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TWRP_Backup_Untouched for HTC__621 Exodus
TWRP_Backup_Untouched_System_Image _ + _ Boot_1.74.709.2_EXODUS_DUGL

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fishinn @ 22.09.19, 19:15*
phantom tripping

In the settings edzh Sens on one, two division Increase the force pressing: yes:

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Restore the system integrity for further updates on the PTA while retaining all of their data

This method is suitable for any of the modified system, in addition to the one at which a permanent rekaveri was installed. The only condition - for your CID must be of OTA software on where you are now. For example, you are now number 1.68 software, then you need to OTA 1.68 - 1.53
For the case with sewn DC rekaveri fit only vostanovlenie using TWRP_Backup_Untouched_System_Image
If you are planning to use this method, you must first flash the RUU, unnecessarily even after the restoration of TWRP_Backup_Untouched_System_Image stock rekaveri you remain only in one slot, and for this procedure should have stock rekaveri in both slots
: yes2:

Before any manipulation make sure that the phone is charged for at least 50% and preferably 100%

Manual for OTA
If all the necessary conditions are present it is possible to start - went to: yes2:

To save the data you need to upgrade to versionSoftware 1.68 Before you save the backup data If you use votsapom, to make a backup copy of the chat (if you need them) and make cleanup that when recovering of the backup you do not need to confirm the telephone number.
If you are using Magisk make sure that all modules are working and do not break the functionality of the device (in my example YouTube Vanced unit broke partially functional camera recording, but learned of it only later).

So we do updated backup.
We usesd before 32 gb
Download and throw on your desired sd OTA
Download and put in a folderadb Attached filerecovery.img (30.89 MB)
On the other I did not check. I advise you to use just that. This is a temporary, extreme official: yes2:
1. Download the phone inBootloader
guaranteed to enter the first time doing so. Turn off the phone. I connect to the power supply or to a computer. When the screen displays the battery to charge percentage, power clamp. Once the charge indicator goes off in the upper right corner, hold the key vol- and without hesitation I am loaded in Bootloader

2. Enter the command (if a folderadb and Fastboot The utility is called as that of another, adb place write the name of your folder)

CD C: \ adb

fastboot boot recovery.img

3. The first time you click to select the language and then cancellation
Attached Image

4. Go to section<<Backups>>
Attached Image

5. Put a check mark only against data
Attached Image

6. In the drive selection choose sd.In order to be able to use this backup to 9 android need to keep it on the sd to 32 gb
Attached Image

7. Make a backup copy.

8. Then go to the section<<Reboot>>
Attached Image

9. Choose<<Loader>>
Attached Image

10. After downloading go todownload mode
Know your current slot on line(Bootloader) current-slot: a and RUU number in this slot (Bootloader) version-main: 1.53.709.1
fastboot getvar all

We obtain a certain result
C: \ adb>fastboot getvar all
(bootloader) kernel: lk
(bootloader) product: htc_imedugl
(bootloader) version: 1.0
(Bootloader) max-download-size: 1.092 billion
(Bootloader) serialno: FA8671F01362
(bootloader) slot-count: 2
(bootloader) current-slot: a
(Bootloader) imei: 000000000000000
(Bootloader) version-main: 1.53.709.1
(bootloader) boot-mode: download
(Bootloader) version-baseband: sdm845-000201b-1807311356
(bootloader) version-bootloader:
(bootloader) mid: 2Q5510000
(Bootloader) cid: HTC__621
finished. total time: 0.078s

11. Depending on the team give him, if you currentlya , The change in the b and vice versa if the b then on a
For this KnopVol + or Vol- go to Bootloader We reaffirm the power button.
Attached Image

Then give the command
fastboot --set-active = a

fastboot --set-active = b

12. Then lower the ON
To do this again sews temporary rekaveri
CD C: \ adb
fastboot boot recovery.img

We give the command. I have 10 windsurfing they do not always take place. To have successfully completed the team had to reboot com: yes2:
adb shell "dd if = / dev / zero of = / dev / block / bootdevice / by-name / misc bs = 1 seek = 2208 count = 16"

It should look like this
16 + 0 records in
16 + 0 records out
16 bytes (16B) copied, 0.007466 seconds, 2.1KB / s

13. Repeat steps 8 and 9
14. After downloading go toRecovery
15. When the red triangle pushVol +
Next keysVol + or Vol- choose an item <<Apply ypdate from SD card>> Hit the power
Attached Image

16. Then select the OTA file and press the power
Attached Image

17. If you have correctly downloaded your file OTA you begin the process and run the white line. It will take no more than 10 minutes.
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

On completion of the process you will see the initial screen
Attached Image

GetPie c your data.

17a. If you want to install Magisk then repeat step 2
Downloading stableMagisk Download the installation zip rename it magisk put in a folder adb and give the following command
adb kill-server
adb push /

Then go to<<Installation>>
Attached Image

Swipe from the bottom, we find there a filemagisk and install it.
Attached Image

Who does not like the new black background manager put this modAttached fileapp-release-beta05.apk(3.7 MB)

For this mod thankvsmhell

Bright background of this mod
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Dark background fashion
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

If in the future that goes wrong you can always safely flash the RUU and restore your backup data to 9 in the following manner
18. Go toBootloader
19. Repeat steps2
20. rekaveri go into masonry<<Cleaning>>and select the format of data at the bottom right, and confirm the action teamyes
Attached Image

21. Go back to the main screen rekaveri and go to the tab<<Restoration>>and restore previously saved backups and boot the system. Georgia will be long and boot you will see the screen even primary boot. Do not worry, all of your data back: yes2:
Attached Image

If anyone is to begin with RUU firmware put on the same sd and all the OTA, just rename them, what would become when sewing hands do not confuse them. And before you sew the RUU, do not forget to backup data: yes2:

For this method, do not forget to thank ourguru

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added item17a installation Magisk Manager

Rep: (848)
Backup_Untouched_System_Image for HTC__621
TWRP_Backup_Untouched_System_Image _ + _ Boot_1.68.709.7_IMAGINE_DUGL

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Fixed a typo in the manual: yes:

Posted 09/22/2019, 2:01:

ovstanislav @ 21.09.19, 11:03*
The only condition - for your CID must be of OTA software on where you are now. For example, you are now number 1.68 software, then you need to OTA 1.68 - 1.53

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Here it is already
Attached Image

https: //

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Viraks @ 21.09.19, 18:01*
originally sold with high valuable to me dostavku.u delivery came about 6100 rubles

4200 rubles with delivery in Khimki: yes2:

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PalychRv @ 21.09.19, 15:59*
Blah ... just do not want to lose at the same sound quality

He said even so would not only sound quality but also a functional addition to putting on that hat: rofl:

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PalychRv @ 21.09.19, 15:59*
and voila -

What if they have rebelled and are connected somewhere in the middle: D

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* dianamavrik , Write, and you already own reshesh;)

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* dianamavrik You probably do not understand - data can and 9 vostanovt: yes:

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dianamavrik @ 21.09.19, 14:17*
understandable chef will then wait in silence

ovstanislav @ 21.09.19, 11:03*
In order to be able to use this backup to 9 android need to keep it on the sd to 32 gb

Patience is one, only patience :)

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dianamavrik @ 20.09.19, 23:40*
Frenchman appointed

Yes already read :)

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ziand @ 20.09.19, 23:13*
that wanted to buy this phone

Do not rush: yes:
That's fresh news
Attached Image

Posted on 20/09/2019, 23:24:

ziand @ 20.09.19, 23:13*
come on now

It is not izzhazhdnosti, lack of time, plus the need to further their experiment a bit: yes:

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Flagship, flagship .......
Attached Image

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Leave it here
Attached Image

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* ziand I think it's just different: yes:

Posted on 20/09/2019, 22:23:

neFuria @ 20.09.19, 17:50*
2 times after the restoration of its pure backup

Some users continue to be updated with them: yes:

We will be alive and well and will have time on Monday in the late afternoon, everyone, regardless of SIDA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can easily be updated in any direction while maintaining their data subject to the availability of its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Sida respective OTA: yes:

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dianamavrik @ 20.09.19, 18:14*
old age is not a joy

We do not grow old, we mudreem)))))

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dianamavrik @ 20.09.19, 18:09*
ovstanislav @ 20.09.19, 15:53
attempts to establish ota on exodus 1.68 cid 621 will fail


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