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E-7 with Belka normal flight)
Current I can not understand how to configure the buttons)

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poke a novel into the games and where to put them later!

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What is the sensor?

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and share with me too please)

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I reshooted through phoenix custom firmware, it only helped me

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Are there themes with transparent bars?

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But who ever tried it? maybe no one bothers much to change the OS

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Good day, I apologize for the stupid question! I put this program on e7 for myself! Vroh everything works, Nokia N900 connected without problems! connect e7 to this access point that I created on the phone, I mean the same phone (what I created with those and connected so to speak)

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mod firmware, but it started after I copied these folders from the archive ((before that everything was fine, maybe someone knows how to remove it?

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The site glitched something, that's why it happened (I flashed on another computer, the drivers were not installed on mine (now this question! I decided to put notifications like on Anna! I downloaded the copied folders that are there, I didn’t notice the difference! It seems like it was like that ! but Skype now does not load (you have to turn off the phone then it is loaded! How to get rid of this trouble?

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Good day to everyone, in Nokia suites recently saw a chat application in a contact, I downloaded it! Everything worked then the program stopped running, I deleted it and now I can not find any suites anywhere on the Nokia (can anyone have such a program, share or give a link! Phone Nokia e7 with Bella

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Extract archive folder to:
C: \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ for 32-bit system (x86)
C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products \ for a 64-bit system

in Dead Mode:
1. Through the computer, delete the folders from the phone from the E drive: sys, system, private, resourse. (This can be done through the "Drive" mode)
2. Download the firmware and unzip it to the specified directory.
3. Turn off the phone and disconnect it from the computer.
4. Launch Phoenix.
5. We do not connect the phone.
6. Choose "No Connection".
7. Click "File - Open Product" and select in the list "RM-626".
8. Click "Flashing - Firmware Update".
9. Choose Product Code by clicking on the "..." button. (You can choose any since it does not change on S ^ 3)
10. Tick the "Dead phone USB flashing".
11. Click Options and delete the last file highlighted in red.
12. Click Refurbish.
13. Pops up a window.
14. Connect the switched off phone to the computer.
15. In the window, click OK.
That's all I do here! Yes, in that topic I didn’t find a fig (

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I can not flash through the phoenix on the Bella mod firmware (tell me what to do!

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Good day) updated via Ovi, Anna used to be! after updating to Bella I can’t put effects on themes and I can’t put fonts (phone hacked, what could be the problem? Anna put everything up and everything worked here)

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Good evening connoisseurs! after updating from Anna to Bella via nokia suite I can’t put effects (and I’m doing this all the files this way and that doesn’t work out (what to do? the patches are three piece installers!

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Through Nokia does not want to be updated (

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Well, nevertheless, on my e7 such (so what Russian will be or how?

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yes! nokia e7 it!

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c59c4j9 here is the code) will it be in Russian or in English? ((

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I would love to! how to say the product code? i will look and say of course

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