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* zzzloj

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Some bugs came out with AirPods 2 on iWatch 4 c Beta 4. Now you take the headphones out of your ear, put them in the case, and they continue to play ...: D
He blowed up, steamed on the new and the same

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Zhor is on the last beta, but the hangs that on the Xs max that on the iPad Pro really get. Once it was - I put the iPad on charge for the night. In the morning I take it off and it’s hot though it’s scrambled eggs and the charge is 5 percent. I'm scared. Turn off just in case

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A dark theme in the YouTube app looks very nice

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* golandets
And how to add a quick command in automation, so that, for example, it runs on time ?. I see that it is possible to create a new one in order to import the created one not found.

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Ipad pro 12.9 2017, what lighting adapters do you use to connect a fotik or SD flash drive or even a regular usb flash drive.
Here is such a penny
And with ipedom and iphone works fine

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* Maxe2009,
From the sound.
Pixels burn out quickly. Do you need it?

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Tell me, can I use this command to connect and disconnect this or that device from Bluetooth?

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reginamebel2015 @ 06/08/19, 19:30*
Their observations on the iPhone XS MAX: "VibER" does not work,
I have a vibeer

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And this is definitely interesting.

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* Benny_GK,
I managed to tie yesterday. While the flight is normal. I wrote in the topic about iWatch4
I will try today to make a video on YouTube.
The main idea is to completely clean both devices. Disable all syncs and switch to English with the USA region. Only after this pairing. Then everything can be returned back.

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After 6 attempts, it looks like I managed to pair 4 series with iPhone XS Max ios13
Until that time, two wheels were spinning on each attempt, and in the end they did not mate anyway.
I suspect that some of the programs that are synchronized with each other in two devices are still undershot and it knocks out.
What did you do? He reset the phone, disconnected all synchronization with aiklaud, put the USA region and English language. Started the clock. In the manual at the start also chose the language and region of the same!
Synchronized very quickly. Minutes 10. Disable unnecessary synchronization. Off-on several times. Until you break the connection. I will continue to test

UPD. Siri works and that is strange, in Russian. And writes in Russian and speaks. Although the menu and everything else in English

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* zmokie
C 12.4

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Hello. Put 13 beta. Face ID does not work on iPhone XS Max. So conceived?

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* Gte,
I don't like the VLC interface

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And is there some kind of universal application so that both iptv and movies from a network of balloons are all in one?
And now I'm jumping between uniplayer and plex

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Russian Siri has not yet been added to it?
And if you command from iPhone where Russian Siri will understand the commands?

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my Impactor just crashes during application migration

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Made a small comparison of the video quality in the Xs Max, GoPro 6 and Mavic Air drone cameras.
Who else will be interested

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* svobodniilogin,
They write and describe the situation.
They have a form on the site for support calls. Then they themselves will say what to do.

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