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SSD 500Gb from samsung?

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* piro92, no, but I would not refuse 1660 Ti) With 9750H and 2060, I think it will be expensive.

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* overdrived My SSD only squeals when its firewood is installed. Without firewood, sometimes a screw can be heard if it goes to him.

* Defender11, Normally, he has everything with temperatures, with large loads, the back part needs to be raised. I enclose the book, to "breathe" easier.

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KIKAS_93 @ 06/18/19, 10:39*
look at the result
Yes, preferably with photos.

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* ylymylyq, Do not confuse people, if not in the know. The lenovo legion 530 has two matrix versions - 60Hz and 144Hz.

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* mr.hardov Better Xiaomi. Legion of norms, if you need 17 "or 144Hz, but there is 1050Ti only for such a price tag, 1060 only in 15". Asus I would not take.

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* Flesh48, I have hackintosh mojave.

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* Samsovod, I spent too much time for the hackintosh to work correctly. If someone really needs, and not to play around, that is quite an option. There are a lot of nuances, they are ready to try them out for themselves;)

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* Alex-302, More than 100 is already rather burned percent.

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* Samsovod, If you have enough for gaming and need macos, it was easier to buy a macbook and not to bathe. Let not so powerful, but without problems and dances with a tambourine.

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* reignover 30% or more is enough, better from 50%; the cord is not necessary, but let it be better. Above has already been discussed.

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Lucky_joker777 @ 05.25.19, 15:26*
Warranty is not lost.
Is not a fact. This can lead to conflict with the seller and loss of time.

Is it possible to somehow deliver the RAM without losing the warranty and not sending it to the capital in SC?
Call the store and describe the situation. If the rules of the store and the organization of the warranty in it, then you will make a note in the order. If there are no stickers on the lid, you can carefully replace / add yourself.

laptop stopped charging 1gen max grade
the charge indicator on the cable is off
what to do?
It is necessary to check whether the charging is working with a multimeter. If the laptop is charging, the LED is out of order. Maybe the cable is somewhere damaged or the charging itself.

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Ylymylyq @ 05.24.19, 04:37*
activate piracy
What a kindergarten. Do not offer pirated solutions if you have a license.

* mydepair
If you did the instructions and did not help, try to solve the problem through the support of microsoft. Most likely you will need to take a photo of the stickers on the bottom and possibly a purchase receipt.

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* Killer_CPU, Could you specify the month and year of production (written on the box on the sticker below)?

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You did not run Apex legends on it?) Interested in the number of fps in fullhd with the minimum settings?
True, I look more at 2060, but 2070 is also interesting to know.

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Does anyone in Apex legends play it? How many fps do you have in fullhd at minimum settings?
What vidyuhe?)

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Ivas_andre @ 05/12/19, 11:50*
Once again, if the laptop overheats, if temperatures over 90 В° in the stress test, then this is a marriage! Carry to store and require replacement. On personal experience convinced.

Only there is a little nuance. If it is constant, then yes, if above 90 for a couple of seconds, then around 86 or lower, then no. Usually 70-80 under load.

xucn @ 05/12/19 12:26*
Now bought a WD500gb, temperature up to 50, how are you?

The second showed up to 80, the native had more than 60 of them. With stress tests.

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* alexanm,
Already wrote above, the second laptop began to warm up in a month. This is a feature of the second generation. At the same apple, they heat up to 90 plus.
A shopper can sell 5 laptops a day, there’s no point in guessing. This is not a digital camera in which a repaired product can be easily repaired under the guise of a new one.

jenek008 @ 05/09/19 10:35*
something cheap for 90-100 to take

Good proven iron cannot be cheap. That price is bargaining. Without bargaining 85-95k;)

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From the BIOS, the key will be different, even if you install win 10 home in different languages ​​on the same laptop. He put Chinese, Russian and English, everywhere the key is different.

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* to4ka11, All letters will be highlighted. The key of Windows is flashed in the BIOS. When installing you need to choose I do not have a key.
For verification, you can use: Aida, hwinfo, crystal disk info, screen fillsfrom hereor through online check.

A unique key is generated for each laptop.

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