Rep: (381)
Grezli @ 08.28.19, 9:42 p.m.*
he will not leave here.

Do not need. "Such a cow is needed by himself": D

Rep: (381)
Grezli @ 08.28.19, 9:35 p.m.*
these are the trolls

Let conducted: D

Rep: (381)
Grezli @ 08.26.19, 9:22 p.m.*
it simply needs to be ignored as if it does not write anything and it does not exist at all

I can’t get past such a delicious meal: D

Rep: (381)
Grezli @ 08.28.19, 9:10 p.m.*

Not. Caught worse examples: D

Rep: (381)
Snowy88 @ 08.26.19, 9:01 p.m.*
just ignore

And it’s better to eat it yourself, a plump fatty dessert: D

Rep: (381)
Another raisin scientist rating: D

Rep: (381)
Segrey74 @ 08.24.19, 23:09*
And which player do you use on ios?

Onkyo HF Player: D
Attached Image

Posted on 08/25/2019, 08:28:

Of the free ones, there are HibyMusik and NePLAYER Lite, but I like onkio more: D

Rep: (381)
Horror flying on the wings of the night: D
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Rep: (381)
Allan Quatermain @ 08.24.19, 9:11 p.m.*
Neutron Music Player

I did not like him on ayos, some kind of designer with a vyrviglazny design: D

Rep: (381)
I'm alone here and I don’t really care ...

Keep me posted: D

Rep: (381)
one grandmother, a fan of Sonya, said, but don’t go to her.

This and there is nothing to cover, iron argument: D

Rep: (381)
Tired of feeding, and so fat

Clearly, you cannot answer. Morality - did not listen to the ears, so at least do not be fooled, do not carry bags to chat: D

Posted on 08/16/2019, 23:11:

Now I’m confused, whose argument is steeper, “don’t go to your grandmother” or “one Sony fan said”: D

Rep: (381)
Xokadi @ 08/16/19, 23:53*
you can’t get through it now, much less later ...

You know, I'm so upset by this, so upset: D

Rep: (381)
CHIM @ 08/16/19, 11:50 PM*
take pity on the child

Well, there will be a completely trashy sound - I’ll break it and lay out a photo of the execution so that local dorogony gritted their teeth with anger and envy: D

Rep: (381)
* Hokadi
Cycle? Well, you hold on there: D

Rep: (381)
Xokadi @ 08/16/19, 23:32*
I was empowered to consider several meticulous inadequacies, who think otherwise.

Like to talk nonsense? Ok, your right: D

Posted on 08/16/2019, 22:46:

CHIM @ 08/16/19, 11:26 PM*
well, since there’s stereo bass

I could not resist, I will try to slip my daughter in place of the 450s, she will like the red anyway: D
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Rep: (381)
Xokadi @ 08/16/19, 11:16 PM*
not only in my opinion, so in my opinion for all adequate people

Did all of you adequate have been authorized to say this, or did you decide to speak on their behalf? : D

Rep: (381)
CHIM @ 08/16/19, 11:14 PM*
judging by the price, one speaker

Judging by the price there is one speaker for two ears can be: D

Rep: (381)
* Hokadi
Clear. It is unlikely that you heard them, just your way means worse: D

Rep: (381)
Xokadi @ 08/16/19, 11:11 PM*

Fuck yes bast, start over. What's worse? : D

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