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Does anyone have wifi-roaming enabled on mir3g + openwrt? Please show / etc / config / wireless and what is your firmware \ which packages have changed.

I remember exactly how about six months or a year ago I set a snapshot, turned on ieee80211r, changed wpad-mini to wpad and my Samsung Galaxy S7 showed WPA2 / FT (FastTracking) in the properties of the wifi connection. True, I’m not sure whether it was mir3g or even mir3 :) Now I rolled both trunk on 06/18/4 and I can’t achieve anything.

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Xiaomi Router 3G support appeared in the well-known ROOter firmware (GoldenOrb 2019-03-10)

The firmware is primarily geared towards working with USB modems.
Previously, I used it myself and recommended people in bundles of TP-Link + USB modem.

It worked very stably.

I remember from pleasant trifles that, unlike the basic OpenWRT, where it was possible to deliver and configure everything, in the firmware from
even after a complete reset, just plug the modem in and everything works right away; as well as WiFi immediately works - you can immediately go to the admin panel without wires from your phone / tablet.

Does anyone use ROOter firmware with our router? Are there any reviews?

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Two interesting questions :)

1. What is bad about PandoraBox? This is the same OpenWRT, but with proprietary modules for our WiFi, right?

2. Are there any Wive-NG-MT builds for our router?

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1qqq @ 10/03/2018, 00:55*
* vadim1963333,

Do you have revision 3? If so, where did they take it? Can I have a photo box? or are the boxes the same? This revision is very necessary.

Judging by the reviews from YouTube - the revision should be visible on the box :)

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Updated assembly.
PS On this I’m leaving for creative binge .... banally tired ...

How to update your assembly (from movgai) to release OpenWRT 18.06.1 or openwrt trunk?

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Bought a new Archer C2 Ver 5.0
Some new revision.
Gigabit network, 5 GHz, 3 antennas instead of two and there is no usb port.
I can’t find any information on it on the Internet, on wikidevi it’s empty. There are probably no alternative firmware? What kind of hardware platform is there?

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Doesn't work on iota.

Peter, Samsung S7 without root. Through Iota does not work. I insert a SIM card of Beeline - it works.

I take the SIM card of Iota, insert it into the modem and connect to the BB. Connecting through TunSafe - does not work. I’m switching to regular wired Internet or to Beeline mobile Internet - it works.

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This is the latest official firmware, I understand correctly?

Date Country / Carrier Version PDA CSC SS PC
2017-05-19 Russia 5 N9005XXSGBPL6 N9005SERGBOJ1

Is she with a root and a carved knox?

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Xiaomi Mi Mini. It is flashed with a Prometheus script for firmware from Padavan. U-Boot is also flashed. EEPROM is patched.

1. How to upgrade from Padavan firmware to Openwrt?

2. Will there be an effect from the EEPROM patch on Openwrt firmware?

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I am a Beeline subscriber. If you buy a phone in Beeline for a stock, then they give a new SIM card with the tariff "All for 500" for 4 months. Is it possible with a new SIM card to share a service package (Internet and included _minutes_) with an old SIM card and actually use these "benefits" on an old SIM card? Did anyone do this?

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