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Kentus71 @ 08/30/18, 8:54*
keeps decently on the lattice of the climate, the phone is charging with navigation cold.

heated in winter)
I do not know. The most convenient for me is the lower left corner of the windshield (on my suction cup to the glass), to the left of the instrument panel.
Yes, it is inconvenient under the left hand, but this is almost not a problem. but the rest is beauty.
I stretched a little cover, it seemed to become a samsung cradle. Toko its beginning now down pull.
all-n9 - ta escho bandura)
(Well, what I wrote above, the corporate cover-book did not fit)

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dralex05 @ 2.09.18, 11:17*
Samsung members

what is it ? why and where to look?

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* dent729 to the surgeon !!! )))

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* block1977 , no, no one has succeeded

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* TDMedition Well, no, I like my n9 more. still the stylus outweighs a lot

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Alllwp @ 1.09.18, 10:25*
with respect to the fingerprint sensor, the camera hole is shifted to the left. Not the camera itself, but the central hole.

that's why you wrote it. On my chornom really holes are shifted. and both.
I will suffer now.

my wife on p20pro has everything clearly, exactly, it’s not for nothing that the word "watering" is written there.

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GnomeBlack @ 1.09.18, 8:29*
It seems I am beginning to understand. This is something like football fanaticism. Where is not so much interesting the game itself, as "who will do whom"

no, you do not begin to understand.

In accordance with the rules of the topic, the phone and its shortcomings are discussed, which are shown on the example of competitors.

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Aleksandr Petrovich D. @ 1.09.18, 8:20*
Maybe only Mate 20 will be able to do everything in Note 9.

Without a stylus is not done)

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p20pro is better than any Samsung

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p20 is an order of magnitude better than any samsung

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P20 definitely need to be taken, his camera is an order of magnitude better than any Samsung one.

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here is a club of users of the device laptop 9

carefully read the name of the club)

since I still bought this misunderstanding, then surely this is love. I am a real fan n9)

in the rules of the club is not required to love the device at all 146% and not notice the flaws)

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He arranges us one hundred percent.

I do not like these manipulative tricks, when they say "we", "us".

it would be correct to clarify who these "us" are.
if you meant n9 lovers, then
“us”, lovers n9, he does not suit one hundred percent. because among these "us" there is me, whom the apparatus does not suit one hundred percent.

therefore, the correct version of your phrase might look like this:
"The device suits some 100 N9 fans."

excuse me, but for such juggling and turning upside down, I'll give you a minus in turnips. a little bit later. if this misunderstanding of logic will continue.

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IPHONE @ 08/31/18, 10:01*
A call record Pts need

And on Android 9, what are you going to do?

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I have never used exercise during the day.

I enjoyed this morning.
I forgot to charge at night.
I came to work, and the charge is 20%. )

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But not just saved

I htc10 ice view cover did not save. he dropped it on the cement floor in the parade out of his hands when he looked at the number of the taxi that drove up. so, in the open view, the device fell open, fell straight on the screen and crashed. changed the screen.
Considering that the score is 1: 2: 1, (H2 is still in the family / H3 lost, H4 lost / and htc10 broke), I think that you can save on screen protection.

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* Hector_Rioshimoto ,
so in a couple of days you will find out whether it will be possible to give a clock as a gift or something else

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ethernium @ 08/30/18 9:53*
whitestone dome glass, laid down well, but it looks rather thick

author respect for a detailed snapshot of how the phone is transformed after the glass sticker. schA plus send

guys, I already dug, this is the thickest glass, 0.33 mm.
thicker does not happen.

here 0.2mm and even for iPhone 0.1 mm - they are. Chinese
Reviews have not yet met.

right now I ordered a Skinomi film for myself, it will come, we'll see.

Posted 08/30/2018 6:49 PM:

GnomeBlack @ 08/30/18, 18:36*
I do not see anything in the photo that I would associate with the word "good")))

just close shot. microscope effect.

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BRADA @ 08/30/18, 18:27*
Anyway, more than 4 gigs cannot be recorded due to file system limitation ...
how is that? On the internal memory can not be a large file to write.?

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