didn’t want to be late for work.

What have I learned from this meeting? I am increasingly convinced that people who are developing something for the iPhone are regular guys and they do it all for themselves, for fun, so to speak. They don't always have the best equipment, but they do everything in their power. "

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L @ ​​W @ 23.09.2010, 15:09*
And by the way where you can observe the development of QIP for iPhone?

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1) IMO.IM not present in the voting list
2) All the same it was possible to see in kryakozyabry IMO.IM (in-line with the written Jimm'a / version and assembly do not know / it was before the upgrade from 09.09.2010, the possibility to test yet)
3) Current version 2.1.1 from 09.09.2010
4) Link tuna:>click here<

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I use IMO.IM
Do not lose svzya (ie services work even after the closure of [2 days])
-smaylov no
-supports push
-Saves history
-c Cyrillic in all cases everything is fine (ie, there are no oops, garbage)
-Advertising within no

To chat in ICQ, AOL data scored in the settings.

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