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Deonys @ 09/13/19, 17:51*
There is a price to everything
Price is one thing, and the effect of viewing in 3D on a huge screen is another)). : happy:

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Deonys @ 09/13/19, 17:04*
chasing better quality than quantity
Just like I tell everyone: rolleyes: And yet 65-75 inches is not enough)). Would you see what a picture in 3D is 120 inches, even with glasses. Sweetie! The projector was taken bright at 3200 lumens. and enough brightness. And for the sake of 65-75 inches, you should not fence the garden. Nobody says that the projector will completely replace the TV in 2D, but for 3D it’s better not! Which you yourself have confirmed with a small diagonal and a frantic price. All relish is to watch 3D on a huge screen)).

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* Deonys , Yes, no question .. But still 120 inches, it’s not 75. And you can 150 if you want. Well, the price is absolutely not comparable.

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Kasiuskarm @ 09/13/19, 14:52*
It remains only to decide which of the rooms to equip under the cinema
Another misconception. Nothing needs to be equipped, and even more so to allocate a separate room. This is if you do everything in the highest class and without compromise. Are there really oligarchs here? And in a standard treshka, the electric drive screen is mounted in any convenient place in front of the sofa on the ceiling, and the projector is also on the ceiling. Takes up a minimum of space. I have a screen in general in front of the curtains. From the remote control, the screen is unfolded, at the same time and automatic dimming. It just closes the whole window. From the screen to the viewing point lying - 3.5 meters. In general, if you think carefully, you can decide everything, and not listen to all of the Internet ..

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gun-fan @ 09/13/19, 3:16 p.m.*
You still forgot to mention a decent AV receiver, cables and 7.1 speakers.
This is if you assemble the system from scratch .. Well, and to the TV after all, all this is also necessary. It means - ceteris paribus, to switch to the projector and start using it. Although for the first time any audio balalaika will do, because you can wind up endlessly. Personally, I have long had an Onkyo 7.1 receiver purchased back in 2012, and it completely suits me. Well, the acoustics ..

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but is the projector only for watching movies or is it possible to watch a simple TV through it?
You can take the signal and watch it from anywhere - at least from a media player, even from a computer. There is another question. Broadcast channels are usually broadcast in low resolution. And if you stretch the picture to the big screen, then there will be soap. It’s unlikely that you yourself will like to watch such quality. And if the source is in HD quality, then this is not a question - you can watch anything.

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Deonys @ 09/13/19, 2:45*
3D seems to be called nonsense by people who did not try these "oysters" or had the misfortune to "poison" them with a not very good technique.
This phrase was especially liked (no jokes). : rofl: Trying to watch 3D on what the devil’s technique, some in general in anaglyph, and then shout at the whole Internet that 3D crap .. Up to 90 percent of such “reviews” including special ones. 3D viewing and customization forums. On the same trunk of such nonsense you read that all desire to get involved with 3D will disappear. Plus the zombies of manufacturers stopping the production of TV, and it is not surprising that now the majority has such an opinion. All in all, you need to understand the principle of action a little bit, to buy not just any equipment, but the "right" one - and a cool effect is ensured. But our people are "dark", laziness is sorted out, it’s easier to say that this is shit and that’s all .. Well, the dog is with them, with the wretched .. As for TVs: Yes, of course, I would be crushed by a toad to pay almost a million for a TV with a large diagonal. And the projector is in the area of ​​fifty dollars. The main disadvantage of TV is the large inertia of liquid crystals, as a result of which the matrix performance is low, the response time reaches 50-60 ms, which is very critical for 3D. Also, screen illumination in different places and low frame rate. From here comes ghosting and other artifacts. Correct projector with real 144 Hz. not subject to this. That is why the projector is better and more suitable for 3D! I don’t know how on TV for a lemon (it seems that the laws of physics are the same), but I watched several TVs, a 3D comp.monitor with a matrix of 120 Hz and a response time of 2 ms, and now the projector. TV is in last place, on it really eyes get tired. You look at the projector for hours and there is no fatigue. If there is a difference with TV, then it is almost imperceptible. Here play a role glasses taking about 30 percent of the brightness. And as a result, the picture between the projector and the TV is equalized (specifically for 3D). That is why the room can not be prepared, glasses cutting brightness eliminate all reflections, the black level becomes very deep, the picture is just class! In general, you need a balanced system with a good margin of brightness, with a high frame rate, DLP, etc. Only then will there be a “Wow” effect, several times superior to 4K. This is the opinion of my acquaintances who watched my 3D, and said, “This is cool, they didn’t even expect it!” Price tag: Projector 45p, screen 120 "with electric drive 13p, HDMI 2.0 cable. 10 meters 2350r, glasses 1200r. Just about 60 p. Is inexpensive! And all the" arguments "against in the posts above are nothing more than speculation , based on the opinion of not very smart people from the Internet. (We heard a jingle, but I don’t know where it is!): D

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Thoughts @ 09/12/19, 20:50*
it’s very difficult to listen and listen about 3D, who needs this nonsense - he already knows what to look at
Do not call nonsense what you have never seen! And if they had seen, they would not have said so)).

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Kasiuskarm @ 09/12/19, 19:52*
what percentage of advanced users use the projector? 5-10%?
Who doesn’t give them? Now the prices for projectors and TV are quite comparable. Some TVs are even more expensive. And you don’t have to be advanced at all. It would be a desire ..

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Kornn @ 09/12/19, 17:48*
says about all it is not necessary that all people watch videos using projectors.
And I didn’t say that)). Nobody is guilty that you do not know how to read Russian .. And what do you think I should understand from your article? What have 3D TVs stopped releasing? So everyone has long known this. Yes, and good, because on TV, 3D - not at all)). Otherwise, there is complete nonsense! And 3D doesn’t “die” at all. Projectors are produced, media players, too, can be output from a computer, films in 3D are regularly released. What kind of dying is it? I have excellent 3D on the projector, and I'm not going to give it up. Judging by your statements, you have never seen high-quality 3D. (Go to IMAX or something ..) After that, you will forget about 4K, and your silly little article!

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Kornn @ 09/12/19, 14:59*
TVs with a good 4K screen provide an image no worse than in 3D.
Do not write nonsense! 4K and 3D are completely different things. 4K is a flat two-dimensional picture, i.e. width and height. And in 3D there is also the depth and departures of objects to the viewer. And 3D in 4K does not happen, as some people think. All 3D in FHD. And they refused for completely different reasons. But this is for the better, now everyone is watching 3D on the projector.

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Kasiuskarm @ 09/12/19, 1:24 PM*
but completely merges in comparison with Nvidia Shield.
Well, how to look .. The shield does not support 3D, and I actively use it in a bunch of Zidoo Z1000 and a projector. Just do not say that 3D is not relevant and generally about nothing. Only those who have never seen great 3D on a projector and watched 3D on TV say so, they really break all your eyes. On a projector with a frame rate of 144 Hz. and a screen of 120 inches (and even more) is just beautiful 3D, there is a "Wow" effect, which can not be said about 4K.

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Sergo-1971 @ 09/12/19, 2:38*
The advertisement was Vulcan Casino
This is a virus, the browser has nothing to do with it)). Zagugli, many have such a problem with this casino. I also have 8.7.4 for a long time, nothing like that. But on the computer I also caught this "Volcano". I cured it by loading from a full backup of the system, since I do it every month with Acronis.

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ks. @ 09/11/19, 22:31*
4K I do not want, FHD is quite enough for me.
Well, right! For 4K, you need to sit closer than 2 meters from the screen and "look" .. Then you can no longer distinguish from FHD. Yes, and the coolest films were shot before 2000, and now one slag)).

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ks. @ 09/11/19, 20:24*
What could you advise?
Zidoo Z9S

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Alex_Nord @ 09/30/18, 11:01 PM*
3D TVs almost disappeared from sale

Well and good! Watching them 3D is one torment. But on the projector - what you need!

Posted on 09/09/2019, 22:10:

Stamkah @ 09/03/19, 01:52*
to show 3D content on 4K TV

3D in 4K does not happen)). Only in Full HD 1920x1080.

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Ewgeshka @ 09/09/19, 0:03*
As they always told me, but I did not believe. Buy 1 time Mikrotik. And forget about buying a router forever.
Do not believe everyone in a row)). Each has its own goals and objectives. For example, on ASUS routers with firmware from Merlin, you can effectively deal with bored advertising)). Filter directly on the router. I have already done it for a long time, and enjoy Internet-free advertising, at least on my home network. On Mikrotik you will slurp it a lot, the computer and all the devices on the network will score. We need to do things, and not admire the advertising blinking on all sides of the screen, distracting from business and eating away the lion's share of the display area. Well, to each his own ..

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* devision2 , Finding nothing really and not)). You yourself do not know how to use it, since you write this. : happy: Unless sdk.

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Devision2 @ 09/08/19, 11:30*
someone wrote above that 7 is not needed)
Leave your speculations and fantasies to yourself. I asked the question: "What does it change?" Further some reasoning and theory. What you misunderstand is your problem! Learn to read correctly first, and not invent a gag. Yes, and repeating his fantasies several times, passing them off as my words!

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Judging by the reviews, do I understand correctly that the HDMI input here can do nothing but transmit a signal to the output through the ZID?

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