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Greetings The same problem, on iPad 3, Skype requires an update, and the update requires iOS 10 ...
I suggest everyone to vote on, suddenly help?

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What version can I put on iPad 3?

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Viller @ 12/21/17, 17:57*
Why do you need a mediator? You buy it yourself directly in the States on the BN website and send it through shopfans (for example).

For some reason, this option does not suit me. We need an intermediary who can pay and deliver to the Russian Federation.

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Good day! Tell a trusted intermediary to buy this book in the Russian Federation, you can in the drug.

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Hello! I want to flash a cyanogen, now the XXMF1 firmware is installed with 624 MB of RAM. Do I need to change the amount of memory for a more stable operation?
It is recommended to install in the header on a clean XXMG2, do you need to be updated beforehand or can you sew on XXMF1?

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BrushKnight @ 10.26.2013, 09:44*
when chrome works, it dies, and normal opera is not available on the tab

More? I want to take this tablet, basically I need it for surfing and movies, and opera and chrome are my favorite browsers. is it so bad?

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This refers to external to Nuku. I also wrote the image through the laptop, there were no problems. Only not through UltraISO, maybe this is the problem? You can also try to change the flash drive (also from personal experience).

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Good day. After factory reset firmware 1.0.1, the update to 1.2.1 does not pick up via Wi-Fi or from memory, even after a reboot. Tell me, is there a way to force an update?
The question is removed, the memory card interfered.

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Good day. Prompt video player with the ability to quickly switch subtitles, preferably a separate button, as in MX Player. For example, there is a video file with Russian and English subtitles, you need to turn on the English, and in the process of viewing quickly switch to Russian and back.

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as an option, LBE Privacy Guard as a firewall. I put the root only in order to demolish all the garbage and install this application.

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Mirnik @ 01/29/2013, 08:18*
and how to play with a computer? Somewhere it was written, in the cap there is no ...

Via BlueStacks.

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I set nothing apart from Uniwar.Heretried, does not work or slows down.

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on the screen 240x320 will go? I understand that HD, but the usual version was even removed from the market

Put the resolution of 240x320 in the emulator, version 1.6.2 works fine.

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Ok, I'll wait for the working version. I do not want to alter, all the reading programs work, and this is the main thing.
By the way, the cap says:
If the firmware already has full (root) access, then the update over will not install!

and I had firmware 1.1.0 with root (the first method from the header), after which I installed 1.2.0 via Wi-Fi myself.

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meleshkin-igor @ 11/25/2012, 10:15 PM*
I'll add it to my cap tomorrow)

I'm all for it, all information should be open.
although for some it may cause an acute attack of popaboli)

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Yesterday NOOK ST itself was updated to 1.2.0, the root fell off. Subjectively, Nuk began to work a little faster. As far as I understand, it is not yet possible to restore the root on this version of the firmware?

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I'm wondering here, but why do you need two nicknames for you? 60 games simultaneously?

At least the second onereplacesCancel button;)
And in general it is very convenient - you can play rating games on one nickname, and use the second one for quick and team games.

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I am pleased to join :)
Nicky in the game - olex and f0b0s, rate around 2500

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xemp @ 08.08.2012, 16:03*
Thanks to the player (I do not remember the nickname) for providing information.

Yes, no way, just do not like cheaters.

su-47 @ 08.08.2012, 16:13*
canceling a stroke kills the brain
I wrote about this, one re-login replaces the knowledge of control zones, ten re-logs replaces knowledge of KMB, tactics and strategy

It seems to be an adequate person, and you write such nonsense: D

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Hello! Wrote a short guide on the cancellation of the course. Comments and additions are accepted, free copying and distribution is welcomed;)

Undo, or hidden features Uniwar
As it turned out, not all players know about the possibility to cancel their turn. This information has long been posted on the official forum, but so far has remained unavailable for Russian-speaking players.

How honest is it to use undo? If it is used by one player, and the second is not, then this can be called cheating. If both players use this opportunity, Uniwar loses the raid of the arcade game and turns into an almost perfect tactical game that delivers much more fun.

First of all we need a second account. I recommend choosing a nickname similar to the first one (for example, zerg and zerg2), and set the same password on both accounts in order to speed up switching between them.
Now we make a move on the first acca. NOT CLICKING the button to complete the move, exit the account, go to the second account, exit again and go to the first. As a result, we get the situation before the start of our turn!

Now consider how to use the cancellation of the course in practice.

1. Correction of random moves.
It sometimes hurts a month to lead a game, and then lose because of the accidental pressing on the wrong cell, right? Now it is easy to fix.

2. Tactical modeling.
In difficult situations, it is difficult to choose the right move from the first attempt, and starting a separate game (or several) for modeling is quite a tedious task. Cancellation of the move allows you to try all possible combinations and select the best one. This function will be especially useful for training beginners, because it gives the opportunity to check everything "and what will happen if?"

3. Search for high places.
Often, a player has too few units to accurately determine the position of enemy smoke. In this case, we memorize (or write down) the number of beetles in the positions adjacent to the units, then move the units to neighboring cells, write down new numbers, cancel the move, repeat until we get a complete map of the location of the bumps.

4. Long-range intelligence.
Beasts: the greatest range of intelligence remains in the dragons, which can be sent 4 cells forward with the subsequent cancellation of the course. It is also possible to dig up kazopysh in the rear of the enemy, at the same time their radius of view increases.
Sapy: you can send mara 4 + 4 cells forward. In addition, you can use a helicopter, especially if you succeed in attacking an enemy unit and advance 2 more cells further.
Titans: get the biggest advantage thanks to the teleport. A chain of 4-5 furs allows you to reconnoiter first to one end of the map, then to the second, etc. This will be most useful in a multiplayer game (especially FFA) to determine the current state of affairs of all opponents and choose the best tactics (for example, finish off the weakest or attack the strong, so that he does not increase even more).

5. Manage random.
The most interesting feature of the game. Suppose I need to remove two fighters 1 and 7 with one mar (10). I attack fights 7, but he has only one life left - the attack was unsuccessful. To eliminate the fighters, you will need to move an additional unit, which now will not be able to participate in further attack. It would seem that it is necessary to cancel a move until the random becomes at least neutral, but in practice you can cancel a move many times in a row, and the life will always have one life. So, random is not random at all? Apparently, a pseudo-random number sequence is used as a random house, which will be the same every time, but it is impossible to predict it in advance. And what will happen if you hit the cox 1 first? After the second strike, infantry 7 dies. This means that incidental damage is calculated for the SEQUENCE of attacks! Thus, in difficult situations, when there are many possible attack options, we can choose an order in which critical attacks will be neutral, as in the example above, or even successful.
Another important point: the sequence of probabilities is determined for all attacks in a row, INCLUDING THE ENEMY (the attack is calculated first, then the enemy unit’s response is calculated), not for the unit as a whole, but for each unit combat unit! That is, when attacking a unit with health 10, 10 numbers from a pseudo-random sequence will be used, whereas for unit 2, only 2 numbers will be used. In practice, this leads to the fact that a unit with a small health reserve probably cannot neutralize a failed attack, however, the failed numbers are used to calculate the enemy’s response (which may not be noticeable, since a unit with a small health reserve is destroyed even by a failed attack). Therefore, to displace the sequence, you can use an unresponsive attack or an attack with a small number of units (especially useful for swinging the gangap).

It would be nice to add pictures, who will?
And maybe ask the moderator to add it to the topic header, since you have rubbed all the useful links?

Posted 08/04/2012, 16:27:

Nomadmax @ 08/04/2012, 15:30*
And if the hole is closed, I personally will not be upset

It would be much more logical to close this hole and add the "undo move" button. But if the developers did not do it in a year and a half, then this state of affairs suits everyone.

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