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Shadred @ 08/01/19 13:20*
But why not dump?

Because when reset, the internal controller that is responsible for usb is checked. If with him something, then here is the answer.
It is possible that there is a problem with the internal loop (slightly rotten) and a failure begins under load.

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* Gizmo4ka
What is your prow? Late mid-2012?

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van.halen @ 08/01/19 11:08*
What could be the problem?

Change the battery. If the problem persists, we also change the controller.

Rep: (68)
Shadred @ 08/01/19 09:37*
I have already turned off and turned on 100 times (joke). Out of everything.

For firmware from dfu it does not matter
Shadred @ 08/01/19 09:37*
Maybe with a hard (or whatever it is), something in the body?

if there were something that can be analyzed programmatically, the tuna simply would give an error.
If it hangs, trouble is low. Therefore, the controller and wrote

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* Shadred
lace changed?
Tuna hang can talk about controller problems in a string or in the phone itself.

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* Shadred
if something was pissed off with the upgrade to ios13, then now the path is from dfu.
let's take steps:
- enters dfu?
- the computer sees the phone in recovery mode?
- itunes sees the device in recovery mode?
- itunes normally download the current version?

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* Gizmo4ka
Do you have a PC exactly connected via wifi and bt activated on it?
On the computer, the checkbox - “Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices” is active?

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In OS Android, this problem is not so acute.

Much more rigid and sharp.
I would like to know whether there is a practice of firmware

The task is not realizable. There are many reasons. The main thing - the operating system from Google is too limited in the possibilities of reassembly for different hardware. This requires the participation of very serious professionals, and the demand tends to zero.

Yes, you are right, the four are already completely "written off", but devices 5 and 4S are even more than in service. And there are no special problems in their use.

That was on the forum such a topic -Linux & iPhone
Smoke her

In life.
The only life crutch for aplovski deyvaysov is hakintosh. All the rest is lifeless.

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* Gizmo4ka
We exit icloud on all devices, reboot them, enter on the phone, then everything else.

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* Desperado96,
Through the standard "files" easier and without a meaningless jail.
BUT. The video must be in a format and have settings that are supported by the program VIDEO

And further. The same VLC is more convenient, omnivorous and more pleasant to use.

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Shadred @ 07.28.19, 18:08*
And what options do you see ??

Usually it saves hard-reset with the subsequent update by air (which I wrote about above)
If this does not help, then it is exactly from dfu.
Reset to the factory, it is a half measure that only partially solves minor problems.

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* McLarenLimited
and who and where spoke about dumping to the factory?

* StiferMoon
then just update the ios on the device. Now the current version - 12.4

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* StiferMoon
reboot the machine through hard-reset

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AlexeyPolunin @ 07.25.19, 13:40*
If everything is clear with the first problem, you need to embed Apple's in-game purchases into its launcher to solve it.

And also do a validation + recovery of purchases both in the application and on the server.
This is a much more serious software problem, rather than bite the AdMob that exists and pull up the solution for ios. If the project is built by xcode itself, then everything is quite simple.

Can c AdMob solve through their own crutch -https: //www.badlogicga...topic.php? f = 11 & t = 11145
But I did not try it myself

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Denis887 @ 07.25.19, 12:06*
watched and videos in YouTube

This is the way for the American housewives))))
people who can read - read.
Denis887 @ 07.25.19, 12:06*
And even the exact answer did not find

The developers themselves do not want to deal with this issue just because of the very low demand (very few people keep something in their correspondence valuable).
Third-party solutions are crutches and half measures.
Denis887 @ 07.25.19, 12:06*
and there are no alternatives

there is. scrub everything, and those 2-3 valuable messages just copy to notes or the like.

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* Denis887,
Start by searching the forum. This topic was raised / discussed more than once.

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* probetcapper,
close all pages in safari and reboot the device through a hard reset

but seriously pay attention to it is not worth it. At the time of ios 11, he showed in documents more than 20 gig on a device with 16 on board

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* Zoro115,
Disable LTE in general and cellular data on the device and try this.
If the problem disappears, it will be necessary to tear off the characteristic places of the operator.

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* jz26,
similar programs store information inside themselves, therefore deleting a program = deleting all information
if there is no backup, then nothing is done

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* Shadred
After the cydia eraser a lot of "tails" remain.
They should be used only if everything delivered normally works and you are never going to be updated by air.

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