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Even in version 3.17 on iOS9 can not "buy" the dictionaries

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* Nerovinger,
If it is not difficult to send me in PM screenshots that you have applied to the dispute

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* Nerovinger,
I ordered a month ago

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Just noticed that I ordered is 1s from one who has no need to order
Digital online wholesale mall
Really nothing will come?

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* just_slev1n,
Not open to 9.0.2

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* gipron
please give a link to the 3.17

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The Sims 3 Ambitions
Version: 1.1.84

Last update of the game in the header:05.09.2015

Attached ImageAttached Image

In The Sims 3 Ambitions you can plant a tree, build your dream home or a company, have a relationship, raise a child and do all that is left in the earlier parts of The Sims 3.

Career mode.
Who do you become? Firefighters? A rock star? An artist? Teacher? Cook? Athlete? You must complete quests, mini-games, build firm prioden your Sims and follow the way he realized his dream.

Create your dream home or business.
Resize, add, or delete rooms, floors, walls, doors, and windows as you make a new home for your Sims. Buy and sell furniture and objects. And now you can also build workplaces, such as Bistro, Preschool, or a Night Club.

Kids, what was lacking.
Now finally we have a baby! In The Sims 3 Ambitions you can feed them, play with them, take them to the park and play a game of hide and seek.


Download: 1.1.84

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Reason for editing: Updating the version ...

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Does anyone happen to crack already adblok?

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Cache nothing at all?

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1errari @ 19.06.2015, 13:52*
Yuzayu boy version of the sun and there is placed on at least 3 seconds. However, after a while replaced by 3 seconds at 6, because tube is almost always hear and bracelet vain vibration discharges.

In iOS me

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when an incoming call the bracelet will vibrate not immediately, but after 5-7 seconds, is this normal?

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translation into Russian the current version no one does?

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or rather not even for a day, and one view of some series

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chefik1990 @ 20.05.2015, 22:06*
tsprotector and xcon not blochat it does not work ...

poltinnik @ 25.05.2015, 19:37*
In fact, in version 2.2 with jailbreak program works. Nona had I save on the PC this version, updated to 2.2.1 and is now a bummer. Maybe someone has saved version 2.2?

xcon beta 5 works fine
truth buys only 1 day subscription (although it may be as it should be)

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Just a couple of days ago I was released tweak that includes screen rotation as iPhone 6+ on all devices. Do not tell me the name?

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* aquaus,
It helped, thanks

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That's why when I press the button to clear my supposedly cleaned 3 GB of memory, but even after respringa should go to the app, it still finds again the same 3 GB
What am I doing wrong?

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With all figured out
I found the plug-ins folder and deleted from Kor
After that, everything was working fine

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Sense 0 (no files or folders are not present)
All the same, when you reinstall the tweak I have downloaded other plugins are not updated core +

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* Roialchik, Only here would know where plugins are installed, did everything except 5

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