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For a long time successfully used the program. Even I bought the pro version. But here pereshschel a new phone and it zaglyuchila. He writes Repository error. When setting up an account is not listed MTS. Potstoyanno whist icon updates the balance information, the very balance of the program has not clicked. The data is not updated.
What could be the problem. Phone Gigabyte GSmart 1345 android 2.3.

Glitches began roaming.

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G1345 one:
I was on vacation in roaming. When you turn on the Navigator IGO all terribly started to slow down, continuously reports the error in the launcher. I come home - everything is OK. No additional firmware is not posed.

It was someone something like that?

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Thank you. I'll try.

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Thanks guys!

Let's go further. I read in the header:
- 0.56.5 build 1677 - For root requires installation of Gigabyte GSmart G1345 - Firmware. (Post # 12972563) (This firmware is installed on the phones produced in 2011 -. The first type of smartphone)

Once revered how to get Ruth, I realized - I'm a man unlucky. Prior to that, there was one HTC, so this gimor to Ruth was that I threw this thing. Here, too, it seems.
Put simply official firmware 0.56.5 build 1677. The main thing - whether it solves the problem with a quick battery discharge?

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Help to understand what year my phone (I want to change the firmware).
Now it is written:
Assembly Number
0.48.2 ........ #RUS

This 11th year or 12th?

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temper89 @ 09.08.2012, 13:46*
Offhand - to set the network settings (on ICS tab mobile Internet need to click) mode "only the GSM". Probably, you have automatic standing, and the network unstable at this point and is constantly jumping from 3G to 2G.

I put fuel. Try it, thank you!
But such a question - fuel is 2g, 3g YUMTS? Because how often use Internet and would like to hurry.

Threat money from a friend in order accurately.

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And that's what the problem began to emerge after obnovdeniya me:
Incoming call, have time to say hello to each other and the connection breaks.
Not rutovanny, no system utilities separately did not set. It is worth a certain number of toys, books reader, vidzhetsoid widget News 24, some more progressive type of public services and the SDA.

What can be wrong?
Maybe logs which can be why its happening posoret? (As seen on the logs in any system events)
Is it possible to appeal to the HTC and get a sane response?

Thank you in advance!

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Thank you been looking for something like that. But now the big question. Yesterday teleofon updated to 4,0,1, and now when I type something in the search for Google Play, it is not possible to dial a line and start the "search", he is looking for is already in the moment when I type. Accordingly, neither News 24, no news - widget does not look for all!

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Phone HTC Incredible S Android updated to version 4,0,4. After that, all the books in formats docx and fb2 reading became impossible due to a problem with the encoding. Encoding to choose different, but the right and found none.

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NightShock @ 24.04.2012, 13:27*
If you expose an application as paid - after buying it should be fully functional without further gestures by the user.
What have you got in your code will be and how are variables - all do not care if it was meant.

Those. code I can protect against tampering. But the activation of the system. For example a user bought, and registered mail on his office key for activation. That possible?

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Friends, tell me what are the requirements to the marketplace own defense applications? Can I obfuscate the application code and tie its own licensing system?

Maybe someone else knows what's in the appstore? The theme "Development and Programming" in the section on iphone no. But I have heard that in the appstore strictly related to the defense and drm. Can not I upload to appstore zaobfustsirovanuyu program?

Thanks in advance for the answers!

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Where does the weather official HTC weather widget?


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Child 4.5 - very much.

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And what is the additional balance?
I have only one balance - the balance of the money in the account. An extra 215 rubles written. What it is?

Do I understand that the program can show how much traffic spent? I have the unlimited tariff MTS, but the speed is limited to an hour if downloaded more than 5 mb. Nyack not understand how to set up view of spent traffic.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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The phone has been stolen. In a place with him and Simca. SIM cards blocked in the cabin and got a new sim card operator on the same number. Houses lying old phone will yet use it.

The question is - how do I out of all Google contacts on the SIM cards to throw?
At the neighbor has the same as I was smarfon. If you insert the sim card to my possible somehow to Google's right on Simcoe pour all?

Thank you in advance!

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This situation happened: At the same time downloaded from the Market program and updated 4 more programs. As a result, all 5 programs hang with 100% load, but not installed. And so for 2 days.

2.1 Hero
What could be the problem?

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I know that the SD card is formatted for fat16, want to re format for something that will hold more data. Naprmer fat32 or NTFS at all (and this even possible?)

The question is, what programs? Or you can try WINDOWS. And whether all that is on the map just zabekapit elsewhere copying, and then return back.


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You will be surprised, but the search has not found the program to be transferred to Simcoe applications. Tell me please. Ruth is. Thanks!

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HTC Hero 2.1 - does not work

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chudentsov @ 18.11.2010, 15:16*
Although personally I would in this situation would put "native" Skype - it sort of free.

Native costs, but the quality is horrible connection - lag, delay, etc. It is impossible to say.
In connection with the question - Nimbazz can operate separately from Skype as a voip provider?

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