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Greetings. After 3 months of use, 1 broken pixel was detected (permanently red). Not exactly "provtykal", because I tested with the purchase. Is there any chance to change the matrix under warranty? (By the way, the matrix is ​​144Hz).

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Chs177 @ 22.03.19, 15:42*
Swap headphones? :)
Ali sale on the nose, if dynamite, the TFZ T2.

And if not dynamo? Actually, I'm not much vakuumkah understand, advise fit, to $ 80 (the toad presses to give more of a gag), it is important a good bass, as a big fan of d'n'b and psy tranc'a. In this way, good to listen to an instrumental, but no more :(

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Greetings. Since there is often offtopic, then I "got" with your question :)
So, there trn v80, which is often recommended as one of the best up to $ 40. High (for whom) detailing at the top .... but it is very fresh bass for them.
Because they have a dynamic driver, such as the need to play good music, regardless of genre, but for d'n'b Bass did not then (p) t. So sobsna the question, what to do? EQ, or try to warm up (as some recommend).
P.S. At high volume or EQ settings full bass (no treble) begin to rigidly sizzle. : Blush:

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